44 ridiculously clever things you'll instantly get a ton of use out of

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ByNina Bradley
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With the stress of everyday life, it's important to implement clever products that you'll use a lot — because they'll surely make your day-to-day easier. Thanks to Amazon, you have easy access to hundreds and thousands of things like that. In fact, I've created a list with clever, must-have products ranging from kitchen goods to bedtime necessities. (And, again, I'm sure you'll use them a lot.)

The products here run the gamut. For instance, the easy vegetable chopper and avocado slicer can assist in making food prep a breeze, while the electric wine opener can take the stress out of removing the cork from your favorite bottle of wine. And how about the comforting knee pillow that'll help align your hips and spine as you sleep, or the cooling bamboo blanket that'll allow you to rest comfortably at night? It's all right here.

Whatever your need may be, these clever Amazon products can supply easy solutions to living life better — and you'll use them over and over again.


The refrigerator deodorizers that can last for up to 6 months

You can stop unwanted odor in its tracks with these refrigerator deodorizers. Place them in your fridge or freezer to remove unpleasant smells within hours. They come in a pack of two, each of which can stay effective for up to six months.


The cordless jump rope you can use anywhere

Great for indoor and outdoor use, this cordless jump rope allows you to get amazing cardio exercise without the worry of space or the nuisance of tangling or tripping. It's made with high-quality ball bearings for weighted control and features soft memory foam handles for comfortable gripping. The size is compact enough to toss into your bag and take to the office or vacation as needed.


A fabric shaver that keeps sweaters & blankets in good shape

You can use this fabric shaver to get your clothes and fabric housewares a total revamp. It features strong cyclonic suction to remove and collect pilings, lint, and fuzzies from any surface using elastic blades to prevent damage. The product's dual safety switches also help protect you in the event of the covering coming loose.


This spray bottle that dispenses oils & other condiments

Spritz perfect amounts of olive oil, vinegar, juices, and other sauces with this glass spray bottle. It is BPA-free and safe to use with food items. Use it to spray pots and pans, dress salads, or mist other foods indoors or out on the grill as needed.


The nail repair kit that heals & shines

If you're hoping to treat broken and brittle toenails and fingernails, you can try this easy-to-use nail repair kit. It heals while providing natural shine, and it's super easy to use. Simply brush on the gel resin and dip your finger into the clear powder. One reviewer says, “This worked perfectly, easily and fast. Repairs can be done is seconds!”


The bottle brush set that cleans all of your containers

Use this set of cleaning brushes to scrub bottles, jars, sports bottles, flasks, and more — regardless of their sizes. Each piece comes in varying sizes to fit the openings of any basically container needed. There's even a brush to clean your reusable straw.


The cooling towel that'll keep you chilly in hot conditions

Stay cool on hot days or while working with this cooling towel. Great for outdoor activities, this towel features evaporative technology that keeps it cold for extended periods of time. To use, simply soak it in cold water, wring it out, and place it on your head, neck, or any other area that needs instant cooling.


These comforter clips help secure your duvet cover

These duvet clips are sure to become your new best friend after just one night. The snap-on clips help prevent your comforter from moving around inside your duvet cover for a comfortable rest that doesn't take much tidying in the morning. They attach to the inside of your cover for simple and undetectable use.


A vegetable chopper that simplifies food prep

Meal prep will be a total breeze with this easy-to-use vegetable chopper. It comes with different blades that julienne, chop, and slice vegetables as desired — and it features a lid as well as a collection tray that reduces mess and cleanup time. Made of BPA-free plastic and rust-resistant stainless steel, it's also durable.


The produce saver that keeps fruits & veggies fresh

Keep fruits and vegetables fresher for a longer period with this produce saver. Designed in the shape of an apple, this set of two reusable savers features a packet that absorbs ethylene gas to preserve your produce. Simply place them into the drawer where you keep produce and watch them go to work.


The toe separators that help increase flexibility & ease soreness

These toe separators can help relieve achy feet from hammertoe, bunions, and more. They give toes an awesome stretch and are great for use after a long day in shoes or high heels. Offered in a set of two — small and large — they work by lengthening shortened connective tissues in the feet to extend the range of motion.


An electric wine opener that removes corks in seconds

Pop the cork off your favorite wine with this electric opener. It effortlessly removes the cork in seconds and comes equipped with a foil cutter for easy access. The built-in rechargeable battery offers the capability of opening 80 bottles with a single charge.


The scrub brush kit that deep cleans any surface

Deep clean any surface with this four-in-one cleaning kit. It attaches to any power drill and comes with a nylon round brush, a ball brush, a two-sided scrubber, and a two-sided soft sponge. Great for sinks, bathtubs, carpets, stoves, grills, and more, it offers high-powered cleaning similar to a professional job.


A set of refrigerator liners that help protect your shelving

Place these mats in your refrigerator to keep shelves clean while preserving the integrity of your food. Made of EVA-safe materials, the set comes with nine mats in three colors (green, pink, and blue) that can be cut to fit your desired space. Each piece is easy to clean and dry in between uses.


This watermark remover that keeps furniture looking brand new

Get rid of pesky furniture rings with this watermark remover cloth. It quickly restores wood to its original finish and can also reduce the visibility of scratches and stains. The cloth is completely reusable, making it a must-have for any home.


A stainless steel infuser that brews loose leaf tea

Brew a cup of your favorite loose leaf tea using this tea strainer. It features a teacup-sized, stainless steel construction with extra-fine mesh, and a foldable handle for resting over your cup. The silicone trim stays cool for safe handling.


These covers that dim bright lights on electronics & appliances

Whether you're going to bed or taking a nap, you can use these covers to dim annoying lights on electronics and appliances. Offered in a pack of over 100 adhesives, they work to reduce approximately 50% to 80% of brightness. Simply peel and stick them wherever you need to.


The door opener tool that fits onto your keyring

Made with durable metal, this door opener tool helps you open public doors without having to touch the handles. The small tool fits onto your keychain for easy access and can be used to perform other functions, such as touching elevator buttons and pressing ATM keys.


This heat-resistant mixer that mashes & mixes food with ease

Made of heat-resistant materials that can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, this manual mixer features a five-blade design that mixes and mashes hot foods and more. The angled blades assist in scraping the sides of bowls while mixing, and it fits into the dishwasher for simple clean up when finished.


A set of self-adhesive hooks that won't damage walls

Make use of space without damaging your walls with the help of these self-adhesive hooks. Use them to hang coats, towels, purses, keys, and more. They're made of premium stainless steel that's waterproof and resistant to rust, and one pack comes with two of them.


An avocado slicer that slices & pits

Slice, pit, and fan avocados in an instant with this three-in-one avocado slicer. It quickly and easily lifts the contents from its skin and removes the pit. The nonslip grip makes it simple to operate, and it's also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


These bag cinchers that keep food fresher longer

Keep food fresher longer with these bag cinchers. They work to seal off bread, snacks, frozen foods, and more. They're offered in a set of three bright colors, and each clip features plastic teeth to close the bag securely. They're also nonslip and can be stored easily in between uses.


An exfoliating scrubber that reaches your entire back

Exfoliate and scrub hard-to-reach places with this long scrubber and sponge set. The double-sided scrubber features an exfoliating honeycomb textured material on one side and a softer fabric on the other. Use it while in the shower and hang it with the included loop to dry.


A coffee & espresso maker that makes up to 3 cups in 1 minute

Get the satisfaction of full-flavored coffee with this coffee press. The full-immersion process eliminates the bitterness while the micro-filter helps prevent grit. Use it to make up to three cups in just one minute. With over 9,000 five-star ratings, it's clear that coffee enthusiasts are enjoying it.


The tubs that help reduce unwanted odor & moisture in any room

Place these odor-eliminating tubs in any room to reduce unpleasant smells and moisture. They come in a set of two and can be set in a corner or on a shelf; just follow the instructions on the back of the container before setting it down.


These eco-friendly wheat bowls that are unbreakable

These bowls are an eco-friendly and beautiful addition to any home. They're made of natural organic wheat straw fiber and are 100% BPA-free, nontoxic, and unbreakable. Each piece in the four-piece pastel set is lightweight as well as microwave- and dishwasher-safe for convenience.


An electric callus remover that leaves feet soft & smooth

Soften rough spots on your feet with the callus remover. It comes with five roller heads to meet your needs, giving you a spa-like finish after each use. It also offers two speeds and features an LCD battery display so you know when it's time to recharge.


The oven rack protectors that help prevent burns

Help protect your skin from burns with these oven rack protectors. They're made of silicone and come long enough to fit the entire rack. Offered in a set of three, you'll be able to cover all of your racks with one pack.


A set of silicone scrubbers that clean & exfoliate your skin

These high-quality body scrubbers are great for nearly all skin types. There are two in a set: one for your body and one for your face. Made of silicone, they're easy to use and then clean and dry after. Choose from various color combinations.


A memory foam knee pillow that keeps you align as you sleep

You can help reduce pressure on your lower back as you rest with the help of this knee pillow. It's made of premium-quality memory foam and features a contoured design that aligns your hips and spine. The breathable cover is also removable for laundering in between uses.


This set of magnetic phone mounts for your car

You can drive without distractions while using these magnetic phone mounts; just stick them to your dashboard or another area for hands-free viewing. They come with an adjustable swivel ball joint that allows you to enjoy the best viewing angle for your GPS, and they're compatible with most phones.


A set of silicone chair caps that help prevent floor damage

Protect your furniture and floors with these silicone chair leg caps. The translucent color allows for visibility for your chairs while the anti-slip bottom pad protects against scratching. Each piece in this pack of 32 is simple to wrap and designed to stay on throughout use.


The compact knife sharpener that's easily stored

This knife sharpener ensures that all of your kitchen tools are ready for use. It's great for repair and polishing and comes with an edge grip that helps prevent damage to your countertops. The compact nonslip base provides stability and control while the compact design allows for easy storage.


An adjustable phone stand that rotates for convenience

How amazing is this adjustable phone stand? It offers 270-degree rotation for easy access while talking, watching your favorite videos, or playing games. The large silicone pads prevent slipping and damage to furniture — and it's made from aluminum, which means it's durable.


These cedar blocks that help keep pests away

Place these cedar balls and rings in any room to help protect clothing and other items from pests (including moths). Made of natural red cedarwood, they're free of chemicals and offer a lasting fragrance that's not too harsh on the nose.


This self-adhesive door draft stopper

Eliminate unwanted light, air, and noise from entering your room or home with these door draft stoppers. They are self-adhesive and designed to fit more interior and exterior doors with ease. Simply measure, cut to your desired length and install.


A hose attachment that cleans dryer vents

Attach this hose to your vacuum cleaner to help remove lint buildup from your dryer vents. The flexible hose and long brush work together to remove years of debris. It's designed to fit most vacuum cleaners and is easy to use and assemble.


A hairbrush cleaner that removes loose strands from bristles

This hairbrush cleaner works wonders on removing hair and dirt from your brushes and combs. The plastic design comes with a nonslip handle and is compact enough to store or to take with you anywhere you go. Plus, you can use it on both flat brushes or round brushes.


The garlic mincer that chops fresh herbs

Quickly mince garlic, ginger, and other herbs with this handheld garlic twister. It gathers contents into triangles for easy removal and features beveled teeth for precise cutting. Small and compact, it easily stows into any kitchen drawer after use.


A set of 10-foot charging cables that work rapidly

These 10-foot cables offer fast charging at a long distance. Compatible with most iPhones and iPads, they allow you to charge your devices while using them at long range. The nylon braided cover also helps prevent fraying and damage for long-term use.


The butter knife that offers a curled design

Serve and enjoy fancy butter with this serrated butter-curling knife. It features small slotted holes to give the butter a curled design and is made of rust-resistant stainless steel for long-lasting use. It can also be washed in the dishwasher.


A bamboo blanket that's perfect for hot sleepers

Perfect for hot sleepers, this bamboo blanket is made of natural breathable fibers that help keep you cool as you rest. (They feature a diamond-patterned design that enhances circulation and airflow.) The set is machine washable and should be hung for drying in between uses. Choose from various different colors and sizes.


An outlet extender with a shelf that holds electronics as they charge

Turn your existing outlet into a multi-use charging space with this wall outlet extender. Simply plug it into any power outlet to add two USB charging ports along with three AC outlets. There's also a shelf where you can rest your devices as they power up and a nightlight that automatically illuminates in the dark.


A small brush that's made for cleaning electronic devices

Made with soft bristles, this cleaning brush is made to gently wipe away dust and dirt from your devices. Small enough to access hard-to-reach places, it's great for keyboards, cell phones, and more. The bristles retract when not in use, and it comes with a cap for protection during storage.