43 genius products TikTok is obsessed with because they work SO well

ByNina Bradley

If you enjoy finding new gadgets that make life simpler and easier to navigate, you're going to love these products that Tik Tok users are obsessed with. The obsession is real because these products work incredibly well, but they are also super affordable and extremely easy to use. This list has a little bit of everything you never knew you needed.

Consider a mini bag sealer that reseals snack bags so your last chip is as fresh as your first. It even has a magnet on the back so you can store it on your refrigerator and keep it within reach. Who doesn't need one?

Then, there's a pack of soap sheets that can be used to wash your hands on the go. All you need is a little water, and they're activated and ready to use. They come in a small carrying case that conveniently fits into your purse or bag.

If you're a foodie, you're going to love the avocado tool on this list. It peels, pits, slices, and stores your avocados. You might also enjoy the apple peeler that makes pie prep faster, easier, and more fun by preparing the fruit in one hand-cranked step. They both sound like must-haves to me.

If you've accidentally scrolled past these before on the app, here's the handy list you needed of the brilliant items you've seen on Tik Tok. Keep reading to find your new faves.


An apple corer that also pits & seeds

This apple corer removes the center of your fruits and vegetables in seconds. Its sharp, serrated stainless steel blades slice through food smoothly. This dishwasher-safe tool with an ergonomic grip easily removes seedy cores from apples or bell peppers and pits from stone fruit.


This heat-resistant spoon rest for cleaner countertops

This spoon rest keeps countertops mess-free while cooking or baking. Plus, since it's made of BPA-free silicone, you can safely rest spoons or spatulas that are still hot from cooking. Store up to four spoons, spatulas, or forks at once.


A mini bag sealer that keeps cereal & chips fresh

This mini bag sealer and cutter keeps snacks fresh longer with an airtight seal. It's battery-operated and portable for traveling, camping, or hiking. At home, keep it accessible on the fridge with the sealer's magnetic backing.


This retro toaster with extra-wide slots

This retro toaster looks good on your countertop and its two slots are wide enough to fit bagels. It offers six browning levels, a preset for toasting bagels, and a defrost setting for frozen waffles. Plus, this toaster's high-lift feature makes it easy to retrieve even small pieces of toast.


The label maker that's wildly popular with over 17,000 reviews

Keep everything in your space organized with this highly rated label maker. The machine's soft grip is comfortable to hold and it effortlessly prints letters, numbers, and symbols without batteries. The tape-cutting design allows for easy loading and cutting of the label tape.


The wireless charging dock for phones, smartwatches, earbuds, & more

This wireless charger helps you power up watches and phones at the same time. It's compatible with most devices and also serves as a charger for AirPods and stylus devices. This space-saving dock is also foldable for travel or home use.


The eco-friendly dishcloth that cleans anything

Replace paper towels and sponges with this one set of 12 Swedish dishcloths. Each cleaning cloth is super absorbent for washing pots, pans, car interiors, furniture, and more. The reusable cloths last up to eight months and can be composted once they're spent.


The desktop humidifier that works in small rooms

This desktop humidifier keeps the air moist and breathable for up to eight hours at a time. It offers whisper-quiet operation with an angled nozzle that distributes mist evenly. Great for small spaces, this device fits neatly onto any nightstand, desktop, or table. You can even tuck it into your luggage or backpack to use it anywhere.


These reusable silicone lids for an airtight seal

Say goodbye to plastic wrap and aluminum foil with this set of reusable silicone lids. These are even better than single-use options because they stretch over bowls or any container to store food with a seal that's airtight and leakproof. The dozen lids come in multiple sizes and are dishwasher-safe.


The stainless steel cocktail shaker with built-in recipes

Here's a nifty cocktail shaker with eight popular drink recipes inscribed into the sides. Simply twist the base to find the corresponding ingredients for margaritas, cosmopolitans, mojitos, and more. It's made of durable stainless steel and comes with a built-in strainer.


These silicone scrub brushes that do a better job of cleaning your face

Use these gentle facial scrub brushes for a deeper yet gentle cleanse that also exfoliates skin. They're made of high-quality silicone, so they're easy to clean and dry quickly. This set comes with five scrubbers in various colors.


This exfoliating lip scrubber set for super soft lips

If you're after softer lips or smoother lipstick application, you need this lip scrubber set. The silicone brush heads are textured to exfoliate lips gently, and they're slim enough to fit in any dopp kit or makeup bag. In addition to the four lip scrubbers, the set includes two larger facial scrubs.


The bottle tops that keep cans of soda fresh

Protect the integrity of opened beverage cans with these unique bottle tops. They are great for preserving carbonated beverages like soda, seltzer, beer, and more with a bottle cap you can seal. These lids even come in a myriad of colors that also help you identify your drink when using them in a group setting.


A showerhead filter that enhances your mood

For an invigorating shower experience, try this showerhead with a vitamin C filter. The uplifting citrus scent awakens the senses while improving your mood, but you can also switch to a rose, jasmine, or lavender filter. This showerhead also alleviates hard water and removes chlorine, iron, rust, chrome, and other minerals and metals.


This spice rack that comes with labels & a funnel

Keep your spices labeled and organized with this spice rack and label set. The set includes 24 glass bottles, over 300 preprinted spice labels, and 56 blank ones with a chalk pen to customize them. The set even comes with a small funnel so you can refill jars without spilling.


These soap papers that make hand washing easy anywhere

Toss these soap papers into your bag or purse for an easy hand-washing option on the go. Simply wet them, rub them onto your hands until foamy, and then rinse. The set provides 200 soap sheets distributed into four portable dispensers.


The in-shower foot scrubber that increases circulation

This foot scrubber features silicone bristles that scrub, clean, and massage your feet without needing to bend over. The gentle massage also increases circulation and exfoliates dry skin on the soles of your feet. The non-slip suction cups help keep the mat in place for safe and easy use in the shower.


This toothpaste dispenser & holder automatically squeezes the perfect amount of toothpaste

Place this toothbrush holder on your bathroom wall for convenient access to your brushes, mouthwash cups, and more. The toothpaste squeezer ensures you get the most out of your toothpaste while the storage compartment protects brushes from contamination. It comes with its own adhesive backing for easy installation.


A shower soap dispenser that gives easy access to shampoo & conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner dispenser mounts onto your shower wall for easy access. It installs without tools and comes with its own waterproof silicone adhesive and double-sided tape. This triple chamber dispenser can be used to hold body wash, hand soap, or lotion.


The magnetic phone holder that clips into your car's vent

This magnetic phone holder lets you follow your GPS hands-free during a drive. The holder simply clips into your air vent and is compatible with all smartphones. The holder also rotates 360 degrees for viewing. No wonder this pick has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon.


This plug-in car humidifier & diffuser

This car humidifier and diffuser keeps your car smelling and feeling great. Simply fill the dispenser with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil and plug it into a car outlet for immediate use. The humidifier soothes dry skin on drives and can also bring sinus relief.


A star projector that works in your car

Get the ultimate light show with this mini star projector. Use it in your car, bedroom, or other area by simply plugging it into any USB port, power bank, computer, or car outlet. It has a few pattern settings and can also function as a fun night light.


The car power inverter that turns your car outlet into a multi-charging device

This travel outlet converts any car lighter adapter into a regular power socket and USB port. The compact size is portable and lightweight to take on any road trip. For safety, it has a built-in fuse and fan protection against overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging.


A wireless phone charger & sanitizer in one

This wireless charging station and sanitizer in one keeps your phone clean and at full battery. It's compatible with most smartphones, and the sanitizing feature works for other small items like watches or credit cards. Plus, it even has an aromatherapy function.


This windshield sun shade that protects your car from extreme heat

This insulated car sunshade keeps your car much cooler when it's parked on hot days. Unlike some other shades, this one has strong suction cups that keep the shade firmly in place. And the shade has a universal fit that expands or shrinks to fit both cars and trucks.


A laser projection keyboard with built-in speakers

This laser projection keyboard is compact and fun to use. Pair it with all of your smartphones, laptops, tablet, and PCs for typing in style. It also features mini Bluetooth speakers and comes with rechargeable batteries for portability.


A reusable notebook that sends your notes to the cloud

The last notebook you'll ever need is this reusable notebook that saves paper. Jot down your notes and save them via cloud storage or the Rocketbook app. Wipe the surface clean and start over on the same pages. The set comes with one notebook, a Pilot Frixion pen, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.


The waterproof Bluetooth speaker that sticks to the shower wall

Take your shower singing to the next level with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It offers superior sound and pairs seamlessly with your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices. You can use it as a hands-free speakerphone thanks to the built-in microphone while the powerful suction cups attach to walls, mirrors, or glass.


A moon lamp that changes colors

This moon lamp serves as the perfect night light with a soft glow mimicking a full moon. Choose from 16 colors that can flash, fade, or strobe using remote or touch control. There's a built-in rechargeable battery that charges via computer or a power bank for cordless operation.


A scanner pen that makes note-taking easier and translates words

This reader pen instantly upgrades studying or note taking by scanning highlighted texts. The pen scans up to 3,000 characters per minute and is able to translate text in over 40 languages. The data connects via Bluetooth to your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and can even play back the text for easy listening.


An avocado tool that does it all

Use this multi-functioning avocado tool to slice, pit, peel, smash, and preserve avocado. Making avocado toast or guacamole is a breeze with this nifty dishwasher-safe tool. It even comes with a container for storing leftover avocado in the fridge.


This apple peeler that peels, cores & slices in one move

This apple peeler prepares the fruit for pie or other recipes in one easy step. Once in place, crank the handle to swiftly peel, spiralize/slice, and core the apple. It's faster and more fun that preparing apples by hand, and it's made of rust-proof chrome for durability.


A wine purifier that removes histamines & sulfates

Alleviates headaches and hangovers with this wine purifier. It removes the histamines and sulfites that may trigger wine allergies in red, white, and sparkling wines. The portable sizing makes it easy to use and travel with as needed.


This pet hair remover that over 64,000 reviews

If you love your pet but not the hair it leaves on your clothes, get this wildly popular pet hair remover. Short strokes with the tool easily lift hair, lint, and debris and traps it in a dust container to empty later. Use it on clothing, furniture, comforters, blankets, and more.


These blackout curtains with galaxy cutouts

Get the subtle simulation of a starry sky while still filtering out bright light with these blackout curtains. The triple-weave fabric blocks out up to 95% of sunlight except in the laser cutouts design that reveals a starry motif. Bonus: these curtain panels are easy to install and machine-washable.


The lap desk that makes WFH easy

Perfect for working from home, this lap desk makes working on your laptop for long stretches more comfortable. Cushioning on the bottom makes it more comfortable and cool to hold a device on your lap. And there's a phone slot to prop up your mobile device next to an integrated mouse pad. This desk pad is sized to work with most laptops and tablets.


A pair of blue light blocking glasses that protect your eyes from strain

Wear these blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes from long hours on your phone or computer. The lenses block blue light from screens that may lead to eye strain and headaches. This pair is lightweight so it's comfortable to wear even if you don't usually wear glasses.


An alarm clock that shakes the bed to wake you up

Place this vibrating alarm clock under your pillow to make sure you wake up when needed. The combined extra-loud alarm and strong vibration are hard to ignore, even if you're a deep sleeper. The large LED display is highly legible, and yes, there is a snooze button for days when you need it.


The portable blender that makes smoothies & shakes on the go

Enjoy fresh smoothies on the go with this rechargeable blender. It's compact and easily portable for making shakes, smoothies, or even baby food anywhere. And it's conveniently dishwasher-safe.


The tabletop vacuum that cleans crumbs off your desk, laptop, & more

Ditch the crumbs and other tabletop debris with this handheld tabletop vacuum. It's made of durable plastic with strong nylon bristles to suck up tough dirt. The rechargeable battery ensures that it's always ready to tidy up your desk, keyboard, tables, and more.


An automatic soap dispenser that offers touchless handwashing

Enjoy the convenience of touchless hand washing with this automatic soap dispenser. It's motion-activated and works with any dish soap, hand soap, or even lotion. And it's battery-operated so this cordless device can sit neatly on any counter or tabletop.


These mini car trash cans with lids

Convenient and compact, these mini trash cans help keep your car cleaner. Place it in your cup holder, door, or backseat pocket to corral receipts, napkins, and other trash that cars accumulate. The removable lid and can are easily washed by hand.


A dish soap dispenser that's also a sponge caddy

This dish soap dispenser stores your sponge and allows for one-handed release of dish soap. The 13-ounce capacity is large enough to get you through a few washes before refilling. It also comes with a sponge holder and three quality sponges as a bonus.