50 cheap things that make chores 10x easier
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Take it from someone who's been making her bed — by herself, I might add — since the ripe age of five: Chores don't have to take forever. Need to clean your room? Just shove everything underneath your bed. Sink full of dirty dishes? Start using paper plates. And while I'll admit that those are arguably immature solutions, there's absolutely nothing childish about all the cheap things on Amazon that make chores easier.

But I'm not just talking about cleaning sprays and scrubbers — this list is chock-full of creative ways to help save time with tasks around the house. Got a messy closet overflowing with clothes? Make sure to check out the folding board I've made sure to include. Just a few panel flips, and it'll have all your shirts folded uniformly like you see at the store. But if that isn't enough, there are also cleaning tablets for your washing machine and Keurig — and even a magnet that helps you keep track of dirty dishes.

I used to kick stuff underneath my bed to "clean" the floor — but with so many cheap things on Amazon that make chores easier, it's simpler just to keep my room clean in the first place. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.

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The cookware polish that clears away tough grease

Whether your stove or your counters are looking a little greasy, this polish can help. It works exceptionally well on stainless steel, but it's gentle enough for use on porcelain. Plus, you can even use it to clear away rust stains, mineral deposits, and more.


A steam cleaner that powers through stubborn grime

When scrubbing with elbow grease isn't enough to get your home sparkling, it might be time to break out this steam cleaner. Each order comes with a variety of interchangeable cleaning heads — including a grout brush — and it only takes about 30 seconds to heat up.


These tablets that help you clean inside water bottles

Can't reach all the way down into your reusable water bottle? Simply fill it up, then drop one of these tablets inside. There's no scrubbing required for it to thoroughly clean your bottle, and each tablet is completely chlorine-free as well as biodegradable.


A pack of brushes that reach deep into tall bottles

Pair those cleaning tablets with these brushes if you want to get your bottles extra-clean. Each one is made with stiff nylon bristles that are tough against grime, and one reviewer even raved that "they also were flexible enough to get into my kids cups (let's be real, some sippy cups are a nightmare to clean)."


The board that helps you fold shirts uniformly

You can get your closet looking as organized as the shelves at the store simply by using this folding board. It helps you fold shirts and pants in a uniform manner, and it comes in four colors: black, blue, green, and red.


An organizer that wraps around your wash bucket

Don't leave all your supplies littered across the ground when it's time to wash your car — slip them into the pockets on this bucket organizer. It's designed to fit most 5-gallon buckets, while the mesh pockets help wet scrubbers dry quickly to prevent mildew.


This spin mop that you don't have to wring by hand

Tired of getting your hands wet with dirty water? Insert this spin mop into the bucket, then press down on the foot pedal; the inside bucket will spin to wring out all that old water. Plus, it even features a splashguard to help keep you dry.


A chart that helps you keep track of household chores

Whose turn was it to unload the dishwasher? This daily chore chart makes it easy to keep track of who was supposed to do what, while the hooks on the top let you hang it practically anywhere. Each order comes with five white erase markers.


This detailing gel that cleans deep into tight spaces

Don't risk scratching the interior of your car with scrubbers — allow this gel to reach deep into all those tight nooks and crannies. It's perfect for everything from air vents to window switches, and you can use it over and over until the color turns dark.


A cleaning system that helps disinfect your toilet

Tired of seeing that dirty toilet scrubber every time you use the bathroom? Switch over to this disposable version from Clorox. Each order comes with 10 scrubber heads — and each one is pre-loaded with Clorox cleanser that helps eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.


The magnet that lets you know if the dishes are clean

In the habit of mixing dirty dishes with clean ones? Attach this magnet to your dishwasher to help the entire household keep track of whether they're clean or dirty. The magnet on the back makes it easy to stick onto metal dishwashers, and each order also comes with double-sided adhesive — just in case.


A pair of dish gloves with scrubbers built into the palms

There's no need to rely on grimy sponges to clean your dishes when you're wearing these gloves. The palms feature silicone bristles that help you scrub away dirt and grime, whether you’re washing dishes or even your car.


This clog dissolver that works within minutes

A visit from the plumber can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas this clog dissolver is available for less than $10 per bottle. Just pour it down your clogged drain, and the super-thick formula will liquefy hair, grease, soap scum, and more — all within a few short minutes.


A tool that latches onto stubborn pet hair

When pet hair gets ingrained into your carpet, vacuuming won't always do the trick — which means it's time to break out this handy tool. The grippy blade latches onto stubborn hair that seem glued into your upholstery and carpeting. Plus, it easily wipes clean once finished.


The pumice stone that powers through water stains

Whether you've got an unwanted ring in your toilet or water stains in your shower, this pumice scrubber can help. It powers through tough stains without leaving behind any scratches — and it even works great on tough mineral, lime, and algae deposits.


A heavy-duty cleaning kit that won't scratch your cooktop

Glass, ceramic, induction, halogen, radiant — no matter what type of stove you have, this heavy-duty cleaning kit can help get it sparkling. It won't scratch your cooktop, but it'll erase tough stains that regular cleansers won't affect. And unlike some cleaners, this one is completely biodegradable.


This electric scrubber that's water resistant

With an oscillating head that does the cleaning for you, this scrubber is perfect for tackling everything from stained grout to dirty tire rims. Each order comes with batteries included — and since the housing is water resistant, you don't have to worry about getting it wet.


A pack of tablets that freshen up your washing machine

If your washing machine has developed some unwanted odors, try sending one of these tablets through a cycle. They dissolve slowly to help get rid of built-up residue inside, and they work on washers that open at the top or on the side.


The scrubber brush with a telescopic handle

Tubs, tile floors, large glass windows — this scrubber brush's telescopic handle makes it easy to clean all of them (and more) while you stay high and dry. The antimicrobial scrubber head is abrasive enough for grime, yet gentle enough that it won't create scratches. Plus, the grippy handle helps you maintain control when wet.


A dry-erase calendar that sticks to your refrigerator

Having trouble keeping track of all your plans? Put this dry-erase calendar on your fridge. The magnetic backing makes it easy to hang, and each order also comes with four markers as well as one eraser. "Super easy to set up," wrote one reviewer. "Just threw it on the fridge and immediately started organizing."


The deodorizing shampoo that removes stains from carpet

Whether your carpet has unwanted stains or odors, this shampoo can help breathe new life into it. The deodorizing formula is biodegradable, and it's designed to work with all types of carpet cleaners. Plus, it's even cruelty-free.


A duster that reaches cobwebs & ceiling fans

You don't need to break out a ladder to clean those distant light fixtures — just grab this duster. The telescopic handle is perfect for fan blades, while the microfiber duster head latches onto dirt until you shake it off into the trash. And unlike some dusters, this one features a removable head for ground-level jobs.


These burner covers that help your stove stay clean

As long as you've got these burner covers, there's no need to scrub your entire stove down once you're done cooking. Dirt easily wipes off since they're nonstick — and each one is also heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so there's no need to worry about melting.


An upright dustpan that helps clean broom bristles

Ever notice how your broom tends to get clogged with dust clumps over time? This upright dustpan features wide-set teeth to help you comb away those dust clumps — all without having to get your hands dirty. One reviewer even wrote that it "helps to keep pet hair from matting in the broom."


The pet hair broom that works on carpet & hardwood

Unlike some pet hair removers, this broom is designed to work on hardwood and carpet. The rubber bristles attract loose hair, while the squeegee edge is great for wiping away spills. Plus, it even features a telescopic handle — just in case you need to reach deep underneath furniture.


An organizer that turns piles of shirts into a neat stack

Got a closet that's overflowing with T-shirts? Slip them into this organizer to turn those messy piles into a single neat stack. Not only is it great for saving space, but it also makes packing for a trip easy — just place it into your suitcase and you're ready to go.


These liners that help keep your oven clean

Don't let crumbs and grease dirty up the bottom of your oven — use these liners to help keep it clean. Each one is completely PFOA-free, and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Plus, you can also use them as pan liners, or even as grill mats.


A pair of gardening gloves with claws for digging

You don't need a separate trowel when you're gardening with these gloves. The spikes on the fingertips allow you to dig into the ground — and each pair is made from waterproof, puncture-resistant rubber. The best part? One size is made to fit most.


The volcano that loosens up baked-on microwave food

Fill this volcano with a blend of water and vinegar, then pop it into your microwave for about five minutes. Steam will erupt out of the top, helping to loosen up any baked-on food stuck to your microwave walls. Plus, the double-walled base helps the outside stay cool.


A brush that reaches deep into tight crevices

Unlike some brushes, this one features extra-long bristles that make it easy to reach deep into tight crevices. The finger grips on the handle make it easy to keep a firm hold while you scrub — and there's even a scraper tip for any bits of extra-stubborn dirt.


This litter pan that does the sifting for you

When it's finally time to empty the litter box, simply pull up the top half of this sifter pan to separate the clean litter from the dirty. The bottom is reinforced for durability, while the extra-large size gives your kitty room to move around and get comfortable.


A clothing steamer that you can take with you

I've never opened my suitcase after a long flight to find perfectly-ironed clothes, and that's why I like to travel with a handheld steamer like this one. It can produce up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, and the super-long power cable makes it easy to use regardless of where your outlets are located.


The duster that cleans multiple blinds at once

Don't waste time cleaning each individual window blind — just let this duster do the work for you. The three prongs clean up to four blinds at the same time, while the reusable microfiber sleeves latch onto dust. Plus, reviewers raved about how it "worked great."


A brush that cleans deep into dirty lint traps

A dirty lint trap can be a recipe for disaster — luckily, this brush can help you get it almost clean as-new for less than $10. The flexible shaft lets you twist and bend it all around, while the thick bristles grab onto lint.


This kit that turns your drill into a high-powered scrubber

With three interchangeable scrubber heads, this kit helps you tackle nearly any dirty job around the house. Just pop one of the heads into your power drill, then sit back and watch as your drill does most of the work for you. Plus, the bristles are made from tough nylon.


These shoe covers that clean the floors while you walk

Made with soft microfiber that helps attract dust, you can help clean your floors simply by putting these covers on your shoes. They're washable so that you can reuse them as many times as you like, and they'll also work if you prefer to walk around barefoot.


These ledges that help prevent drippy detergent messes

Tired of seeing all that detergent drip? Loop one of these ledges onto your economy-sized bottle, and it'll help catch all those stray drips before they can dirty up your home. Plus, each one features ridges so that your soap cup sits cleanly above any collected drips.


A partitioned hamper with space for colors, lights & darks

Not only does this partitioned hamper help you separate your lights, darks, and colors, but the bins are also made from tough Oxford fabric. It features straps at the top that allow you to remove the bins when it's time to wash your clothes, and it's made from sturdy aluminum — not plastic.


This gadget that gets your makeup brushes extra-clean

When your makeup brushes are caked in foundation and pigment, you'll be glad you grabbed this miniature washer. It's designed to clean brushes of nearly any shape or size, and it only takes a few spins to get your brushes looking (and feeling) clean.


A pack of magic erasers you can use all around the house

I keep a pack of magic erasers like this one underneath my sink — just in case I find a scuff on the wall that needs scrubbing. They also work great for tackling dirty tubs, ovens, and more. Plus, they won't leave behind any scratches like some scrubbers can.


The scrubber brush that also dispenses soap

Out of all the dish scrubbers I've ever used, this one is my absolute favorite. The top unscrews so that you can add your own dish soap, and it dispenses out the bottom with a gentle press of the button on top. Plus, the nylon bristles are tough enough for stubborn grime, yet gentle enough that they won't leave scratches.


These cups that clean the inside of your Keurig

Pop one of these cleaning cups into your Keurig, then send it through a brewing cycle to help clear away any built-up residue inside. They're nontoxic, as well as biodegradable — and each order comes with enough cups for more than three months' worth of use.


These liners that help keep your fridge clean

Don't waste your time scrubbing dirty fridge shelves — help them stay clean in the first place with these liners. They're made from food-grade EVA material that's completely BPA-free, and each one is even waterproof. "I left an apple juice bottle open and stored it sideways, so it spilled and dried inside the fridge," wrote one reviewer. "Taking the liner out was easy, and easy to clean."


A stainless steel scrubber that's safe for cast iron

The trick to cleaning cast iron is to remove leftover food without using any soap — and this scrubber can help. The stainless steel ringlets chip away at burnt-on bits without affecting the seasoning, and there's even a hanging loop at the corner for easy storage.


The leaf claws that help you clean up the yard

Sometimes, you just need to scoop up a big handful of "stuff" in your yard — so grab these claws. They're great for scooping up mulch, leaves, dirt, or nearly anything else you might find kicking around outside. Plus, they're lightweight enough that people of all ages can easily use them.


A rack that keeps your socks together in the wash

Tired of winding up with mismatched socks? Keep them pinned on this rack while they're going through the wash. The clips won't let go as they tumble in the washer or the dryer — and you can also use it with masks, headbands, gloves, or even bras.


This frame that lets you add trash bags to cabinet doors

Hook this frame onto a cabinet door, and you'll be able to hang a grocery bag to store all kinds of things — but probably just trash. It's made from tough stainless steel that won't warp under heavy loads, while the chrome plating gives it a sleek finish.


A spray mop that's perfect for hardwood floors

You don't need to sweep and then mop your floors — just use this spray mop to do both at the same time. The lock strip at the front and back of the scrubber pad helps trap dirt without pushing it around. Plus, each order comes with pad refills, batteries, as well as cleaning solution.


The shower attachment that helps you clean your pets

Giving your pet a thorough clean can be difficult, especially if your shower doesn't have a hose. Luckily, this attachment not only features an 8-foot hose to help you spray water all around your pet, but it's also designed to use up to 30% less water than regular shower heads.


A kit that polishes your stainless steel sparkling-clean

Regular wipes and cleaners only leave streaks on stainless steel, whereas this kit comes with everything you need to get your appliances sparkling — no streaks in sight. The formula is compatible with all types of stainless steel appliances, and each order even comes with a microfiber polishing cloth.