55 insanely dope things under $25 on Amazon

These are genuinely game-changing.

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You know that feeling of discovery that occasionally happens when you are wandering through a shopping center, boutique, or outdoor market? You are idly studying the wares, hackles up against a hard sell, wallet securely in your pocket. Then you see it! It fits a need you have. Or it appeals to your aesthetic. The entire shopping experience just changed. You reach for your wallet. Wait! Is it expensive? No!? You are having it. You have discovered something awesome and it is coming home with you. That’s what you will find here in this list of 55 insanely dope things under $25 on Amazon. And you don’t have to spend the day shopping to get there.


This weird sponge that cleans your sneakers fast

When you want to wear your sneakers to dinner but they have started to look too dingy to sport to nice places, you need this instant sole and sneaker cleaner. Add a little water to one of the handy sponges and wipe your kicks clean. They do a great job on white soles and operate like a pencil eraser for dirt.


The magnetic twist ties people are using for nearly everything

These magnetic twist ties are an easy way to keep cords, headphones, and chargers tidy. But they are also handy for so many things that you will be back for another set in no time. They stick notes to the fridge, hold a pen on a bulletin board, clip your hair back, and much more. “So useful! I keep buying more!” said one reviewer. “So great for travel and in the home. Plus great magnets for the fridge when you aren’t using them.”


The ACV gummies that people are raving about

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) packs a host of health benefits — improved digestion, curbed appetite, and more — into a small sip but these apple cider vinegar gummies make it easy to work those benefits into your day without the sour taste. They are boosted with vitamin B12 to help give you energy and taste delicious. Over 25,000 people rave about them and give them five stars.


This under bed storage for the wrapping paper

This wrapping paper and craft organizer lets you store all the paper, bows, ribbon, and tools neatly under the bed so when it’s time to wrap a present, you don’t have to scramble or run to the store. It holds up to 18 rolls so feel free to stock up. It comes in 7 colors and over 18,000 people love it and give it five stars on Amazon.


A heated eye mask for easy self care

Having trouble falling asleep? Dry eyes making you uncomfortable? Heat this eye mask in the microwave and lie down with it over your eyes. You will find delicious relaxation and the mist heat will help your eyes heal and moisten. For puffy eyes, pop it in the freezer and use it as a cold compress.


This balance board for better work & workouts

If you stand on this balance board while you work at your standing desk, you will be able to stand much longer because you can move as you do. Not only does this mean you aren’t sitting but the movement is great for your balance and strength. Use it to ramp up the balance challenge of your workouts, too.


A tool that makes it easy to put on a bracelet

End the frustration of trying to put a bracelet on your own hand with this bracelet closure tool that acts as the extra hand you need. Hold one end of your bracelet or watch with the tool so you can clip it closed with the other hand. It comes in six colors. “I can wear bracelets now thanks to this gizmo,” said one reviewer.


This adapter that turns your lighter into a power center

This tiny car charger adapter turns your car’s lighter into the most useful space in your interior, with two USB ports for quickly charging everything from phones to headphones. The blue LED lets you find the plugs in the dark and it keeps a low profile when not in use.


The jar opener that can get any lid off

Mount this jar opener under a cupboard and your struggle to get jars open is over. Push any jar lid into its jaws and turn the jar from below. It can handle everything from tiny bottles to huge pickle jars and you can use both hands to turn the jar so you will never be foiled.


An exfoliating back scrubber for the shower

With this exfoliating back scrubber in your shower, you will no longer struggle to reach that part of your back that’s unattainable. Just hold the ends of the strap in each hand and saw it back and forth over your back to get a satisfying deep scratch and skin-healthy exfoliation. Nearly 15,000 people give it five stars. “I have smooth skin again!” said one reviewer.


The brush that stops razer bumps

This exfoliating brush set will transform your epidermis in a few minutes in the shower. Slide the body brush into your palm and lather up. It will prevent razor bumps and red spots caused by shaving or waxing. The high-quality stainless steel tweezers will take on any targeted treatments you need to undertake. And the silicone face scrubber offers gentle facial exfoliation for your delicate visage.


This car organizer that prevents your stuff from sliding around

This collapsible car organizer corrals all of your stuff (including grocery bags) and can be used in the trunk, backseat, or front passenger seat. The bin is waterproof and has reinforced side panels to keep things in place. And the organizer’s tie-down straps attach to the car’s anchor points to prevent sliding.


A hands-free solution for clingy pets

If your clingy pet wants to be carried but you want the use of your hands, this dog and cat sling is the solution. Tuck your pet into the comfy sling and wear it over one shoulder. There is a clip so your pet can’t suddenly bolt into danger. And it's reversible so you can switch up the look. There is even a big pocket for your phone, keys, and wallet.


A super compact clip-on strainer that’s *so* efficient

Whether you have limited kitchen storage or just want to be more efficient, this ultra-compact clip-on strainer will be a game-changer. The strainer clips onto all types of bowls and pots, and the spout helps to quickly drain pasta water. The silicone design is heat-resistant up to 440 degrees and dishwasher safe, making cleaning up easy.


A seriously quick meat thermometer with a handy bottle opener

Quickly know the temperature of your food or beverages with this sleek instant-read thermometer that only takes about three seconds. It has a large, backlit LED display that shows the temperature within seconds. The probe rotates, so you can get an accurate reading even in hard-to-reach spots. Plus, it has an attached bottle opener to make it even more functional.


This head massager for instant bliss

Feel the bliss of a head scratch and massage delivered anytime you like with this 20-prong head massager. Just scratch your head with it and your brain will calm down. “This feels so wonderful on your head,” said one of over 22,000 five-star reviewers. “I don't know if it helps grow hair, but it does relax you.”


This genius magnetic flashlight to easily find lost items

This genius magnetic pick-up tool has over 15,000 5-star ratings, so you know it has to work. The flexible telescoping neck and three bright LED bulbs on the head allow you to direct light exactly where you need it. And the strong magnets on either end of the tool are great for grabbing lost items from hard-to-reach spots.


The fidget toy that’s solid and satisfying

If you use a fidget toy to keep your brain focused on the task at hand — or to calm your nerves in social settings — this infinity cube will be a favorite tool. The hinges provide endless activities for your busy hands and it has a solid metal feel. “Both the weight and the movement of this toy [are] very satisfying to play with in your hand, and it feels very sturdy,” said one reviewer. “I imagine it will last many, many Zoom meetings.”


This mat for moving a jigsaw puzzle

Before you start your next jigsaw puzzle, unroll this puzzle mat onto the table and put your puzzle together on top of it. It will allow you — if you need the table for something else or want to take the puzzle with you on a trip — to roll a partially completed puzzle up without losing any pieces or progress.


A tiny label maker that connects to your phone

Whether you use it in your bullet journal or to label spices, office tools, or other containers, this Bluetooth label maker is so handy you will want to carry it with you everywhere. Connect it to your phone and design your labels in the phone app. Then print them wherever you are. “No stress over ink! It’s a thermal printer that allows me to label all the things,” said one reviewer. “Excellent array of options for fonts, icons, and borders for personalization.”


This hack for turning earbuds into a wearable

Turn your AirPods into a necklace with this magnetic AirPods strap and you will always be able to find them when you get a call or need tunes. They will be around your neck! You will never lose them again because they fell out of your ears when you weren’t listening to anything. Fit them into the strap and they stick together magnetically like a clasp. It comes in 18 colors.


The side panel for your computer that holds all your notes

This acrylic computer side panel transforms your workspace by giving you a place to stick reminders and a clip to stick important papers to while you copy data from them. You can choose between two versions, one with a clear stand for your phone and one without.


A colorful resting spot for multiple kitchen utensils at once

Keep your counters free of messy drips and spills with this silicone utensil rest. The heat-resistant and BPA-free pad has four utensil slots and a raised lip that keeps drips contained. It’s dishwasher safe, so clean-up is easy. It also comes in nearly 20 fun color options.


These weatherproof storage wraps to tidy heavy garden hoses & more

These heavy-duty storage wraps have a 4.8-star average rating and are a serious game changer for corralling cords, hoses, wires, and even hanging up small appliances. The wrap’s stainless-steel grommet is rust-resistant and makes hanging things on hooks and pegboards easy. They’re also weatherproof to tackle messy garden hoses and tools.


This clever trick for carrying bags on your suitcase

When racing through the airport, using your roller board suitcase to carry another bag is the pro trick that saves your back and neck en route. But what if your second bag keeps falling off? This bag bungee will make any bag secure on top of that suitcase. It will secure your jacket or other essentials, too. It comes in three colors.


A set of 6 essential kitchen gadgets

Drop every essential tool you will likely need in your kitchen or camping kit at once with this kitchen gadgets set that has a bottle opener, cheese grater, pizza cutter, retractable paring knife, peeler, and garlic or ginger grinder. It comes in six colors.


This hand warmer that also charges your phone

Cold hands will be a thing of the past once you have this rechargeable hand warmer in your pocket. It heats up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warm enough to take your digits from frozen to toasty in seconds or to warm the interior of your coat from inside an interior pocket. It will also charge your phone. “After using it for a day or two, I ended up buying 3 more for friends and family,” said one reviewer.


The tea bag holder for all your mugs

This clever tool solves all those small hassles that face you when you are making a cup of tea. Before you drop the bag into the hot water, thread its string through the top of this tea bag holder and set it on your cup. It will hold onto the string while trapping heat in your mug. When your tea is ready, lift off the holder, flip it over, and let the bag drip into it.


This colander that fits on a can

Instead of cutting up your fingers fishing the lid out of a can of beans or fruit, leave the lid out of it and use this clever can colander. It fits over the can so you can press out the liquid without endangering your fingers in the process. It comes in two styles to suit the type of can you typically use.


A dedicated container for pizza slices

Next time you go out for pizza, pack along this reusable pizza storage container and pack your leftovers into it. You won’t have to carry that big box with you and your pizza will be ready to microwave and eat tomorrow. It snaps closed so you can toss it into a bag for lunch and each slice sits on its own plate in there. It comes in a six-pack.


The laundry hamper you can hang almost anywhere

Even when there is no room for a laundry hamper in your space, this one will fit. Hook it over the back of a door or hang it from the wall. It comes with all the necessary hardware, holds a week’s worth of clothes, and zips open at the bottom so you can easily empty it on laundry day. It comes in nine colors and two sizes.


This slim & stylish fanny pack that converts to crossbody

Carry your gear and go minimalist at the same time with this crossbody fanny pack that can clip to your waist like a belt or go over one shoulder. The strap is adjustable and it holds just enough to equip you for the day without weighing you down. It comes in 25 colors and styles so you can own several and match them to your mood. “Reminded me of the LuLu Lemon bag but without the high price!” said one reviewer. “It’s the perfect size, light and stylish.”


The sticky mats that keep your phone from flying

Drop these sticky mats on the dash, console, or anywhere you like to drop your phone and wish it would stay put. The surface is tacky so your phone, sunglasses, and other tools won’t fly around as your car or boat moves. The shape is perfect in so many spots and this is a six-pack so you can pepper them all over the place. “These are great!” said one reviewer. “Phone doesn't budge.”


An elastic keychain holder to keep your favorite lip product on hand

This elastic lip balm holder clips to your keychain, so you always have your go-to- balm or trendy lip oil on hand. It’s super stretchy, so you can simply pull it out whenever your lips need a bit of hydration. Plus, this clever little holder comes in over 15 colors and patterns. “I got this to clip onto my card wristlet, and it’s great! Easy to use and fits standard-size chapsticks. So much easier than digging through a purse trying to find my beloved chapstick,” said one reviewer.


A low-profile drain protector that sneakily catches hair in the shower

This low-profile drain protector can make cleaning your shower drain a whole lot easier. The TubShroom fits almost all standard drains and catches hair around it, preventing time-consuming clogs. It’s designed to allow water to flow through freely, so you’ll barely know it’s there. And it keeps hair out of sight until it’s time to clean.


This light-up collar for your pup

Clip this LED dog collar on your pup when you go out for night walks and you will both be safer. It glows bright enough to be seen by cars 1,000 feet away, which gives them plenty of time to stop. It makes it easier to find your dog in the dark, too. It has three lighting modes and comes in 12 colors and four sizes.


A luxurious silk sleep mask

When you want to block out the world and pamper your eyes, pull on this silk sleep mask and do it in luxury. The stretchy strap adjusts, it blocks out light, and the silky fabric is gentle on your skin. This is a two-pack and it comes in four colors.


These mason jar mugs for all your beverages

Go all in on farm kitchen style by sipping all your beverages from these mason jar mugs. They are easy to grab and go because those airtight wide-mouth lids screw right on them. You can also choose the option that comes with a straw lid. “I love these glasses!” said one reviewer. “I use them for smoothies and juicing. The lids make it so convenient to store liquids in the fridge.”


A three-sided outlet extender that powers all your devices

If you’re always short on outlets (and low on battery), this extender can solve the problem. The three-sided plug boasts six sockets and two USB charging ports and the sockets are spaced far enough apart to accommodate bulky charging bricks. And the device also features a nightlight and a surge protector.


This time-saving travel mug with a built-in coffee filter

Instead of having to wash your entire pour-over kit, this 20-ounce vacuum-insulated travel mug comes with a mini pour-over filter that fits right on top. It keeps beverages hot for six hours and cold for 20 hours, and the stainless steel filter is way easier to clean than a coffee maker.


This aesthetic & seriously versatile stand for all your kitchen gear

Stash all your cooking tools within reach with this aesthetic and super versatile utensil rest. It holds your spoons, ladles, and pots lids, all in one small spot. It catches all the drips and looks cute doing it. And it comes in a two-pack, so you’ll always have plenty of space to store your tools.


This trick for keeping the sheets on the bed

Tired of the bottom sheet popping off when you toss and turn in the night? Make this bed sheet holder band your last step when you make the bed and that will stop. It’s like a giant rubber band that snaps on top of the sheet, holding it in place all night. “It's simple and it works! It holds our sheets in place,” said one reviewer


A game of challenges that will make everyone laugh

This Beat That! game will get everyone moving! It comes with balls, cups, a tape measure, tokens, dice, a sand timer, and more. Draw a challenge card and have fun. Maybe you will stack, balance, or toss balls into cups. Maybe you will have to get up and get limber. Nearly 16,000 people say, “Five stars!” “If you want lots of laughs, this will do it,” said one reviewer.


This clear light-up dry erase calendar

Get a clear picture of the month ahead with this dry-erase board calendar that lights up and sits in a stand to keep the plan always in front of you. It adds delightful mood lighting to your space while illuminating your important information. Choose from a calendar or a blank board. It comes with four markers.


The bag sealer that’s so much better than the clips you are using

Ditch all your other systems and use this bag sealer to close any bag of chips, cereal, frozen food, or snacks back up again. It zips right over the top of the bag and seals it tight. “Where have these been my whole life?” asked one reviewer. “They definitely keep food fresh.”


This portable seat for sitting on benches

This handy stadium seat supports your back when you are sitting on bench seats. It has a big pocket in the back to stash your water bottle and other sundries in and rolls up small for carting to and from events. It’s water resistant so you don’t have to worry about wet seats and pads those hard benches. It comes in three colors.


The stud finder that makes hanging anything easy

Hang any shelf, TV, mirror, or cabinet more securely by locating the stud first with this magnetic stud finder. Just drag it along the wall until one of the brightly colored markers sticks. Leave it there to mark where all the studs are while you choose the right spot for the object you want to hang.


This shaving & body exfoliator that prevents bumps & ingrowns

If razor bumps and shaving irritation are not the look you are going for when you get out your razor, add this exfoliating razor bump brush to your routine. The gentle bristles coax ingrown hairs out, exfoliate the skin, and prevent the redness and bumps from ever happening. Flip it over for a more vigorous exfoliation. “My skin has cleared up tremendously,” said one reviewer.


A lighter that never needs fuel

This long-handled, gooseneck arc lighter is the tool you want when you are lighting candles. It reaches deep into glass candle jars, won’t blow out, and never needs to be refilled with fuel. Just plug it in to recharge it and keep going. It comes in seven colors.


These cut-resistant gloves for confident dinner prep

Whether you wear them for meal prep or DIY home projects, these cut-resistant gloves can protect your hands. The durable gloves come in a number of sizes, and they’re machine washable for easy care. Three of the most vulnerable fingers are reinforced with stainless-steel thread, while the rest of the glove is made of flexible, cut-resistant fabric.


These drops that dry your manicure fast

These nail dry drops are like magic for your manicure. Add a few drops when you are done painting your nails and they will dry in seconds. That means you don’t have to sit still with your hands in the air for any longer than you can handle. “Who has time to just sit around with their hands in the air,” said one reviewer. “With this, you can go about your business after [five] minutes. Game changer.”


A wrist cuff for handy heroes

If being handy is your superpower, wear this magnetic wristband as your gauntlet. Wrap it around your wrist as you go into battle and the strong magnets embedded all the way around it will keep all your ammo — nuts, bolts, screws — right where you can load them easily into your power tools.


A sleek, magnetic phone mount that’s *so* customizable

This universal phone mount uses durable suction to attach to the dashboard (yup, even faux leather ones) and a strong magnet to keep your phone in place. Plus, you can easily rotate the mount 360 degrees for optimum visibility. You can also twist your phone sideways, depending on how you prefer to view your directions.


The eyelash comb that ends mascara clumps

Unruly lashes? Clumps of mascara? It’s all a thing of the past once you have this eyelash comb in your tool kit. A swipe with the stainless steel teeth of this delicate comb separates and straightens renegade lashes while removing excess mascara. “Perfect for working out clumps and those several lashes that stick together,” said one of nearly 16,000 five-star reviewers.


These adorable insulated coolers that are made for slim cans

This insulated cooler fits slim 12-ounce cans like a glove and keeps them icy cold. It’s made of double-walled stainless steel and has a copper liner for extra insulation. And the clever design makes it easy to use with your favorite drink (and to remove empty cans). Plus, they have an impressive 4.9 stars with over 66,500 ratings.