44 cool things selling out fast on Amazon

ByIleana Morales Valentine

Look, the bestselling products online are popular for a reason. They usually solve an everyday problem or just make life a little easier. And with reviews from fellow shoppers, it's easy to see which ones are the winners and why. But you might want to act quickly. I've rounded up these 45 cool things that keep selling out fast on Amazon.

One thing you didn't know you needed? This seriously strong double-sided tape to quickly hang things without needing to bust out your toolbox. And then there's the waterproof case that'll keep your phone safe on beach days and even let you take cool underwater pictures. Or how about the reusable pet hair remover that suddenly makes living with your cat or dog a lot easier?

The other thing about wildly popular products that keep selling out is that they're tried and true by other shoppers. So you know you're getting something that works, and thousands of people have vouched for it. So keep scrolling to find your new favorite products that make life easier. Just be sure to add to cart quickly — before they sell out.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

01. These satin pillowcases that actually feel silky soft

There are a lot of satin pillowcases on Amazon, but reviewers overwhelmingly rave about these for their unbeatable silk-like texture. The satin weave reduces friction on hair and skin, and it's non-absorbent so it won't take moisture away from either. Plus, this machine-washable set comes in two dozen colors, including taupe, ivory, and blue.

02. The neck fan that looks like a pair of headphones

On sweltering days, cool off with this hands-free fan that looks like a pair of headphones. The battery-powered fan can run up to 16 hours, depending on which of its three speeds you choose. And it runs quietly, so you can wear it comfortably.

03. This scent-free mosquito repellent with over 26,000 reviews

Create a gloriously mosquito-free zone using this bug spray alternative. Just switch it on and the heat-activated repellent creates a 15-foot shield against mosquitoes. Best of all, it works for hours without any scent, flame, or sprays to worry about. One of more than 16,000 shoppers who left a five-star review commented, "We live in South Florida and even in the height of mosquito season, we can spend an evening on the patio with these and not get a single bite."

04. These reusable fabric bags for growing healthy plants

These fabric grow bags allow plants to breathe better and grow strong roots versus in a traditional plastic grow pot. With over 27,000 reviews, shoppers find the bags easy to use and excellent for container gardening. Each bag has built-in handles so plants are easy to move around. Also, the nonwoven fabric is sturdy and also won't retain excess water.

05. A portable steamer that's a fan favorite

Keep your clothes wrinkle-free wherever you go with this portable steamer. Fill it with water and it'll come to a full steam in just a minute or two. Its 9-foot cord makes it comfortable to maneuver as you steam clothing, and its compact size is easy to store in a closet or suitcase. This steamer with over 19,000 reviews runs for 15 minutes at a time, so you can freshen up all your trip's clothes in one session.

06. The fruit fly trap that looks like part of the fruit bowl

Get rid of pesky fruit flies with this easy-to-use trap. The apple-shaped trap blends right in next to your fruit bowl, and it quickly clears up the problem in a few days. A small window on the side of the apple lets you see when it's time to add more of the food-based liquid that lures in the flies.

07. The cult favorite shaker bottle for smoothies & shakes

This shaker bottle helps your smoothie or shake maintain a smooth consistency. Just shake it up, and the whisk ball inside will reincorporate your drink for a better-tasting smoothie. The screw-on lid makes the bottle leakproof, and it features a convenient carrying loop for when you're on the go.

08. This solar-powered outdoor fountain

Create an eco-friendly fountain in your yard using this solar-powered one. Place it in a bird bath, small pond, or other fountain, and it'll run automatically once it reaches solar charge. With four nozzle heads, you can adjust the water height from 11 to 19 inches.

09. This popular handheld frother for homemade lattes

Whip up a coffeeshop-worthy latte at home using this electric milk frother. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold as the stainless steel whisk whips any kind of milk or creamer into foam. You'll also love that this tried-and-true foamer comes in 32 colors and designs, including silver and metallic blue.

10. The non-slip grips that keep rugs in place

If you're tired of wrinkles or curling corners in your rug, you need these grippers to keep it firmly in place. Tuck one under each corner, and the pressure applied as the rug is flattened creates a suction that won't budge. These also work well under door or floor mats.

11. This magnetic screen door that keeps bugs out

This screen door is pet- and kid-friendly, but keeps the bugs out of your home. The magnetic mesh panels are easy to walk through, and then automatically seal shut behind you to protect the indoors from mosquitoes and other bugs. Plus, this unique screen door lets you enjoy the fresh air while keeping out those unwanted guests.

12. This light strip for a pop of color anywhere

With 65 feet of LED lights, this strip can brighten up any room in your home. It easily installs anywhere with self-adhesive tape, and you can adjust the brightness, color, and lighting mode. Some ideas: give your TV a movie-theater glow, illuminate your kitchen island, or turn your bed frame into a cool night light.

13. This universal drain protector that's rustproof

Simply place this protector over your drain, and it'll prevent clogged drains by catching hair and other debris. Its shape fits pop-up or flat drains, and its stainless steel and silicone construction won't get rusty. Plus, it's weighted so it stays in place.

14. This high-pressure shower head that filters hard water

Install this shower head for a high-pressure stream of filtered water. The filtration system removes impurities and softens hard water. You can adjust the stream to rainfall, massage, or jet, and it also functions as a handheld shower head.

15. This smart bulb that changes color

If you want to turn a light on without using your hands or set it on a schedule, get this smart bulb. It's WiFi-capable and can be controlled via the Kasa smart app, Google Home or Alexa with just your voice. Use voice commands to choose from the wide range of colors and dimming capabilities.

16. This textured tool that easily snakes the drain

Use this barbed tool to pull hair and other debris clogging the drain. The barbs along the wand really grab onto gunk, and its 19.6-inch length reaches deep into the drain. And it's flexible so it can reach into the drain even as it curves.

17. Build a smart home with this set of WiFi outlets

Control your home's lights and appliances using these smart outlets that connect via WiFi. Turn things on or off with your voice by connecting the outlets to your Google home or Alexa. You can even set things to run automatically by creating schedules on the smartphone app.

18. This easy-to-install & easy-to-use bidet

For a better clean, reviewers rave about this bidet. It brings everything you need to install the bidet on your toilet in just minutes. It'll cut down on your toilet paper use by a lot. One reviewer commented, "The entire family's life has changed by this little gizmo."

19. The double-sided tape that's super strong & reusable

This double-sided tape attaches to pretty much any smooth surface and impressively holds up to 18 pounds. Cut the 9.85-foot roll to whatever size strip you need, and use it to adhere items indoors or outdoors. Reviewers report using the tape to quickly hang small shelves, frames, planters, or even TVs. If needed, the tape removes easily and can be washed and reused.

20. This orthopedic cushion for better support where you sit

Upgrade your WFH chair with this orthopedic cushion for better support and pain relief. It features high-density memory foam and cooling gel for enough support even after hours of sitting. The design can also reduce pressure on your tailbone, relieve lower back pain, and improve posture.

21. Knock out zits with these barely-there pimple patches

Place this hydrocolloid sticker over a zit, and watch as it shrinks the pimple in just six hours then flattens it overnight. The patch's matte and translucent finish makes it barely noticeable as you wear it during the day. And it'll turn white when it's time to remove the sticker.

22. This Daily Moisturizer With SPF 30

Use this 2-in-1 lotion to moisturize your face in the morning and give it broad-spectrum sun protection. It contains hyaluronic acid and three essential ceramides to hydrate skin. Also, the oil-free formula won't clog pores, and its SPF doesn't leave a white cast.

23. This hydrating toner with coconut water & aloe vera

This hydrating toner soothes, moisturizes, and revitalizes skin. One of its key ingredients, coconut water, hydrates and functions as an anti-microbial that inhibits acne. And aloe vera soothes and increases the absorption of nutrients in any serums that follow in your skincare routine.

24. This shampoo brush for scalp massages & a deeper clean

Use this handheld waterproof brush to get a deeper clean with your shampoo. Its silicone bristles stimulate your scalp and provide a nice massage. It's gentle enough to use on any hair type. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to store or pack for a trip.

25. This balm that prevents chafing anywhere on your body

Glide this deodorant-like stick wherever you need it to prevent chafing. The formula lasts for hours in both humid and dry weather. The manufacturer recommends applying the balm on any patch of skin that may get irritated from rubbing, like on thighs, arms, chest, or feet.

26. This double-sided pumice stone for smoothing rough feet

This pumice stone can remove calluses and rough texture on your feet. It's double-sided for two types of coarseness, depending on your needs. Either way, regular use of the pumice results in smooth feet.

27. The milk & honey oil to revitalize & moisturize cuticles

Dry, cracked cuticles can be painful, but this nourishing oil can moisturize and protect your fingertips. The lightweight oil also restores dry skin and nails with its blend of cold-pressed oils and vitamins. Its featured ingredients, milk and honey, act as humectants that deeply hydrate your skin and nails.

28. A variety pack of soaps made with organic oils

Sample a variety of small-batch soaps with this set. You get five best-selling scents from this brand: cedar citrus, spearmint basil, cool fresh aloe, pine tar, and gold moss. Each handmade bar is made with organic oils and without harsh ingredients, like parabens or sulfates.

29. Protect your phone at the beach or pool with this waterproof case

Tuck your smartphone into this waterproof pouch to protect during a day of fun in the sun. If it falls into water, the case is waterproof up to 100 feet. And while you're at the beach or on a boat, you can still use the touch screen when using this case.

30. A wildly popular wireless charging pad

Charge your phone and AirPods using this wireless charging pad. It's compatible with iPhones and Androids, and it even features a fast charging mode. With an impressive 4.3-star rating and over 108,000 reviews, shoppers also love that there's an option to turn its light off at night.

31. This adapter for charging two devices in your car

Charge two devices at once with this car adapter with USB ports. It's sleek and compact, so it takes up minimal room near your car's dashboard. Also, the USB ports light up so they're easy to find in the dark.

32. The phone accessory that gives you a better grip on your phone

You're a lot less likely to drop your phone after installing this PopGrip. Attach it to the center back of your phone, and you'll enjoy a more secure grip on your smartphone. The better grip also will allow you to text and take better photos with one hand. Or use it to prop up the phone and watch a video hands-free.

33. This selfie stick that's also a tripod

You're set for any photo opportunity with this selfie stick that also works as a tripod. It's compact, lightweight, and foldable, so you can pack it on any trip. And it features Bluetooth remote control so everyone can be in the picture.

34. This portable umbrella you can clamp anywhere

Take this umbrella wherever you need it for sun protection. The adjustable umbrella weighs less than 2 pounds and folds for storage, but when in use attaches to chairs or other surfaces with a clamp. Its fabric features UPF 50+ broad-spectrum protection and comes in nine colors.

35. The lantern that's also a fan you need for outdoor adventures

If you're headed camping, pack this LED lantern that can also be fashioned into a ceiling fan. It's lightweight for your backpack, and the fan features two settings. The battery-powered light can run for up to 37 hours.

36. A personal filter for safe drinking water anywhere

The LifeStraw makes dirty water drinkable by filtering out waterborne bacteria and parasites. You drink from a water source using this as you would any straw, but the internal membrane works to filter the water. It's a bit of a cult favorite for travelers, hikers, and campers with a 4.8-star rating and over 70,000 reviews. The filter also removes microplastics and is an essential part of emergency kits.

37. The leakproof water bottle that motivates you to drink more

With time markers and motivating words on the side, this water bottle encourages you to drink more water. The 1-gallon bottle is also easy to sip from with its nozzle and straw, and the leakproof cap can be opened one-handed. The carrying strap and side grips make it comfortable to carry as you move about your day, too.

38. These leakproof & lavender-scented bags for cleaning up after your dog

More than 100,000 reviewers vouch for these large, leakproof bags for picking up after their dogs. And the bags are lightly lavender-scented to help mask the pungent smell of dog poop. Bonus: the packaging and roll cores are made with recycled materials.

39. This pet hair remover that's a fan favorite

Keep your dog or cat's hair off the furniture with this easy-to-use rolling brush. The clever remover requires no power source or sticky papers; just roll it back and forth in short strokes to pick up the hair. With over 68,000 reviews, hundreds of shoppers called this hair remover a "gamechanger" for living with pets.

40. An instant-read thermometer for indoor or outdoor cooking

Use this probe thermometer for an instant temperature read on food. It has a temperature range of -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's suitable for anything you're grilling or cooking in the oven. It's convenient to keep this thermometer where you need it, like on the frige or the side of the grill, with its magnetic backing.

41. This drawer liner with a strong grip to stay in place

Keep items in drawers organized and in place using this sturdy drawer liner. Cut the 10-foot roll into strips to suit drawers or shelves of any size. Once in place, the open-weave construction allows things to breathe and stays put without slipping or bunching.

42. The bento box for better lunch salads

The layered construction of this bento box keeps your salad fresh and separated until lunchtime. The bottom compartment holds greens while the sectioned layer above it separates protein, toppings, and the salad dressing. There will be no soggy salads at lunchtime. When you're ready to eat, just mix all the ingredients together.

43. This set of easy-release ice pop molds

Stay cool all summer with this set of ice pop molds for refreshing treats. Just pour the mixture into each mold, top with the lid that functions as a handle, and let it freeze for a few hours. The flexible silicone molds make it easy to pop out each treat when it's ready to eat.

44. The omelet maker that can also cool pizzas

Make breakfast in a few minutes using this one appliance. The separate compartments heat up two different omelets, and the cooking surface is nonstick so that they're easy to remove. And thanks to the indicator light, you'll know when it's heated up enough to cook your meal — and it can even work with pizzas.