65 New & interesting things under $30 skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon

Get ‘em while they’re hot.

ByChristina X. Wood
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Ready to stock up on strange, fun, and unusual gear without spending much money? This useful, innovative, gift-able, and fun gear is here to make your life easier and save you some hard-earned coin. Some of it is so useful it will reduce your grocery bill, save you from taking on a remodel, or stop you from throwing out what could be a perfectly good pair of shoes. These 65 new and interesting things under $30 skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon are well-liked for good reason. They get the job done, whether that job is practical, culinary, or whimsical.


These cute & colorful cat pens

These adorable gel pens are super smooth and have a fine, 0.38-millimeter tip that’s perfect for drawing, journaling, or taking notes. And when you are seeking inspiration, the cat tips and cute drawings will help. “Not only are these little pens cute, but they write like pens 5x their cost,” said one reviewer. “They are also refillable! What more could one ask?”


The headband that helps you sleep

Wear this headband to tame your hair on a run while listening to tunes. Or, when your sleep is being interrupted by noise, light, and distractions, pull it down over your eyes, play some soothing sounds, and block it all out. It connects wirelessly to your phone and comes in 11 colors.


This water bottle for your pup

Your dog might not be one of the canines capable of mastering the art of sipping from a water bottle but that doesn’t have to result in perpetual thirst. This dog water bottle has a snout-friendly bowl any dog can use. Press the button to fill the bowl. Unused water returns to the bottle.


This trick to give any window a stained glass look

Turn the glass of any window into a beautiful stained glass look that blocks harmful UV rays — and the view into your space — while letting in light with these rainbow window decals. They are easy to apply and remove because they stick to the glass using only static. “It looks great, provides privacy, and best of all, it significantly blocks heat,” said one of 53,000 five-star reviews.


The hairbrush that detangles instead of tearing

If ripping your hair out of your head is not your preferred way to detangle your locks, this detangling hairbrush is about to become your best friend. The flexible cone-shaped bristles untangle wet or dry hair gently without the tearing, screaming, or horror of other methods. This is why over 53,000 people give this brush five stars.


This wallet that sticks to your phone

If you are constantly losing your wallet, stick it to your phone. This cell phone wallet has plenty of slots for your cards, a space for cash, and a see-through ID slot. It also looks cute and it comes in seven colors. It works with most phones without blocking the camera or important plugs or features.


This paste that can get anything clean

That stubborn stain on your pan, stovetop, shower, toilet — or whatever you have that is dirty and won’t come clean — will succumb to the power of this pink stuff. Rub it on, wipe it off, and marvel at the spotless result. “I tried everything to get the rust stain off the bathtub to no avail,” said one reviewer. “This stuff took it off so easy I couldn’t even believe my eyes.”


A planner that sticks to the fridge

Stick this dry erase weekly planner to the fridge and put the plan in plain sight. Use it for meal planning, to keep group schedules in mind, or to track weekly chores. Each day of the week gets a to-do list. And there is room for notes or lists. It comes with four colored markers that also stick to the fridge and it is easy to wipe clean at the end of the week.


The under-cabinet lighting that needs no wires

Put a light in that dark closet. Create task lighting in the kitchen. Illuminate collections. Turn shelving into ambient lighting. Install the battery pack and switch somewhere that’s easy to reach, and run this genius light strip under the bottom of shelves and cabinets. “This light is absolutely amazing!” said one reviewer. “Easy to install [and] it’s flexible. [...] Best under shelf light out there!”


This trick for never losing anything under your car seat

Reviewers love this car seat gap filler because it effortlessly prevents a universally irritating problem: dropping coins, keys, your phone, and french fries between your car seat and the console. “These are amazing,” said one reviewer. “No longer do I have to dig in between the gaps! It has saved me time, effort, and arm pinching.”


A high-pressure showerhead that’s like a rainstorm

There is no need to tolerate an inadequate shower when changing it to a spa-quality one is so easy. Just switch the shower head to this high-pressure rain style one and bathe under a powerful downpour every day. The silicone jets push the water out to increase your water pressure and the 90 nozzles douse you with water.


This clever knife sharpener

This handy knife sharpener is small enough to stash in a drawer but effective enough to put an edge on all your knives. The carry handle activates the suction on the bottom so it stays put while you drag a dull blade through the tungsten carbide sharpening slot. “I can't believe how sharp it made my dull cutting knives,” said one reviewer.


An egg pan with 4 nonstick cups

This nonstick, four-slot egg pan lets you create perfect eggs, easily. And they slide right out of the pan and onto your plate or muffin without a struggle. And it’s so nonstick that cleaning it is super easy. “A swipe of a paper towel will do it,” said one reviewer. “It's like having four pans at once, you can heat up your meats, sausages in one or two holes, and eggs in the others, I love making my version of egg mcmuffins.”


The grout pen that fixes an aging bathroom

You could use up all your elbow grease trying to get the grout clean and end up frustrated. Or you could use this tile paint marker to paint the tile white again. It’s fun — like coloring in a coloring book — and effective. “My shower looks new again,” said one reviewer. “I don't care how much you bleach your tiles, they will not be white again. Save yourself some time and get these pens.”


This drawer divider that looks custom made

Create exactly the storage you want inside any drawer with this four-pack of bamboo drawer dividers. The spring-loaded bamboo dividers have grippy feet to hold onto the drawer so they snap right in. But they hold tight and look like you had custom drawers made.


The wall hook that keeps your keys and mail safe

Mount this key holder and mail organizer inside your entryway and never lose your keys again. It’s easy to mount with the included adhesive strips or screws, has a handy shelf for the mail and other sundries, and provides six hooks to store keys, the dog leash, and more.


This herb keeper so your parsley lasts longer

If you love to cook with fresh herbs, this herb keeper makes it much easier to keep them on hand by creating the perfect environment for them in your fridge. Dip their feet into the water basin in the bottom so they stay hydrated and stand them up to mimic life in the wild. Just lift the top to pull up the entire bunch and snip off some leaves.


A duster that can get into the nooks & crannies

If you have ever glanced around to notice dust bunnies around your knick-knacks and tucked in all the crannies of the TV, and wondered how best to get that dust gone, you need this flexible duster. Bend the duster into the shape you need and it’ll stay that way, effectively getting into the weird crevices and tight corners. The microfiber head is remarkably effective and is machine-washable, too.


These silicone food covers that are better than plastic wrap

Snap these silicone food savers over that cucumber you didn’t finish, the half lemon you want to save for later, or even the half-full cat food can. They are stretchy, seal tight, and save you from using single-use plastics or struggling with irritating plastic wrap.


These mats for an easy-to-clean fridge

Line your fridge shelves with these refrigerator mats to make it easier to clean up spills and sticky spots; they lift right out and rinse off. Or use them to line drawers and cupboards. Choose the clear or multicolored mats to get the look you want. “The glass shelves in my refrigerator are very heavy and almost impossible to get to for cleaning,” said one reviewer. “These make it a breeze to keep my fridge clean and the colors are pretty for an added bonus.”


The solution for curled carpet corners

A rug that curls up and trips you makes your home look sloppy and is likely to take you down when you least expect it. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace the rug. Just attach these rug corner grippers to each of the four corners to hold it down.


The back massage you can do yourself

When your neck is stiff, your hamstrings are sore, or your back aches, you don’t have to rope someone into giving you a back rub, you can do it yourself with this back and neck massager. It looks weird but it is carefully designed to let you access hard-to-reach muscles and apply pressure with the knobs and a bit of leverage.


A better screen door

This screen door is more of a curtain than a door but that’s what makes it so effortless and effective. A row of magnets along the inside seams snap together to keep it closed but are easy to push through when you — or a pet or child — want to go through it. Nearly 52,000 people give it five stars. One fan raves, “I can leave our screen door open during the day and [...] the kitties can come and go as they please but I don't get thousands of bugs on my ceiling.”


This weather proof grill cover

Before the rain hits — or even if it’s sunny — cover your BBQ with this grill cover to protect it from degrading in the elements. The straps keep it from blowing away, vents let air through so it dries out, and two big handles make it easy to lift off when it’s time to grill. It comes in five colors and three sizes.


The claws that turn you into a culinary grizzly

The next time you are faced with a big piece of meat that needs to be lifted or shredded, tap your inner Grizzly bear and don these meat shredding claws. They give you a bear-like grip and claws that are powerful enough to tear through that meal in minutes. “Not only is it great for shredding meat, but it is also great for picking up large pieces of meat,” said one reviewer.


The batter dispenser that makes pancakes easy

Making pancakes is so easy with this batter dispenser that nearly 13,000 people give it five stars. Put the ingredients into the wide end of the bottle. Drop in the whisk ball. Shake it up. And squirt your batter right into the pan. You can store the bottle in the fridge and make more pancakes tomorrow. “Makes it much easier to make animal designs as well!” said one reviewer.


These produce bags that are better than plastic

Pack these reusable mesh produce bags along when you go grocery shopping and you can skip those annoying and wasteful plastic bags in the produce aisle. These 15 bags, in three different sizes, are all easy to open, transparent so they work with the scanning machine, and perfect for storing fresh produce in your fridge.


A scalp massager for relaxing shampoos

Turn every shampoo into a relaxing moment of self-care by lathering up with this scalp massager shampoo brush. It fits neatly in your palm and treats you to a delicious stress-relieving head massage while stimulating blood flow to your scalp for healthier hair. Nearly 66,000 people give it five stars.


This mirror that won’t fog in the shower

The best place to shave — for your skin, razor, and beard — is in the shower. Many other self-care chores are best done in steam or with hot water handy, too. But you need to be able to see in there. This fogless shower mirror lets you see clearly and has a hook to hang your razor. Suction it to the wall and take care of yourself.


A pair of charming ceiling fan pulls

Give your home some simple and fun bling by using these cute, decorative ceiling fan pull chains to turn on lights or fans. The charms tell you which you are turning on or off. They are easy to snap onto a ball chain to extend its length or to add directly to the appliance.


This tool that gets blinds clean

Cleaning your blinds doesn’t have to be as slow and annoying as you think. You just need the right tool. And this window blind cleaner is that tool. Pull one of the five included microfiber cloths over the three fingers of the duster and squeeze it over your blinds. It will clean the top and bottom of two blinds at once. When that cover gets dirty, toss it into the laundry and grab another.


An outlet cover with a built-in light

Easily create functional lighting in key spots in your home with this outlet cover that has a built-in guide light. It’s simple to install and throws light at the ground under each outlet, providing safety lighting and making it easy to find a plug. It comes in four colors.


A 2-sided brush for cleaning your pet

When your dog or cat gets matted fur, you need the right brush to deal with that or it will get worse and result in an expensive trip to the groomer. The bent wires on this flexible slicker brush gently remove tangles, knots, loose fir, and dirt to transform that matted fur ball into a pet that is sleek, groomed, and clean. The two sides make it easy to keep working without letting go of your pet and the handle is comfortable to hold.


This phone mount that works in plane seats

Next time you fly, enjoy an in-flight movie right on your phone by mounting your phone to the back of the tray table where you can see the screen and keep your phone within reach hands-free. It folds up small and also makes a great phone stand or mount on a desk or table.


The shoe deodorizer that works fast

When your shoes start to smell so funky that you are afraid to wear them or take them off in front of people, give them a spray with this peppermint shoe deodorizer. It deals with the smell easily. It also moisturizes your feet and rehydrates dry or cracked skin. “The mint smell doesn't last long but the original bad odor remains gone,” said one reviewer.


These detergent sheets for easier laundry

Skip the huge liquid laundry soap bottle and drop one of these laundry detergent sheets into the machine instead. One sheet will wash an entire load and you can travel with it, carry it easily, and store it for years. They are a terrific option for travel but they make everyday laundry easier, too.


A set of 6 storage cubes bins

Organize everything from toys to clothes with this pack of six foldable storage cubes that are designed to fit in cubbies and on shelves. They come in 10 colors so you can design a look you like. When they are folded, they take up almost no space so you can keep them handy for when you need to put your gear into storage.


The racket that zaps bugs

Clear your space of the insect invasion and have some fun at the same time by using this bug zapper to hunt the pests down. The grid is charged so one touch to the insect takes it down. There’s even a light in the handle to make the quest easy. Meanwhile, you are working on your tennis arm. There are three sizes and nearly 14,000 people give it five stars.


A memory foam knee pillow for side sleepers

Side sleeping is so much more comfortable — easy on your back and knees — with this foam knee pillow tucked between your legs. Unlike a standard pillow, it stays where you want it and elevates your upper leg precisely the right amount. The memory foam is super comfortable and the cooling gel keeps you from overheating.


This easy wireless doorbell

Adding a doorbell or replacing an old one is so easy with this wireless doorbell. Stick the ringer at the entry, plug in the receiver, and you are done. You can choose from 50 chimes and there is even a flashing light option for a silent notification. It comes in nine colors.


A closet organizer for all your shoes and hats

Create storage for shoes, folded sweaters, hats, and accessories in your closet with this 10-shelf closet organizer that hangs from the closet rod. Choose from four colors and three sizes to create exactly the storage you need. The mesh pockets on the side are perfect for wallets and small accessories.


This clever hanger for pants

Create order in your closet and in your life by hanging all your pants or skirts from these pants hangers. They put five garments on one hanger. Create a weekly wardrobe by organizing your bottoms on hangers or simply save space in your closet. It is super easy to load clothes onto them in the horizontal position, then unhook one end and store your wardrobe vertically.


These wall shelves you can use everywhere

Put books wherever you want. Turn a blank wall into a sculpture display. Give your plants the wall space near a window they need. Put a phone charging station right next to your bed. These acrylic floating wall shelves are beautiful and so easy to install that you can put them anywhere and use them to hold, store, or display any small item you like. They come in 15 colors had have wire channels so you can use them for speakers and other electronics.


The easy way to feed plants

This indoor plant food makes it so easy to feed your plants that you won’t procrastinate the chore anymore. Just drop a tablet in a glass of water and water your plant as usual. The food is perfect for a wide variety of plants — from cactus to tropical. “My plants are already loving it,” said one reviewer. “They seem more luscious and healthy!”


A seat cover so your pup can ride shotgun

If your canine companion prefers to ride shotgun but has the bad habit of getting muddy on an outing, this front seat dog cover will make your relationship work. Seat anchors, an elastic belt, and a strap that goes over the headrest keep the cover in place. And it’s waterproof and impenetrable — so your seat will stay clean no matter what your dog does in the woods.


A house for your facial tissue boxes

Turn every tissue box, no matter how plain or gaudy, into a cute house with tissue ‘smoke’ billowing from the chimney by setting this tissue box cover over it and pulling the first tissue through the chimney. “I love everything about it — the white color, the subtle design, and its perfect size!” said one reviewer. “It's just the right amount of kitsch without being too much.”


This ring-toss game people get obsessed over

Mount this ring-toss game to a wall, tree, or fence and you will never want for entertainment when people gather at your home. The game is so simple, it requires no explanation. But it’s so hard that people become quickly obsessed, which makes it a great party game. “My kids are obsessed and everyone that comes to our house wants to try,” said one reviewer.


A tool for picking up hard-to-reach items

When you drop nuts, bolts, or small tools into a dark and hard-to-reach space, this telescoping magnetic pickup tool will get you out of that dilemma in short order. Extend the handle to 22 inches, bend the gooseneck just right, and turn on the light so you can see where you are going. Then reach into that space and let the magnets grab everything you dropped.


These bumpers that silence noisy cupboards

A loud house can jangle your nerves and annoy the neighbors. But it’s easy to fix with these sound-dampening door bumpers. This pack of 100 squishy rubber stoppers sticks easily to the inside of cabinets and drawers so they close silently. They are also handy for creating soft feet for big vases or trays.


A notepad for the shower

When that brilliant idea comes to you in the shower — that’s where they always happen — this waterproof notepad will be there to capture it. It suctions to the wall, doesn’t care if it gets wet, and comes with a pencil that feels the same way about going in the shower. “No more ideas down the drain,” said one reviewer.


A clever place to stash cutting boards

Turn the inside of a cabinet into a storage spot for cutting boards, plastic wrap, or pan lids with this cabinet door organizer that’s sized perfectly for holding flat items without getting in the way of the door. “I love that my cutting boards are not taking any space and it’s easy for me to reach them,” said one reviewer.


These ultra-soft sheets embedded with aloe

These silky soft microfiber bed sheets are infused with aloe vera, which makes them even more deliciously silky and may moisturize and calm your skin. They come in six colors and reviewers say they are “Amazing,” “soft,” “thick,” and “comfortable.”


A bed skirt that makes the room look elegant

Put that finishing touch on your bedroom by adding this pleated microfiber bed skirt to the bed frame. It obscures the stored items and dust bunnies that live under the bed from sight, makes the bed look tailored after you’ve gone to the trouble of making it, and elevates the style of the room. Choose from five colors and five sizes.


These hooks so you have a place to hang bags in the car

Snap these car seat headrest hooks to the posts for your headrest and you will always have a handy place to hang a purse, backpack, or grocery bag in the car. Nothing will spill out or fly around in the car and this solution could not be easier or more affordable. This is a pack of four hooks.


A set of drawer organizers to hold all your things

Keep your drawers tidy and keep better track of what’s in there with this set of 20 drawer organizers. They add a punch of color to your setup and the set comes with trays in four different sizes and three colors so you can even go organization-wild with the color-coding.


This hack for carrying wires without tangles

Your earbuds will never come out of your bag a tangled mess that you have to stop and detangle if you snap them into this earbud holder before you put them away. It has slots to make wrapping wires fast and easy and snaps closed to keep them wrapped. It comes in 16 colors.


The tool that gets electronics clean

Getting crud and grime out of the tiny crevices in your phone, keyboard, and other electronic calls for a gentle and precise tool. Enter this electronic cleaning brush. With soft retractable silicone bristles on one end and a slim wiper — with a cap cover — on the other, it reaches in and gently removes whatever is jamming up the works.


This light bulb you can control with your voice

Change a light bulb. Change your decor. If you screw in this smart light bulb, and connect it to your phone or Alexa, you can change the brightness and color of your room’s lighting with a few carefully chosen words or a tap on your phone. “It's really cool how amazingly it is to set up and use,” said one reviewer. “All the other bulbs I own I first have to download the app then [set up an account online.] But this one... all you do is... plug it in you’re done! Awesome!”


This trick for turning a huge soap bottle into a dispenser

Go ahead and buy the giant, unwieldy laundry soap bottle. Then set it on this laundry soap station and turn it into a dispenser. A strap holds the bottle in place, at exactly the right angle for pouring, and rubber feet keep the rig from moving around. That big bottle is now so easy to deal with. Just set a cup under the spout and press the button.


This stone for cleaning your grill

Get your grill brand-new clean with this stone grill cleaner. It won’t leave dangerous metal bristles behind and it gets the grill ultra-clean super fast. Just scrub with the nontoxic stone and wipe the grates clean. “I was [...] pleasantly surprised by the amazing job this did so quickly and with so little effort!!” said one reviewer.


These double shower rings for 2 shower curtains

Hang a decorative shower curtain and a shower liner at the same time with these double shower rings. You won’t have to disassemble the whole system to wash the liner because it hangs from its own hooks. The balls make it all slide easily along the shower rod and the rings come in five finishes.


A scented gel for cleaning your car

Cleaning your car’s interior doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. This cleaning gel makes it fun — like playing with slime. The gel is squishy and satisfying to handle as you press it into crevices. When you pull it out, it brings all the dirt, dust, and crud with it. Choose a color and a scent and make car detailing a sensory experience.


This sun lamp that cheers you up

Spending too much time in the dark — either because it’s too hot out or because the sun is never up when you are — can seriously affect your mood. This therapy sun lamp lets you bathe in a cheerful light spectrum to boost your mood whenever you want. “This is small enough to fit on my desk and my energy has really increased since I've been using it,” wrote one reviewer.


These tablets for cleaning your water bottle

If your strategy for dealing with a water bottle that has gotten too gross to drink out of is to give up on it, there's a better way. Drop one of these water bottle cleaning tablets into it. Then wait 20 minutes while it does all the work. Shake it, rinse it, and enjoy a clean bottle. It’s made from a nontoxic citric acid so your water is perfectly safe.


The smart way to hang bananas

Bananas are happiest when hanging in a tree. You are happiest when your bananas ripen evenly instead of rotting randomly. This banana hook hanger makes you and your bananas happy by creating an easy place in the kitchen where bananas can hang to ripen perfectly. Just screw the hook under a cabinet. When there are no bananas, it retracts to lie flat and out of sight.