Amazon shoppers are rushing to buy these popular new products that save people so much money

From a portable blender to furniture-saving polish, these items are gold.

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There’s no question that Amazon has become indispensable — I mean, how else would you order purple mopping slippers at 2 in the morning, with the possibility of having them at your door later that day? The only problem with the retail giant is that sometimes the sheer scope of its inventory can be slightly overwhelming. If you want to know what’s fresh on the site — and worth spending your pennies on — here are the hottest new releases on Amazon.

All of these things have practical money-saving applications that will actually make you feel virtuous about spending a little money. For example, take these reusable dish towels that are more absorbent and versatile than paper towels. You can use them for a wide variety of jobs, from wiping down countertops to scrubbing dishes.

You’ll also love feel-good items like this warming blanket that’s the perfect date for movie night. It’s so soft on its own, but when plugged in, will keep you toasty enough to resist turning up the thermostat, saving you a little money on your energy bill. It’s a win-win.

Take a tour of these shopper favorites and you’ll see why they have become instant hits.


This doorbell camera that deters porch pirates

Ensure that all your packages make it safely into your hands by installing this doorbell camera that keeps an eye on your front porch. The wireless doorbell detects movement and sends alerts to your phone instantly, and two-way audio lets you talk to anyone outside your door. The dustproof and waterproof camera has night vision for a good view in low-light conditions.


The stackable bento box that might actually make you want to pack lunch

Taking your lunch to school or work is a great way to save money and eat healthier, too. This stackable bento box gives you a stylish and compact way to transport and enjoy your meal. Plus, like a real bento box, there are separate compartments for each of your items, so they won’t mix with each other. Durable and BPA-free, it’s safe to use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher, and comes with its own utensils.

  • Available colors: 5


The cloths that fixes your car’s paint job without you taking it to the shop

If your car has water spots, oxidation, or small scratches and flaws in the paint, you need these nano sparkle cloths that are like magic erasers for your vehicle’s finish. Made using advanced nanotechnology, they remove small imperfections and stains with just a few swipes — no trip to the body shop required.


A bottle set that means you don’t have to buy travel-size toiletries

Don’t bother paying high prices for travel-size toiletries — get this travel bottle set that lets you decant four of your toiletry items into convenient TSA-compliant vessels. Made from squeezable, BPA-free silicone, these bottles are leakproof and come in a transparent zippered pouch that keeps them all together.


This case cover that protects your expensive AirPods

This silicone AirPods case cover absorbs shock and adds an extra layer of protection to your audio investment. I love the handy carabiner on the side for attaching it to your key ring or bag, so you’re not always digging around trying to find it. It’s specially designed so you can still see your power indicator light, and it comes in 15 colors.

  • Available colors: 15


An organizer for stacking your water bottles

It’s nice to always have a water bottle to grab and fill on the way out the door, so you don’t end up buying water when you’re out and about. Still — water bottles take up so much kitchen storage space. This water bottle organizer makes them so much more manageable by stacking them on top of each other, three to a row. Sturdy and shatterproof, this rack can also be used to hold wine bottles.


A low-key insect trap that keeps fruit flies at bay

Protect your farmers market haul with this insect trap that also fends off flies, moths, and mosquitos. Combining a bug-attracting light and powerful adhesive to trap pests, it plugs directly into the wall. Silent and odorless, its work continuously in the background while you go about your business, bug free.


The foot file that will save you money on pedicures

Remove calluses and smooth dry, cracked heels with this foot file that features a curved stainless steel surface for easy use. The file has an easy-to-grip handle and can be used either wet or dry. And while it might look like a torture device, it’s surprisingly gentle on feet.


This baggy organizer that keeps you from doubling up at the store

Made from bamboo, this storage bag drawer organizer is designed to hold and display all of your food storage bags, so you won’t double up at the store. With four easy-access slots, it accommodates everything from snack bags to gallon-size bags and is designed to fit neatly in a kitchen drawer.


The trash can that keeps your car tidy

Keep your car neat as a pin by hanging this trash can around one of your headrests or attaching to your center console with the adjustable nylon straps. The lidded, waterproof can has magnets inside to hold a trash bag firmly in place, plus a tissue dispenser on the front and two pockets for sunglasses and other essentials. It folds up for convenient storage when not in use.


A portable blender so you can make shakes & smoothies anywhere

Instead of going to the juice shop, get a quick, cheap start in the morning by whipping up a smoothie in this portable blender with eight food-grade stainless steel blades. It’s small enough to throw in your bag when you travel or commute, but it’s powerful enough to chop ice. The USB-chargeable blender gives you eight to 12 uses on a full charge.


The AirTag holders that are waterproof & shockproof

Add some extra protection to your AirTags by placing them inside these AirTag holders. They’re waterproof up to 20 feet deep and the shockproof construction insulates them against accidental drops. Available in a range of colors, they’re outfitted with rings, so you can attach them easily to your items.

  • Available colors: 8


This heated blanket that’ll keep you from turning up the thermostat

Make movie night even more snuggly with this heated blanket that’s crafted from cozy ribbed flannel. A great way to save money on your HVAC bill, it has 10 heat settings and a timer that turns it off automatically between one and 10 hours. The controller detaches so you can wash the blanket in your machine for easy care.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 5


The snack bag clips that help cut down on food waste

Keep your snacks fresh and tasty by resealing the bags with these chip clips. They feature embedded magnets, so you can store them on your fridge until the next use, or you can utilize the clips to hold recipes and to-do lists. Each set comes with 10 clips.


This car wash brush for cleaning your vehicle at home

Save money at the car wash by cleaning your vehicle at home with this extendable brush. It reaches from 18 inches all the way to 62 inches, so you can tackle even the roof of your car. The detachable chenille pads are highly absorbent and gentle on your car’s finish, and the microfiber cloth helps you dry everything up.


The solar ground lights that make it cheap & easy to illuminate your yard

Light up your front walk or highlight a particularly lovely part of your landscape with these solar ground lights. They charge during the day (even when it’s cloudy) and automatically turn on when the sun goes down. You can choose from three brightness modes to get the illumination you’re looking for. Simply stake them into the ground and they’re ready to go.


This leather repair tape that lets you salvage furniture

Whether the leather rip you’re faced with is on your sofa, your office chair, or in your vehicle, this leather repair tape will help you fix that right up — no expensive repairs (or new furniture) required. Backed with ultra-strong adhesive, it can be cut to size for a perfect fit. A wide range of colors are available to match the shade you need.

  • Available colors: 19


A ceramic space heater that helps you cut down on energy costs

Save on your heating bill by using this compact space heater that’s just 6.3 by 6.3 inches. Though it has a small footprint, the durable construction, ceramic technology, and high-speed fan enable it to heat up to 200 square feet quickly and consistently. It’s super quiet and overheat and tip-over protection enhance safety;.


The spice drawer organizer that’ll encourage you to cook more

Cooking at home is so much less expensive than ordering out, and when your spices are well-organized, it makes it easier to whip up delicious-tasting food you’ll actually be excited to eat. This spice organizer fits neatly into a kitchen drawer and displays up to 24 bottles of spices in a manner that lets you quickly find what you’re looking for.


The collapsible pizza container that stores up to 5 slices

Don’t chuck your leftover pizza — get this collapsible pizza slice container to preserve the slices so they’re just as tasty as when the pie was first delivered. Made from BPA-free silicone, the triangle-shaped container fits slices up to 18 inches, and the five dividers let you separate the slices. The container has vents for easy reheating in the microwave, and it folds down flat for easy storage.


The self-watering pots that keep expensive plants alive

Houseplants can be expensive as well as incredibly finicky. Give yourself a leg up at extending their life with these self-watering plant pots. They feature deep reservoirs with cotton strings that hydrate your plants without overwatering them. The handy lip on the outside lets you add water to the reservoirs with ease. Now you can travel with confidence that your green thumb will remain intact.

  • Available colors: 8


The ring size adjusters that make your jewelry fit comfortably

Don’t let expensive jewelry or precious heirlooms go to waste — this 70-piece ring size adjuster set has everything you could possibly need to get your too-large rings to fit. Made with high-quality silicone, the adjusters are skin-friendly and fit neatly inside the band, so they’re totally invisible.


A set of nonslip mats that protects your sink from dings & scratches

Keep your good-looking stainless steel or porcelain kitchen sink in top shape with this set of sink protector mats. Made from silicone, they shield the sink from the scratches and dings that especially heavy pots and pans can deal out. Both flexible and durable, these dishwasher-safe mats are heat-resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so they can double as a trivet.

  • Available sizes: 2


The dust brush that saves money on car detailing jobs

Save on getting your car detailed and do it yourself with tools like this interior dust brush. The narrow brush has long bristles that reach into all those little nooks and crannies on the dash, doors, and center console. The brush can be used wet or dry, and the bristles are soft to prevent scratching. It’s also useful for cleaning your electronics and keyboard at home.


These flameless candles you’ll never have to restock

With their realistic flickering “flames,” these LED candles last nearly forever, so you don’t have to restock the way you have to with regular candles. The candles are set in acrylic jars with embedded fairy lights for added warmth and charm. The included remote control lets you set timers, adjust brightness, and turn the flickering off.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 8


This automatic soap dispenser that dispenses only what you need

To stop wasting soap or dish detergent, use this automatic soap dispenser that doles out just the right amount once the infrared sensor detects motion. You save on soap, and since no one is putting their hands on the dispenser, it’s a more hygienic way to get clean — perfect for food prep when you’re concerned about cross-contamination.


An under-sink mat that protects cabinets from leaks

Prevent expensive carpentry and and floor repairs by using this under-sink cabinet mat that’s made from sturdy silicone. With high edges, it’s designed to hold up to 3 gallons of water, so that when a leak arises, you’ll have plenty of time to discover it and get it fixed before any damage occurs. Use them under both bathroom and kitchen sinks.


These garbage disposal tablets that keep the plumber away

Make sure that your garbage disposal maintains peak performance — and keep the plumber away — by throwing one of these garbage disposal cleaner tablets down the drain once or twice a month. Formulated to prevent clogs and clean away any food sludge that may be stuck to the blades, it keeps drains free, clear, and smelling fresh.


This soil meter that keeps your yard & plants alive

Monitor the health of your trees, flowers, herb garden, and more with this soil pH meter. It not only measures the acidity of your soil but also measures soil moisture levels and access to light. Avid gardeners will love this meter that’s quick and easy to use and provides so much insight into the health of your vegetable garden or anything that’s growing in your yard — including the grass.


These absorbent dish towels that are cheaper than restocking paper towels

Crafted from thick and thirsty velvet-like material, these reusable dish towels are cheaper than having to restock paper towels — and they’re better for the environment. These cloths are useful for such a wide variety of tasks, too — they’re great for washing dishes, wiping down counters, scrubbing tile, and more. And since they’re lint-free, they’re ideal for jobs like cleaning windows and washing the car.

  • Available colors: 4


The furniture polish that will save you from expensive restoration

Don’t shell out big bucks for new furniture or expensive restoration— this wood beeswax polish is here to save the day. It restores the look of your wooden furniture with a blend of natural beeswax and mineral spirits. Suitable for use on all types of wood, it imparts a natural shine and provides long-lasting protection


These airtight food storage containers that minimize food waste

I hate having to throw out food because it has spoiled or gone stale. To keep things fresh, these food storage containers have flip-top lids with airtight seals. The set of 14 containers includes different sizes for everything you need to store, and they stack on top of one another to neaten up your pantry in a hurry. They’re BPA-free and come with reusable labels.


The reusable air fryer liners that replace your paper ones

Made from durable silicone, these air fryer liners replace the paper ones you’re accustomed to using, saving you money in the long run. Instead of throwing them away after use, these clean up right in the dishwasher for repeated reuse. Heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, they have handles for easy removal and they’re also ideal for use in the microwave and Instant Pot.


A mug warmer that will keep your coffee piping hot

Don’t throw out a cup of coffee that’s gone cold and bitter —use this mug warmer to keep it hot and tasty so you can enjoy your drink to the last drop. It has two heat setting as well as two timer settings, so you don’t have to remember to unplug. For coffee aficionados, this is a must.


These silicone cupcake liners that are cheaper than wrappers

I went on a years-long strike from baking cupcakes because the darn things were so temperamental in their little wrappers, but with these reusable silicone cupcake liners, they ease right out like a charm. Not to mention — no more restocking on paper liners, which adds up over time. They’re ultra-durable and suitable for many batches of muffins and cupcakes, and wash up easily right in the dishwasher.


A splatter screen that saves you from repainting half your kitchen

Fried foods are delicious but so messy, especially when they leave a patina of grease all over the walls around your stove. This grease splatter screen keeps that oil where it belongs — in your pan — and spares your walls, so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning, or worse, repainting. It’s made from an ultra-fine, food-grade stainless steel mesh and has a stay-cool handle for easy use while frying.


The snack containers that let you see & eat what you have

When you can actually see what you have to eat at home, you’ll be less tempted to make a quick run to the store or order out. These snack organizers help you make an attractive display of what you have to nosh on, so you and yours can grab and go whenever you’re feeling a little peckish. They’re stackable and can be used in the fridge, freezer, or pantry.


A double laundry hamper that separates lights & darks

Make sure your clothes don’t get ruined on laundry day by presorting your lights and darks with this two-compartment laundry hamper. It has removable inner bags with sturdy shoulder straps that make it easy to take the dirty clothes to the washer, or you can take the whole hamper since it has convenient handles on the sides.

  • Available colors: 2


These drawer organizers that keep your socks together

If you’re tired of having to replace lost socks and underwear, these drawer organizers are for you. Ideal for anyone who follows the Marie Kondo method, this set provides compartments for underwear, socks, bras, and more, then allows you to put them right into your drawers so everything stays neat and easy to find.


The braided Lightning cables that won’t fray

Made from braided nylon, these Lightning charger cables won’t fray like traditional cords and they’re a bargain. With copper cores, they support fast charging and offer overcharge and battery protection. Best of all, they have reinforced connectors that have been bend-tested to survive even the toughest wear and tear.