Any of these clever, cheap things would make your dog behave better

Easy tricks for a calmer, happier pet ahead.

Any of these clever, cheap things would make your dog behave better
ByJenny White
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No matter how much you love your dog, it can still be frustrating when they don’t follow your commands or household rules. Luckily, Amazon is stocked with clever, cheap things to make your dog behave better that hundreds of shoppers have had success with. There are products to help your pup stay calmer, picks they can chew on and destroy (instead of your shoes), items that make training easier, and more. Every item is under $50 and many are less than $20.


This silicone pad lick pad for calming & grooming

Spread peanut butter, canned food, or any other dog-safe treat on this silicone pad — use it as a distraction technique for grooming or even as a calming reward (freeze it to make it last even longer). Strong suction cups on the bottom will keep it securely in place and when your pet is finished, you can stick it in the dishwasher for cleaning.


These recordable buttons that help teach commands

If you’ve ever wished your dog could talk, you may want to try out these recordable buttons. Using your voice, record a simple word or phrase that resonates with your pet (like play, bed, go outside, etc.) on each of the four buttons, then teach your pet to press the button so they can communicate with you more easily.


This maze bowl that slows down eating

This puzzle dog bowl will help your pet slow down during meals to prevent them from swallowing air, choking, or vomiting. It has a rubberized grip on the bottom to hold it in place and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. This pick is specifically designed for medium to large breeds, and there are several sizes available in the listing.


A clip-on pouch for easier treat training

Attach this treat pouch to your waistband or belt to always have your dog’s favorites on hand for training purposes. The double-lined interior is durable to prevent ripping and the drawstring top allows for easy access. There are even front pockets for storing small items, as well as a specific pouch to stash poop bags. A waist belt version is also available in the listing.


This shower attachment for more calming baths

Give your pooch a comforting massage and thorough cleaning with this handy bath brush. It can be used indoors or out — there are adapters to connect it directly to a showerhead or standard garden hose — and the two-in-one silicone head sprays water and scrubs at the same time. The 8-foot hose provides plenty of reach.


A fun toy for your dog to chew on — instead of your shoes

If your dog is destroying less-than-desirable things around your home, grab this squeaky toy for them to chew on instead. It features an irregular bounce, beef scent (other choices like peanut butter, chicken, and cheddar cheese are also available in the listing), and squeaky sounds for additional entertainment. This pick is designed for large breeds of 35 pounds and up.


This highly rated harness for dogs that pull

This no-pull harness has a back leash attachment (combined with the soft padding) that won’t hurt your dog as you guide them, as well as a place to attach to the front of the harness. It even features a built-in handle for further control. The harness is made from heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching for added strength. Choose from different sizes and colors in the listing.


A leash with two handles for better control

This dog leash has two handles — a padded one that’s 11 inches from the clip and another at the end — to give you more control and a better grip. Plus, the bungee cord material that it’s made from (which can stretch from 3 to 4 feet in length) will absorb shock as your dog pulls. The aluminum carabiner that attaches to your pet’s collar or harness is heavy-duty and easy to clip on.


These budget-friendly clickers for positive behavior shaping

A best-seller on Amazon, these training clickers can be used to instantly mark good behaviors, teach tricks, and more. “I absolutely love these! They work so well for my pit, they instantly get her attention and she’s listening so much better,” wrote one fan. The set comes with two clickers, each with a wrist strap so you can always have it within reach.


This bitter-tasting liquid to reduce unwanted chewing

Spray this bitter apple liquid on furniture, doors, shoes, and other items throughout your home and it’ll act as a deterrent for your dog, discouraging them from biting or chewing. One shopper wrote, “This spray is putting an end to the chewing. I like that it's invisible and [safe] to use on any surface, including your dog. I've sprayed it on furniture and carpets and you can't tell it's there. [...] A little goes a long way - very good value.”


A smart bell that makes potty training a breeze

This smart bell provides your dog with a simple way to communicate that they need to go potty (without barking) — pups of all sizes and ages will be able to use it because only minimal pressure is required to make the bell sound. It takes just seconds to install and the wireless design means you can use it anywhere in your home that makes sense for your dog. A version with two separate buttons is also available in the listing.


This heavy-duty seatbelt to comfortably secure your pet in a vehicle

Keep your pet safe and secure in your vehicle with this dog seatbelt. It’s made from durable rip-stop nylon with an elastic bungee cord to absorb shock and it can be adjusted in length from 21 to 31 inches, depending on how much slack you’d like to give your pet. The clasp connects directly to your pet’s collar or harness and the seatbelt can be used in any vehicle with standard buckles.


These dog bowls that are practically impossible to spill

If you’ve got a messy eater on your hands, this bowl set has a flat silicone base that’ll prevent them from sliding the bowls around — and should a little spillage occur, the raised edges will keep it contained. The rust-resistant stainless steel bowls nestle into the mat and all of the elements are dishwasher safe.


A booster seat for comfy & secure car rides

Utilize this booster seat in your vehicle to give your dog a comfortable spot to rest on your next road trip. The nylon straps (that are adjustable in length) and buckles allow you to install the seat in either the front or back. Attach the hook to your pet’s collar to prevent them from jumping out and the rubberized dots on the bottom will ensure it stays in place.


This soft mat that encourages calming sniffing behavior

This snuffle mat can be used to make your pet’s mealtime more stimulating and fun, or with treats to keep them out of trouble. Sniffing behavior can be calming and it promotes slower eating. The mat is machine washable because it’s handmade from organic cotton.


These tasty chews that’ll make your dog calmer

With calming ingredients like valerian root, chamomile, and hemp extract, these calming chews can make your dog more relaxed — even when faced with stressful situations like thunderstorms, car rides, or vet visits. They boast a bacon and cheese flavor and can be given to dogs of all sizes using the dosing chart.


A powerful black-light flashlight that reveals pet stains

This UV flashlight can reveal dried pet urine on your floors and furniture, allowing you to prevent future accidents and pinpoint where to use enzyme-based pet odor and stain removers. The flashlight contains 68 LED lights for brightness and it’s powered by three AA batteries.


This jacket to ease anxiety during storms, fireworks & more

This anxiety jacket provides constant, gentle pressure to your dog to help them stay calm — it can be used during travel, thunderstorms, doctor’s visits, fireworks displays, and other equally-stressful encounters. Amazon reviewers confirm this pick’s effectiveness; one reviewer commented, “Every time my young Weimaraner seems to get a little stressed [...] I put this on her and within 10 minutes, she is calming down, relaxing and then sleeping.” The jacket comes in a range of sizes in the listing to accommodate practically any breed.


These stuffing-free toys for entertainment without a mess

For all of the fun without the mess, grab a pack of these squeaky toys for your dog, which have absolutely no stuffing inside. The set comes with five different jungle animal toys (each is around 12 inches long) that crackle, crunch, and squeak to engage your pet.


A plush bed that’ll keep your dog off the couch or bed

To keep your dog off your couch or bed, you’ll need to provide an equally-comfortable resting spot; this donut-shaped dog bed certainly qualifies. It’s covered in plush faux fur with a soft cotton filling and the round shape is designed for curling up in. The slip-resistant base will keep the bed firmly in place, even if your dog likes to burrow.


These reusable pads that absorb pet messes

This two-pack of washable pee pads features absorbent materials (including a totally waterproof bottom) to hold liquids with ease — you don’t have to worry about the surface it rests on getting ruined. They’re machine washable so you can reuse them as often as you need, whether you’re training a new puppy or just like the peace of mind of having a little extra protection.


This short leash handle to keep your dog close

This short dog leash keeps your dog right by your side — it’s ideal for training your pet to walk in heel position or for general use in crowded or highly distracting areas. It’s made from soft neoprene (with padding for your comfort) with high-strength nylon threading to withstand even the strongest pulling from dogs. Several lengths are available in the listing.


A puzzle feeder to exercise their brain

Not only will this educational toy exercise your dog’s brain, but it’ll also slow down their eating to aid in digestion. The toy has 14 holes and eight movable sliders that your dog can manipulate to gain access to the contents inside. Several puzzles of varying complexity are available in the listing.


This interactive toy to tire out an active pup without much effort

Your dog will love trying to grab, pull, and tug on the rope toy at the end of this flirt pole — it’s great exercise for your pooch that requires minimal effort on your part. The durable stainless steel pole is 33 inches long with a cord length of 38 inches. The pole breaks down into two smaller sections so it’s compact enough to bring with you on your next adventure.


This ultra-durable chew ring that’ll keep your dog busy for hours

This virtually indestructible chew ring is made of natural, splinterproof rubber treated to industrial strength, giving your dog a satisfying and safe outlet for aggressive chewing. It’s textured to engage your pup’s senses, and the ring shape makes it easy to play tug-of-war or throwing games.


An adjustable ball toy that dispenses treats

Your furry best friend will be mentally and physically stimulated by this unique treat ball. They’ll have to learn to roll the ball just right in order to get the treats to dispense — and the added benefit is that it will make their treats last longer. You can adjust the difficulty level using the disc inside.


This chew toy that mimics the taste & texture of wood

If your dog constantly tries to bring sticks inside the house, grab this dog toy for a less messy (and safer) alternative — it has the taste, smell, and texture of real wood for their satisfaction. It even floats if you have a water lover on your hands. The toy comes in four different sizes in the listing.


A soft toy that mimics a heartbeat to soothe lonely pups

This snuggle-worthy stuffed toy pulses to mimic a real heartbeat, offering calming relief for any pooch, but particularly puppies. “My pups went from crying and howling all night, to being able to be soothe themselves. Worth every penny,” wrote a fan of the product. Also included is a heat pack that provides up to 24 hours of warmth.


This cozy dog bed to keep your dog calm when visitors arrive

When someone rings the doorbell, it’s wise to train your dog to have a defined place to go. This double-sided foam dog bed is a great option since it can be used year-round — it boasts a warm fuzzy fabric on one side and an Oxford fabric on the reverse that’ll keep your pet cool when temperatures are high. The removable cover is easy to clean in the washing machine.


An electric nail grinder with a built-in LED for easier grooming

This nail grinder makes trimming your dog’s nails much simpler and quicker. It features an LED light to illuminate the area for better visibility, and two different speed levels to smooth and shape the nails. The device is rechargeable via the included micro-USB cord.