Is dual-sided toilet paper the secret to a better clean?

It’s also 100% tree-free and sustainable.

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While you might not typically give your toilet paper a second thought, Bippy toilet paper’s unique two-sided texture is designed for a better clean. One side has a grippy texture to provide a deep clean, while the other side is smooth for when you just want to dab dry. The three-ply paper is “absorbent and soft,” according to one Bippy reviewer, and it’s also fragrance-free and whitened in a chlorine-free process, so there’s less chance of skin irritation. Because it’s designed to be lint-free, there should be no fuzz left behind after you wipe. Plus, it’s made from bamboo to create toilet paper that’s durable when you’re using it and better for the environment.

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What makes it better for the environment?

Americans use a lot of toilet paper. According to a 2019 National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report, the U.S. uses more toilet paper than any country in the world, with each person going through 141 rolls every year. And because most major brands use virgin fiber made from trees, toilet paper can have quite an impact on the environment.

As an alternative to wood pulp paper, brands such as Bippy have started making toilet paper from bamboo, which is considered more sustainable because it’s grass that grows quickly without pesticides or fertilizers. What’s more, Bippy toilet paper is manufactured with certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning the product comes from responsibly managed forests.

What about Bippy’s packaging?

There’s no plastic wrap involved here. Using carbon-neutral shipping, the toilet paper is sent in kraft boxes, which are made from various natural materials. You get 24 double rolls per order (with 250 sheets each), and each one is wrapped in colorful recycled paper that looks cheerful and chic on a bathroom shelf.

The reviews

“I’ve been using Bippy for a year and I’ll never go back to crappy grocery store TP! I tried another tree-free TP when we were in a pinch, and nothing compares. I am subscribing to Bippy, and I never subscribe to anything.” — Sarah M.

“Love this toilet paper, it is strong yet soft and doesn’t give off any annoying fluff. Highly recommend.” — Courtney W.

“We’ve been loyal Bippy customers for well over a year now, and it’s never been easier to buy toilet paper. The website is easy to navigate and our subscription makes it so simple to ensure our closet is always stocked. Plus, the fact that the product is sustainable helps up maintain our goals of living greener!” — Michelle R.

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How does a Bippy subscription work?

Subscriptions offer a savings of 15% off your order, and you can save an additional 20% using code MIC20. The Bippy website features a helpful calculator that determines how much TP you’ll need for your household, and it sets up a customized delivery schedule — especially appealing if you hate lugging bulky toilet paper home from the store. If you want to change, pause, or cancel your subscription, you can easily do so online.