60 cheap things for men on Amazon that are insanely clever

Your life will never be the same.

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Maybe you didn’t know you needed cleansing wipes, a new meat thermometer, or a slick wallet that doubles as a phone stand. But it turns out you do. It also turns out that you don’t have to spend much money to enrich your life with a multi-tool that fits in that wallet or a better way to tie your shoelaces, shave, or clean the grill. Read on, grasshopper. This way leads to enlightenment and 60 cheap things for men on Amazon that are insanely clever.


The smart way to find your keys & the cat

How much time do you waste looking for the remote, your keys, the dog, or your wallet? Recapture all that time by attaching these RF item locators to everything you tend to lose track of. When you can’t find that thing, tap the color on the remote that matches it and that thing will make a loud beep so you can track it down. There are two color schemes.


The cord ties that solve your messy storage system

Wrap up your power cords, phone charger, and other cables with these self-gripping cable ties to end all of your tangled cord frustrations. They attach to the cord so you don’t have to keep track of a twist tie and every cord in your kit will easily be brought to order. This is a pack of 40 in two sizes and the bright colors will also help you identify the cord you need.


A wireless keyboard for the TV

Typing passwords and other information with a remote control is annoying enough to challenge anyone’s patience. This wireless touch TV keyboard is the tool you need so you don’t have to do that again. And once you have it connected to your TV, you might discover that you like browsing the web or shopping on that big screen, too. It has an integrated glide pad and connects by plugging a dongle into the USB port on your TV.


An insulated & large lunch box

Bring lunch in this insulated lunch box to save a tidy fortune while eating healthy food. It is large enough to handle a real meal and some snacks. It looks business appropriate and has a carrying handle. The insulation will keep your food chilled and there is room inside for cutlery.


These earbuds that won’t fall out

Wear this pair of wireless earbuds next time you go for a run, walk, or train ride. They loop over your ears so they won’t fall off. The slick case carries them while they are in your pocket. An LED readout tells you how much power each one has left at a glance. They will keep playing for 40 hours before you have to find a way to plug them in.


A pair of golf pants you can wear to work

You don’t have to spend a fortune to be comfortable on the golf course while also looking good. These stretch golf pants look super high-end and are so affordable you can own several pairs. They have two front, two back, and one hidden zipper pocket and come in 10 colors and three inseam lengths. “Super comfortable and have a nice stretchiness to them,” said one reviewer. “Look good in an office setting but would also be good on the golf course.”


The flushable wipes for your bathroom

Let’s face it. Toilet paper is not always the ideal way to clean up. Sometimes you need more and these Dude wipes are it. They are large, moistened, gentle, and effective. They are also plant-derived, fragrance-free, and flushable. They are infused with aloe and vitamin E to soothe but have no chemicals or irritants to hurt sensitive areas.


This bib apron so no one has to clean whiskers off the sink

Cleaning up the bathroom after shaving is no fun for anyone. This beard bib apron prevents anyone from having to do it. Clip it around your neck and suction the corners to the mirror and it will catch all those falling whiskers before they make a mess. It zips up into a handy storage bag. “This may save my marriage,” said one reviewer. “If you have a beard, and don’t want your bathroom to look like a chihuahua exploded in it, you need this.”


A big box of velvet coat hangers

Bring order to your closet by standardizing on these velvet hangers. The grippy texture stops clothes from sliding off and their slender shape takes up less room in the closet. Each hanger has a tie bar, too, so you can keep your pants and belts together and match your ties to your shirts to simplify getting dressed. They come in seven colors.


This scalp massager that feels so good

Turn every shower into a pleasurable experience that may help boost hair growth. Palm this hair massager and give your head a scrub with its soft bristles. The sensation is terrific and it exfoliates your scalp while increasing circulation to reduce itching, flaking, and stress and stimulates growth. “My scalp feels amazing after using this,” said one reviewer. “My hair stopped shedding and [...] started getting thicker.”


A phone stand you can fold

Set your phone on this foldable phone stand while you sleep and it turns that screen into a bedside table clock. Adjust the height and it becomes the perfect video call device. And when you travel, you can fold it up and toss it in a bag. “Very clever the way it folds,” said one reviewer. “It’s sturdy and stable. Price was great. I say this one’s a winner.”


The easy way to clean a water bottle

Put down that bottle brush. There is an easier way to clean your water bottle. Drop one of these bottle-washing cleaner tablets into it, fill it with warm water, and wait. The interior of that bottle — stainless steel, plastic, silicone, or glass — will be spotlessly clean in 20 minutes.


This wallet that’s also a phone stand

This clever magnetic wallet works with your iPhone — or any phone with a MagSafe adapter — to make a better, more efficient everyday carry. Stick it to your phone so you never lose either piece. Use the wallet as a phone stand — either landscape or portrait. Carry less and expect more. “They FINALLY made the perfect phone wallet!” said one reviewer.


The perfect bowl for pistachios

If you are a fan of pistachios, you know the mess those discarded shells can cause. This is the bowl for serving those. Fill the upper bowl of the serving dish with nuts and drop the shells into the slots so they fall into the bowl below. No mess. This works with all sorts of nuts and candy with wrappers. Each bowl can also be used separately. It comes in red and green.


This clever tool for cleaning the grill

This handy grill scraper hangs near the grill, ready to scrape the grates clean or open a beer. And it won’t leave dangerous metal brush bristles behind to get into your burgers. “No more worrying if I’m going to end up with a piece of steel bristle in my food,” said one reviewer. “Friends loved it too, and you can open a beer with it!”


The trick for walking with a full cup of coffee

If you struggle to carry a full cup of coffee across the room without spilling, set that cup on this drink carrier. It uses principles of physics to make it nearly impossible to spill. Go ahead and sprint across the room. Your beverage will arrive at its destination completely intact.


This power scrubber for all the hard-to-clean places

When you want to get the grout, window frame, grill, car trim, or any other hard-to-clean place super clean with little effort, reach for this power scrubber. The brush head rotates 60 times per second. All you have to do is spray on some cleanser and aim it. There are several specialty heads available for specific tasks.


A pair of pens that are also secretly tool kits

With this multi-tool pen set in your pocket, you will be ready for anything. Sign a contract. Fix your bike. Use the stylus to write on a touch screen. Measure anything with the integrated ruler. There are 11 tools — including screwdrivers, a level, and a light — in these pens and they write well, too.


This gel that will clean the car

Cleaning your car can be irritating or fun. It depends on the tools you use. This cleaning gel is like playing with Play-Do yet it reaches deep into hard-to-access crevices to pull dirt out and trap it. Press it into the air vents, cup holder, and other small places until it is too dirty to continue using. You’ll have fun and your car will be spiffy clean. Also, it smells like lavender!


A neck reading light because you need one

When you are working in a dark crawl space or want to read after your bed partner calls for lights out, pull out this neck reading light, choose a light color (yellow, warm white, or cool white) and brightness, and aim the beam at the thing you want to see. It will hold the light steady while you work or read on. It’s rechargeable and comes in eight colors.


The safe that looks like a dictionary

Stash your valuables — or anything you want to keep away from the eyes of children or housemates — in this book lock box. Nestle it among the books on a shelf and it looks convincingly like a dictionary. But you will know that when you open it up, a locked steel box holds your secret items.


The meat tenderizer made from Thor’s Hammer

If you have to tenderize some meat, why not use Thor’s Hammer? This meat tenderizer looks just like the one carried by The God of Thunder. One end of the hammer is spiky for tenderizing and the other is flat for pressing cutlets. Be sure and say, “By Thor’s hammer!” when you serve the meal.


A cup holder for the couch

Why are there cup holders in the car but not the couch? This drink holder solves this oversight. Drape it over the arm of your chair or couch and it will hold a drink so it doesn’t spill. The grippy and flexible silicone clings to the couch and the cup holder can handle everything from a beer can to a cup of coffee — even if the mug has a handle.


This phone mount for your bike

When you are riding your bike, you need navigation and music just as much as when you are in the car. This bike phone mount makes that possible. It clamps onto the handlebar and securely holds your phone so you can see it. It rotates the screen 360 degrees and won’t drop it if you hit a bump.


The laces you never have to tie

No one wants to be that old dude with velcro shoes but neither does anyone want to tie their shoes every time they leave the house. These no-tie shoe laces are the solution. Install them into any pair of shoes — running shoes, dress shoes, anything — and you will never have to tie that pair again. Just cinch them tight. The shoes will fit better, too, because the laces stretch slightly.


These soft, anti-chafe boxers

Stay cool and baby the goods in these comfy boxer shorts that don’t squeeze, overheat, or make you look like a dork. “This is my favorite hands down!” said one reviewer. “I like the fact that it doesn't bind, is made from good material, [and] feels great against my skin. I have discarded all my shorts and continue to buy ONLY Chill Boys!”

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large


A handle for your grocery bags

Keep this grocery bag carrier in the car so you can grab all the bags. Hook the handles into it and it balances the load and gives your hands a roomy handle to hold. No more making three or four trips to the car. “With two of these devices, I can comfortably carry four bags on my shoulders and have two hands-free for more bags or to use to open doors as I carry groceries inside,” said one reviewer. “Great invention!”


This water bottle that’s affordable & insulated

There are some expensive water bottle options out there. But you don’t have to forgo vacations to own a water bottle. This triple-insulated stainless steel water bottle is everything you need. It keeps your beverage hot or cold all day, comes with three styles of lid — chug, straw, or carabiner — to suit your current activity, and comes in so many colors you might want several.


The cleaning sponge made for your golf kit

Clip this golf eraser to your bag and you will always have a fast and effective way to clean clubs, balls, shoes, and anything else that gets dirty out there. The double-sided sponges have a scouring pad on one side and a soft micro-scrubber on the other. They are scored so they clip to your kit.


A moisturizer & sunscreen for men

Take care of your skin with this sunscreen face lotion that’s a one-step routine. It puts hydration and a broad spectrum SPF15 sunscreen in a simple, one-application lotion that’s affordable and won’t make you smell like sunscreen or perfume. This is a three-pack.


These slick magnetic cable ties

Wrap up your cords with these magnetic twist ties. They turn a charging cable into a tidy package in seconds. But be warned! Once you have these clever, useful, stretchy ties in hand, you will use them for everything. Then you will be back to buy more. “I love these cord organizers so much I keep buying more!” said one reviewer. “So great for travel and in the home. Plus great magnets for the fridge.”


A magnetic pocket for running

When you don’t have pockets, where do you put your phone? In this magnetic buddy pouch, of course. Tuck one side into your waistband and it grabs magnetically to stay secure. It’s just big enough for your phone, a credit card, and keys so you can go for a run without carrying a bag. “I am a walker, hiker, and a biker and this is so much more convenient than an armband, and more secure than a phone pocket,” said one reviewer. “It feels weightless.”


These handles for coiled hoses

Once you get your hose coiled, how do you carry it to the garage without a struggle? Loop one of these storage straps around it. Now it has a handle and is easy to carry. It’s also easy to store. Just hang it from a hook. “Really clever and convenient,” said one reviewer.


The step-in slippers that are so comfy

Kick off your outdoor shoes and step into the cozy, soft comfort of these fleece-lined house slippers. Your feet will love the delicious fuzzy interior and you will stay warm. The memory foam insole is super comfy to walk in the rubber sole can go outside to take out the trash or get the mail.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 7 — 14


A trick for wireless in-flight entertainment

Plug this wireless audio transmitter into the entertainment system on your next flight, and you can connect that device to your Bluetooth headphones. The battery runs for 20 hours so you don’t need any wires to enjoy the in-flight entertainment. “Clever little device,” said one reviewer. “Great for flights and for in my older car stereo!”


A desk-mounted hook for headphones

Eliminate the desktop clutter while keeping your headphones within reach by clamping this headset hook to the desk and hanging your headphones from it. There is a channel for the charging cord and the hook rotates so you can hang your headphones from the front or the back. “Works flawlessly and is a very clever design,” said one reviewer. “Looks good too.”


The hat that keeps you cool

If you keep your head cool, the rest of your body will follow. That’s the idea behind this cooling performance hat. It’s made from a material that gets cold when wet. Wear it as normal and when the weather — or your body — starts to heat up, get it wet. “This is my favorite hat,” said one reviewer. “It fits perfectly, feels soft, and it is very cool. I wear it paddle boarding and windsurfing. It’s great in the water.”


This solution for hat storage

When your hat collection gets past two hats, you need a storage system. This hat rack is that system. Wrap it around a coat hanger and you can store 10 hats on one hanger. This is a pack of two so it will keep 20 hats in the closet without creating clutter.


The clear shoe storage boxes that stack

Design the perfect storage system with this 12-pack of shoe storage boxes. They stack and have a door so your shoes stay clean and safe from pets. Yet you can see into them and find the pair you want. “They look a million times better than a shoe rack and just make the space look organized,” said one reviewer.


A wipe for cleaning leather

When your shoes look tired, scuffed, or dirty, pull out a leather care wipe and fix that, wherever you are. They work well to clean, moisturize, and protect bags, jackets, your car’s interior, or any leather goods that need a little TLC. And the individually wrapped cloths are easy to keep on hand. “My boots look amazing, fresh, with a nice shine,” said one reviewer. “A must-have for your boots and leather shoes.”


This collapsible coffee mug

If you love your take-away coffee but can’t escape the guilt of creating so much trash, pack this collapsible coffee cup. It’s small and light when packed up and expands to a pretty cup that holds 16 ounces. It comes with a matching straw and there are 24 colors and four sizes to choose from.


A multi-tool that fits in your wallet

Add this multi-tool to your everyday carry by slipping it into one of the credit card slots in your wallet. No matter where you go you will have a bottle opener, ruler, cell phone stand, can opener, screwdriver, and more. “I've found it to be incredibly handy in various situations, from opening bottles to tightening screws,” said one reviewer.


These gloves that give you super powers

Pull on this pair of flashlight gloves and give yourself a superpower. Wherever you point, you will shoot a beam of light. This makes dog walks, fishing trips, and home repairs so much easier. Tap the button on the back of your hand to turn the lights on and off. The only left now is to work on your superhero name. The illuminator?


The vampire that works with galic

It is well-known that vampires dislike garlic. Less understood is Gracula — a vampire-shaped kitchen associate specializing in crushing garlic. Skip this tedious task. Let Grac do it. Drop the cloves in and twist his head. Then cook. It’s fun and it results in tasty food. What’s not to love?


A wine-opening robot

Why struggle with a manual wine opener when you can pull out this slick electric wine opener, set it on the top of the bottle, and press a button? Like a robot sommelier, it will remove the cork without breaking it and spit it out so you can open another bottle. It comes with a foil cutter and looks cool charging on the bar.


This glass that holds your cigar

When the evening calls for a fine scotch and an excellent cigar, pull out this whiskey glass, drop in the cold, steel whiskey stones, and enjoy. The glass has a cutout for you to set your cigar in. “The glass has a good weight to it and feels solid in your hand,” said one reviewer. “And the stones do a great job of keeping my drink chilled without diluting it.”


The best meat thermometer

The scientific way to cook a steak — or any piece of meat — to perfection is to insert a thermometer into it and get a read on its internal temperature. Everything else is guesswork and will lead to under or overcooked food. This meat thermometer is the tool you want. Deploy the probe, insert it, and read the temp on the clear digital display. It has a temperature chart printed on the side, sticks to the grill magnetically, and is backlit for night grilling.


A dry erase board for your desk

Set this desktop dry erase board on your desk so you always have a place to jot a note. It doubles as a keyboard tray and has a secret compartment for storing office essentials. There are 19 options for color and patterns printed on the board. It can be your weekly planner, a colorful accessory, or a blank place for notes. Some versions have an integrated wireless phone charger or lamp.


This little desktop vacuum

This adorable tabletop vacuum cleaner looks cute sitting on your desk. And whenever there is a spill — cookie crumbs, eraser dust, or bits of paper — you can grab it, hit the power button, and clean that up in seconds. It empties into the trash and comes in six colors.


This gadget that instantly turns hot coffee into cold coffee

Listen, there are few products in the world that truly perform magic. This is one of them. The HyperChiller sits in your freezer until you need it. When you want to instantly chill your drink without any ice watering it down, grab it from the freezer and transfer your drink to the inside. Within one minute, your drink will be chilled and ready to drink.


A personal blender

Whip up a healthy breakfast or mix your protein powder beverages without a hassle by using this personal blender. You can grab the jar and drink right from it and, when you are done, drop that jar into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. It comes in seven colors.


The fidget toy that’s silent & soothing

This fidget toy gives your busy hands something to do without irritating everyone around you. It is completely silent but the rollers are super satisfying to play with. “The build quality is obvious right away — solid materials and frictionless, silent operation,” said one reviewer. “This is a bit spendy for a ‘fidget toy,’ but it is immediately soothing.”


These elastic straps for board games

These clever elastic box bands are perfect for keeping game boxes held together so you don’t lose any pieces. Even boxes that are falling apart can stay in service with these wrapped around them. They also make it easy to grab and carry a game. “These straps make it so that we don't have to worry about a box opening up during transit and spilling pieces everywhere,” said one reviewer.


A whiteboard you can put anywhere

Turn a blank piece of wall, the side of a filing cabinet, the fridge, or anything into a whiteboard by sticking this big white board stick-on wall paper to it. It comes with four colored dry-erase markers to get you jotting notes ASAP. If you prefer a blackboard, that’s an option. Choose from seven sizes.


This seat cushion that’s also a chair

Next time you go to a game or concert, avoid back pain by bringing this portable seat cushion. It supports your lower back, softens the seat, and has a big pocket on the back so you can stash some snacks or a water bottle. It rolls up and carries easily and comes in three colors. “Great seats for comfortable canoeing, camping and seating for events,” said one reviewer.


A footrest for under your desk

Drop this under-desk footrest on the floor, put your feet up, and work in comfort. Elevating your feet takes the pressure off of your lower back and legs so you can concentrate. The height adjusts easily — just add or remove the extender. And you can flip it over to add a bit of movement to your day.


These colorful backlights for the TV

Transform your movie-watching experience — and your living space — by peeling and sticking these TV backlights to the back of your TV. They throw light behind the screen to reduce contrast so colors on the screen pop. Choose the color of the light with the remote and it will make your room look amazing. It comes in eight sizes.


The perfect mug for microwaving soup

This microwave mug is designed to pair perfectly with a can of soup so you can have the full Campbell’s experience with your lunch. A lid prevents spills. A steam-release spout in the lid lets you microwave without making a mess. And it looks so cute.


This pizza storage container

Here is the coolest storage container you didn’t know you needed. Pack it along when you go out for pizza and stack all the leftovers in it. The lid snaps closed to keep your next meal fresh. And the pieces stack on little pizza-shaped plates that you can later use to microwave that piece on! It collapses up small for storage and carrying to dinner.


A travel case for your watch

This travel watch case keeps your expensive timepiece safe and cozy when you travel. Nestle it into the case and zip it closed. The foam keeps it from moving around and getting scratched. And the case is waterproof so your watch stays clean and dry. “Rolex 41mm Date just fits perfect with a cleaning cloth, which comes with the case,” said one reviewer. “Honestly couldn’t be happier.”