50 clever things that fix your annoying problems & are cheap as hell

Annoying problems with simple solutions.

ByChristina Wood
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You have problems. We all have problems. Some of those problems are big. Some are common and logistical. But you don’t have to live with all of them. Sure, you can’t shop on Amazon for a solution for everything, But you can find a tool to that stubborn jar open or fix unsafe lighting situations. You can repair your furniture, get that hopelessly stained toilet clean, and even make an iced coffee from hot coffee in a few minutes. And that’s better than nothing! These 50 clever things that fix your annoying problems and are cheap as hell might not stop wars or famine but they are a start toward making your life better.


These grippers for that curling rug

That corner of the rug will not stay down no matter how often you massage it, stand on it, or swear at it. But this rug corner gripper will solve that problem so fast, you will forget it ever got on your last nerve. Just peel and stick it to the corners of the rug. That rug will lie flat! It will also stop moving around when the pets run over it.


The cable ties that solve your junk drawer mess

You reach for an electrical appliance only to discover its battery is dead. A small problem, that should be easily remedied. But when you open the drawer you know is most likely to have the charger, you discover a snarled mess of every charger, wire, and cord you own. Before you sort that out, acquire these self-gripping cable ties so you only have to do it once. They attach to each cord, making it easy to turn each into a tidy bundle every time you use it.


This hack for carrying liquids without spills

You may be unable to walk across the room carrying a full mug of coffee but you don’t have to consider this a disability. This drink carrier frees you to serve the fullest mug of the hottest beverage without worry. It uses physics to make the task easy. As long as you set the mug on the tray and carry it by the handle, you can stagger or dance across the room and you won’t spill a drop.


These upside-down bottle caps

As you stand in the shower struggling to get the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle while hot water pours expensively down the drain, you shout, “There must be a better way!” There is. It’s this bottle-emptying kit. Replace the lid of all the frustrating-to-empty products with these and stand the bottle upside down so it is already primed whenever you reach for it.


The solution for tangled layered necklaces

Layering necklaces is so on-trend — and fun! But how much time do you spend untangling them all? This necklace layering clasp is the hack you didn’t know you needed to solve the dark side of this fashion trend. Clip each chain to this separator instead of to itself and that problem is permanently solved. There are 11 color and chain quantity options.


These brush pens you keep loaded with paint

Almost immediately after you clean the brushes and store the leftover paint, someone scratches your just-painted walls. If you planned for it by loading these fillable brush pens with every color you just used, this is not a problem. It’s so easy to do. They fill like a syringe and keep the paint fresh for years. All you have to do is grab one and draw right over that scratch.


The socket concealer that moves the plugs

There is an outlet in the middle of the wall — right where you want to put a piece of furniture. Don’t let that plug control your room design. Move it with this outlet concealer. Plug the flat plate in and run the cord to where you want power. You’ll have more outlets and can put the furniture where you want. It even comes with a cord concealer kit to finish the job. You can choose the cord length and the number of outlets.


This pumice cleaner for dirty toilets

If you have a toilet that won’t get clean, you might be thinking of replacing the toilet. This $11 pumice cleaner can save you that hassle. With a quick scrub, it removes stubborn hard water and mineral deposits that standard cleansers can’t touch. “Not only cleaned those annoying stripes out of the toilet but also took off mildew that was hardened under the rim,” said one reviewer.


The defrosting tray that saves dinner

Hungry people will arrive at your house soon and you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer. Once, this would have been a crisis. But today, you have this defrosting tray on hand. You pull the meat out, set it on the tray, and let physics speed up the defrosting. It won’t cook it like the microwave does and you don’t have to do anything but set the food on it.


This chiller that makes hot coffee cold

When you hanker for iced coffee, you want it now, right? But if you make hot coffee and pour it over ice, it will be diluted and lukewarm. If you pour it into the HyperChiller, though, it will be ice cold in seconds and just as strong as when you brewed it. It works on wine and beer, too.


A neoprene sleeve for your takeout drinks

Keep this neoprene sleeve in your everyday bag so that when you grab a coffee or cold beverage you can drop that to-go cup into it and protect your hands from the heat of a hot drink and your clothes from the condensation drips from a cold one. It will insulate your drink, too, so it stays hot or cold longer. Nearly 26,000 people have given it five stars on Amazon.


These mop slippers that turn cleaning into a party

Turn your floor cleaning chore into a dance party by pulling on these mop slippers, putting on some music, and getting funky. This is a pack of five pairs so you can rope guests or your family into the fun and cover more square footage. They fit over a mop head, too. “Fun!” said one reviewer. “My teenage daughter and I put these booties on and skated around on the floor.”


The magnetic wristband for small parts

When you are stuck under the sink or have climbed to the top of a ladder, dropping all your screws, washers, and drill bits is a huge hassle. But if you don this magnetic wristband and stick them to its powerful magnets before you go into fix-it battle, that won’t happen. Those small pieces will all be where you can find them and reach them.


This duster that reaches into tight places

You don’t have to move the furniture to get the dust and debris from under the couch and other spaces that are too small for your vacuum or other dusters. This bendable microfiber duster will get in there and sweep it all out in seconds. It comes with an extension pole so you can reach difficult places and the mop head works wet or dry.


These clever shoe storage stackers

Turn that pile of ungovernable shoes into a tidy stack with this set of shoe slots organizers. They turn each pair of shoes into a stackable package that takes up the bare minimum of space. “OMG this is the perfect shoe fix for crowded shelving as these durable shoe holders let me fit twice as many shoes on a shelf,” said one reviewer.


The tool for cleaning baseboards

Cleaning the baseboards is probably the most backbreaking home-cleaning chore there is. Or it was before this cleaning tool made the scene. It is designed to fit right over the baseboards so you can walk around the room cleaning as you go. “A great tool for making an annoying chore much easier,” said one reviewer.


This hanging storage bag for leggings

If you live in leggings, you know they are great and that you might need even more of them. But how do you store them? This legging storage bag solves that problem. You can hang a collection of up to 24 leggings from one hanger in your closet. And you can see them all when you are getting dressed. Have more leggings than that? Buy two! So easy!


The laundry hamper you can fit anywhere

When a bedroom or bathroom has no place to drop dirty clothes and towels, clutter happens. This hanging laundry hamper lets you fit that place into any room. It hangs from a wall or the door and comes with all the hanging hardware. Drop items into the top. On laundry day, unzip the bottom and let those items drop into a laundry basket.


The neck light with so many options

That thriller you are deep into demands that you turn more pages. The person you share a bed with insists on turning the lights out. This neck reading light lets everyone have what they want. Drape it around your neck, adjust the gooseneck arms so the beam points at the page, choose the light brightness and temperature you want, and read on while your partner sleeps. It comes in eight colors.


These dice that decide about dinner

The eternal question: What shall we do tonight? This pair of dice is the dinner and movie decider. Roll the dice and it will answer that question for you. Roll the dinner one to decide where to go to eat. Roll the movie one to choose a film genre. Or roll them both to plan the entire evening.


The colander for cans

How do you get the water out of a can of beans or the sugary sauce off of your mandarin oranges? This can colander is the right tool for the job. Snap it over the can and turn it over. All the liquid will drain out. Flip it over and press it into the tuna can to squeeze the liquid out.


The solution for too-high toilets

Human anatomy is designed to “go” when squatting. Modern plumbing is designed to be comfortable to sit on. This can lead to an unnecessary amount of struggle for humans. This squatty potty is the solution. Slide it under the toilet so you can elevate your legs and get things moving. “Who knew this would fix all my pooping issues!” said one reviewer. “Recommended by my MD.”


This wireless transmitter for the airplane entertainment system

Plug this wireless audio transmitter into the headphone port on that in-flight entertainment system and you can skip those cheap airline-issued wired earbuds. Your Bluetooth wireless headphones will now work with that old system. This hack is effective in old cars and with old stereo equipment, too. “I travel a LOT,” said one reviewer. “I’ve been waiting for someone to fix the problem of Bluetooth headphones in airplanes. This works great and saves my ears from the dreaded airline disposable headphones.”


The solution for trash bag irritation

These trash can bands are a simple fix for an irritating chore we all tackle almost daily. When you put a trash bag into a trash can, you have to snug it tight so it doesn’t fall into the can. That entails tying a challenging knot out of plastic that you later have to untie. These slip right over the bag and hold it there with no knotting or hassle.


This genius opener that will take on any jar

If you have ever wandered around, jar in hand, looking for someone with excellent grip strength to open it for you, you need this jar opener. Mount it under a cabinet and when you can’t open a jar, press the lid into its jaws and turn. Every jar comes open easily. You can use both hands to turn those big pickle jars. Problem solved, forever.


The extra pocket for any outfit

When you go for a run or a hike, you want your phone and keys with you. But where do you put them? In this magnetic buddy pouch. Put one side inside your waistband and it will magnetically grab the other side and hold tight. It has room for your essentials and won’t bounce around or annoy you. It comes in six sizes and colors.


This hack for preventing drain clogs

This clever drain protector and hair catcher prevents your shower drain from clogging. That means you don’t have to bathe while standing in dirty water or call a plumber to fix that clog. Put it into the drain and it grabs the hair, catching it before it causes a clog but letting the soapy, dirty water through. Pull the hair off occasionally and your shower drain will never clog.


A clever innovation for transporting laundry

Big laundry baskets work for moving laundry around but they create a storage problem. This pop-up laundry hamper is a better way. First, it goes into the washer and dryer and grabs all the clothes so you can easily move or transfer them. Then it closes up small, into its attached pouch, and stores easily. “I don't know how I ever lived without this turtle,” said one reviewer. “I absolutely refuse to do laundry without it now.”


This pillow that brings cup holders to the couch

Next time you settle in for some R&R on the couch, set this deluxe pillow next to you so you have a place for your snacks, beer, tea, and remote. Its cup holders can handle everything from a coffee mug to a wine glass. “We have a large recliner couch which makes it hard to set drinks on the coffee table,” said one reviewer. “This solved the problem!”


A remote-controlled page turner for your tablet

When you are kicking back with your tablet in a stand, this remote control page turner will become your best friend. Squeeze the button on the remote to turn the page without reaching for and touching your tablet. “This clicker paired with the Kindle pillow stand makes practically hands-free reading a possibility and allows me to stay warm under the covers while I read to my heart's content,” said one reviewer. It works with Kindles, iPads, Android Tablets, and more and comes in four colors.


These laces that turn any shoe into a slip on

If you love your slip-on shoes but also love your trainers, dress shoes, or work shoes, these no-tie shoelaces let you convert all your favorite shoes to slip-ons. Lace any pair of shoes with these and you will never have to tie them again. Just slip your feet into them. They come in 13 colors.


A night-light that’s built in to your wall plate

Turn any outlet into clever lighting by replacing the wall plate with this motion detecting LED night-light version. It senses when someone is in the room and turns on just enough light to find your way around, without blaring an overhead light or making you hunt for the switch. It comes in five colors.


These markers that fix damaged furniture

That scratch or water stain on your wood furniture does not mean that piece is doomed. This furniture repair kit can quickly fix most cosmetic injuries to wood cabinets, furniture, and floors. Choose a marker or crayon that matches the color of your wood and draw right over that injury. If you can’t see it, is the problem even there?


The magnetic wallet that’s also a phone stand

Simplify your life by sticking this magnetic wallet to the back of your MagSafe-compatible phone so your EDC kit becomes a one-grab affair. The wallet also has a specially designed hinged fold that transforms your wallet into a phone stand, so you can pair your pocket contents down a little bit more. It comes in six colors.


This expandable drawer organizer

Bring order to your drawers with this expandable bamboo silverware tray. It will move from drawer to drawer or house to house, fitting itself into whatever new drawer you set it in. It expands if that drawer is wide, and adds more storage in the process. In a smaller drawer, you give up some containers but it remains elegant, durable, and easy to clean.


These dividers that cook a meal in one pan

Let these sheet pan dividers make dinner in your air fryer or oven while you walk the dog, kick back with a cocktail, or do whatever you please. It keeps every element of your dinner separate so you can cook each main and side with its own flavor profile and cooking time. And you won’t have to clean the pan afterward because these nonstick beauties go right into the dishwasher.


A clever trick for stashing your bag

If you have ever set your expensive leather bag on the floor of a bar because that was the only option, you will want to add this purse hook to your kit. Hang any bag on the table in front of you so you can see it and keep it safe from thieves, beer spills, and dirty boots. It’s light — made of aluminum — and easy to carry. This is a pack of two.


The fix for your sagging couch

Your couch seat is sagging so hard that everyone who sits in it insists it is time to replace it. Your budget disagrees. Enter this cushion support. Put it under those cushions and it will return your couch to the firm seat of its youth. “This product is unbelievably worth it,” said one reviewer. “It simply solves the sagging seat problem.” It comes in five sizes.


A tiny backup battery

Tuck this portable charger into your bag or pocket so you never find yourself out in the world, lost and unable to access the directions to your destination or call for help. It is tiny. It will rapidly charge three devices simultaneously. It has two USB ports and one USB-C port. And it comes with two cables.


The total battery storage solution

Do we have any batteries? If you are tired of answering or asking this question, this battery organizer will bring order to the problem. It stores 93 batteries in an assortment of sizes and has a built-in tester so you never have to install a battery to find out if it has power. It comes in six colors and fits in a drawer or mounts to the wall.


The toothpaste cap you never remove

Putting the cap back on the toothpaste is a small chore but it’s annoying. It’s even more annoying when someone doesn’t do it. These toothpaste caps eliminate the problem. The toothpaste comes through them when you squeeze the tube but otherwise, it stays inside. This is a three-pack.


The pot that keeps your plants alive

Keeping a plant happy and watered requires flawless green-care habits, which means your life can be detrimental to your plants. This self-watering planter will take care of them when you take your eye off the ball. A well of water in the bottom keeps them hydrated without making them stand in water. They come in six sizes and seven colors.


This adorable spatula

When you need to get mayo, PB, or another condiment out of the jar and spread it, reach for Splatypus. This adorable creature is the perfect jar spatula and spreader and will make you smile. It looks like a streamlined platypus, which it would because they have the perfect flat beak for the job.


A workspace that fits over the sink

When you don’t have enough space for all your gear in front of the one mirror in the house that has sufficient light and running water, pull out this foldable sink cover. It lets you spread out your tools by creating a workspace over the sink, leaving the faucet accessible. It even has a textured surface for cleaning brushes.


These beautiful glasses that don’t break or chip

These drinking glasses are beautiful, colorful, and a pleasure to drink from. But go ahead and hand them to your clumsy brother or that child who isn’t ready for glass. These are unbreakable. “The perfect solution for avoiding chipping and breaking which is a problem for glass,” said one reviewer. “I also like the flat bottoms, the translucent colors, and the lightweight and jewel-like effect.”


The trick for carrying all the grocery bags

Carrying multiple grocery bags from the car to your home is a chore no one enjoys. The longer the distance you travel, the more hassle it is. This grocery bag carrier makes it easy to carry them all in one trip. Clip the bag handles into it, balance the load, and you can carry lots of bags at once. You can sling them over your shoulder or carry them in your hand.


These magnetic measuring spoons

When you are tired of fighting with measuring spoons that are connected on a ring, these magnetic metal measuring spoons are here to help. They stack neatly and stay together in your drawer. But when you are cooking, they separate easily so you can use them. One end is designed to reach into spice jars. The other is perfect for liquids. A level comes with the set.


An easy way to keep glasses clean

Keep this little lens cleaner tool in your bag so you can easily clean your glasses without scratching them. The soft carbon microfiber pads are perfect for the task and the retractable brush gets gunk out of the hinge and other small places. They come in lots of colors and you can buy multi-packs to place one in every convenient bag, pocket, and drawer.


These clever stairway solar lights

These clever, triangular stair lights are the perfect solution for your deck stairs, front porch, or any outdoor stairway. They soak up the sun all day and turn on automatically at night. They fit neatly into the stairs and throw light exactly where you want it. Choose from three colors.


A little spatula for beauty products

Getting the last bit of expensive product out of the container is so much harder than it should be. But it turns out that if you have the right tool for the job, it’s easy. These beauty spatulas are that tool. With long slender handles and tiny spatula heads, they reach into any container and pull out the goods. This is a two-pack in different lengths.