Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These Fitness Products With Near-Perfect Reviews

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ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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Perhaps you’ve been doing the same workout routine for way too long and are looking to spice things up. Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect product to target specific muscle groups or help you achieve your running goals. Whatever the reason, if you’ve decided it’s time to up your fitness game, these are the curated fitness products Amazon keeps selling out of because they have near-perfect reviews.

As you’ll see, the products below address a range of needs, interests, and physical activities. If the court is your favorite spot, there’s a pickleball paddle perfect for beginners that gives you both power and accuracy. Or maybe you’ve discovered that jumping rope combines an intense cardio workout with memories of childhood joy. There’s a highly rated jump rope on this list that delivers both fun and a heart rate boost. Don’t forget restorative products that ease muscle pain and support flexibility. An eco-friendly yoga bolster is a fan favorite that can offer relief to joints while seamlessly paving the way from stretching to a good night’s sleep.

Take a look at this list and you’ll see that all of these products have been rated highly by lots of reviewers on Amazon. The only pitfall is that you’ll have to act fast to get them into your cart — and into your routine.


This kettle grip that turns dumbbells into kettlebells

Really rather prefer a kettlebell but only have dumbbells on hand? This kettle gryp conveniently transforms your dumbbell into a kettlebell in a matter of seconds. Simply open the hinged handle, slide in your dumbbell, close the handle, and voilà, you have a super securely latched kettlebell. Made of high-impact ABS plastic, the handle also features a soft yet non-slip grip. It weighs less than one pound and can easily be packed away to take with you anywhere. One happy reviewer confirmed, “I use this when staying in hotels on business trips. Being able to convert dumbbells into kettlebells allows me to expand my workout options.”


A high-quality jump rope perfect for high-intensity workouts

This jump rope, made with double ball bearings for smooth rotation and premium-grade steel and aluminum, is a serious upgrade to any schoolyard version. It offers over 9 feet of adjustable length and the fine-tuned grips are smooth and contoured. Reviewers commented on their ability to use it for high-intensity speed skipping, and one wrote, “All in all an AWESOME rope... Lightning fast and getting GREAT workouts.”


This agility ladder to develop your speed

If your workout end goal involves achieving Tarzan-like quick and nimble maneuvering skills, this agility ladder will help you accomplish just that. Made with 11 heavy-duty, durable plastic rungs, you can simply roll it out wherever you’ve got the space to improve your lateral speed, acceleration, and ability to change direction and it even includes a small carry bag for easy portability. Fans speak about this ladder’s durability, easy setup, and especially the improved results they notice, and one wrote that it’s a “super fun way to build balance, speed, agility and wake up your muscles in your feet, ankles, and calves!”


A versatile fitness ball to up-level your workouts

This anti-slip, anti-burst exercise ball is here to help you stretch before a HIIT session, build core strength and flexibility on the mat, or even place behind you in a chair for lumbar support. It’s made from professional-grade PVC and can withstand 600 pounds of pressure. It comes with an exercise chart to spark your inspiration and reviewers said they “love it” for PT exercises and core strengthening.


This wearable fitness tracker with a large touchscreen

On top of a plethora of capabilities, this fitness tracker displays your data on a large, interactive touchscreen that makes it simpler to read. It has four sport and five workout modes, measures your heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep patterns, and has hydration reminders and breathing exercises to boot. It’s also smartphone compatible so you can use it to receive messages, make calls, and control your music. One satisfied reviewer described it as “just like an [A]pple watch.”


A yoga wheel to ease tension in your back

This yoga wheel is designed to release stiffness and tension in the back and spine and even provides a free PDF workout guide with purchase. The 12-inch diameter wheel is made of a durable material that can support up to 500 pounds and features a soft, non-toxic, and sweat-resistant foam for cushioning and comfort. On top of using it for specific yoga stretching poses, several reviewers write of their immediate back pain relief, and one wrote, “The amount of pressure that was just relieved is glorious!”


These sturdy push-up bars for stronger sets

Fans love these push up bars that put less strain on wrists and help achieve that perfect push up. They rotate on a steel ball bearing system so are super smooth, and grippers on the bottom keep them steadily in place. They’re lightweight and portable, and can be used different ways for beginner, intermediate, and advanced push ups and for core work. Reviewers, especially those with wrist pain, raved over these and one described them as “best purchase in a long time.”


A versatile disk for strengthening, core stability, & lumbar support

Offering a lot of body benefits in a small package, this wobble cushion is a fan favorite. Stand on it during squats, sit in a V-hold, use it for planks and squats, or strike a yoga pose to activate the core. This 13-inch inflatable stability disk also doubles as a comfy office chair cushion to help provide your lower back support. One office-use enthusiast said, “I can feel it strengthening my back and abdomen and it reminds me to sit up straight with my feet flat on the floor.”


These fabric resistance bands for next-level squats

These resistance bands are constructed of both durable fabric and elastic and feature non-slip inner grips to keep them firmly in place. They come in a set of three different resistance levels that are coordinated by color (gray, pink, and black), along with a convenient carry bag. Use these for anything from squats to hip thrusts to floor glute exercises. They boast more than 25,000 reviews, and one reviewer raved, “Get these bands and feel the burn! The best burn. It literally takes a few minutes to workout with these bands on before you feel your legs and glute on fire. In the best way possible. The bands come with a convenient carrying sack and workout cards that help to guide you. Perfect for beginners and any other fitness level.”


A quick-drying towel ideal for the gym, pool, or beach

This lightweight microfiber towel absorbs up to seven times its own weight in liquid, wicking away moisture with a quickness. It’s odor resistant and packs up small so is easily totable whether you’re using it atop your mat for beach yoga or bringing it on a camping trip. One reviewer who was inspired to snag several said, “I can't say enough good things about these towels. I love how they fold up and store compactly yet are super absorbent!”


This running belt that’s less bulky than a fanny pack

If you like running or exercising outdoors but aren’t a fan of tight armbands or cumbersome fanny packs, this slim running belt may be just what the doctor ordered. Made of lightweight yet durable neoprene, there’s a spacious pockets that promise universal phone fit and has a place for headphone cords to slip through. There’s also a smaller zipper pocket ideal for cash or keys. Bonus reflective striping helps provide greater visibility when out after dark. One fan said, “The belt’s snug fit with optimized capacity is perfect for my iPhone (plus sized) ID + house keys and... 2-3 doggie bags.”


An extra-cushioned yoga mat made with a carrying handle

If you’d prefer a little extra cushion for those bones and joints during your workouts, then this yoga mat provides that and more with the support of thick memory foam material. It measures 71-by-24 inches and features a textured, non-slip surface that prevents injury, while its moisture-resistant material is simple to clean. Many reviewers comment on how cushy this mat is, and one wrote, “I was so impressed with how comfortable yet durable this mat is! The mat has a few layers of foam so it's great for my knees.”


These suede weightlifting wrist straps that are supple yet supportive

This protective wrist wraps are made of premium reinforced suede leather with enhanced stitching, and promise not to break, tear, or wear out. They’re adjustable and once you find your perfect fit, they won’t budge. Built to help weightlifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders add heavier weights to their lift, these can help supercharge your workout. These have an overall 4.5-star rating and one fan said, “Very supportive and durable, especially for the price.”


A weighted fitness hoop to add some fun to ab workouts

This weighted fitness hoop comes as 8 separate sections for adjustability, and can be quickly assembled and dissembled so it’s easy to store and tote along for exercising outdoors or at the gym. It weights 2.65 pounds and is foam padded for comfort, and helps you burn up to 300 calories per session while helping improve core strength and mobility of the spine and hips. A hooping enthusiast shared that it’s “both sturdy in construction and comfortable to use... I can feel my core muscles benefitting from daily use. The advice from my friend and also from my osteopath: start with a minute or two a day, and build up slowly - it's worked for me!”


A weighted medicine ball that will hold up to every throw, slam, or lift

If you’re looking for a way to add intensity to your workout, this medicine ball offers a great way to increase strength. Available in options from 4 to 22 pounds, it’s made of synthetic leather that lends itself to a supple texture but is still easy to hold. This time-tested workout tool is created to be used by fitness experts and beginners in a variety of classes including Pilates, yoga, aerobics, or cross training. Reviewers remarked on the quality and durability, and enjoyed that it’s a true, old-school medicine ball.


These fully submersible dry bags to keep all your things safe

These waterproof dry bags are an excellent partner when you’re kayaking, jet skiing, or fishing. Designed to keep your gear safe and dry, they’re made with lightweight yet strong diamond ripstop polyester, and are watertight and ultra-durable. This handy set has three sizes — 5, 10, and 20 liters — so you can pack along all the things you need. One reviewer put these to the test on the Appalachian Trail and determined “These are the best dry bags I've ever used.”


This meditation cushion for more comfortable zen sessions

This yoga bolster provides great support and cushion to help achieve major relaxation. It’s constructed with a durable, washable outer layer and an inner case filled with buckwheat hulls and lavender for an aromatherapy boost. The cushion has an impressive 4.8-star rating and a fan gave it high praise: “as luxe and lovely, yet practical, as it looks!”


A balance board & exercise guide for a more dynamic workout

This 100% solid wood balance board provides a fun way to help improve balance, body control, agility, and strength, and also help keep muscles engaged at a standing desk. It has a durable, non-skid surface and base, and a handy workout guide serves up unique exercises for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. One balance boarder said, “exercising on the Balance Board stretches and strengthens all the muscles of the anterior, posterior, lateral and medial compartments, from the soles of my feet to the top of my neck,” while another with heel pain described, “relief at last.”


This giant rubber band to add resistance to your reps

If you’re looking to up the intensity of just about any exercise move, this resistance band offers a great assist. It comes in various levels of tension that can be used to enhance any number of moves, not least among them: squats, deadlifts, dips, pull thrus and chest presses. It comes with a convenient workout guide in paper and ebook to guide you through a full body workout. According to one reviewer, “I get a very effective, difficult workout from head to toe.. There's tons of videos on YT with just resistance band training to give you ideas on how to use these for WAY more than pullups.”


A pair of core sliders to help you slide your way to a six-pack

These versatile core sliders can be utilized on any surface, whether wood, carpet, laminate or tile. Ideal for ideal for everyone from professional athletes to beginners, utilize them to improve fitness and endurance with low impact on joints. An included workout chart and ebook offers several suggestions that are great for toning thighs, glutes, abs, and arms. Reviews are peppered with phrases like “great product” and “workout must-have,” and one sliding fan said, “These help me have perfect form in my lunges, recruit more muscle, and give more challenge to my legs.”