45 products that work so well you'll get a ton of use out of them


Shopping can be tricky. One moment, your bank account is looking happy in the green. The next, your house is full of random purchases with your credit cards suddenly maxed out. And because you bought it all on a whim, most of the stuff you wound up with will likely just collect dust in a corner somewhere. The key is to try to focus your purchases on useful products that work really well — like the ones I've gathered for you below.

As someone who's wasted way too much money on random buys, I've become a bit of an expert when it comes to sorting the useful from the useless. Case in point? The electric bug zapper racket you'll find in this list; it's a chemical-free alternative to bug sprays. There are also keyboard rests to help reduce strain on your wrists, lemon squeezers, minty foot peels, and even a screen protector that helps reduce glare.

Buying stuff quickly doesn't have to result in a house full of junk — especially if you focus on all the useful products I've gathered for you below.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The keyboard rest that can help take pressure off your wrist

Filled with soft memory foam, this ergonomic rest can help improve your wrist posture in order to alleviate soreness — especially after a long day spent at your desk. The nonslip bottom keeps it from shifting around, and each order even comes with a smaller one for your mousepad.


These pumice stones made from real volcanic rock

Not only are these pumice stones made from naturally-occurring lava rock, but they're also great for exfoliating away everything from dead skin to stains. Their ergonomic design allows them to fit comfortably in either hand — and the looped cords let you hang them anywhere you like to dry.


This draft stopper that can help lower your utility bills

Don't let cold air infiltrate your home — place this draft stopper at the base of every door leading to the outside. It's made from flexible silicone that you can trim to fit smaller doors, and the adhesive backing is even waterproof. Choose from four colors that'll blend into nearly any door: black, brown, gray, or white.


A screen protector that filters out glare

Tired of that annoying glare making your computer hard to see? Fit this protector over your screen, and it'll filter out light in order to help reduce glare. It's ultra-clear, to the point where it wont affect the brightness — and reviewers raved about how it's "easy to apply."


The organizer that helps your trunk stay neat & tidy

It's almost too easy to just throw everything in the trunk when you're cleaning out your car. But with this organizer, everything you toss back there will at least look tidy, as there are multiple pockets for you to stash anything and everything. And since it's collapsible, it takes up hardly any space when empty.


An electrified racket for zapping bugs

Mosquitos, biting flies, wasps — you name it, this electrified racket will buzz when you swat it. Pests are eliminated instantly with just a single swing, and the battery is even rechargeable. Plus, there's also a built-in LED light to help you use it at night.


This cleaner that works with all types of screens

Cell phones, tablets, laptops — this cleaner can get the screens on all of them looking spotless. The ultra-fine wiper fibers lath onto dirt and grime, and it's small enough that you can easily keep it with you in your bag. Choose from two colors: turquoise or gray.


A garlic peeler that keeps your hands odor-free

That strong garlic smell has a tendency to stick to skin like glue — so keep your hands clean by using these peelers. Just place a clove of garlic inside, then gently roll it back and forth. The textured insides will gradually peel away the shell, leaving you with fresh garlic and clean hands.


The foot peels that have a refreshingly minty smell

The next time your feet are peeling and cracked, give these peels a try. Simply let your toes soak for about an hour, and over the next two weeks your outer layer of skin will begin to peel away. The result? Ultra-soft feet that feel moist and hydrated — all for less than $20.


A wallet you can comfortably wear when exercising

With zippered pockets built into both, these wristbands let you keep your cards, cash, and IDs with you while exercising. They're made from organic cotton that wicks away sweat — and one reviewer even wrote that "the pocket goes all the way around the whole sweatband!"


This lemon squeezer made from tough stainless steel

Squeeze this lemon juicer as hard as you like — the tough aluminum frame won't bend no matter how hard you press. Unlike some models, this one keeps the pulp and seeds separate so that all you wind up with is fresh juice. And if you don't like lemons? It's also available for limes, as well as oranges.


A mandolin slicer that stays sharper for longer

With ceramic blades that maintain their sharpness up to 10 times longer than ones made from steel, this mandolin slicer is a must-have in any kitchen. The blades are also rustproof — and they easily slice through everything from potatoes to cucumbers.


The gadget that gets breakfast made quickly

Don't rush out the door on busy mornings with an empty stomach — just use this egg cooker to whip up a quick breakfast. At less than 2 pounds, it fits easily into tight cabinets. And unlike other egg cookers, this one can do nearly anything: hard, medium, or soft boil eggs, cook omelets, and even make scrambled eggs.


A little mirror that helps you see into your blind spot

Stick this curved mirror onto your side-view mirror, and it'll help you see into your blind spot while driving. Each order comes with strong 3M adhesive, so there's no need to worry about it falling off — and it's even waterproof in the rain.


The automotive polish that helps buff away scratches

You could pay to get your car repainted, or you could get rid of those scratches from your car using this polish. Each order comes with a sponge to help you buff it in — and not only does it help eliminate scratches, but it'll even leave your car looking shiny.


A mount that secures your phone to your handlebars

Whether you're biking or pushing a stroller, this mount lets you secure your phone to your handlebars for easy viewing. It's great for following GPS hands-free — and you can also rotate it a full 360 degrees, just in case you need to adjust the viewing angle.


These headrest hooks that hold onto all sorts of baggage

Grocery bags, totes, backpacks — these headrest hooks will keep all of them and more suspended cleanly off the ground while you're driving. Installation only takes a few quick seconds, and each hook is sturdy enough to hold up to 30 pounds.


A hook that keeps your washer door propped open

The next time your washer starts to develop that funky mildew smell, just pull out this hook. It sticks to your machine using a suction cup at one end, while the other end hooks into the door latch to keep it propped open. "We have a very narrow laundry room so we can’t just leave the door open," wrote one reviewer. "This helps to prop the door open just enough."


The trimmer that helps you perfect the little details

With three interchangeable shaving heads, this trimmer is perfect for the delicate areas around your brows and nose — though you can easily use it all over if you like. The best part? Since it's also waterproof, you can even use it in the shower.


An outlet extender with space for a charging phone

Leaving your phone on the ground while it's charging can be risky — so keep it on top of this outlet extender instead. Not only is there a built-in ledge made specifically for phones, but it also adds two USB ports, as well as three plugs to your outlet.


The bag that keeps your sneakers from tumbling in the dryer

Attach this mesh bag to your dryer door, and it'll hold your shoes in place so that they can quietly dry. The elastic bands allow you to strap it to nearly any type of dryer door, while the breathable mesh allows hot air to circulate throughout your shoes.


A pair of sleeves infused with hydrating olive oil

When no amount of lotion seems to help soothe your cracked heels, it might be time to give these sleeves a try. They're infused with jojoba seed and olive oil, which are great for hydrating dry skin. Vitamin E works to further nourish distressed heels — and you can comfortably wear them to bed since they're made from soft cotton.


This toilet brush that reaches deeper into your pipes

With its flexible head that can reach deeper into your toilet, this brush is a must-have — especially if you're trying to get your bathroom extra-clean. And unlike some brushes, this one comes with a base that you can either set on the ground, or mount to a wall to help save some space.


A reading light that sits around your neck

When it's finally a little too dark to see what you're reading, you'll be glad you grabbed this neck light. The brightness is adjustable — and it even features three different light temperatures: yellow, warm, or cool white. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 80 hours.


The screen door that closes itself behind you

Leaving your screen door open is an easy way to wind up with a house full of bugs — but putting up this self-closing screen door is even easier. Just use the included velcro strips to hang it up, and the magnets running down the middle will instantly zip themselves shut anytime you walk through.


These microwave mats that double as trivets

Even though they're marketed as microwave mats, these silicone discs can be used for so much more. They're heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can use them as trivets for hot cookware. Or, you can even use them as protective grippers when pulling pans out of the oven — you truly have options.


The organizers that help keep your cables sorted

Got a messy desk of wires and cables? Hook them into these organizers — I can almost guarantee your workspace will instantly look significantly cleaner. And since they're backed with sticky 3M adhesive, it's easy to secure them down wherever you like.


A lens kit to help you take Instagram-worthy photos

You don't have to shell out for a professional camera if you want professional-looking photos — save yourself some money with this smartphone lens kit instead. Each order comes with one wide angle, fisheye, and macro lens. Plus, they easily clip over your camera lens without leaving any scratches.


The puck lights you can stick practically anywhere

Looking for cheap ways to upgrade your home? These puck lights can be installed nearly anywhere. Use them to add some chic under-cabinet lights to your kitchen, or even to illuminate dark stairs at night. The built-in motion sensor means they'll only turn on when someone is around — and each one is powered by three AAA batteries.


A coffee maker that brews a fresh cup in 30 seconds

In a rush this morning? Not a problem, as this coffee maker can brew a full cup of Joe in just 30 seconds. It's large enough for single servings — which means less waste and more money saved. Plus, you can use it with K-cups, or your own fresh grounds.


The pillowcases that can help you cool down at night

If you tend to run hot at night, a pair of cooling pillowcases — like these ones — can be total gamechangers. They're made with special fibers that help siphon away your body heat while you sleep, while the silky texture is even gentle on hair and skin.


These ear plugs that come in a variety of sizes

Ever try wearing ear plugs at a concert? They're great for making way-too-loud music bearable — and these ones in particular are made from soft silicone that won't leave your ears feeling sore. Plus, each order includes plugs ranging from extra-small to large, making it easy to find your best fit.


This stamp that helps you conceal sensitive information

Don't throw out your bills and other personal documents without hiding your information first — so grab this roller stamp. It only takes a single swipe to conceal addresses, credit card numbers, and more. Plus, each order comes with enough ink for 100 meters of coverage.


A beach blanket that won't bring sand in the house

Tired of sweeping up all that sand after a trip to the beach? Swap out your cotton beach blanket with this one. It's made from tough polyester that easily shakes sand, and water off. Plus, it folds down into a small drawstring pouch, yet is large enough for up to five people to sit on it.


The lounger that inflates using the wind

Give this lounger a quick swish through the air to fill it up, and you've instantly got a comfortable spot to relax. It's perfect for everything from beach days to music festivals — and it even rolls up into a small travel pouch when you're ready to go.


An applicator brush that helps you reach the middle of your back

With its extra-long handle, this brush makes it easy to apply sunscreen, self-tanner, and more to that awkward spot in the middle of your back. The pad is textured, allowing it to hold onto your serums until you press it into your skin. Plus, each order even comes with three extra pads.


These patches that help flatten unwanted blemishes quickly

The next time a zit pops up overnight, just cover it with one of these patches. Not only do they blend into your skin, but the hydrocolloid dressing helps flatten blemishes within about six hours. Plus, you can even cover them up with makeup for an ultra-discreet look.


These slippers that help clean up your floors

Don't have enough time to sweep? Put these mop slippers on your shoes or feet, and they'll pick up little bits of dust as you walk around the house. They're made from soft chenille — and one reviewer even wrote that they "use these when I mop my floor, so that I don’t leave shoe/foot prints on the freshly mopped laminate."


The power strip that takes up hardly any space

Unlike many power strips, this one is shaped like a cube in order to help you save space on your desk. It also features an extra-long power cable, as well as three USB ports — so there's no need to find a power brick the next time your phone needs a quick charge.


These pillowcases made from hair-friendly satin

If your hair is always frizzy when you wake up, try sleeping on these pillowcases. They're made from soft satin, which creates less friction against your hair than cotton. The result? Less frizz and bedhead in the mornings — and with more than 20 colors to choose from, you can easily match them to your current sheets.


The Bluetooth speaker that won't break in the rain

Don't worry about taking this Bluetooth speaker on your next outdoor trip — the splashproof design will keep it working, even if it starts to rain. The best part? Its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 36 hours, making it the perfect companion when camping.


A bidet that's easy to install

Installing a bidet might look complicated — but reviewers raved about how this one not only came with all the tools needed, but how the process was also surprisingly simple. "It was really easy to install," wrote one. "And that's coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about plumbing."


This oil that helps soften rough & scruffy beards

The next time your beard is feeling a little scruffy, try giving it a few drops of this oil. It's made with hydrating apricot and jojoba oil, while oakmoss and sandalwood give it an earthy scent. Plus, the dark amber glass bottle helps prevent UV light degradation.


A spray that helps keep your glasses from fogging up

It only takes a few spritzes, and this anti-fog spray will help keep your lenses clear. It's safe to use on everything from binoculars to ski goggles — and the hypoallergenic formula won't leave your eyes or skin feeling irritated. "This product allowed me to swim underwater for longer periods of time without my goggles getting foggy," wrote one reviewer. "I use it every time I go swimming, and it works amazingly!"