57 cheap things on Amazon that are so effing cool

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ByWesley Salazar
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Have you ever come across a product that was so cool it made you wonder how you ever functioned without it? I have certainly been there, and it can be surprising to realize how much a single item can impact your everyday life, even if it's in small ways. In the spirit of spreading that feeling and finding must-have products for you, I've rounded up dozens of cheap things on Amazon that are unexpectedly cool.

On this list, you'll find a wide range of products that are designed to make some aspect of your life easier, whether it's decorating your home, preparing meals, budgeting your finances, or getting the most out of your devices. Many of these things solve specific but very common challenges, including — but certainly not limited to — hanging picture frames, safely slicing ingredients, cleaning up messes, and counting change. But other products on this list are just plain fun and designed to entertain you in some way. Think: chopsticks that look like lightsabers, a blanket with a tortilla print, and a toy with dozens of puzzles to solve.

Whatever your mood or need, you're sure to find something on this list that catches your eye. Scroll down to browse 57 of the coolest, most budget-friendly things on Amazon.


This handy tool for hanging picture frames

Putting up frames that have hanging wires can be challenging — and if you're anything like me, it isn't exactly rare for you to go through the whole process, step back, then realize they're crooked. This picture hanging tool is designed to make the task easier. It incorporates two levels to ensure that your frame ends up exactly where you want — and that it hangs straight — each time.


The slicer that takes the work out of prepping mangoes

Everyone seems to have their own trick for cutting up mangoes, but here's a tool that can make it even easier. The serrated blades cut around the pit, and the peeler helps to remove the skin. So the next time you're craving some sliced fruit, you can skip the part where you're trying to wrangle a slippery pit and get right to the good stuff — eating the mango.


A screen magnifier to watch movies on your phone

If you rely on your phone to watch videos or read, check out this screen magnifier. It essentially enlarges your phone's screen onto a 14-inch plastic surface, and it's compatible with all smartphone makes and models. One reviewer wrote, "I needed something to enlarge my screen for following the Fitness+ workouts and this has been great!"


This solar power bank with wireless charging

The next time you're heading on a road trip or hike, bring this 10,000 mAH solar power bank to charge up your devices when you don't have access to an outlet. It's compatible with a wide variety of Apple and Android devices and, between the wireless charging pad and two USB ports, it can charge up to three devices at once. It features a solar panel on one side, and it has a built-in dual LED flashlight and compass.


The grill that doubles as a panini press

With a design similar to a waffle iron, this panini press-grill hybrid is a versatile and budget-friendly kitchen tool. You can use it open as a grill or you can flip one side over the other to press sandwiches. Since it does double-duty, it's great if you don't have a ton of storage space. The nonstick grill plates and drip tray help to keep messes to a minimum, too.


A rear-facing car camera for parking

If your car doesn't have a rear-facing camera for reversing, you might be able to add one. This back-up camera is easy to install, according to many reviewers, and features clear, full-color image, as well as night vision, to make parking simpler. One reader commented, "Camera works well-- really helps me park, image is super clear not like some of the other cameras of this price range on the market." With an IP rating of IP69, it's also well-protected from the elements.


This paracord bracelet with a compass & fire starter

When you're enjoying the outdoors, take this set of multi-tool paracord bracelets with you. Each is woven from a 12-foot paracord (which you can unravel and use in an emergency situation) and features a compass, whistle, and flint-steel fire starter. It's adjustable to fit 7- to 9.5-inch wrists.


A multipurpose moldable glue for DIY repairs

Reviewers have used this moldable glue to fix everything from charging cords to microwave handles to sealing shower leaks. Since it's moldable, it doesn't make a mess when you handle it. Once dry, the glue is waterproof, heat-resistant, and safe to run through the dishwasher. A reviewer summarized: "Easy to use, easy to mold, no clean up and is very strong once dry."


A fanny pack for your essentials

Fanny packs are convenient for keeping everything you need close at hand — and they don't have to be bulky. This fanny pack has a streamlined profile and an adjustable elastic strap that you can cinch tightly around your waist so that it doesn't bounce as you move. It features one large pocket in the middle with a smaller pocket on each side to keep your essentials organized. Plus, the fabric is water-resistant.


These Ice Cube Trays For Water Bottles

If you have any water bottles without a wide mouth, these ice cube trays will come in really handy. They each have 10 compartments to make ice cubes that measure 3.75 inches long and under 0.75 inch wide, and the flexible silicone makes it easy to pop the cubes out when they're frozen.


The hands-free to cool you down

On warm days, loop this portable fan over your shoulders to cool off your neck and face. It has three different speeds and the rechargeable battery can run up to 16 hours on one charge at the lowest setting. It comes in this dark green color, as well as light gray and pink versions.


A candle that looks like a bowl of cereal

You wouldn't guess it from looking at it, but this is a scented candle. One reviewer confirmed that it "smells like cereal," while another wrote, "Smells amazing and looks even more real than I ever imagined." And if cereal isn't your jam, the manufacturer makes other designs, including a candle that looks like a tube of lipstick and one that looks like a bowl of candy.


This handheld water bottle for running

Carrying a clunky water bottle can be annoying when you're on the move, but this soft-sided water bottle is made specifically for running. It's made of BPA-free plastic and can hold up to 17 ounces of water. The sleeve features a strap to slip your hand through, plus a pocket to hold your phone, keys, or other small items.


The pocket organizer for your loose coins

I can't be the only one who panics when I have to sort through and count change under pressure. With six different slots for coins, this change organizer seems like the perfect solution. One reviewer wrote that it "holds a good bit of change and makes it easy to find which one you're looking for."


A set of colorful lights for your bike wheel

If you ever bike in low-light conditions, check out these cool LED lights. Each package includes lights for one wheel, and they fit a wide range of rim sizes. With two different settings (constant on and flashing), they can be seen from every direction, keeping you extra safe at night. Plus, the lights come in 10 different colors and, according to reviewers, are easy to install.


This flameless & rechargeable lighter

Not only does this flameless lighter come with an IP56 water-resistance rating, but it's also rechargeable via USB. One reviewer commented: "Lightweight but sturdy design. Lights anything fast. No fuel needed, ever. Charges quick and lasts a long time on a single 15 minute charge." A great addition to any hiking or camping pack.


The jar that automatically counts your change

If you've been wondering just how much change you've saved, bust out this digital money jar and get to counting. It can count and hold up to 1,000 coins at a time, and the LCD screen tells you exactly how much money you've racked up. All you need to get started is some change and two AAA batteries.


A lightweight mat that's perfect for the beach

This large beach blanket is made of durable polyester that won't collect sand the way soft towels often do. One reviewer commented, "This is a must-have for any beach trip. It is large enough to fit multiple people and you can brush sand off with ease." It's water-resistant and lightweight, too — plus, it features anchor pockets you can fill with sand and comes with ground stakes.


This pair of scissors for mincing herbs

Mincing herbs can be a chore, but this pair of herb scissors makes it easy, according to reviewers. The scissors feature five blades instead of one to cut delicate greens, as well as a nonslip grip. They also come with a comb to clean out the blades and a cover for when the scissors aren't in use.


The budget-friendly drawing tablet

If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of drawing tablets, this budget-friendly HUION kit seems like a great option. The board features three express keys and the pen offers 2,048 levels of pressure. It's compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, as well as a wide range of applications, including Photoshop and CorelDraw. Plus, it doesn't require an external driver.


A challenging puzzle toy with 70-plus combinations

If you're a fan of brain-teasers, check out this puzzle toy, which can shift into more than 70 shapes. According to one reviewer: "At first, it seems like it would be very easy to do, but as a 30-something adult, I had trouble figuring out many of the combinations. It is a simple concept, with a complex outcome. Very fun to play with!" Once you've solved all of this toy's puzzles, try out the other nine variations.


This adjustable laptop table that folds up flat

You can take your desk practically anywhere with this portable laptop table. Not only can you adjust the height, but you can also adjust the tabletop's tilt for a more comfortable angle as you work. When you want to stow it away, just fold in the legs. The whole thing weighs just over 3 pounds, making it extremely portable.


The exfoliating towel you can use in the shower

Ditch the dingy loofah or washcloth, and consider snagging this textured shower towel instead. It's straightforward to use: Add some body wash, suds it up, and gently massage your skin. According to reviewers, it offers more exfoliation and dries faster than a washcloth. Its weave is rip-resistant to make it last longer.


A magnetic wristband to hold small tools

If you regularly dive into DIY projects, you might just need this convenient magnetic wristband. You can strap it to your hand or loop it around your belt to keep small tools — including pliers, drill bits, and screws — within reach as you work.


This kitchen tool that slices & chops ingredients

This Nutrichopper food chopper can quickly (and safely!) slice, chop, and dice fruits and vegetables for all kinds of recipes. It comes with three different stainless-steel attachments to get the exact cut you need. Plus, it's safe to toss in the dishwasher for a deep clean.


The paper-towel alternative that can last a year

I, for one, have focused on cutting down my paper towel consumption over the past years, and these biodegradable dishcloths are going right into my shopping cart. Use them to wash dishes or clean up messes, then toss them in the washing machine or dishwasher and reuse them as needed for up to a year. Plus, they come in a bunch of fun graphic designs.


A gadget that makes bowl-shaped waffles

Elevate your breakfast menu with the Presto waffle bowl maker, which can churn out bowl-shaped waffles. Use your favorite batter recipe, then fill your 4-inch bowl with everything ranging from sweet fruit to savory meat. Feel free to experiment — because, really, what wouldn't taste good in a waffle bowl?


This spray to eliminate unwanted odors

If your work gear or sports equipment seems smelly to you and sweat is the culprit, try this spray-on odor eliminator. Instead of covering up smells with strong fragrance, it aims to neutralize them. One reviewer described: "Sports equipment, shoes, homes, couches, dorm rooms., etc. No chance, takes smell out of everything. Great smell, easy to apply. On our second bottle."


The reusable lids that stretch to fit different containers

Can't find the exact lid you need for a plastic storage container? Opt for one of these food-grade silicone lids, which you can stretch to fit different vessels, including bowls and cups. They're available in packs of 18, and each pack comes with an assortment of circular and rectangular sizes. Plus, it's safe to microwave them.


A little device to seal plastic bags

Ditch any mediocre chip clips you have laying around, and try out these compact bag sealers. They use heat to reseal plastic bags to keep snacks fresher for longer. One reviewer reported, "These are cute and easy to use, my chips are no longer going stale!" It features a built-in cutter tool to open the bag the next time you're hankering for a snack.


This magnetic scrubber for cleaning bottles

When you spot a smudge on a bottle or vase that you can't seem to reach, no matter what you try — turn to this magnetic scrubber. It has two parts which are drawn together by magnet. Place the smaller part inside the bottle, then use the larger side to guide it around and scrub the smudge clean.


The drain rack for kitchen sponges & brushes

This sponge and brush holder holds your dishwashing essentials up off the counter or sink while allowing excess water to drain. It is easy to install by looping it securely over your faucet, which could be ideal if suction-cup sponge holders don't stick well to your sink. It's available in three colors.


A faucet aerator to point the water in any direction

Attach this faucet aerator to your bathroom or kitchen sink to better control the flow of the water. It can rotate in every direction, including upwards, and offers two flow pressures (bubble stream and strong sprayer) to make it easier to wash your face, rinse your teeth, or just grab a quick sip of water.


This tool to evenly slice homemade bread

I've had more close calls trying to cut up sourdough loaves than I'd like to admit, which is why I'm definitely eyeing this bread slicer. It is constructed from bamboo wood, and it features evenly spaced slots to pass the included knife through. One reviewer commented, "We use this to slice sourdough loaves with irregular shapes and it works well. [...] The slicer guide is well built and easy to use. We like that it folds up flat for storing." Another wrote, "If you want evenly sliced bread this [is] the slicer for you."


The OXO tool for pitting & slicing avocados

Line up all your guacamole ingredients because this avocado slicer is going to make it so much easier to prepare bigger batches. The three-in-one tool doesn't just pit avocados, it splits and slices them, too. "The kitchen tool I never knew I needed," described one reviewer. "This thing is fantastic and saves so much time and mess." And it's safe to throw in the top-rack of your dishwasher.


A planner for organizing your monthly budget

If you're looking for ways to save money, this budget planner could be a super-helpful tool. It can help you keep track of your daily expenses and total income so that you can concertedly create a financial plan to pay off debt and add to savings accounts. The monthly planner spans a full year, but it's undated — so you can just as easily start it in July as January.


This belt with a hidden pocket for valuables

Keep pickpocketing worries at bay when you travel with this cool money belt, which features a little pocket on the inside to stash extra cash or other valuables. It's available in two sizes, ranging from 26 to 50 inches, and in two colors: black and brown. "I bought them for travel," explained one reader, "but the infinitely adjustable buckle and comfortable light weight have made them my go to belt."


The lightweight poncho for unexpected rain

You won't get caught in the rain if you keep this lightweight poncho on hand. Its packable design makes it great for travel, emergency kits, and cars, according to reviewers. It has side snaps to help keep you dry, as well as an adjustable hood for comfort.


A classic-looking watch that was made to last

This Casio watch was built to last — and its battery can run for up to 10 years. In addition to being water-resistant up to 100 meters deep, it's mud-resistant. "Works well and very reliable," wrote one reviewer "Takes a beating and holds up very well. I am a mechanic and this watch is extremely durable." Use it to set alarms and timers, or use it as a stopwatch. A vibration setting comes in handy when you don't want to disturb others.


This pack of magnetic charging cables that light up

There are a couple things that make this set of charging cables cooler than a standard cord: one is that they each have a magnetic head to help keep them in place, and the other is that they light up when they're plugged in. Plus, they support fast-charging and can be used to transfer data.


The shatterproof & waterproof LED flashlight

This LED flashlight boasts 300 lumens of light and a virtually indestructible design. It is made with shatterproof parts that can survive 30-foot drops and has an IP57 water-resistance rating (which means you can submerge it in 3 feet of water for up to a half-hour). It comes with three AAA batteries to get you started.


A pair of reading glasses that tuck into a keychain

You'll never lose track of your reading glasses with this nifty little product. At first glance, it looks like a key fob, but a pair of glasses pop out at the touch of a button. They have a bendable bridge that can withstand being folded up to 4,000 times and are constructed to fit different nose shapes. They come in four magnification strengths and several frame colors.


These chopsticks that look like little lightsabers

These chopsticks that look like lightsabers are sure to make a delicious meal even more fun. Each set comes with two pairs of chopsticks — one with blue LED lights and one with red. They're constructed from BPA-free plastic and they use replaceable camera batteries.


The electric hot pot that's really versatile

You can cook everything from noodles to eggs in this electric hot pot with a nonstick coating and lid. It has a 1.5-liter capacity, two temperature settings, and built-in overheating protection. One reviewer pondered: "Why would I ever again need a microwave, a stove, a pressure cooker, an oven, an electrical kettle, a keruig, an egg boiler, a rice maker, when holy gods of cooking have invented this nifty little thing?"


A rechargeable lantern-flashlight hybrid

When it comes to camping, hiking, and emergency packs, compact gear is key, and this Thorfire LED light fits the bill. It can be used as a flashlight or lantern, and folds down for extra portability. And you can skip the replaceable batteries — this lantern is rechargeable via the included USB cable.


This magnetic phone holder for your car

This convenient phone mount clips to your car's air vents and uses magnets to hold your phone. One reviewer summarized: "[It] always stays precisely in place and the phone is easily detachable without pulling it out of the air vent. [...] It’s the best phone holder on the market, in my opinion. And I have tried many of them."


The slicing tool that provides a buffer for your fingers

If you take an extra deep breath before slicing bagels and other hard-to-cut foods, check out this Rapid Slicer tool. It has a little tray to hold your ingredients and a lid to press them down firmly in place — and add distance between the knife and your fingers. The three nonslip feet prevent it from sliding around. Use the dishwasher-safe tool for halving everything from grapes to chicken breasts to rolls.


A set of small & large cloths for cleaning screens

If your screens have seen brighter, less-dusty days, snag this set of microfiber cleaning cloths. Each pack comes with one large, five medium, and one tiny cloth, which you can use dry or with water to clear screens of smudges and dust. The tiny cloth seems super cool — and reviewers have noted that it's easy to attach to your phone or tablet for on-the-go cleaning.


This 2-in-1 whisk wiper & bowl scraper

Whisks can be so helpful in the kitchen, but they can also be so hard to clean. The Whisk Wiper has little slots that fit snugly around the wires of the 11-inch whisk that it comes with. Plus, the outer edge of the teardrop-shaped tool doubles as a bowl scraper.


The block that can hold all types of knives

This knife block is designed to hold knives measuring up to 8.9 inches long, and can store as many as 15 knives at a time (as well as a pair of kitchen shears and a sharpening rod). One reviewer attested: "Bought this for all of our knives. It fits any size nice and scissors. It is nice looking and very sturdy." It also comes in a clear round version and a bamboo version.


A set of cup-holder coasters to catch drips & crumbs

Let's face it: The crumbs and spills in your car's cup holders are inevitable. But these cool coasters help make cleanup a lot simpler. They can slide into cup holders up to about 3 inches in diameter to catch coffee drips and crumbled bits of snacks — when it's starting to look a little dirty, use the tab to pull out the coaster and give it a deep clean.


This wide-angle rearview mirror for your car

If you're looking to improve your car's sight lines, this rearview mirror can offer a more panoramic view of what's going on behind and around you. Installation doesn't require any tools — you can just clip it to your existing rearview mirror. This particular version is 10.6 inches across, but it's available in four other sizes so you can find the right fit.


The night-light that clips to your toilet

Late-night trips to the restroom are more fun — and potentially less dangerous — with a toilet night-light. The motion-activated light automatically turns on when it senses movement. One fan wrote, "It's super handy at night when you're half awake, no more turning on lights to wake your partner, and it's super easy to load the batteries and clip to any loo." Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, just in case it's not everything you imagined it to be.


A pair of smart bulbs that sync with your home hub

Compatible with a variety of voice assistants — including Alexa, Siri, and Google Home Assistant — these smart bulbs operate on your command. Use the Magic Home Pro app (available for both iOS and Android devices) to set the lights' colors and brightness or remotely adjust lighting.


This mask dispenser for your car visor

Keeping a stash of disposable masks in your car is a great way to ensure you always have one when you need it — and this mask dispenser can keep them neatly organized. One reviewer explained in a five-star rating: "Having back up masks, in the event we lose or forget one, or just having extra masks on hand for another family member is reassuring for us. [...] Very happy with it." It has a streamlined design and attaches to your visor with two secure clips.


The hanger for discreetly stowing your valuables

Looking for a simple way to hide your extra cash, identification documents, or expensive accessories? It's worth considering this awesome hanger, which features a fabric pocket that practically disappears when you hang a top or jacket over it. All in all, an easy way to hide your valuables from would-be thieves.


The blanket that looks just like a tortilla

There's something undeniably fun about this blanket that looks like a tortilla. The fleece fabric is printed on both sides, and it's available in four sizes ranging from 47 to 80 inches. One reviewer claimed, "You'll definitely want to wrap yourself up like a burrito when you feel how soft and cozy it is."