The 7 best waterproof dog coats

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best waterproof dog coats
ByClaire Epting

Rain or shine, our canine companions look forward to their daily walks — but wet weather doesn’t have to result in a soggy dog. The best waterproof dog coats are made of durable materials such as nylon or polyester, and designed with multiple leash attachment points for the most secure fit. Some are simple in design and others have a soft, cozy inner layer made of fleece that keeps your dog warm as well as dry.

The experts

Sarah Wooten, DVM, is a veterinary expert for Pumpkin Pet Insurance, which gives dog owners access to a variety of pet health-care plans to fit their needs. She has 16 years of experience in private practice and is a certified veterinary journalist.

Aaron Rice is an expert dog trainer with more than 15 years of experience training dogs for the FBI, police, TSA, and competition. He is also the co-owner of Stayyy – a community for dog lovers and people who are looking to train their dog.

What to consider when shopping for the best waterproof dog coats


Veterinarian Sarah Wooten and dog trainer Aaron Rice both recommend polyester for the coat’s outer shell, due to its water-repellent and breathable qualities. Waterproof-treated nylon is also a good choice, but Dr. Wooten warns against naturally absorbent cotton, as “it is a poor insulator and locks in moisture, both of which can make your dog colder.”

Some breeds — such as Great Danes, greyhounds, and French bulldogs — are very sensitive to cold weather and may need some extra warmth. Dr. Wooten recommends fleece-lined dog jackets for these breeds, but only if they require it — otherwise, it may cause them to overheat.

Waterproof vs. water-repellent

Fully waterproof fabrics will be the most effective at keeping your dog dry, as they’ve been treated with a special coating that can stand up to even the heaviest of downpours. However, note that the term “waterproof” is used loosely when it comes to dog rain coats, and that many options might more accurately be described as “water-repellent.” A water-repellent coat is hydrophobic — i.e., water will bead up on the fabric surface instead of soaking through. If you tend to go on short walks with your dog in moderate rain, this will be sufficient, but if you’re trudging through heavy precipitation for extended periods, it may be worth looking for a heavy-duty coat with a water column millimeter rating. This rating measures how well the fabric will actually stand up to wetness. For example, a water column of 10,000 millimeters means your pup would only get wet if they were hit with a 10-meter column of water.

Other things to consider

The best waterproof jackets for dogs attach with Velcro or buckles, but in any case, it’s important to create a secure fit. “Loops for the back legs will help keep the jacket in place, and a strap around the stomach will also help — make sure you can tighten it,” says Dr. Wooten. Also, look for a coat that has holes for a harness or a place to attach your leash, as some coats are only compatible with collars.

As far as design goes, some raincoats for dogs have hoods to provide extra protection — a feature your pup may or may not appreciate. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, there are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from, such as stripes, flowers, or even dinosaurs — just note that Rice suggests reflective elements to help drivers spot your dog in low-visibility settings.

Ultimately, the best dog jacket is the one that keeps them dry without causing any discomfort — if your pup ends up looking cute, that’s a bonus. With all that, here are the best waterproof dog coats.

Shop the best waterproof dog coats

In a hurry? These are the best waterproof dog coats:

  1. The basic one: VIZPET Waterproof Dog Coat
  2. The heavy-duty one: Hurtta Monsoon Raincoat
  3. The one with a pocket: Carhartt Quick Duck Jac
  4. The one that comes in 15+ patterns: HDE Hooded Dog Raincoat
  5. The lightweight one: RUFFWEAR Sun Shower Dog Raincoat
  6. The insulated one: Weatherbeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka
  7. The one that’s good for long-bodied breeds: DJANGO Water-Repellent Raincoat

1. The basic one

The best dog raincoat for most pups is basic in the best way and comes at a wallet-friendly price point. For starters, the nylon outer layer is treated with a waterproof coating, and the inner layer features a light fleece lining that provides an extra layer of warmth — but not so much that your dog will overheat. The foldable collar can be worn flat against your dog’s neck, or rolled down, covering the convenient leash slot. A set of Velcro straps around the neck and under the belly allow you to create a secure, adjustable fit, while reflective piping along your dog’s back assists with visibility in low-light settings.

It may not hold up as well as some of the more expensive options, but this rain slicker keeps water out while holding warmth in — and for many dogs, that’s enough.

According to a reviewer: “This is a game changer. I wanted something that would cut down my drying time after walking my two dogs in the rain. For them to be willing to wear it, I needed something comfortable and without a hood. This is PERFECT. The thin fleece layer makes it feel like a sweater (which they love), it’s easy to put on, it stays in place, and it’s functional (their backs stay dry).”

Available sizes: 6 | Available colors: 3 | Lining: Fleece | Reflective points? Yes

2. The heavy-duty one

If you’re willing to spend more for a jacket that’ll stand up to extended use in downpours, you’ll love the Hurtta Monsoon waterproof dog coat. It’s made of 150-denier polyester, a tough, waterproof fabric that’s often used to make backpacks, tents, and waterproof covers for bikes and cars. Along with a bit of stretch for comfort, it’s lined in breathable polyester mesh and features reflective piping on the exterior for greater visibility. The material is also coated in Bionic-Finish, which is an eco-friendly water-repellent treatment that stands up well to heavy rain. Plus, the drawstring-adjustable collar does an excellent job of keeping water out.

The coat attaches with a buckle closure around the waist, with multiple drawstrings along the back that can be tightened for a more secure fit. Note that it doesn’t have a fleece lining, so it won’t provide much extra warmth.

According to a reviewer: “I’m very impressed with this product. Great rain protection overall and well worth the money, as it looks like it will last a good long while. Quality fabric and construction.”

Available sizes: 13 | Available colors: 4 | Lining: Mesh | Reflective points? Yes

3. The one with a pocket

You might already be familiar with the Carhartt brand, thanks to its established line of workwear and outdoor apparel. Unsurprisingly, the brand’s take on a dog raincoat lives up to the company’s steadfast reputation. Made of Carhartt’s Rain Defender material, the fleece dog coat stands up to moderate showers and has a built-in pocket — perfect for a few treats or a couple extra waste bags. It has a soft inner lining made out of micro-fleece, so it’s ideal for dog breeds who need an extra layer of warmth.

Velcro straps across the chest and underneath the belly create a secure fit, while a loop at the top provides a designated spot to attach your leash. Last but not least, reflective elements increase your dog’s visibility in low-light settings.

According to a reviewer: “The material is great and keeps him warm on those days when the wind is bitingly cold when we go on walks. The only way our dog will go out in the rain now is if he has this jacket on.”

Available sizes: 4 | Available colors: 2 | Lining: Fleece | Reflective points? Yes

4. The one that comes in 15+ patterns

Made from polyester treated with a waterproof coating, this dog raincoat separates itself from the pack with a unique feature — a hood. If your dog doesn’t mind having an extra layer of material over their ears, this raincoat offers additional protection around the head area. This pick also has the widest range of color and pattern options, with styles including camouflage, dinosaurs, and ducks. Just note that there’s no lining, so this coat won’t do much to keep your dog warm — only dry.

The coat secures to your dog’s body with Velcro straps at the front and underneath the belly, and a reflective stripe increases visibility. There’s also a slot on the top of the coat for attaching your dog’s leash to their harness. It may not be as durable as some of the other coats on this list, but it offers the most variety at a reasonable price.

According to a reviewer: “It is very light weight. Comfortable for my [dogs], and kept them nice and dry. Plus the reflective strips really helps people see them.”

Available sizes: 4 | Available colors and patterns: 19 | Lining: None | Reflective points? Yes

5. The lightweight one

Expert pick

There are plenty of places with hotter climates that still receive lots of rain, in which case a lightweight raincoat without any lining is essential. Ruffwear’s waterproof dog jacket is made of 70-denier nylon with a waterproof polyurethane coating, so it does an excellent job of repelling wetness. Specifically recommended by Wooten, it’s designed with reflective accents and an oversized storm collar that can be worn up or down, depending on the amount of wind. A set of optional elastic leg loops in the back creates a more secure fit in blustery conditions, as well. The leash slot on the back of the jacket is compatible with most harnesses.

While it may be one of the pricier options, this raincoat is hard-wearing and will last a long time. If your dog is sensitive to the cold, you can even layer a sweater underneath to provide them with extra warmth. Since it attaches to your dog’s body with easy-release side buckles, it’s ideal for pups who have a fear of the sound of Velcro.

According to a reviewer: “Excellent product. Very lightweight. Keeps my golden retriever dry. He seems to actually like wearing it! It's form fitting so it allows me to place his harness over the raincoat.”

Available sizes: 6 | Available colors: 3 | Lining: None | Reflective points? Yes

6. The insulated one

Expert pick

If you find yourself walking your pup in cold, wet weather, you might want to bundle them up in the best waterproof winter coat for dogs, which comes recommended by Wooten. Made of fully waterproof 300-denier polyester fabric, the jacket is constructed with polyester fill to create an extra layer of insulation. The collar can be rolled up or down, depending on how windy it is. A reflective stripe on the back aids in visibility in low-light conditions.

It attaches to your dog’s body via adjustable Velcro straps around the chest and belly, and it has a large harness hole on the back for attaching your leash. Like the previous pick, this parka also has elastic leg straps that create a more secure fit. It’s a great choice for those who also spend time with their dogs in the snow, thanks to its insulated design.

According to a reviewer: “THEY ROCK. Virtually impossible to destroy, easy to clean up - just throw in the wash. The dogs love their warmth and the fact that they stay dry in rain and snow. I have tried a number of dog "coats” and this one is the best by a large margin. The fit is accurate too. Great job Weatherbeeta.”

Available sizes: 12 | Available colors: 2 | Lining: Polyester fill | Reflective points? Yes

7. The one for long-bodied breeds

Easily one of the best waterproof coats for small dogs with long bodies, this pick is available in sizes that are smaller in chest girth but still have ample length — making them ideal for breeds such as dachshunds and corgis. The water-repellent nylon fabric is ideal for light rain, while the soft and breathable mesh lining makes the coat comfortable against your dog’s skin. It has adjustable Velcro straps that run across the chest and belly, along with an opening up top to connect your dog’s leash to their harness.

The reflective piping gives this jacket extra visibility in low-light settings, while the elastic leg openings provide a secure fit in windy conditions. This choice is best for small to medium dogs, as there aren’t many large size options available.

According to a reviewer: “Once again, Django Brand makes a wonderfully fitting garment for dachshunds and their unique physique. When looking for a rain coat, it was my highest priority to find a coat that covered my dog’s entire length, which this one does. Plus, the topaz blue is such a beautiful shade.”

Available sizes: 3 | Available colors: 5 | Lining: Mesh | Reflective points? Yes