Banza is launching new vegan pizzas & mac and cheese — and all I have to say is, yum

Mac and cheese that’s so creamy, you’d never know it’s vegan.

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As someone who has dabbled with every offshoot and variation of the vegan diet, I have been adding Banza pasta to my grocery shopping list for years. Their gluten-free pasta is a staple in my pantry and, for the year that I was a vegan, I relied on its protein-packed chickpea flour formula to supplement my plant-based diet. So it’s hard to contain my excitement at the news that they just expanded their vegan options. Vegan deluxe mac and cheese? Yes please.

As an active participant in a weekly pizza night, I am so excited to see that Banza has launched a bunch of vegan pizzas. For the classic experience, you can opt for their vegan Margherita pizza, which is made with dairy-free cheese and crust and offers 20 grams of protein. I’m loyal to a great veggie pizza, so I’ve been eyeing their vegan roasted veggie pizza, which is topped with red and yellow peppers, delicious caramelized onions, and spinach. My favorite part about Banza’s options is how they allow me to get more protein than traditional recipes. For example, these gluten-free and vegan pizzas have 30% more protein than the standard cauliflower pizza crust you’d buy at your grocery store. And given how difficult it can be to find large sources of protein when you’re plant-based, these are truly game-changers.

In the past four years I’ve had more of their vegan white cheddar mac and cheese than I would care to admit on the internet. So naturally my ears immediately perked up at the sound of their new vegan deluxe mac and cheese. The creamier sauce makes for a super delicious bowl of mac and cheese, and offers 12 grams of protein per serving. If you’ve had their standard mac and cheese, then you know how good it is. But, truly the deluxe may just top it.

For a more balanced bowl of mac, throw in some veggies like broccoli or sautéed mushrooms to level up your dinner. I love mixing in some sautéed veggies to create a creamy and cheesy pasta with a few more nutrients than my standard mac. But if you’re lost in the kitchen, Banza’s website is packed with easy recipes like this mac and cheese with sautéed mushrooms and thyme.

I am truly an evangelist of Banza, and it’s a rare week where I don’t buy some at my grocery store. Switching in Banza pasta for the standard flour options I’d been using before has made it way easier for me to get protein throughout the day, regardless of where I’m at with my plant-based journey. So vegans, plant-based, and gluten-free alike, please excuse me. I need to run, not walk, to the nearest Whole Foods to check out their newest vegan options. I’m already salivating.