Amazon's selling a ton of these clever things for your home under $35

Home upgrades don’t have to cost big bucks.

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Home upgrades can be a big investment, but they don’t have to be. If you want to stay on budget, Amazon’s selling a ton of these clever things for your home for under $35. We’re talking handy kitchen gadgets, curb appeal-boosting accents, and helpful organizational tools that cost less than you paid for last Sunday’s brunch. If that sounds too good to be true, keep scrolling for a treasure trove of cheap Amazon reviewer faves you’re definitely going to want to snag for your own home.


An LED grow light to help your plants blossom — literally

Help your plants grow faster and better with this LED grow light that looks like a cool floating halo. Just like natural sunlight, it emits varying wavelengths and has adjustable dimming levels to control brightness. You can choose from three timed light cycles that automatically turn on and off and can customize the light’s height to accommodate various sizes of plants.


A roll-up dish drying rack that’s a space-saving kitchen tool

Replace a bulky dish drying rack with this compact roll-up rack that saves counter space and doubles as an additional prep surface. Made from stainless steel rods capped with silicone ends, it’s strong and sturdy and stays in place. Unfold the rust-resistant rack over your sink and use it to dry dishes or rinsed produce, and use it in place of a trivet for hot dishes. One under-$10 tool, so many uses.


This wireless light bar for an instant kitchen upgrade

Give your kitchen a sleek makeover without doing expensive electrical work and install this wireless LED light bar under your cabinets. The battery-operated light comes with a remote that enables you to dim it, set a timer, and control it from up to 15 feet away. To attach the light bar to your cabinets, simply use the provided strong adhesive or mounting screws.


A sponge holder to keep your kitchen sink organized

Keep your kitchen sink neat and organized and store sponges and brushes in this cheap but clever silicone holder that fits around a faucet or sink wall. The nonslip accessory stays securely in place and its perforated design ensures constant drainage to prevent mildew and mold from forming.


This genius duster so you can finally clean your ceiling fan

If you haven’t cleaned your ceiling fan since you moved in, get this genius extendable duster and give it a much-needed thorough clean. It has a pole that extends up to 47 inches and is topped with a microfiber head that traps dust in its fluffy fibers, making it easy to clean the fan without having to stand on a chair or ladder.


An adjustable organizer to neatly store food container lids

Eliminate clutter in your kitchen cabinets and keep food container lids accessible using this adjustable organizer. It includes five dividers whose position you can customize based on the number and size of lids you need to store, and it has handles on each side for easy carrying and sliding from one spot to another.


These rug corner grippers to prevent shifting & curling

Stop rugs from shifting and their corners from curling and causing a potential tripping hazard by securing them in place with these rug corner grippers. The V-shaped grippers have a rubber layer that protects your floors, whether they’re hardwood, tile, or carpet. They work on rugs of any size and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to their weatherproof adhesive.


This clever sink squeegee that cleans up wet & dry messes

Give your countertops a quick clean using this sink squeegee with a brush for dry messes on one end and a blade for wet spills on the other. The popular cleaning tool has an easy-to-use handle that doubles as a way to hang it for storage, and it comes with an overall 4.6-star rating from over 6,000 reviewers. To keep it sanitized, toss it in the dishwasher.


A splatter screen to minimize post-dinner cleanup

Use this genius splatter screen to contain grease pops and minimize cleanup. Thanks to its stainless steel construction that features an extra-fine mesh design, the screen allows steam to escape while blocking up to 99% of splatter. The clever multi-use tool doubles as a cooling rack or strainer, and its thin profile makes it easy to store without taking up a ton of room.


A knife sharpener to restore dull blades

Instead of splurging on a pricey new knife set, get this highly rated under-$20 knife sharpener that revives dull blades with just a couple of effortless strokes. For added safety, it has a suction cup base that secures it to the table surface while you sharpen a knife, holding it at a 20-degree angle and swiping it through the sharpener three or four times.


This meat thermometer to take the guesswork out of cooking

If you’re always wondering whether the chicken you’re serving is cooked through, get this meat thermometer and take out the guesswork. It provides an instant, accurate read and has an LED backlight so you can see the meat temperature even if you’re grilling in the dark. There’s also a handy temperature guide on the handle for quick reference.


These under-bed organizers to store shoes & boots

Maximize storage space in your home by storing shoes and boots in these sturdy under-bed organizers. The set includes one organizer that fits 16 pairs of shoes and another that can hold four pairs of boots. Each storage vessel has a clear zippered top so you can quickly find the pair you’re looking for, as well as reinforced handles to easily pull the organizers out when needed.


An outlet wall plate that doubles as a night-light

Install this outlet wall plate in seconds and turn any regular outlet into a night-light. Instead of a bulky light taking up a spot where you’d plug in one of your devices, this wall plate features an LED light sensor that automatically turns on in the dark. Its streamlined design keeps your space clutter-free and the outlet light is highly energy-efficient, designed to last for up to 25 years.


This rotating caddy to keep cooking utensils conveniently on hand

Keep whisks and spatulas conveniently on hand in this sleek utensil caddy. The clever design features a weighted base so it doesn’t tip over, three removable compartments for neat organization, and a 360-degree rotating range so you can quickly grab what you need. Its stainless steel exterior gives it durability and a timeless look that fits with any kitchen style.


An over-the-door shoe rack to maximize storage space

Create extra storage space with this over-the-door shoe rack that has 24 breathable mesh pockets. Each pocket has reinforced stitching for sturdiness and a breathable construction that prevents unwanted odors from forming. The four heavy-duty hooks at the top secure it in place and hold up to 40 pounds of weight.


A hypoallergenic cover to protect your mattress

A new mattress is a pricey investment, so protect it and prolong its life with this waterproof and hypoallergenic protector. It basically looks like a fitted sheet and fits a mattress that’s up to 14 inches deep, protecting it from dust mites, allergens, and stains. For hassle-free maintenance, the cover is washer and dryer-safe, so you always know you’re sleeping on a clean surface.

Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, California king


These Turkish towels that look like an expensive boutique find

Get these 100% cotton Turkish hand towels and add a unique touch to your home, whether you use them as dish towels or dinner napkins. Their stripe and tassel design gives them an artisanal quality way beyond their price tag, but besides looks, they’re also super practical as they are highly absorbent and dry quickly, and only get softer over time. Choose from over 40 colors.


This clear shower liner with strong magnets to keep it in place

Use this clear plastic shower liner on its own or with a curtain and keep water in your tub instead of all over the bathroom floor. The liner is made from heavy-duty plastic and features 12 rustproof grommets and three strong magnets that keep it securely in place while you take a shower. “I am not seeing a build up of mildew or soap scum on it and it's quite thick and durable,” wrote one reviewer.


These Swedish dishcloths for a reusable alternative to paper towels

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of single-use products in your home, these Swedish dishcloths are an excellent addition. One of these plant-based dishcloths replaces 15 rolls of paper towels while being ultra-absorbent and holding up to 20 times their weight in liquid. Use them on any surface from glass to stainless steel, then throw the cloths in the washer to sanitize and reuse them.


A drawer organizer for a safe way to store kitchen knives

Save counter space and store knives safely in this knife drawer organizer made from bamboo. The organizer has an angled base and slotted design to ensure that knives are facing down and their sharp blades are secured in place. The slightly elevated block makes it easy to take knives in and out, and the natural wood construction promises durability for years to come.


A collapsible cover to splatter-guard your microwave

Use this vented cover to protect your microwave from leftover splatters that are a pain to clean up. The collapsible design makes it easy to store and its holes keep good airflow to make sure food is thoroughly heated through without condensation buildup. And because multi-use products are always a win, this BPA-free cover doubles as a colander, all for under $20.


This snap-on pot strainer that saves so much space

If your colander is taking up too much precious kitchen space, this snap-on pot strainer is for you. With over 23,000 perfect five-star ratings, it’s an Amazon fave that can be attached to any size cooking pot for one-handed straining. The food-grade silicone strainer has a built-in spout for faster drainage and takes up much less storage space than a traditional colander.


A dish soap dispenser set to declutter your kitchen sink area

Streamline your kitchen sink with this countertop organizer that includes a dispenser, sponge holder, liquid soap holder, and a small tray to neatly corral the set. Not only is it a much more hygienic way to store a sponge, but the clever holder also has a perforated top that you press down to dispense dish soap directly onto the sponge.


These geode bookends for a stylish way to organize books

Style your shelves and keep books upright with a pair of these stunning geode bookends. Since they are natural stones enhanced with teal dye, each bookend has a unique pattern and color. They weigh approximately 3 pounds each in order to be able to support a stack of books and come with clear rubber bumpers to protect surfaces from dents and scratches.


These house numbers to boost your home’s curb appeal

Add curb appeal and help visitors find your home faster with these modern house numbers. They have a high gloss finish that, coupled with their minimalist design, gives the numbers a sleek and sophisticated look. You can mount them flush against the facade or create a floating effect — the house numbers come with both styles of mounting screws to give you options.


These clear wall hooks that can be reused multiple times

Need a non-permanent way to hang towels? Or a spot to hang up your keys in the entryway? These reusable wall hooks fit the bill for that and more. Their clear design makes them discreet enough to hang in a visible spot and they are suitable for multiple surfaces, including glass, wood, tile, and stainless steel. The best part is that you can remove them without leaving behind any residue and reuse them as needed.


These cotton rope baskets for a chic way to store clutter

Hide toys, toiletries, and all sorts of clutter inside of these cotton rope baskets that adds a nice textural element while tidying up your home. The woven design gives them an elevated look, as do their chic vegan leather patches on the front and back. And with eight colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your style.


A handheld steamer that has garnered 64,000+ perfect reviews

Get wrinkles out of clothing, bedding, and window treatments quickly and easily with this portable steamer. It comes highly recommended by tens of thousands of happy reviewers and is a space-saving alternative to an iron and board combo. The gentle steam lasts for up to 15 minutes and since it’s lightweight and portable, you can easily throw it in a suitcase when traveling.


This rechargeable lighter that’s super reliable

Replace the old-school gas lighter that never seems to work with this sleek rechargeable version. It can be used up to 60 times on a full charge and has a light that alerts you when it needs to be recharged. The slim electric lighter is flameless and windproof, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use, and its slim design allows you to get to the bottom of the candle jar, no matter how low the wick is.


These clear bins to organize your fridge like a pro

Use these clear bins to clean out your fridge and make it look like you hired a professional organizer. The sturdy bins are ideal for holding drinks or corralling snacks, and the built-in side handles make them easy to move around. In addition to your fridge, they’re great for organizing pantry shelves, a bathroom vanity, or craft room drawers.


A pair of smart light bulbs with adjustable features

Upgrade your home with these smart light bulbs that allow you to use voice control, switch between 16 million colors, adjust brightness, and more. Connect the bulbs with Alexa or another compatible smart assistant, as well as an app on your phone so you can control the lights remotely. The bulbs also save up to 80% of energy, lasting for up to two years.


An electric can opener that’s a fan-favorite with over 57,000 5-star ratings

Open cans without straining your arms thanks to this electric opener that has gained thousands of rave reviews. When I say it works at the push of a button, that’s literally what it does — simply position it on the can, press the button to turn it on and off, and viola, an open can with minimal effort on your part.


This pan rack to organize your kitchen shelves

Keep pans neatly in place, protect them from damage, and gain cabinet space by utilizing this pan organizer. It can be used horizontally to hold four pans or vertically to accommodate five, and you can either mount it using the provided screws or leave it freestanding depending on your kitchen space.


A garlic press with an easy-to-squeeze handle

Make meal prep easier with this garlic press that has an easy-to-squeeze handle for effortless mincing. Its interior chamber is large enough for multiple cloves and the pressing studs crush them in seconds. The ergonomic design allows for comfortable one-handed use and the garlic press is dishwasher-safe so it can always get a thorough clean.


A lint remover that restores items to like-new condition

Use this portable lint remover and get pet hair, pills, and fuzz out of clothing, carpets, and fabric upholstery without leaving behind a sticky residue. Change the angle at which you’re holding the remover depending on what surface you’re working with and use it over and over again thanks to its copper head construction that gives it durability.


This microfiber mop that comes with washable pads

Trade disposable sweeper pads for this microfiber mop that comes with four washable and reusable pads. It has an extendable handle so you can get to those hard-to-reach places and a 360-degree rotating head for easy maneuvering. You can use the mop on a number of surfaces, from tile to hardwood, to pick up dust, pet hair, and everything in between.


A shower mirror that uses anti-fog technology to stay clear

Instead of swiping your mirror clear every couple of seconds, get this shower mirror that uses anti-fog technology. It has a strong suction cup to attach to your shower wall and the ball joint allows for 360-degree rotation. The mirror will adhere to multiple surfaces, from tile and glass to marble and larger mirrors, and even has a handy little hook to hold your razor.


A 2-tier organizer to maximize vanity storage space

The vertical space in your vanity often goes wasted, which is why this two-tier organizer is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing storage. It consists of an open top shelf and a pull-out bottom shelf and comes with hanging hooks and cups to hold extra bathroom essentials. Choose from white or black.


This bidet attachment that gives you the benefits of the real thing for less

Get all the benefits of a bidet without actually paying for one with this cheap alternative — an adjustable bidet attachment. It has a control dial on the side that allows you to adjust water pressure and nozzle settings and since it’s non-electric, there’s no pricey electrical or plumbing work required. The attachment is made from durable plastic and its universal fit is compatible with standard-size toilets.


A pumice stone for a sparkling clean toilet

If you’re tired of scrubbing the toilet and still seeing stains and rings, get this pumice stone to restore a sparkling clean shine. It has a handle for comfortable use and it’s specifically designed to be tough on limescale, hard water rings, calcium deposits, and hard-to-clean stains. The odorless white pumice is made from recycled materials and cleans on its own, without leaving behind any scratches or residue.


A tub of the internet-famous Pink Stuff for effortless cleaning

When it comes to cleaning products, the Pink Stuff has reached celeb status, garnering over 114,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. The miracle all-purpose cleaning paste works on pretty much any dirty surface, from shower doors and cooktops to garden furniture and tile. To use it, gently rub it onto the target area with a cloth or sponge, then rinse it off with hot water and you’re done; no gym-level arm workout needed.


This sleek shelf with hooks to organize your entryway

Create a designated spot for keys and mail with this wall-mounted organizer that has a sleek shelf and six hooks. It’s made from sturdy stainless steel and it’s available in multiple colors, including black, white, and gold. Attach it to the wall using the provided self-adhesive tape or mounting screws, and keep your entryway neat and clutter-free.


These cordless garden shears for DIY landscaping

Save money and do your own landscaping with the help of these cordless shears. This tool is rechargeable and includes convertible blades so you can trim grass, hedges, and small areas where your mower can’t reach. It’s lightweight for easy carrying and also has an ergonomic handle for controlled handling.


A plug-in trap to eliminate unwanted insects indoors

Use this plug-in fly trap inside your home to get rid of those pesky fruit flies, gnats, and moths. It starts working as soon as you plug it in, its UV light attracting flying insects and trapping them on a hidden glue card. The trap creates a 400-square-foot zone of protection and contains no chemical insecticides, making it a good choice for a home with kids and pets.


This hose nozzle with 8 different spray patterns

Enjoy a lush green lawn thanks to this heavy-duty water hose nozzle that has eight different spray patterns to choose from. It fits all standard garden hoses and has an ergonomic handle for controlled and comfortable use. Because of its baked enamel finish, it’s much more durable than a regular plastic nozzle, saving you money in the long run, and its rubber insulation allows for both hot and cold water use.


A set of solar garden lights for a magical ambiance

Tuck these solar garden lights into your flower beds or use them to illuminate a footpath in your backyard. They look like clusters of fireflies, and since they’re powered by the sun, they automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. The lights are waterproof and sway in the wind, giving off a soft glow and a magical ambiance without any distracting extension cords.


These oven gloves that can withstand extreme heat

Protect your hands from burns and use these oven gloves that can withstand extreme heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The versatile gloves can be used in place of oven mitts and pot holders, plus they’re machine washable for easy care and can be hung up with their built-in hooks. They’re also cut-resistant and four times as strong as leather, which makes them great for slicing and dicing meats and veggies.


These wind chimes for a soothing addition to your outdoor space

Hang these wind chimes on your balcony or in your backyard and zone out to their soothing melody as they sway with the breeze. They’re made from wood and rust-resistant aluminum for durability and are hand-tuned to E-major. The chimes are available in six colors and two sizes, and depending on the length you choose, they produce a gentle soprano or rich alto sound.


A pair of outdoor pillow covers for a fun pop of color

Spruce up your outdoor seating with a pair of these outdoor throw pillow covers. They’re made from water-resistant polyester and can be washed on a gentle cold cycle and left to air dry. The covers have a lovely textured detail, come in a number of sizes and colors, and are a budget-friendly way to give your outdoor furniture a quick refresh.


A magnetic screen door to let the breeze in & keep the bugs out

Let fresh air in and keep annoying bugs out with the help of this magnetic screen door. It’s made from heavy-duty mesh that allows for good ventilation and has 30 strong magnets along its central self-sealing opening. There’s no complicated installation involved, simply attach the screen to your door frame using the provided hook and loop strips and push pins and it’s ready for hands-free use.