50 cool things that should be expensive but are surprisingly cheap on Amazon

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Every once in a while, I stumble into an online purchase that actually, genuinely, changes my life. Maybe my standards for life-changing are low, but I do believe that an item doesn't have to be revolutionary to make life better or easier. Even just finding a cheaper or more efficient version of a product you already own can be life changing. Take this power strip; its surge protection and built-in USB ports make it worth the investment.

With this list, don't take the price at face value. Amazon is known for low pricing, but these items are absolute bargains. You'll be able to snag high-quality items at such a low price tag, you'll want to buy one for everyone you know. Take this weighted blanket for example: From other retailers, blankets like this can run for $200 or more. But this one is less than $50, so you can save your money and your sleep habits in one go. Or maybe you're into gaming, and want to upgrade your setup without the expense: Try this affordable rainbow keyboard and mouse set for just $20. The one thing all these items have in common is that they're ridiculously cool, and ridiculously affordable. Scroll on to find 50 amazing deals on as many amazing products.


A set of color-changing LED lights just for your TV

Color-changing LED lights aren't just for teenagers: In fact, these are made to surround your TV and provide ambient backlight. Use the included remote to choose one color that coordinates with what you're watching or set it to change colors in one of four different modes. It's easy to install, great for parties, and it will even improve image clarity and eye fatigue.


This all-in-one power strip for a neat charging station

Protect your outlet and create an all-in-one charging station with this power strip. With four three-prong outlets and four USB outlets, you'll have room for all your devices. The power strip has an LED indicator that will automatically shut off when overloaded or when large electrical surges occur. It's high-efficiency for charging your phone, AirPods, smart watch, laptop, and more, with a five-foot long cord so you can plug in from anywhere.


This mosquito lamp takes care of outdoor pests

The Skeeter Hawk provides protection from annoying insects with minimal effort. A dual-band UV LED light attracts mosquitoes and other bugs and rids of them with a 360-degree electrical grid once they approach. Perfect for camping, summer gatherings, and more, it even has a 100-lumen lantern at the base for extra light and a hook at the top for hanging.


These motion-activated lights make midnight tasks a little easier

A motion-activated under-bed light means you'll never stumble around in the dark fumbling for a light switch again. Stick them under your bed, couch, kitchen cabinets, or even your stairway railing for a little extra light in the middle of the night. The lights attach easily with adhesive and can can be adjusted to different color and brightness settings. You can set them to shut off after 15 seconds or up to five minutes.


This portable fan will keep you cool wherever, whenever

Stay cool hands-free with this portable fan that loops around your neck. At amusement parks, sporting events, or on public transit, two rotating fans pointed directly at your face will give you powerful airflow and keep you comfortable even on the hottest day. Each fan can be adjusted 360 degrees and has three different speeds with power that lasts up to 12 hours. Plus, it's USB rechargeable.


These smart switches control your lights with just your voice

Ever dreamed of controlling the lights with just your voice? These Kasa smart light switches sync with your Alexa or Google Home device so you can control the power, brightness, or mood with just your voice. Set scenes for specific times of day, like dinner or a party, and link multiple switches together for convenience.


This wide brim hat that protects skin from sunburns

A practical wide brim hat like this one will protect you from the sun at all angles. Stay covered while fishing, hiking, camping, or working outside. The mesh panels will keep you cool while the wide brim and generous neck flaps keep the sun's intense rays off of your skin. The hat is collapsible, washable and UV resistant. You won't want to be outdoors without it.


This ring light turns anyone into a content creator

Making high-quality content is in reach with this affordable tripod ring light. It adjusts to over 4 feet tall so you can use it on any surface. The convenient phone holder keeps your device in place while you're filming, and the dimmable ring light has three light modes to suit your setting. Take charge from afar with the included remote control, and you'll be going viral in no time.


This projector brings the night sky inside

See the dazzling night sky without leaving the comfort of your bed using this galaxy projector, a three-in-one LED display that transforms your bedroom ceiling into waves of color. This projector sets the mood with all shades of the rainbow and can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine. Use it for bedtime and set a timer so it shuts off by itself after a couple hours.


A USB charging station with room for all your electronics

Charge up all your devices in one spot with no tangled cords in sight. This charging station has space for five phones, tablets, or other devices, keeping them neatly sorted and charging up to 80% faster than other USB charging stations. It automatically detects your devices and adjusts the voltage to charge as fast as possible. It's perfect for tech junkies or large families with a lot of electronics.


A waterproof speaker that can go anywhere with you

This floating Bluetooth speaker is perfect for pool parties, beach outings, or even the shower. Connect your phone and play music seamlessly — even when the device is fully submerged in water — for up to eight hours continuously. It's Bluetooth compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows, or you can use an aux cord with any other device. If you have more than one, you can even play music on two different speakers simultaneously.


This machine makes a half-dozen mini donuts in minutes

Donuts don't have to be a special occasion treat when you can make them yourself at home. The Dash mini donut maker cooks up to seven of the sweets at once with a non-stick base and auto shutoff for easy cleanup. Pour your preferred batter into the molds, and set a timer. It's that easy.


This ultra-strong magnetic car mount holds any smartphone

Easily mount any smartphone in your car using this magnetic dashboard mount that's compatible with just about any device. It attaches to your dashboard, not your air vent, with a strong adhesive. Rotate it any way you want for ease and safety while driving. This is a road trip essential you'll be glad to have on your commute and daily errands, too.


This cooling pad protects your laptop from overheating

I put my refurbished MacBook to work every day by running multiple programs at once, and you can tell from how hot the base gets. This cooling pad can work wonders for an overheating laptop, dropping the temp and allowing it to work more efficiently. It's super quiet and even doubles as a laptop stand with two adjustable height settings.


This fabric shaver will make old clothes look new again

The Conair fabric defuzzer will breathe new life into your clothes, furniture, and more. It works as a razor for fabric, neatly clipping off pills, lint, and other signs of wear. Adjust it to one of three settings for a close shave, and get to work on your favorite sweaters, blankets, socks, or even furniture.


A magnetic kitchen shelf with effortless installation

In kitchens with limited storage, you have to take advantage of every nook and cranny. Installing this magnetic stove shelf will give you a little extra space right on top of your stove for small tools and other handy cooking essentials. There are no tools required for installation; just measure first to make sure the 30-inch shelf will fit your stove, then gently stick it in place. Because of the stainless steel material, it's easy to clean off should anything splatter while cooking, and it blends in seamlessly with most appliances.


A water flosser that lasts two weeks on a single charge

Flossing is important, but can be a pain. If that's your struggle, allow me to introduce you to the H2ofloss, which uses pressurized water to remove food debris from between your teeth. It features five pressure settings, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 days, and a rotating nozzle that allows you to reach every last corner of your mouth. Plus, it's cordless and waterproof. You'll be sporting pearly whites in no time.


This Himalayan salt fire bowl that creates a warm mood

Create a delightfully warm ambiance in your room — while ionizing the air with Himalayan salt — by plugging this gorgeous bowl crafted from pink salt and filled with chunks of salt crystals. It sits on a rosewood base, is sized perfectly to fit on your bedside table, and emits a soft amber glow.


A mini hammock that goes under your desk

A little taste of relaxation in the middle of the workday? Don't mind if I do. Install this mini hammock under your desk as a footrest, and pretend you're on vacation in the office. It works with most desks, and it's subtle enough that your coworkers won't even notice it's there. Your lower back (and your wallet) will thank you.


This super-accurate meat thermometer is a kitchen essential

This digital meat thermometer will help you cook your dinner to perfection, whether it's Thanksgiving or an average Tuesday. It reads temperature in as little as three seconds and works for just about everything. A large LED display and included temperature chart tell you exactly what to look for, and it even has a built-in hook and magnet for storage.


A rainbow keyboard for gamers & more

Give your gaming sessions a little flair when you use this rainbow keyboard and mouse set. The backlit set has four colors and adjustable brightness settings, and both pieces are highly responsive so you won't miss a beat while gaming. Compatible with PCs with 19 anti-ghosting keys, this is an essential for avid gamers.


These brushes attach to a cordless drill to make cleaning easy

Don't exhaust yourself scrubbing your tile, floor, or tub when you can get a tool to do it for you. This drill brush attachment set comes with four brushes that clean hard-to-reach spots without leaving scratches, saving you time and energy. The attachments fit onto most cordless drills and are easy to attach. Once you start cleaning with them, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.


This 2-in-1 vacation photography essential

A selfie stick that doubles as a tripod? Your vacation photos will never be the same. Use it to take group photos, answer FaceTime calls, and capture high-quality moments without recruiting a stranger. A wireless remote allows you to control it from up to 33 feet away, and the selfie stick tripod can be extended from 7.6 to 34 inches long.


These covers that solve an annoying kitchen problem

That annoying gap between your stove and countertop is likely home to a ton of spilled-over food debris that you never even knew was there. Prevent that from happening again with these silicone stove gap covers that sit on either side of your stovetop and fill in the cracks. With this set you get two heat-resistant covers, each 21 inches long and made of a food-safe and dust-resistant material. Spills and crumbs don't stand a chance.


This potentially life-saving, water-filtering straw

This filtered straw may not seem like a hiking or traveling essential, but you'll be glad to have it in your time of need. Use the LifeStraw to drink from any — yes, any — water source without fear of contamination or sickness. It removes over 99.9% of parasites, bacteria, and microplastics with advanced membrane technology. It's good for up to 1,000 gallons with proper use, and for every LifeStraw purchased, they donate safe drinking water to a child in need for an entire school year.


An easy-to-use contactless thermometer for less than $20

Contactless thermometers like this one work great for group settings as well as at-home use. It's faster and more reliable and hygienic than traditional under-the-tongue thermometers. Ultra-sensitive sensors give you an accurate reading, and you can store up to 35 previous readings in its internal memory to keep track of temperature changes (which is especially important when tracking the course of an illness.)


This nifty key finder set so you'll never lose them again

If you sometimes misplace your keys or other items, you need this finder set. It comes with four color-coded receivers you can attach to keys, dog collars, phones, or other items. Just press the corresponding color on the remote, and the receiver will beep so you can find it within 131 feet.


This tool that makes opening tough jars a breeze

We've all been there: facing an extremely stubborn jar you can't seem to pry open. Enter the EZ Off, an out-of-sight-out-of-mind device you can use to open just about anything, from nail polish to peanut butter. It sticks to the bottom of a counter or cabinet and is great for those with limited mobility in their hands. Opening jars is easy: Just hold the container up to the V-grip and twist.


This wand helps you do laundry anywhere

Doing laundry on the go doesn't mean you need to find a laundromat if you have one of these washing wands. Use it along with two five-gallon buckets, some water, and laundry detergent, to wash your clothes wherever, whenever. As you push up and down with the wand in a bucket of water and detergent, the water is pushed and sucked through the holes in the wand to thoroughly clean your clothes. It uses less water than the average washing machine, and you can use it practically anywhere: While camping, on road trips, in remote areas without running water, or just to be a little more environmentally friendly.


These magnetic hooks you can use everywhere

Take advantage of these super-strong magnetic hooks to hang your heaviest items, like kitchen supplies, gardening tools, coats, holiday wreaths, and more. When hung vertically they can each hold up to 100 pounds, and when hung horizontally they hold 33 pounds. The hook moves 180 degrees, and you can place them on any magnetic surface for convenient storage. One purchase gets you six hooks, which require no assembly and last for years.


This inexpensive bidet that's so easy to install

If you don't have a bidet built into your bathroom, that doesn't mean you're sh*t out of luck (pun intended). Just install this bidet attachment, an affordable alternative to remodeling your entire bathroom. The slim model fits 96% of standard toilets and takes just 15 minutes to install. The attachment is just a half-inch thick and comes with detailed instructions as well as all the hardware you need. There are two modes, so you'll walk away from the bathroom cleaner than you ever have before.


This wireless doorbell with over 50 chimes to choose from

Replacing your doorbell doesn't mean cracking open your walls to access its wires. Simply install this wireless doorbell, which is a steal at $30. Plug in the two wireless receivers inside your home, then attach the doorbell near your front door with either the included screws or adhesive. It lasts up to three years with 52 chimes to choose from and a 1,300-foot range.


These water shoes can accompany you on any adventure

Allow these water sport shoes to take you anywhere from the hiking trail to the swimming hole. Durable, affordable, and available in too many colors and patterns to count, these shoes are comfortable for just about any water activity. The rubber outsole protects your feet from sharp objects without chafing, and one reviewer reported that theirs lasted for a couple of years without ripping.


An affordable kitchen scale for super accurate measuring

A digital scale like this one is a kitchen necessity for accurate food measurements while cooking and baking. This one has four high-precision load sensors and can switch between ounces, pounds, fluid ounces, grams, and milliliters in a flash. Weigh up to 11 pounds of ingredients and tuck it neatly out of sight when not in use. The LED display will automatically turn off after two minutes to save battery.


This set of four beautiful and unbreakable steel wine glasses

When the party goes outside — to the deck, pool, or park — and you want to take wine with you, don’t pack glass. Pack this set of four 18-ounce, stemless, stainless steel wine glasses. They allow your wine to breathe and sipping from them is just like sipping from glass but they won’t break at the pool or shatter in your bag. Choose from 17 colors and patterns.


The insulated sleeve to keep your canned drink refreshingly cold

I'm what people may call a slow sipper — I prefer to savor my drinks than gulp them down — but they often get warm before I can finish. With this skinny can cooler, double-wall insulation keeps slim cans cold for up to 12 hours (think hard seltzers, some canned beers, and sparkling waters.) Just unscrew the lid, slip the can inside one of the brightly patterned coolers, and enjoy at your own pace. They're the perfect companion for poolside parties, barbecues, and other outdoor gatherings.


A handheld steamer for every surface of your home

Steam cleaning is the perfect solution to clean and sanitize household objects that are typically a little more labor intensive. The Bissell SteamShot hard surface steam cleaner includes seven different attachments for steam cleaning different surfaces, and cuts through dirt, mold, and buildup with ease. One reviewer used it on a vent that was left covered in grime by the previous tenants of her home, and wrote "I'm so glad this steamer cut through that mess so quickly and easily. Now the vents are as good as new!"


This multi-tool fits in your wallet with ease

There's no need for a toolbelt when the Wallet Ninja fits 18 tools in the size of a credit card. The steel tool can open letters and boxes, crack open a can or bottle, make small measurements, remove nails, peel fruit, remove screws, and so much more. If you're a mechanic, carpenter, or repair person, you won't want to be caught without it (which is easy when it fits neatly inside your wallet.)


This budget-friendly 11-piece blender set

You could drop hundreds of dollars on a blender, or you could spend less than $40 on this 11-piece blender set by Magic Bullet. The set makes smoothies, sauces, dips, and blends with ease, and comes with extra blender cups and blades, a recipe book, and more. It's easy to clean and store, unlike other bulky blenders or food processors that can only be stored on a countertop. One reviewer reported "For single people or small families, the magic bullet is the most versatile investment you can get."


An ergonomic mouse that reduces wrist & arm strain

At some point many of us will fall victim to the perils of desk work, like carpal tunnel or joint pain. One contributor can be your mouse, which forces you to hold your hand and wrist at an uncomfortable angle. Replace it with this ergonomic mouse, which holds your arm and wrist in a neutral "handshake" position for smoother movement and reduced strain. It sits vertically and is more sensitive than your average mouse, and has many extra features that make it worth the investment.


This weighted blanket is budget-friendly and helps you sleep

A weighted blanket can do wonders for your anxiety, stress levels, and sleep quality — and it's hard to find one for less than $50, so you definitely won't want to miss this one. Fifteen to 25 pounds of tiny glass beads fill this blanket with reinforced stitching and breathable fabric. You'll want a blanket that represents about 10% of your body weight, so it feels like a gentle hug when wrapped around you.


Say goodbye to sticky bathroom countertops with this automatic toothpaste dispenser

There'll be no more struggling for the last squeeze of toothpaste or watching your kids make a mess of the tube after installing this automatic toothpaste dispenser. It attaches to your bathroom wall with strong adhesive, and all you have to do to get started is insert your toothpaste of choice and hold your toothbrush up to the dispenser. It dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste each time, and it's more hygienic because of the hands-free operation.


A humidifier for any and every home

Dry air can wreak havoc on your skin, exacerbate respiratory illness, and make you feel crummy, but this humidifier is here to help. It holds up to 2.2 liters of water so it can run for over 24 hours continuously. It's even equipped with automatic shut-off. It has multiple mist settings and runs silently, so it won't keep you up at night. The only thing you'll notice is how much better you feel.


A handy shelf that hooks around an outlet

It might not look like much, but this outlet shelf can help keep electronics organized and within reach. It slides right over an outlet and can hold up to 10 pounds with a handy slot for cord organization. It's perfect for holding your smart home device, charging your phone, or storing an electric toothbrush.


This adorable electric can opener

This electric can opener makes opening cans so much easier and fun. It comes in four bright shades, and rotates 360 degrees on top of a can, so you can pop it open without any hassle. Plus, it leaves no sharp edges to injure yourself on. It's great for those with limited use of their hands, and can be a fun way to get kids involved in the kitchen.


A self-closing screen door keeps bugs out & fresh air in

This magnetic screen door keeps all the fresh air flowing through your home with none of the bugs. It fits most standard doorframes, and a set of magnets run along the entire inside length of the doors. You (and your furry friends) can walk through the door hands-free, and the magnets will seal it behind you. Once you install it, you'll never want to go another summer without it.


A label maker that will help you organize anything & everything

I've always wanted to be the kind of organized person who labels every storage bin in my house, and with this super affordable label maker I can be. Use it in your office, pantry, closet, or garage to keep tubs, shelves and other areas organized. The world is your oyster, and this label maker will help you make sense of it.


A memory foam pillow that doesn't cost an arm & a leg

Your pillows can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep, and you might have noticed that nice pillows tend to run up a steep price tag. That's fortunately not the case with this cooling, memory foam pillow. Made of OEKO-TEX certified materials, it forms to you and supports your head and neck while you sleep, no matter what position you prefer. Suitable for year-round use, the cooling, ventilated properties will keep you comfortable.


This adjustable laptop stand is a remote work necessity

Working from home over the past year or so has led me to make some serious investments in my desk setup. If you're in the same boat, consider this adjustable laptop stand as an addition. It holds up to 13 pounds and fits any laptop from 10 to 17.3 inches wide. Adjust the angle and height to fit your setup and support good posture habits, so you won't get neck or back strain from staring at a screen that's too low or too high. It even folds up, so you can take it with you to wherever you're working.


These beautiful glass bottles for your juices or smoothies

If you love to drink the juices, infused waters, or smoothies you make yourself, save them in these lovely glass drinking jars so you can grab and go in the mornings. They each hold 16 fluid ounces, are made from lead-free soda-lime glass, and come with tight-sealing lids so you can pack them into lunches or your backpack.