45 things trending on amazon under $30 that reviewers are obsessed with

ByAndrea Hannah

After perfecting my internet shopping game, I know how to tell a trend from a quality product. That said, every once in awhile I'm surprised to find that the hot items trending on Amazon are both high quality and really affordable, and I happily add them to my shopping cart without restraint.

The thing about trends is that a lot of things are just novel and not useful. To suss out the good stuff, you need to consider if this product is actually going to make your life more enjoyable or easier in the long run. Take this multi-device charging station, for example. Do you absolutely need one? Not really. But will it make your life so much easier to charge all your devices in the same place, at the same time, and without all those cords? Absolutely.

All that to say: sometimes it's just fun to snag an affordable Amazon trend. Like I already have plenty of light bulbs, but these really fun color-changing smart bulbs can change up my home's ambience with the click of a button. That's a trend that's worth the investment, in my opinion.

Ready to scroll through some of the most affordable trends on Amazon? Here are some of my favorite finds to help you get started.


This cleaning gel that has over 20,000 fans

Over 20,000 reviewers absolutely rave about this unique cleaning gel. It looks and feels like that "slime" that kids like, only this stuff cleans up messes instead of making them. Just press it into your vents, cup holders, and on your dashboard to pick up every last speck of dust and debris. You can also use this gel multiple times before it needs to be replaced. Some reviewers also use it to get into the cracks and crevices of electronic devices, like computer keyboards.


This water and stain repellent that keeps your shoes dry

While this water and stain repellent is technically made to protect your shoes, reviewers also love it for hats, purses, camping gear, and more. All you have to do is spray a fine coat over your clothing and let it dry. This spray creates a protective coating that repels water and stain-causing liquids to preserve your gear for longer.


This trash can that keeps your car tidy

This waterproof garbage can is so genius, you'll wish you'd gotten one sooner. The inside features a leak-proof liner, and the entire trash can itself is made from soft, washable materials for easy clean up. It also features a covered hole on top so trash won't accidentally roll out while you're driving. Just snap it onto the back of your seats to secure it and you're good to go. There are even mesh pockets on the sides to hold your snacks.


These headrest hooks that hold your bags while you drive

It couldn't be easier to keep your car neat and organized with these headrest hooks. They're made from ultra strong and durable steel, and they're super easy to install. All you have to do is hook them around the back of your headrest, then get to hanging your grocery bags, purse, and more. They also come in a pack of four, so you have plenty of room to hang multiple bags.


This dip clip that keeps drive-thru sauces from spilling

No more trying to balance your nugget sauces while you drive with this truly brilliant dip clip. It's the perfect size to hold those little sauce containers you get at most fast food places. Just clip this holder right to your vents, then slip the sauce inside. It keeps your sauce from spilling so you can focus on the road and dunk your nuggets with ease.


The blue light blocking glasses that have a cult-following

One reviewer raved about these blue light blocking glasses: "These glasses are well built, stylish and don't turn the world yellow." And that's just one reviewer from thousands of happy customers that swear these glasses have helped stave off headaches and ease eye strain when spending long hours in front of the computer. They also come in a pack of two stylish frames so you can keep one pair at home and one at the office.


These magnetic clips that keep your stuff together

If you're looking for a simple device that will help keep your stuff organized, these versatile magnetic clips are your best bet. They come in a pack of six, and each clip is made from flexible, yet durable, silicone. The clips have powerful magnets on each end, and you can use them for just about anything. Reviewers report relying on these clips to keep cords together, hang purses, adhere markers to a whiteboard, close chip bags, and more.


The laundry bags that hold up to wear and tear

These mesh laundry bags are different from other options on the market because they can hold up to wear and tear without shredding or deteriorating. They come in a pack of three, and they feature a "honeycomb mesh" that allows for plenty of breathability so your delicate items get clean while still being protected. They also feature durable zippers to keep everything in place, and you can even take these bags straight from the washing machine and into the dryer.


This magnetic holder that keeps your kitchen tools close by

This magnetic holder is a must for anyone who wants or needs easy access to their kitchen tools. At 16-inches long, it's the perfect size to fit over your oven without taking up too much wall space, and it can hold up to eight knives or utensils. When you're ready to cook, just pull the knife you need right off the magnet, then snap it back on when you're finished.


These wireless earbuds that have 200,000 reviews

With more than 200,000 reviews, these wireless earbuds are the best of the best, and they only cost 30 bucks. They feature crisp, clear audio, and come with silicone ear pads that sit comfortably in your ear without falling out. You can sync these earbuds with your smartphone or computer to listen to your music, and when you're finished, just pop them back into their case to charge. On top of that, both the case and the earbuds are waterproof, so you can feel safe taking them to the beach or pool.


This mini blender that you can take on the go

This mini blender is perfect for busy mornings when you have to get out the door early. It features a container that's perfect for a single-sized smoothie, as well as food-grade stainless steel blades. To use, just place your ingredients inside and blend on the go. You can even drink your smoothie right from the blending container and charge the base with a standard USB adaptor between uses.


A best-selling trimmer that comes with 13 attachments

This best-selling trimmer has thousands of fans for good reason: it works amazingly well and it's really affordable. The trimmer itself features a self-sharpening dual blade that requires zero maintenance, and it comes with 13 different attachments so you can get the look you want. You get a full-size steel trimmer, a precision trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, three hair trimming guards, three beard trimming guards, a stubble guard, travel bag, and cleaning brush.


This ring light that helps you take flawless selfies

You'll never snap a bad selfie again with this popular ring light. It comes with a 10-inch LED light that's completely adjustable. It can swivel in multiple directions, and you can adjust the lighting to be cool, warm, or natural, and you can also dim or brighten according to your lighting needs. It even comes with a mini remote that you can use to snap your selfie from a distance.


The minimalist wallet that protects from credit card theft

Whether you're going out for a walk or you're traveling the globe, this sleek wallet is essential. For one, it features a minimalist design that's slim enough to fit in your front pocket without all the bulk. It is also designed with RFID-blocking technology, which prevents potential scammers from secretly scanning your credit card number through your wallet. Plus, it comes in a ton of fun colors to choose from.


This genius kitchen tool that makes the perfect burger

You'll want to grab one of these genius burger presses before your next barbecue. It's made from food-grade materials and features a non-stick coating so you don't have to grease it down between uses. It also comes with two rings — one for traditional hamburgers and one for sliders. All you have to do is press your patties and toss this tool in the dishwasher when you're done.


These workout shorts that have zippered pockets

These workout shorts are cool, lightweight, and come in tons of different colors. They're made from a poly-spandex blend, which allows plenty of airflow so they can dry quickly, and they also have a bit of stretch to help you stay comfortable during your workout. The highlight of these shorts, though, is the zippered pockets on both sides so you can safely carry your phone, keys, and cards.


This charging dock that powers up all your Apple products

It couldn't be simpler to charge all of your Apple devices with this unique charging station. It features a special holder for your iPhone, as well as a place to hang and charge your Apple watch. There are also convenient holders for your AirPods and Apple pencil that fit flawlessly. And the best part is there's only one cord involved. Just plug in the single cord attached to the charging station to power up all your devices at once.


The kitchen tool that helps you get perfectly even slices

Whether you're chopping veggies for a party or you're whipping up a meal at home, this slicing guard makes the process so easy. It features 10 stainless steel "picks" that are evenly spaced apart. All you have to do is insert this tool into any onion, potato, pepper, or other fruit or veggie. Then, take your favorite kitchen knife and chop between the picks for perfectly symmetrical pieces.


This grooming kit that leaves your beard soft

This grooming kit pretty much guarantees that your beard will be soft, supple, and perfectly shaped at all times. It comes with special beard wash that provides essential vitamins and nutrients, beard growth oil that helps your hair grow quicker, and a balm-like conditioner to keep it hydrated. This kit also comes with scissors, a wooden comb, and a soft brush to keep your beard in tip-top shape.


These genius tools that can crack open any jar or bottle

No matter how tight a jar or bottle lid is stuck on, these genius opener tools have you covered. There's the jar opener, which features rings of three different sizes throughout the center. To use, just choose the size that works best with your jar and squeeze. Similarly, the bottle and can opening tool twists off any lid and pops any tab with minimal effort.


This roller wheel that works your abs

If you're looking for a new challenge for your core, this ab roller is a great investment. It features a heavy-duty wheel and two handles with a textured grip. To use, roll the wheel out as far as you can in front of you, then tighten your abs to pull it back toward you. This simple, yet effective, wheel works your entire abdominal wall so you can target your core from every angle.


An adjustable measuring spoon that saves drawer space

Instead of clogging up your kitchen drawers with multiple tools, grab this adjustable measuring spoon instead. It's made from stainless steel and features a standard measuring spoon on the end. The difference between this tool and others, though, is that you can slide the cover over part of the spoon when you need a smaller amount. The increment markers on the spoon let you know exactly where to place the cover so you can get the perfect amount for your recipe.


This armrest tray that keeps your beverages close by

This armrest tray keeps all your stuff nearby without taking up precious floorspace. This tray features a sturdy wooden base with a raised edge to prevent your remote or cup from slipping off. It also features a clamp-on design, so all you have to do is snap the legs on over your arm rest to install it. Then enjoy your hot beverage while you watch TV.


A plug-in that extends your wifi's range

Whether you have a ton of devices or you're looking to add more range to your router, this wifi extender does both. All you have to do is plug it into any standard outlet and hook it up to your wifi network. This brilliant device automatically extends your wifi's range by 1,200 square feet, and it has the capacity to support up to 20 devices in your home.


These color-changing bulbs that you can command with your voice

One reviewer writes that these affordable smart bulbs are "so easy to use and a looooooooooooot of colors to choose from." These LED bulbs twist into any standard socket, and once you download the app, you can control the color and brightness from your smartphone. And when you aren't on your phone, you can also sync up these bulbs to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home so you can turn them on and off with the sound of your voice.


This wall mount that keeps your bathroom organized

This wall mount has space for all of your bathroom essentials so you won't clutter up your counters. It features four slots to hang toothbrushes while keeping dirt and debris from touching the bristles, as well as space for a tube of toothpaste. There's also a small dispenser slot that automatically deposits toothpaste onto your brush, as well as room for paper cups and a drawer for personal items. There's even a space on top for your hairbrush, razor, and grooming products.


The bluetooth tile that keeps track of all your stuff

Thousands of reviewers rave about this convenient Tile tracker. It's a slim square-shaped device that you can hook onto just about anything — your phone case, purse, and even your pets — to keep track of them. The bluetooth capabilities reach up to 200 feet. To check your Tile's location, you can look for it in the app on your phone, or you can ask your Alexa to locate your item.


This portable charger that you can take on the go

This portable charger is a must-have when you're always on the go. Here's how it works: You charge up the charger while you're at home, then you take it with you while you're out and about. It features three slots for USB adaptors, so when your phone, earbuds, or tablet dies, you can pop all of them into the charger. It also features a charging platform on one side so you can plop your cellphone on it to charge, no cords required.


The switch cover that dims your lights

When you don't want to get out of bed to turn off the lights, this dimmer switch definitely comes in handy. It installs over any of your traditional light switches, and it features two buttons that you can press to dim the lights to your preference. This switch can also sync up to your Alexa or Google Home so you can tell your lights to dim, brighten, or turn off and on right from the comfort of your couch.


An inflatable lounger that you can take anywhere

Reviewers love this inflatable lounger for everything from camping to spending the night at another house. When inflated, it extends over seven feet, so it's the perfect size to nap on or share with another person. It's also made from puncture-proof material that can hold up to the elements, and it's specially designed to offer a comfortable resting spot for your head. It even comes with a carrying bag so it's easy to travel with.


This cellphone stand that has its own speaker

This compact cellphone stand makes it easier than ever to watch your favorite show, no matter where you are. The arm can be positioned at any angle so you can see the screen, and the base features a non-slip grip so the whole thing won't budge an inch. The highlight of this device, though, is its speaker. You can sync up your phone to the bluetooth speaker to experience louder and clearer audio quality to your media.


A mini vacuum that you can store in your car

One reviewer writes that this is "Maybe the best 'small-job' hand vac I've seen." It's perfect for small, tight spaces like your desk and your car because it's just about the same size as a thermos. You can toss it into your drawer or glovebox, then pull off the top and vacuum whenever you need to. One end suctions up dust and debris, while the other blows air to help loosen debris from hard-to-reach places. You can even recharge it with a USB adaptor between uses.


These silicone lids that help your drinks last longer

If you're tired of wasting carbonated beverages, these silicone lids are the perfect solution. They come in a pack of six, and each one is made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, and they're perfectly shaped to snap onto any can's lid. You can use these to keep drinks carbonated for longer, or to keep out bugs between sips. Either way, when you're finished, you can toss them in the dishwasher before you use them again.


This wall mount that protects your phone while you shower

Now you can take a relaxing shower and watch a show at the same time with this window box wall mount. It features a crystal clear viewing window that won't fog up with heat and steam. Once you slip your phone inside and snap it closed, the silicone edging helps to keep it completely sealed to prevent any water vapor from getting inside so you can enjoy your media without worry.


The cool mist humidifier that's whisper quiet

This cool mist humidifier is so quiet, you won't even know it's running. It features a 2.5-liter tank that can run for a full 24 hours before it needs to be refilled, a dial that allows you to control the mist output, and a unique 360-degree nozzle that emits mist into every corner of your room. Plus, it has an auto shut-off feature for when the tank is empty.


This luxe blanket that prevents you from overheating

Not only is this lightweight blanket super soft, but it actually prevents you from overheating. It's made from an innovative mica nylon weave, which helps to release heat while trapping in cool air from the external environment. And the best part is this blanket features this cooling technology on both sides, so you can flip it over and start with fresh, cool fabric whenever you get too warm.


The shower head that also filters out impurities

Fans insist that this popular shower head is one of the best on the market. It features hundreds of extra small nozzles that force water out at high pressure, which gives you a deeper clean. It also features multiple layers of charcoal and other minerals to help filter out impurities and soften your water, leaving your hair and skin glowing and healthy.


This sleep mask that can play calming music

Not only does this sleep mask block out environmental light, but it can also play calming music to help you drift off. It features super soft memory foam "cups" around your eyes that help to prevent light from leaking in while also gently conforming to the shape of your face for added comfort. This mask also features tiny, sewn-in speakers that can sync to your smartphone so you can play relaxing music, meditations, or ambient noise before bed.


A portable device that keeps your door secure

It only takes seconds to install this portable door lock, and it can give you peace of mind. This inventive little tool features a stainless steel grid that can fit most standard doors. Just hook it onto the lock, shut the door, and you're instantly more secure. No one can get into your home, even if they have a key.


An extra large shade that covers you whole yard

Whether you're having a party or hanging out solo, this extra large shade literally has you covered. It comes in tons of sizes, but even the smallest at 6-by-10-feet is big enough to cover a huge part of your deck or patio. It's made from weather-resistant material, and it also blocks out 95 percent of potentially harmful UV rays so you can safely lounge all day.


This lamp that displays a sunset on your walls

With this sunset lamp, you can enjoy relaxing scenery without ever leaving your home. It features a small, stable base that you can prop up on any table, as well as a head that swivels at any angle so you can project the perfect sunset on your walls. You can even move it closer or father away to create the scenery you want.


A cold-brew coffee maker that has over 30,000 5-star reviews

If this cold-brew coffee maker has over 30,000 5-star reviews, then you know it's a winner. And it couldn't be simpler to use. Just place your ground coffee into the center filtration system, then pour in your cold water. Shake, and let sit for up to 36 hours for rich, delicious cold brew waiting for you right in your fridge.


These LED lights that give any room ambiance

These LED lights are a super fun addition to any room. At almost 10-feet long, you can wrap them around your TV for a movie theater glow, or you can use them to light up your bedroom, living room, or office space with a bit more ambiance. You can choose from 32 different colors, sync these lights to your music, or time them to go off all with the included remote.


This black light that can detect pet stains

Pet stains can be hard to spot, but this black light makes it a million times easier. It looks and works just like a regular flashlight, but these UV bulbs can pick up on pet urine and other stains on all your soft fabrics. That way, you can clean up and double check your spaces to make sure they're spotless.


A laptop stand that can prevent neck strain

Being in front of a computer all day can cause neck pain, but this laptop riser is a big help. It features a swivel head that can be adjusted so you can see the screen at the perfect angle for your setup. It also features a sturdy base that allows for ventilation so your laptop won't overheat. This stand even comes with a holder for smartphone, too.