Amazon keeps selling out of these clever things that make your home look more expensive

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ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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Who doesn’t want to improve the look of their home and make a first impression that really sticks? Thankfully, you don’t need to run all over town to accomplish this, because there’s one place that truly has it all. However, you’ll want to step on it, because Amazon keeps selling out of these clever things that make your home look more expensive, from stylish wainscot wall panels to peel-and-stick geometric wallpaper in glamorous gold. Don’t wait to hit “add to cart” before these beautifying gems disappear.


These rug corner grippers that keep carpets flat & in place

Rugs that keep sliding around and curl up at the corners not only make your place look less chic but also are a definite hazard. These rug corner grippers come in a V-shape that attaches to those corners using self-adhesive and grips the floor with its gel material, causing rugs to lay flat and remain in place. Each gripper also has a foam tip that allows you to lift rug corners in order to clean underneath.


A stylish kitchen mat that absorbs stains & spills

This incredibly stylish kitchen mat can absorb all manner of stains and spills, from tomato sauce to olive oil. Featuring elegant edges and a nonslip rubber backing that keeps it in place, it can be conveniently cleaned in the washing machine or run down with a vacuum. It’s available in four sizes and three colors: beige, dark gray, and gray.


An ultra-absorbent bath mat that sucks up water in seconds

Made with soft faux suede atop a nonslip rubber backing, this magical bath mat sucks up dripping water in a matter of seconds, and dries completely in minutes — goodbye soggy bath rugs. The unique surface won’t pill or shed, and the mat is thin so shouldn’t catch on any doors. To clean, simply wipe down or rinse in the shower. Choose from 11 colors and seven sizes.


These solar deck lights that provide modern outdoor lighting

It’s amazing how far a touch of outdoor lighting can go in terms of making a space feel magical. These solar deck lights do just that by casting a warm white light that illuminates fences, stairs, decks, or garden pathways. Each set comes with 16 lights that mount using the provided screws and only require four to five hours in full sunshine to glow all night long.


This solar address sign with 3 lighting modes

This solar address sign charges by day to light up clearly at night — meaning dinner party guests will have no trouble finding your place. You have the choice between three lighting modes at different temperatures (warm white, cool white, and bright white) and the ability to mount it to the wall or attach it to the included stake to place in the ground. Plus, there are fun customizable stickers included to make your address really stand out.


These sleek cabinet pulls that instantly update cabinetry

There’s a simple way to modernize kitchen cabinets without having to do major renovations and it comes in the form of these highly rated cabinet pulls. Comfortable in the hand measuring 5 inches across, they sport a versatile aesthetic that ranges from modern farmhouse to industrial chic. They’re available in three finishes (matte black, brushed brass, and satin nickel) to suit your existing palette and will be sure to last, being made of durable stainless steel.


These magnetic garage door accents with over 22,000 5-star reviews

These popular magnetic garage door accents come highly rated with tons of five-star reviews and are a no-brainer when it comes to giving your home an expensive look. They come in a set that includes two handles and four hinges that attach effortlessly to metal garage doors. Strong enough to last throughout each season, they promise to not fade due to their UV-resistant material.


The absorbent Swedish dishcloths that you can keep reusing

Instead of cluttering your counter with paper towel rolls, switch to these Swedish dishcloths that you can use over and over again. Each one is made with cotton and cellulose that softens when wet, so you can clean and absorb a variety of kitchen spills. They’re also machine washable, and one dishcloth is equivalent to 15 paper towels.


This adjustable organizer for plastic wrap, aluminum foil & plastic bags

Use this adjustable stand to hold boxes of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and plastic baggies — it’ll keep everything more organized. The eight wire holders are adjustable (and can be moved around without the use of tools) to accommodate various sizes and shapes of boxes. A built-in handle allows you to pull it out for access if needed.


A pack of velvet hangers that give your closet a uniform look

If your closet is a jumble of different hangers, these well-reviewed velvet hangers will make a world of difference. They come in packs of 30, 50, and 100 to give every closet in the house a uniform look, with their nonslip velvet texture additionally helping to keep clothing from falling to the floor. Choose from six colors, including ivory, black, and gray.


This bag storage organizer that saves space in your kitchen drawer

Make room in your kitchen drawer with this bag storage organizer. It comes with 21 labels that make it easy to differentiate between gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack-size bags. The bamboo wood is available in seven different shades ranging from natural to grey, black, and white.


The sleek, customizable door draft stoppers with over 15,000 5-star ratings

Instead of DIY-ing a door draft stopper, you can easily customize one of these and adhere it to the bottom of your door. Each one is designed to keep the cold weather out (or the heat in, depending on the season) — and it’s even noise-proof to a certain degree. Plus, the pack is available in four colors you can match with your interior paint.


These cord organizers that keep appliance cables neatly stored

Attach these small but effective cord organizers to your individual appliances such as stand-up mixers, electric kettles, or crock pots to keep those cables tidy and out of the way. They use sticky self-adhesive to attach and feature slightly flexible sides as well as a slot in the middle to secure the plug end.


The Velcro handle covers to keep your fridge looking like new

These door handle covers — which can be used on fridge handles, oven handles, and more — are designed to help prevent fingerprints and food stains. Two arrive in each pack, and both have Velcro linings that keep them secure. Plus, they’re machine washable and available in four colors.


An elegant diffuser set that includes dried flowers

Add decor and the soft scent of vanilla to your home with this beautiful diffuser set that comes with an elegant glass bottle, cotton reeds, and even white and blue dried baby’s breath. In addition to cashmere vanilla, it’s available in over 15 other scents such as oud bergamot, sandalwood rose, and chamomile verbena. Use more or fewer reeds depending on how strong you’d like the fragrance which will last for up to 90 days as the reeds diffuse the scent gently into the air.


This wireless charger that’s compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone

Regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone, this wireless charger will work with any smartphone that’s Qi-enabled. Four upgraded charging modes allow it to power up your phone quicker than regular USB bricks. And unlike some wireless chargers, this one doesn’t have an annoying LED light, so there’s no need to worry about it bothering you when trying to fall asleep at night.


A bamboo bath tray with a built-in place for your tablet & glass of wine

Things don’t get much more relaxing than bathing accompanied by this bamboo bath tray. It expands to fit your tub’s dimensions and is designed with secure places for your tablet and even your glass of wine or bubbly. Keep your phone in the built-in holder and your soap or candle at hand within the included soap tray.


This bidet attachment that’s a budget-friendly bathroom luxury

Make trips to the bathroom that much more luxurious with this bidet attachment that costs under $35. It installs easily to any standard toilet and includes the ability to both adjust water pressure and nozzle angle for a comfortably refreshing and cleansing experience. Plus, its small footprint means it won’t take up tons of precious bathroom real estate.


A set of mini faux potted plants that add lushness to your home

Clearly popular with over 12,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, these mini faux potted plants will give your place an instantly more verdant and put-together look. The set includes three authentic-looking eucalyptus plants, and their pots feature a faux concrete finish that will look great anywhere around the house from the living room to the kitchen to the bathroom, with no maintenance required.


This ridiculously soft throw blanket that’s reversible

Drape this super-soft throw blanket over your sofa or bed to make spaces feel inviting and stylish at the same time. The highly rated throw is reversible with one side featuring your choice of either faux fur, silky velvet, or shag, and the other side a plush sherpa. Choose from five sizes and over 40 colors ranging from ivory (pictured here) to dusty rose to slate blue.


This under-sink organizer with a narrow footprint

Transform that messy cabinet area beneath the sink into a place so organized you’d show it off to your friends by using this under-sink organizer. Made of a combination of steel and sturdy plastic, it’s designed with narrow dimensions to accommodate the sink’s pipes and includes two tiers. As a bonus, the bottom shelf can be pulled out to more easily access the cleaning supplies stored there.


A toothbrush holder with room for all your bathroom supplies

This toothbrush holder mounts to the wall using strong self-adhesive and can store multiple toothbrushes in addition to plenty of other bathroom supplies. A built-in compartment and top shelf are great for storing cleansers, lotions, hairbrushes, and hair ties, and there’s even room for two cups to store magnetically upside down. The toothpaste dispenser acts as one more clever feature to help keep your bathroom countertop sparkling.


These waterproof liners that help keep your fridge clean

Wiping up spills in your fridge can be a real pain, which is part of the reason why I’m a fan of these liners. Their waterproof surface makes it easy to wipe them clean using a simple damp rag — and since they’re transparent, there’s a good chance you’ll forget they’re even there. The best part? You can trim them to fit smaller shelves as needed.


A set of picture frames for a budget-friendly gallery wall

Create a bonafide gallery wall with only a $34 investment when you opt for this set of picture frames. The set comes with 10 frames in three different sizes that can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Choose from four available colors to match your existing decor: natural, white, black, and rustic brown.


This silicone tub drain protector to prevent clogs

Place this silicone drain protector inside your tub’s drain (it’ll fit most standard ones without problem) to catch hair and other debris, preventing costly clogs. Then, pull it out and wipe it clean whenever needed. The drain protector won’t disrupt the flow of water. Various colors can be bought in the listing.


A stylish sink caddy with space for sponges, scrubbers, & more

Not only does this caddy have multiple compartments where you can store your kitchen scrubbers, but a drainage hole on the bottom also helps them dry out, making it less likely that they’ll develop mildew. The best part? There’s even a built-in pump dispenser bottle where you can add dish soap. Choose from two colors: faux white marble or faux black marble.


These nesting stainless steel mixing bowls with airtight lids

Looking for a matching mixing bowl set? This collection of stainless steel nesting bowls is perfect because each one comes with an airtight lid that you can utilize in between cooking sessions to help keep leftovers fresh. Plus, they’re freezer-, refrigerator-, and dishwasher-safe.


An under-bed storage bag that declutters closet spaces

There’s nothing like a pristinely organized closet to make a space feel chic, and that’s just what this under-bed storage bag accomplishes. It provides you with ample space to store away all those bulky items like comforters, coats, and blankets, thus freeing up tons of room in the closet while fitting neatly under the bed. A large transparent plastic window allows you to easily view the contents and sturdy handles help you remove the bag with ease.


These stackable shoe organizers designed to store larger pairs

For those with a collection ranging from high tops to high heels, these stylish shoe organizers are the answer. They’re designed to be extra-wide and higher than normal to fit all shoe models and stack securely using special locking tabs. Available in several colors such as black, pink, and blue, they come in a set of 12 and assemble easily and quickly, even including a ventilated back panel to keep air flowing.


A set of cotton rope baskets for organizing miscellaneous items

These cotton rope baskets do double duty in their ability to contain lots of miscellaneous clutter while looking extremely stylish at the same time. Three large baskets come in a set, each made of 100% cotton with handles on either end. Faux leather handle covers are also included as an additional styling detail and there are even customizable label clips.


This genius outlet extender with a slim plug to fit anywhere

This outlet extender has a few things going to it that makes it just so handy. First of all, the plug is essentially flush with the wall, so it not only conceals outlets but it can also be used to fit behind furniture. Secondly, the AC outlet has a 3-foot long cord and three ports, which gives you more space for charging your electronics.


These cozy backlit night-lights with motion sensor

These night-lights have an opaque plastic front and lights in the back for a cozy look that is so elevated. Not only is the lighting itself rather luxe, but these lights have motion sensor capabilities or can be set to automatically turn on at dusk, which is super impressive for guests.


A melting dome for evenly cooked meals

Once you begin using this melting dome, you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it. It will immediately become a grill essential because of its ability to ensure that each piece of meat is evenly cooked. It will also add a more smokey flavor since all will be trapped underneath and melt cheese faster than you’ve ever seen so that you can begin enjoying your meal in no time.


This paper towel holder that’s sleek yet functional

For a piece of kitchen hardware that gets the job done in a sleek, sophisticated way, look no further than this towel paper holder. It mounts to the underside of your cabinet using the included self-adhesive and keeps your paper towels handy while seamlessly fitting in with your existing decor. Made of sturdy aluminum alloy, it comes in a black, gold, or white finish.


A wall-mountable holder for extra grocery bags

Mount this stainless steel bag saver on any wall or inside a cabinet, then fill it with extra grocery bags post-shopping trips. The holder can accommodate up to 18 bags at a time and the sizable opening in front allows you to pull one out whenever needed. Hang this pick with adhesive or screws, both of which are included.


A stainless steel cleaner that will make your appliances look shiny & new

One of the most impressive things you can do is keep a clean home, and this stainless steel cleaner kit will make your stove, sink, and fridge absolutely sparkle. Just spritz the cleaner onto the included microfiber cloth for a cleaner look. The spray will then prevent future smudges and fingerprints, elongating that expensive look.


A spa-worthy rainfall shower head with nearly 10,000 5-star ratings

A rainfall shower head is one of the most luxurious upgrades you can make in the bathroom, and this one doesn’t fall short on the water pressure, either. The brand claims that the 90 different jets won’t get clogged, either, so this expensive looking and feeling tub accessory will last a long time with little maintenance.


This all-in-one small hole repair tool that reviewers love

Holes and nicks in your walls are one of the biggest home eyesores, but this repair spackle will help you to repair them in minutes with no additional tools needed. Inside, there’s a crack- and shrink-free spackle that’s infused with a primer to get you ready to paint. One end of the easy-to-squeeze tube acts as a putty knife, while the cap is a handy sander to get the job done ASAP. It’s no wonder why this has over 19,000 five-star reviews.


A dripless honey dispenser with a trigger release

This functional yet stylish honey dispenser will elevate any brunch table with its elegant honeycomb shape and mess-free delivery of syrupy sweets. Depress the handle to start the flow of honey and release the handle to instantly stop that flow, creating a dripless, airtight seal. Place the glass dispenser in the included stand to neatly stow away.


These best-selling storage jars that’ll organize all of your bathroom must-haves

When it comes to organizing your bathroom or makeup vanity, make sure these best-selling storage jars are at the top of your list. Perfect for strong cotton swabs, floss picks and so much more, each container comes with a lid. The clear design makes it easy to see what’s inside especially when it’s time for a refill. Over 32,000 Amazon customers gave them a five-star review.


These stackable clear bins to organize fridges & pantries

There’s nothing as impressive as an incredibly tidy pantry or neatly organized refrigerator. Achieve that easily with just one purchase of these stackable clear bins that clock in under $35. They come in a set of eight and are constructed of clear, shatterproof, BPA-free plastic with two sizes provided. Helpful handles on either side make it easy to retrieve that delicious produce or those crucial condiments.


These skinny can organizers that can open up *so* much storage space

Placing your cans upright on shelves takes up a ton of room — instead, store them inside of these organizers. Not only do they help maximize your storage space, but they’re also wide enough to fit any can up to 6 inches tall. Plus, the sturdy plastic frame is shatter-resistant.


These matching airtight food containers with easy-to-use chalkboard labels

These food storage containers are an easy and effective way to tidy up your pantry, thanks to their clear, BPA-free plastic material, same-size lids that make them stackable, and chalkboard labels that you can date and change with ease. These containers don’t just look good, the lids are airtight to keep your food fresher for longer.


The over-the-sink dish rack that can hold up to 33 pounds

Don’t have a ton of counter space in your kitchen? Consider saving some space by throwing out that bulky dish rack in favor of this over-the-sink version. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel that can easily hold up to 33 pounds — and since all those water droplets fall right back into your sink, there’s no need to clean a grimy drip tray.


A set of durable & clear drawer organizers with a near-perfect rating

Whether you want to organize your makeup, office supplies, or cooking utensils, these clear, BPA-free plastic organizers will get the job done and impress anyone who opens your drawers. This set of six comes in three different sizes, so you can mix and match them as needed. These are a simple yet effective organizing solution, which is why they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


This set of dishwasher-safe cutting boards with a 4.7-star rating

Toss your worn and dingy cutting boards and replace them with this set of three plastic cutting boards that feature nonslip edges and grooves to catch juices. The set comes with a small, medium, and large board, it’s available in several colors in the listing and everything is dishwasher safe, too.


These sleek cocktail glasses that are supremely budget-friendly

From martinis to margaritas, serving drinks in these cocktail glasses is a stylish way to take any home happy hour to the next level. They’re made from sleek, lead-free glass, with a weighted base that helps keep them from tipping over. Plus, the thin rims allow for easy sipping.


A 2-pack of handy turntables that are made of stylish acacia wood

These lazy Susan turntables are beyond useful. You can keep them in your pantry or on your dining room table for condiments and spices, put them on your coffee bar for various syrups, or put them on your bathroom counter for hair and skincare supplies. Like all lazy Susans, these rotate 360 degrees for easy access and look great while doing so with their wooden material.


This heavy-duty toilet paper holder with a 2-level shelf

Upgrade your bathroom with the help of this toilet paper holder, which is complete with a shelf. After installing with the included screws, this sturdy piece can hold up to 5 pounds on its two layers, which is great for a candle, diffuser, poo spray, wipes, your phone — whatever you need. The toilet paper holder can also be adjusted to your needs.


An absorbent, easy-to-clean doormat with a minimalist look for indoors

This doormat is made with a woven plastic fleece, which is simultaneously absorbent, easy-to-clean, and stain resistant, which makes it ideal for entryways. Use it as a landing place for shoes, umbrellas, and bags inside of your home. It comes in 10 minimalist black and white patterns that are easy to make work in any room.


This vinyl & leather repair kit that reviewers love

With over 14,000 five-star reviews, this furniture repair kit certifiably works. It can fix cracks, nicks, tears, burns, and more without any heat; just mix together the repair compounds in the included jar to get the perfect color, and apply with the brush or spatula. This kit even comes with backing fabric for bigger repairs, making it super versatile.


A stylish acacia wood cutting board with a near-perfect rating

A cutting board may feel like a weird thing to want to show off, but this acadia wood one is stylish enough to serve on. Each board is unique with various striping for a custom, expensive look. Of course, you can use this for charcuterie, but the board is durable enough to actually cut on, too.


An impressively touchless trash can that’s waterproof for spills

This touchless trash can is a budget-friendly upgrade that will feel seriously impressive every time you need to toss leftovers. It has a sleek design that’s also super functional because it seals in odors. It’s also finished off with simple controls on top and a waterproof finish for any spills.


These heavy-duty adhesive hooks that are sleek & versatile

Whether you use them for keys, caps, cardigans, or bath towels, this set of four adhesive hooks is ready to serve. They’re made of versatile and decor-complementing stainless steel, and installation is as simple as pressing their adhesive backs into place. Removal is also easy — just warm up the adhesive with a hair dryer and peel. They can hold up to 15 pounds each.


These underwear organizers that make your drawers so very tidy

Rather than fishing around for your favorite undies or socks that match, store everything in these handy underwear organizers so you can see everything at a glance. This three-pack gives you a whopping 64 slots with medium and large cells (ideal for thick winter socks) and fold up when not in use. They also make handy storage for closets, nurseries, or even under the bed.


An impressive rattan serving tray that’s *actually* functional

With its impressive rattan design, you can pop this little serving tray just about anywhere to elevate your space. It also comes with built-in handles and tall sides, so it’s actually functional if you want to carry it over to a table. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean.


A chic organizer with drainage holes for spilled skin care

This bathroom counter organizer pairs a chic marble-like finish with plenty of room to pop all of your essentials. There are five ultra-sturdy spots to stand up things like skin care jars, toothpaste, a toothbrush to keep it dry, and more. Most importantly — each slot has a drainage hole to take care of extra water or spilled products.


These silicone kitchen utensils that won’t scratch nonstick pans

Toss those mismatched spatulas and mixing spoons and add this silicone kitchen utensil set to your cart. It comes in eight difference colors in the listing and includes five pieces — a soup ladle, slotted spoon, serving spoon, solid spatula, and a slotted turner. And since each is heat resistant up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use them to whip up anything.


These expensive-looking bins with a lid to keep clutter discreet

These large storage bins have a chic fabric design with leather-like handles that will look stylized no matter where you need some extra storage space. Plus, each one has a lid, so you can discreetly tuck away any clutter (without actually keeping things tidy).


A nonslip rubber mat to keep your counters clean

Don’t underestimate the kind of transformation this nonslip rubber mat will make. It can be used just about anywhere to keep your floors and counters from getting messy. Slide it underneath your coffee machine to catch drops or place it in your entryway to hold muddy shoes. Choose from several colors and sizes in the listing.


This pet hair remover with 137,000+ 5-star reviews

Whether it’s your couch or shirt that’s covered in hair from your furry friend, this pet hair remover can take care of it. It rolls smoothly to pick up every tiny particle without snagging any fabric. And once you’re done, you can pop open the back chamber to easily empty it directly into the trash.


A 93-slot battery organizer to transform your junk drawer

Pick up all loose pieces and place them in this battery organizer that has 93 available slots and comes with a battery tester to keep you from saving any duds. Your drawers will be easier to navigate and less noisy since AAA batteries won’t be rolling around anymore. The clear cover protects them from water and shock.


This stylized throw pillow with expensive-looking pleats

This adorable throw pillow looks way more expensive than it actually is with its elevated pleating details and circular design. It’s covered in a velvety fabric to add to that luxe look, and this ultra-stylized find comes in more than 12 colors to work with your decor.


A foldable phone stand that makes charging a breeze

This foldable phone stand is a game-changer for watching videos and charging your phone. It folds up completely fat when you’re not using it, and pops up into the perfect nonslip spot to stick your phone. There’s also a slot that keeps your charger in place and looking tidy.


These ergonomic steak knives made with German stainless steel

This steak knife set looks so expensive that you may want to pick two up, one for you and one to gift to a friend. Their look and performance will certainly impress anyone. In addition to being razor sharp, each blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel that has a balanced weight to minimize fatigue and maximize precision so that every cut is done just right.