Amazon reviewers love these genius things that organized the sh*t out of their homes

From lid organizers to layered utensil holders.

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Organizing isn’t always as simple as it seems. Sometimes, for inspiration, you have to turn to the Amazon review section to see how other shoppers are de-cluttering their homes. Thankfully, this list is full of products that so many Amazon reviewers love because they organized the sh*t out of their houses. Not to mention, these things have high ratings and tons of positive reviews that you can revisit before clicking on “Add to Cart.”

From genius lid organizers to layered utensil holders, you’ll be able to find products here that’ll create a tidy space for everything in your house.


A stick-on organizer that gives you somewhere to wrap appliance cables

From stand mixers to coffee makers, this stick-on organizer makes it easy to keep appliance power cables tangle-free. Just stick it on the side of your appliance using the adhesive pad — you’ll instantly have somewhere convenient to wrap the cable. And if the side of your appliance is curved? Installing it vertically instead of horizontally should do the trick.

What reviewers say: “These are amazing. I highly recommend them for everyone! Who doesn’t have stray cords that need keeping. The sticky part really sticks so make sure you put it exactly where you want it because there are no redos.” — cking


These storage bags that can hold a *ton* of blankets

Don’t take up precious closet space with a stack of blankets — just throw them inside these storage bags. They’re made from non-woven fabric to help keep your seasonal linens from absorbing unwanted odors, while a window in the front lets you see what’s inside without having to unpack everything. Choose from three colors: grey, black, or blue.

What reviewers say: “I have these in two closets. They are the best for holding winter bedding, guest bedding, and pillows. Because they are soft, you can stack a bundle. The see through window helps you to see what’s inside. Perfect for keeping stuff nice and staying organized!” — MrsT


An adjustable organizer for all your wrap boxes

Foil, parchment, and wax paper — this organizer is perfect for holding all sorts of wrap boxes. The shelves are adjustable, making it easy to fit boxes of nearly any shape or size. And with nonslip feet on the bottom, there’s no need to worry about it shifting out of place should you ever knock into it.

What reviewers say: “This definitely cleaned up my closet. Before we just threw all the aluminum foil boxes, and plastic wrap boxes in the closet. Now they each have a place.” — Florida Gal


The tiered organizer that you can use to store nearly anything

Office supplies, toiletries, charging cables — these tiered organizers can be used to store practically anything. Both baskets slide in and out, making it easy to access your items when you need them. Plus, the divider in each basket is even adjustable. Choose from two colors: frost or carbon.

What reviewers say: “I love these drawers and just keep buying more. They make organizing and optimizing cabinet space a breeze. Plus, they assemble in 1 minute. Super easy!” — stefanie


A cutlery organizer that fits into narrow drawers

If those expanding flatware organizers won’t fit inside your drawers, consider giving this narrow one a try. The compartments are stacked on top of each other, helping maximize space as well as letting it fit into tight drawers. Plus, each compartment is labeled to help you keep everything organized.

What reviewers say: “I was so excited for this thing - it's definitely worth the buy and is very helpful storage wise! I also really love how the sections are labeled. Overall, it's helped me keep down on counterspace clutter!” — Angel S.


These dividers that help you sort out cluttered drawers

From underwear to kitchen utensils, these dividers are an easy way to get messy drawers looking neat and tidy. Rubber grips on either end help keep them from shifting out of place, while a spring-loaded tip provides a snug, adjustable fit. Choose from three finishes: natural, grey, or white.

What reviewers say: “Love adding these to my drawer in my kitchen. Helps organize my linen drawers and my baking drawer. Very easy to use and to reposition.” — Kwoody


This adjustable rack that can hold up to 8 pots or pans

Not only can this rack hold up to eight pots or pans, but the adjustable tiers also make it easy to use with cookware of nearly any shape or size. You also have the choice of setting it up horizontally or vertically — whichever fits your cabinets better. Plus, the heavy-duty iron tiers are unlikely to warp under heavy cast iron.

What reviewers say: “I built this shelf AND put all my pots and pans on it in less than 10 minutes! It’s very easy to build and has helped me so much with organization! Now I don’t have to dig pans out of a pile.” — Briana Callahan


The broom holder that’s surprisingly versatile

Brooms, hockey sticks, gardening equipment — this organizer is so versatile that it can handle all of it. The rubber grips inside of each slot automatically adjust to fit nearly any handle, and the entire organizer can hold up to 35 pounds with ease. The best part? There are also hooks between each slot where you can hang scrubbers, gardening gloves, and more.

What reviewers say: “Love this as I can now organize and store all my handled cleaning items (brooms, swiffer, mops etc). They aren’t all crammed into a corner somewhere anymore.” — Leah


These hangers that won’t let tank tops slide off

Whereas some hangers don’t secure tank tops, these ones are made with U-shaped hooks on both ends that are designed to catch your strappy tops before they slide off. They’re made from sturdy metal and can even help save space in your closet, as each one holds up to eight tops.

What reviewers say: “This hanger was perfect for organizing my sports bras! Freed up a drawer in my dresser and is low profile in my closet. Highly recommend.” — Meagan


The shatterproof bins that help you sort out messy fridges

It’s almost too easy for produce to go bad when it gets lost in the back of a messy fridge — so grab these bins. They’re great for storing everything from condiments to fruit, and each one features a handle in the front and back so that they’re easy to pull out. Plus, the shatterproof plastic won’t break if dropped.

What reviewers say: “I didn't know we needed these organizers until we put them into the fridge. What a difference! Everything in its place and easily seen.” — wiseshopper


A lazy Susan that has a helpful divider in the center

Not only does this lazy Susan feature dividers in the center, but it can also help expand storage space in cramped cabinets. A gentle spin is all it takes in order to bring items stored in the back to the front, making them easy to reach. Or, if your bathroom vanity is looking a little worse for wear, it also works great for storing soaps, skincare bottles, and more.

What reviewers say: “Perfect size for inside my cabinet, fits all my oils and sauces.” — Samantha


These heavy-duty bags that help you store seasonal items for later

Don’t clutter up your closet with seasonal clothes and blankets — just store them inside of these bags, then slide them underneath your bed for safekeeping. Reinforced handles make it easy to pull them back out whenever you need something, while a transparent mesh top lets you see where each item is stored without having to unpack everything.

What reviewers say: “I never had enough storage room in my bedroom for everything so I figured I would give these a try. I filled them up with all of my extra sheets/pillow cases/towels and threw them under the bed and was amazed at how much better my room looked with dresser drawers than actually would close.” — Wes


A purse organizer that takes up hardly any closet space

Instead of filling your closet shelves with purses, why not hang up one of these organizers instead? They hang over any standard-sized door, which means they take up hardly any space — and each one has enough pockets for up to six bags. You can also use them to store towels, scarves, umbrellas, and more.

What reviewers say: “I like how this organizes my purses and saves shelf space by hanging over my closet door. It works well for small to medium size purses. Wish I had discovered this item a long time ago.” — cautious1


A helpful organizer that can hold up to 93 batteries

Every home has that one drawer filled with loose batteries, so why not figure out exactly what you have by storing them inside this organizer? There’s space for AAAs, Ds, as well as everything in between — and each order even includes a tester so that you can throw out any batteries that have lost their juice.

What reviewers say: “My wife had been complaining about having to go dig through a shoe box of batteries every time she needed one. Now they are conveniently stored, organized and displayed in our basement stairwell.” — mukjp2


This nonstick pots & pans set to help organize your kitchen

Available in 16 colorways (so you can find a set that perfectly matches your kitchen), this 17-piece cookware set is perfect for anyone that loves to color coordinate. Plus, unlike some nonstick pots and pans, these are made without any PFOA or PFAS and instead rely on sleek ceramic to prevent your meals from gluing themselves down. Soft-grip handles help you keep a firm hold when cooking over a hot stove — and they’re even safe to clean in the dishwasher. This set comes with three frying pans, three saucepans with lids, a stock pot with lid, a stainless steel steamer, and four kitchen utensils.

What reviewers say: “I’ve had these pots and pans for a couple of days now and I’m in love with them! So far they have been used to make burgers, waffles, scrambled eggs, sausages, and grilled cheeses. They’ve been super easy to clean and seem very durable so far.” — Crisely


A binder that can hold all your recipe cards

Don’t let your recipe cards get lost — instead, store them inside this binder. The 25 plastic sleeves on the inside work to keep your cards safe from damage, and there’s space for more than 100 cards in total. Or, if you don’t own recipe cards, you can also use it for newspaper clippings, photographs, and more.

What reviewers say: “Love how thick and sturdy the binder is, also the plastic sleeves are nice, clear and thick. This will keep all my recipes organized.” — Lourdes Gaeta


This compact jewelry box that you can take with you when traveling

Store your jewelry inside this box when traveling, and you can rest assured that your valuable pieces won’t go missing or get tangled while they jostle around inside your suitcase. The soft interior helps keep everything safe from scratches — and you even have the choice of nine colors, from periwinkle blue to gold caramel:

What reviewers say: “This little box has thoughtful spots for my favorite earrings, rings and necklace. I bought 3 extra of these because they also make superb gift boxes for small jewelry gifts that add an extra nice dimension to a gift package!” — P.S.


A charging station that helps get rid of cable clutter

Whether your desk or nightstand has a cluttered mess of cables, this charging station can help tidy things up. Six quick-charging ports work to get your devices powered up fast — and each order even includes seven shortened cables: three micro-USB, three lightning, as well as one type-C.

What reviewers say: “Before we had so many cords everywhere! Now this makes it easy and everyones phone is getting charged! We take it on trips and it helps keep all devices in one central place! Highly recommend.” — sams mom


These stacked baskets that fit into tight spaces

Closets, kitchen counters, workbenches — these stacked baskets are a smart way to add storage to nearly any tight space. Putting them together only takes a few quick minutes, and many reviewers even wrote about how they’re more sturdy than they look in the photos. Choose from two colors: black or white.

What reviewers say: “Assembly was simple, no directions or tools needed. I was worried it may topple easily, but have been pleasantly surprised that it can even withstand cats knocking into it. Much more sturdy than it looks in images.” — Alexandra Talbot


A wall-mounted rack that can hold up to 15 pots & pans

Running out of cabinet space for your pots and pans? Consider hanging them from this rail instead. It’s made from tough iron that can support up to 22 pounds and comes with 15 S-shaped hooks you can use to hang cookware. Or, if your cookware already has a dedicated spot in your kitchen, you can also use it to store utensils.

What reviewers say: “I’m super happy to say it’s holding up super well, I have not so great walls and this hasn’t budged a bit.” — Serrice


The organizer that lets you put your vinyl records on display

Don’t hide your vinyl records on a shelf — let this organizer hold them out for everybody to see. It’s large enough to hold up to 50 albums and features a solid wood base with clear acrylic stoppers on either end. You also have the choice of eight different wood tones.

What reviewers say: “It's very well made, and fits perfectly next to my boyfriend's record player. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a cute little organizer for vinyls.” — Christina Sullivan


A docking station that keeps all your devices within reach

Instead of letting your devices sit in a jumbled heap on your nightstand, why not place them on this docking station? there’s space for two phones, a smartwatch, as well as smaller items like pens, wallets, sunglasses, and more. It’s also made from real wood — not plastic.

What reviewers say: “My husband loves this as a desk top organizer for his devices, keys, and wallet. It’s basically his catch-all but he can keep things organized and tidy.” — Anna


This dry erase whiteboard that sticks to your fridge

Having trouble keeping track of your weekly schedule? Add this magnetic dry-erase board to your fridge, and you’ll always have somewhere convenient to jot down plans, shopping lists, and more. Each order includes four markers to get you started, as well as one large eraser.

What reviewers say: “Been using for a month now. No issues. Cleans easily, not bulky, markers work well and the different color options are very helpful when organizing lists. I also like that besides having small erasers on the markers, it comes with a small hand eraser.” — ViPC


The hanging organizer that helps maximize closet space

Need a few extra shelves in your closet? This hanging organizer not only adds five shelves, but it also features five extra drawers, as well as several pouches on the sides that are great for socks, scarves, and more. Choose from two colors: grey or black.

What reviewers say: “This closet organizer is pure witchery. Very sturdy and hangs straight. At first I did not think I would use the drawers, but they are awesome and hold a ton of stuff.” — LeStew


A faux leather ottoman with hidden storage space inside

Lift open the top of this faux leather ottoman, and you’ll find tons of hidden storage space inside for all your throw blankets, books, board games — the list goes on and on. And since it has a weight limit of up to 250 pounds, you can even use it as a seat for guests in a pinch.

What reviewers say: “I love this because it helps me organize my vanity area and it looks nice. I do use mine in my bathroom area to hold makeup, hair accessories, nail polish, etc so it doesn’t take up my counter space or the drawers.” — Jenn


This adjustable organizer for all your plasticware lids

Since the dividers inside of this organizer are adjustable, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting nearly any plasticware lid inside — even if they’re on the larger side. The best part? Its low profile makes it easy to fit inside drawers, helping you maximize the storage space in your kitchen.

What reviewers say: “Much better quality than I expected. All my kids fit perfectly. Keeps my storage containers perfectly organized and now I can locate the lids easily.” — Tina Romano


The cable clips that keep your wires conveniently within reach

Instead of fishing around for that one cable you need, why not keep all of them conveniently within reach using these clips? They’re designed to fit nearly any wire, whether you’re working with HDMIs or micro-USBs — and the adhesive backing lets you stick them right into place on practically any surface.

What reviewers say: “Absolutely outstanding product! Takes seconds to install, sticks really well and my desk looks SO much better without half a dozen cables snaking across it wreaking havoc.” — ShadowFallRising


These space-saving hangers that help you fit even *more* inside your closet

Running out of space on your closet rot? Not a problem when you have these space-saving hangers. You can hang them vertically to save space, or horizontally when taking stock of what you have in your closet — and each one can even hold up to five garments. Choose from three colors: black, mixed, or white.

What reviewers say: “I am really happy with these organizers. They work well with our large plastic hangers and keep my closet space organized.” — Lori


The spice rack that can rotate 360 degrees

Don’t have a ton of counter space to work with? Not only does this spice rack have a compact footprint, but it also rotates 360 degrees so that it’s easy to reach spices stashed all the way in the back. Each order also includes a set of pre-printed labels, as well as 36 blank ones — just in case you have a few exotic spices in your collection.

What reviewers say: “This is the most organized thing in my home. I juggled with how I wanted to organize my spices and this was a great choice. Easy and accessible. And visually appealing.” — Makalia Sanchez


This under-the-cabinet rack that holds dozens of coffee pods

With space for up to 24 coffee pods, this under-the-cabinet rack is a smart investment for anyone looking to de-clutter their kitchen. Installation is also a total breeze, as there’s no drilling needed — just use the included screws to secure it into place. Or, use the included tape if you’d prefer a completely tool-free install. Choose from two finishes: black or white.

What reviewers say: “My kitchen looks super sleek and more organized with this bad boy. It also came with mounting strips that were incredibly strong and worked perfectly so I didn't have to drill holes in anything.” — Valerie Green


A stand that has space for toilet paper, candles, & more

Looking for ways to add storage to cramped bathrooms? Search no further than this stand, as its narrow footprint makes it easy to fit into tight spaces. And despite its small size, it still boasts tons of storage space for candles, soaps, skincare, as well as a roll of toilet paper.

What reviewers say: “When we built our home, we didn't realize how little storage we would have in our downstairs bathroom. This organizer is perfect for our space and can actually hold quite a bit. It's easy to assemble as most of it just snaps together. It took at most 10 minutes.” — HA


An organizer that lets you store snack bags in style

Not only is this baggie box made from sleek bamboo, but it also has space for four different bag sizes: quart, sandwich, snack, and gallon. Each order includes a set of pre-printed labels you can use to help keep track of which baggie box is stored where — and zero assembly is required.

What reviewers say: “I love using this organizer! It looks so nice and keeps all of my baggies organized and neat. No cardboard boxes in my drawer, yay!” — Dawn P


This toothbrush holder that has space for tons of extras

With space for six toothbrushes, paper cups, skincare bottles, soaps, and more, this toothbrush holder is a sleek way to keep your bathroom countertop organized. Installation is also a total breeze — just use the included adhesive to stick it right into place. And with a weight limit of up to 11 pounds, there’s no need to worry about it falling off your wall.

What reviewers say: “I absolutely love this toothbrush holder! Super convenient and makes your bathroom look simple yet organized. Highly recommend this product.” — RenyRichh


A set of stylish shelves that fit neatly into corners

Not only are these shelves made from stylish bamboo, but they’re also shaped so that they fit neatly into corners — especially when it comes to your kitchen or office. Assembly typically takes just a few short minutes, and each order even includes a small screwdriver so that you don’t need to use any of your own tools.

What reviewers say: “I needed a way to stack dishes in our motorhome. I’ve had the wire racks in the past, but folks commented that they didn’t work in an RV. This holds the dishes perfectly.” — Roslyn Delizarriturri


This over-the-cabinet caddy that holds onto all your hot tools

Hair dryers, flat irons, curling rods — this caddy has space for all of them. Hooks on the top let you hang it overtop any standard-sized cabinet door while padding underneath each hook works to prevent scratches. Plus, the tough steel frame even has a rust-resistant finish to help keep it looking good in humid bathrooms.

What reviewers say: “This is exactly what I was looking for to help organize my bathroom cupboards. It holds my hair dryer, curling iron and hair accessories nicely.” — Amazon Customer


A bedside organizer that has pockets for all your nighttime essentials

From magazines to bottles of water, this bedside organizer has room to hold practically anything you’d want to keep nearby while sleeping at night. It’s made from heavy-duty canvas, with a steel wire flap that helps keep it secured underneath your mattress — no tools required. Choose from five colors.

What reviewers say: “We bought these to our in our RV to give us a little more space and to help organize things. RVs are notorious for needing a little help with organization, and these bed pockets work great! A place for reading glasses...or the remote...or chargers...and all within easy reach.” — Diana Allen


The dividers that help keep your shelves organized

Folded clothes looking a little messy? Try placing these dividers between each stack to help keep them from bleeding into each other. Installation requires zero tools whatsoever, as they’re designed to easily slide onto your shelves — and each one is even made from rust-resistant iron.

What reviewers say: “I needed something to organize my pants. This was just what I needed. It matches my closet wire shelves perfectly. I love the simplicity of the dividers and how organized my closet is now.” — Amazon Customer


These acrylic stands that put your scrunchies on display

Instead of letting your scrunchies roam free all over your vanity, why not store them on this stand? It’s made from sleek acrylic, with a heavy base to help keep them from tipping over. Each one can hold up to 50 scrunchies — or, if you aren’t into scrunchies, you can simply use them for regular hair ties.

What reviewers say: “Very simple assembly and holds all of my scrunchies. I have about 100. You can squish them closer if you need to make room in the spine of the stand. It really works and is super chic as far as decor.” — Tylor F


The hangers that can hold up to 10 belts

With space for up to 10 belts on each, these hangers are a smart way to help open up some storage space in your closet. The nonslip arms help keep thinner belts from sliding through — and the hooks even rotate 360 degrees so that it’s easy to grab every belt.

What reviewers say: “Really helps to organize all your belts and also works great for neck ties. Much better design than the belt holders that are on the ring. Makes all your belts easily accessible without taking up much space.” — Yoli


This desk organizer that helps minimize clutter

From sticky notes to manilla folders, this organizer has space for all sorts of office supplies. Not only is it great for de-cluttering your desk, but the steel frame also features a scratch-resistant finish — and each tier even pulls out so that it’s easy to reach whatever you need.

What reviewers say: “I bought the black version and was very pleased. The instructions are easy to understand and it really is easy to assemble. The trays slide smoothly and are very sturdy.” — Ady