According to shopping editors, these are the most amazing finds under $35 on Amazon

Editors who shop for a living agree: these are gems.

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Some people hunt for buried treasure. Some people seek true love. Me? I love to search for bargains. Some people find that shopping on a budget can feel limiting, but thanks to the power of the internet, it just isn’t so. Whatever the occasion, there are a ton of affordable Amazon products — including many that cost less than $35. To help locate your new favorites, the commerce editors of Bustle Digital Group shared some of the most amazing products they’ve found yet.

From new shelves for the kitchen to futuristic gadgets and gizmos for your front door to decorative planters that bring some sparkle and joy to your household, this list has something for everyone.


This battery-operated portable fan that delivers instant cooling relief

This desktop fan is small but mighty. The blades may measure only 10 inches, but don’t let its compact size fool you; it has two settings that refresh the air with minimal noise. It’s durably crafted and has an adjustable base that allows you to tilt it to any angle for optimum airflow. It can run off AC power with the included adapter or work off six D-cell batteries, making it a great option for emergencies.


These scented shower steamers that make you feel like you’re at a spa

Place one of these shower fizzies in the corner of your shower and enjoy the spa-like experience of aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home. Made with natural essential oils, they come in six refreshing scents designed to help you relax and unwind. Beautifully decorated with real flower petals, they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Whether treating yourself or getting them as a gift for a loved one, they can help you relax and enjoy your shower time even more.


A natural deodorant with prebiotics

Formulated with deodorizing prebiotics, this body spray its made with natural, nontoxic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients that won’t stain your clothing. According to many of its reviewers, who gave it a 4.3-star rating, this pick checks off the most important box when it comes to natural deodorants: it’s actually effective. Choose from a number of different scents and sizes.


This compact security camera with over 100,000 five-star reviews

The saying “good things come in small packages” has never been more accurate than with this compact security camera. It has 1080P HD resolution, motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio, so you can see, hear and speak to people and pets in your home even when you’re not there. It pairs with Alexa, can be easily set up in minutes, and sends alerts when motion is detected to your smartphone.


A futuristic cordless table lamp for home office functionality & style

This rechargeable cordless table lamp is chic enough to adorn any modern desk yet is lightweight and conveniently portable enough to take outside for use as a dinner light or even a lantern while camping. Its lithium battery supplies up to 48 hours of battery life on a single charge, and it has three brightness levels, adjustable with a simple touch. It comes in gold, brown, and silver finishes.


This ergonomic laptop stand that steps up your WFH game

Avoid posture troubles and make space on your desktop with this laptop stand. Its elegant and simple design features an aluminum plate that allows your device to vent heat, and dual adjustable shafts raise your laptop to the ideal viewing level. It can hold up to 22 pounds, is compatible with computers that measure up to 17 inches, and comes in four stylish colors.


An insulated mug from a trusted brand

This double-wall, vacuum-insulated mug protects your hands from hot (or cold) contents while keeping your beverage cozily insulated. Magnets built into the lid add a layer of protection, and this 14-ounce mug is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and comes in 25 bright, colorful options.


This teeny power bank that packs a punch

Ensure your phone stays charged on the go with this mini power bank. It has dual USB-A and Type-C ports, making it compatible with all brands of mobile devices. It has built-in safeguards to prevent overheating and a convenient LED display communicating the available power. Small enough to fit into pretty much any pocket, it comes in chic black or elegant white.


These magnetic spice racks that can clear precious counter space

Keeping your counter clear of clutter is a piece of cake with these magnetic spice racks. Perfect for small kitchens, they cling soundly to the side of metal appliances such as your fridge, microwave, dishwasher, stove, or washer and dryer. Capable of holding up to 6 pounds, the shelves are supported by super-strong magnets that won’t budge when accidentally jostled, and the sleek metal finish comes in four color options that are easy to clean.


A pair of soft slippers that put you on cloud nine

The recessed design of these pillow slides perfectly wraps around your feet, making them ergonomic, comfortable, and soft. They have an extra-thick sole, and the surface of the slipper has a raised-diamond pattern that serves double duty massaging your feet while also making the soles anti-slip. Quick-drying and lightweight, they’re waterproof, washable, and come in 19 delightful colors.


This reusable pet hair remover with a cult following

Don’t accidentally wear your cat to your next job interview; guarantee you’ll look professional and fur-free by using this viral pet hair remover. This product works like a charm — just 15 seconds of use eliminated a lap full of dog hair from my favorite black pants. There’s no sticky tape or residue to fuss with; it collects pet hair and lint off your clothes without snagging fabric and stores it in an easily popped-open chamber for disposal. There’s a good reason why it boasts more than 100,000 five-star reviews.


A personal single-serve blender that limits washing up

Save yourself time, clean up, and storage by using this personal blender for all your smoothies, shakes, and juices. Its heavy-duty, stainless steel blades can quickly crush ice, fruits, and veggies, and a specially designed lid slides open quickly so you can drink straight from the jar. It has a capacity of up to two cups and works simply with one touch of a button.


This colorful microwave popcorn bowl for movie nights at home

Bring the best part of going to the movies — fresh popcorn— to your home with this microwave popcorn bowl. It comes in 20 fun colors, can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn, and yet can collapse down for easy storage. In addition, it’s made of BPA-free and PVC-free silicone, so it’s nonstick, shatterproof, heat-resistant, and dishwasher-safe.


These deceptively strong reusable grocery bags

Just one of these reusable grocery bags can replace up to six regular plastic shopping bags, so they’re a great way to get all your groceries to the house in fewer trips while lessening your environmental impact. The reinforced bottoms can hold up to 65 pounds each and they come in a pack of three. They have rigid walls that ensure they won’t collapse, staying upright, so they won’t tip and spill over, making unpacking easy.


A first aid kit that contains every necessity under the sun

Accidents happen, and it pays to be prepared for when they do. This first aid kit has all the essentials in one mini bag, packed with 66 must-have pieces of hospital-grade medical gear. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and has an integrated carabiner, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. The bag is made from durable, water-resistant nylon, so your medical supplies stay safe and dry.


This milk frother that elevates your home-brewed coffee

Save time and money, not to mention the hassle of dealing with snarky baristas and overpriced cappuccinos, by frothing your coffee at home with this milk frother. The battery-operated motor spins at a wild 19,000 rpm, creating a rich, creamy foam like the pros. It has an ergonomic handle, is super easy to use, and comes with a stainless steel stand.


These transparent shields that protect your couch from wayward claws

If your kitty uses your sofa as a scratching post, you need these protective shields. They’re thick and durable enough to withstand claws while still being flexible enough to cover your sofa and transparent so that they blend in without ruining your aesthetic. They’re easy to attach instantly with their long-lasting adhesive, or you can use the included twist pins for extra security.


A set of unbreakable wine glasses perfect for al fresco dining

Classic wine glasses are elegant and beautiful but break easily (which is especially risky if you’re throwing an outdoor party). These wine glasses are made of premium-grade stainless steel, so they’re shatterproof and dent-resistant; plus, they help your beverage retain the optimum temperature. They come in a set of four, with each cup holding 18 ounces. There are 27 fun colors available, making them excellent for any occasion.


This weatherproof wireless doorbell set with a range of 1000 feet

Never miss the chance to sign for your package ever again with this wireless doorbell system. It has an operating range of up to 1000 feet, four adjustable volumes, and over 50 customizable chimes from which to choose. It’s incredibly easy to install and is waterproof and weatherproof.


A dog car seat cover that protects your backseat from mud & slobber

Your dog wants to go to the beach, but you just cleaned your car; what do you do? Indulge your doggo, of course, with zero concern for your vehicle's interior because you have this car seat cover. It has a nonslip backing, clips, and buckles to keep it in place, while four layers of impenetrable fabric make it resistant to water, mud, and dirt. It's durable enough to stand up to sharp claws, and it's compatible with any car or SUV.


An insulated water bottle that keeps your beverages the perfect temperature

Double-walled and triple-insulated, this water bottle can keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. It comes with three different lids; one for hot drinks, one with a straw for sipping cold drinks, and a removable lid perfect for drinks containing ice or fruit. The bottle is leakproof and shatterproof, making it a great option for taking on adventures, and it comes in 18 colors.


These honeycomb floating shelves for elegant displays

This set of three floating shelves is oh-so-charming and easy to install, and they come with all the necessary hardware for you to mount them in any room. Lightweight and durable, they can hold up to 13 pounds, making them a lovely and stylish way to display your favorite knick-knacks, photos, plants, and more.


An inverted umbrella that prevents drips from dampening your day

The brilliant, reverse-fold technology of this inverted umbrella makes it wind-resistant and ensures that as you fold it closed, all the wet drips on its surface remain in your control. It has a water-resistant double layer, an easy-to-carry C-shaped and rustproof handle, and break-resistant fiberglass ribs. It comes in seven gorgeous bright colors that will bring a pop of brightness to any gloomy, rainy day.


This shoe cleaner that is safe to use on suede

Whether you’re a true sneakerhead or have boots in dire need of a wash, this shoe cleaner concentrate is perfect for getting the grime out of all washable shoe materials. Its non-toxic combination of saddle soap, gentle oils, and conditioners has been around since 1985, and because it’s a concentrate, a little will go a long way, with one bottle capable of lasting years.


A hanging rack that can hold brooms, mops, & tools out of the way

You’re trying to organize the broom cupboard, not play a game of pick-up sticks. So keep cleaning supplies off the ground and out of the way with this wall-mounted broom holder. It has five slots and six hooks, with a 35-pound holding capacity, making it strong enough to contain everything from brooms to umbrellas to gardening tools.


This car seat organizer that keeps chaos in check

Keep car chaos to a minimum with this backseat organizer. It has 12 versatile storage compartments, giving you plenty of space to hold snacks, toys, drinks, books, and any other vehicle accessories necessary to keep the family happy while on the road. It even features a specific tablet-holding pocket, complete with a protective screen.


An expandable bamboo drawer organizer for instant organization

Prevent your drawers from getting jammed by a rogue spatula — keep everything nicely organized and in its place with this premium bamboo drawer organizer. Its expandable design offers up to nine separate compartments, with some extra-long options perfect for your larger, more clunky serving utensils. Its bamboo wood design is not only pretty but also water-resistant, making it easy to clean.


A pack of reusable Swedish dishcloths that will save you so much money

Unlike disposable paper towels, these Swedish dishcloths can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid without tearing, plus they can be squeezed out, washed, and reused up to 100 times. They’re safe to use on practically any surface, are fast-drying and odor-resistant, and come in a colorful pack of ten.


This funky disco ball planter that provides a dazzling light show on walls

Whether you’re a true disco fan with a lingering case of Saturday night fever or a plant lover who wants to bring a little sparkle to your home, this disco ball planter is a beautifully groovy addition to any household. It has a sturdy 18-inch chain and hook or a 39-inch macrame rope, so you can easily hang it for optimum sparkle. You can get it in the classic mirrored silver, or there are gold and rose gold options.


An easy-to-install bidet to transform your bathroom experience

Treat your tushy, bathe your bum, and delight your derriere with this bidet attachment. It’s easy to install, requires no special tools, and has all the necessary accessories to get it up and running in just minutes. It features an adjustable and retractable spray nozzle that ensures you get the perfect angle every time.


This Wi-Fi extender that gives your internet a boost

This compact Wi-Fi extender can boost your internet Wi-Fi coverage up to 800 feet, so you can Google from your bathroom, stream competitive cooking shows in the kitchen, or upload photos from the backyard without worrying about losing coverage. It is universally compatible with any Wi-Fi router, gateway, or access point, is super easy to set up, and can be managed from your phone.


A toothbrush holder that organizes everything in your nighttime routine

Calling this product a wall-mounted toothbrush holder doesn’t do it justice because it is so much more; it’s a complete bathroom vanity organizer. It holds two magnetic mouthwash cups and has an automatic toothpaste dispenser, room for six toothbrushes, and plenty of storage to hold combs, soap, razors, lotions, and more.


This cooling LED clock fan that you can charge via USB

This nifty clock fan tells the time and keeps you cool (at the same time). A combination of magic and science makes the clock appear on the fan's blades with LEDs, and the blades themselves are made of soft rubber, so they won't hurt you if you brush against them. It's USB powered, making it a great gaming accessory; just slide it into your laptop's USB port and gently adjust the flexible gooseneck into whatever position you need for a cool breeze.


A personal safety alarm for deterring attackers

This personal safety alarm is designed to deter attackers by creating a loud diversion that draws attention. Unlike pepper spray or tasers, it can travel with you, appearing to be a bright, colorful, harmless keychain. It’s easy to activate — pull the alarm, removing the top pin. Replacing the pin will deactivate the alarm, and the replaceable batteries provide 40 minutes of continuous noise.


This smart dimmer switch that lets you control your lights from your phone

If you want a smart home with voice-activated lights and the ability to control electronics from a distance through your phone, you need this smart dimmer switch. It works with both Alexa and Google Home and allows you to also set schedules and timers so that your lights go on and off at your command — which means no more leaving lights on all night and running up the electricity bill. This best-selling pick boasts more than 27,000 reviews and a high 4.6-star rating.


A handheld vacuum cleaner for life’s little messes

Your keyboard is a graveyard of crumbs, dust, and who knows what else. Keep it clean with this adorable keyboard vacuum cleaner. This chic, palm-sized little device is capable of 12,000 RPMs of suction and works on both hard surfaces and upholstered fabric, so it’s perfect for picking up spilled makeup powder, food crumbs, flower petals, or pencil and eraser shavings.


These color-changing vanity string lights that are super stylish

Use these string vanity lights to turn any mirror into the Hollywood star vanity of your dreams. It consists of 14 bulbs that can be powered by a USB plug, and they have multiple dimmable brightness levels and color options. The set comes with easy-to-use 3M adhesive; just peel off the sticky backing and apply them.


This pour-over coffee maker that delivers a delicious brew

Brew the perfect cup of coffee in just minutes with this pour-over coffee maker. It has a stainless steel laser-cut mesh filter, which saves money on paper filters and lowers your impact on the environment at the same time. The carafe is crafted from heat-resistant glass and has a cool-touch grip and insulated collar, so you can handle it easily and get a delicious cup of Joe every time.


A mirror that won’t fog up in the shower

Shaving in the shower solves many issues; no beard trimmings are left on the sink vanity, and the steam and heat open your pores so you can achieve a closer shave. This shower mirror quickly and easily installs with a powerful suction cup, and it has an anti-fog coating that keeps it clear even in the steamiest of showers. It even comes with a handy hook for razor storage.


This meat thermometer that’s accurate within a degree

Don’t risk overcooking chicken or ruining expensive cuts of steak and pork — make sure your kitchen has a meat thermometer like this one. This handy device has a large, easy-to-see backlit LED display and an internal magnet so you can hang it on the fridge, stove, or grill. It can toggle easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius and comes in three colors.


A claw-some spoon holder to keep counters clean

If splatter from dirty wooden spoons makes you crabby while you cook, it’s a sign you need this adorable little silicone utensil rest. Made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone, this little crab perches on the side of your pot and holds your spatula or spoon in its helpful little claws. It’s also heat-resistant and can keep pot lids cracked open for steam release.


This stain treater that works magic on stubborn spots

Mess is part of life, but you don’t have to wear those stains as a badge of honor — wash them out quickly and effectively with this stain treater. It works fast on clothing, linens, upholstery, and carpets and is safer-choice certified. Its biodegradable formula is free from harmful chemicals and dyes and it comes in a pack of two for just $15.


A Bluetooth tracker that will help you find your keys

If you’re constantly misplacing your keys or searching for where you last put down your backpack, you need this Tile Bluetooth tracker. Simply attach it to your key ring, bag, or even your dog’s collar and connect it to the free app to keep track of their latest location. It’s compatible with smart home devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, Xfinity, and Siri, and the battery lasts a year.


An essential oil diffuser that doubles as a night light

This essential oil diffuser may be small, but it is powerful. Over 80,000 reviewers rated it five stars, with one reviewer raving, It's easy to fill every morning, and [...] it will last the whole workday.” It features mood lighting with eight soothing color options, and the light can be switched from dim to bright.


This fitness tracker that does it all

James Bond, eat your heart out; this fitness tracker acts as a watch, sleep monitor, calorie tracker, heart rate monitor, alarm clock, stress tracker, phone camera remote control, and more. It even connects to Alexa, so you can ask your smart assist questions and receive notifications. Plus, it can last 15 days without a recharge and is water resistant, so whether you’re simply snorkeling on vacation or infiltrating a villain’s tropical island lair, this handy gadget has you covered.


A self-wringing mop & bucket for easy clean-ups

Dirty floors? Wring your mop, not your hands, with this spin mop that keeps splash and spray inside the bucket and off your floors. The head is designed to get into tricky corners and is equipped with advanced microfiber strands that effectively trap dirt with just plain water, so there’s no need for harsh chemicals. The telescopic handle extends up to 48 inches so that you can reach all of those hard-to-clean spots.


This universally compatible Bluetooth shower speaker

Singing in the shower never sounded so good; this Bluetooth speaker is universally compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled media devices, so you can get down as you soap up. It has a rechargeable battery that provides up to six hours of playback time, and it even features a built-in microphone so you can take any phone calls that interrupt your playlist. A suction cup adheres it to your shower wall, and it is (of course) water-resistant.


A weighted blanket that soothes you to sleep

If you’ve tried weighted comforters before and found them to be soothing, but too hot, give this weighted blanket a chance: it’s made of beautifully breathable cotton, so it helps maintain a consistent temperature year-round. Fine box stitching keeps the weighted beads inside evenly distributed, so you have soothing, even pressure every night, and it’s machine-washable.


This sturdy hammock that can support up to 500 pounds

Lightweight and packable, this camping hammock can support up to 500 pounds while only weighing two. It has a built-in storage bag, two D-shaped carabiners, and tree-friendly straps that measure 10 feet long. Crafted from parachute fabric, the material is strong, tear-resistant, and breathable for hot summer days.


A set of packing cubes with 16,000 five-star reviews

Mary Poppins had a magic purse; you have these packing cubes to help you pack more in less space. Made with snag-free zippers and waterproof easy-to-clean material, these packing cubes will last for years. No more digging around in the corner of your suitcase trying to find an item; you can keep all your things neatly organized wherever you go.