Cheap, legitimately awesome things for your home that seem super expensive

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The more time you spend at home, the more you find things that could use sprucing up. Maybe there’s a new kitchen tool that would make cooking dinner way easier, or a light fixture that would brighten up your home. Thankfully, Amazon has tons of useful products for improving your home. The best part is that it’s easy to find affordable products that look way more expensive than they actually are.

Have a leather couch or chair that could use a little facelift? This leather restoration kit makes a cracked and dry piece of leather look as good as the day you bought it. If your house is feeling a little dark (especially in the winter), add some comforting brightness with these outlet covers that have a built-in night light. Or multitask with ease with this table lamp that not only provides extra light but has built-in outlets to charge your devices.

If the kitchen is your domain, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this retractable dish drying rack that works especially well for cups and bottles. Or a nonstick panini press that makes your lunches extra tasty.

Whatever your home needs are, you’ll find plenty of Amazon products in the list below to fulfill them. Heck, you’ll probably find some things you didn’t even know you needed.


A panini press that makes perfect hot sandwiches at home

A hot, grilled sandwich always makes for a tasty meal, and they’re much easier to make at home if you have this panini grill. Made from steel with a nonstick copper surface, this grill is easy to clean and easy to use. “This sandwich maker sure does make a good grilled cheese,” wrote one reviewer. “I like how easy it is to clean up. No having to wash pans or utensils.”


This repair kit that works on furniture and floors

If you have scratches or marks on your floor, table, door, or other wood in your home, easily conceal the damage with this wood putty repair kit. The kit is easy to apply and camouflages markings to make your wood pieces look good as new. The kit comes with 10 colors, so you can make a perfect match.


This showerhead that’s easy to clean

This high-pressure showerhead doesn’t require any tools for installation — but that’s not even the best part. It has an easy-to-clean mechanism that allows you to remove calcium and lime build-up just by touching the holes on the showerhead. Choose from four finishes: brushed nickel, deluxe chrome, matte black, or oil-rubbed bronze.


This dispenser that can turn almost any liquid soap into foam

Not only does this sleek soap dispenser look cool in your bathroom, but it’s also more sanitary than your typical soap vessel. This dispenser can turn basically any liquid soap into foam, but it’s activated by a motion sensor, so you avoid picking up more germs. It also has adjustable levels so you can choose the amount of foam that comes out.


A toilet paper holder with a shelf for your phone

Taking your phone into the bathroom is human nature at this point, but there’s never a good place to put it down. This toilet paper holder has a built-in shelf where you can set your phone while you take care of business, instead of just balancing it on the windowsill. The holder comes with an adhesive pad so it can be attached without screws.


This charger that works three times faster than regular ones

Charge your phone, tablet, and other devices extra fast with this flat wall charger that works three times faster than a typical charger. It works with both USB-A and USB-C chargers and can hold up to two cords at once. “It sits flat to the wall so it doesn't take up a lot of space, but has tons of power,” wrote one reviewer.


This rack that’s perfect for drying glasses and bottles

Traditional dish racks never seem to have enough space to hold glasses or cups. This collapsible dish rack has seven arms that are perfect for wine glasses, mugs, or water bottles. Plus it has a sleek, modern design so it looks good on your counter. “I like that my water bottles can all fit and air dry so I don’t have to wonder if they are dry before I put them away,” wrote one reviewer.


This bidet that’s easy to install

There’s no need to call a plumber when installing this bidet, as there are no special tools required to get the job done. It also features a control panel on the side so that it’s easy to adjust the water pressure — and the spray nozzle is even retractable to help keep it clean between uses.


An outlet cover with a built-in night light

The problem with plugging in a nightlight is that it takes up valuable outlet space. This outlet cover has a built-in nightlight that is activated by a motion and light sensor, so it automatically shuts off when not needed. “This was easy to install and I was impressed with how well it works,” praised one shopper.


This light that makes it easier to unlock your door

It’s always a struggle to unlock your front door in the dark, fumbling for the lock while trying to pull up the flashlight on your phone. This keyhole light attaches to your door above the lock and has a motion-sensor light that automatically turns on when your hand is near.


A projection screen that makes for the best movie nights

All your friends will want to come over to your house for movie night if you have this projection screen. This screen can be installed outside for a backyard movie setup, or hung indoors for a cozy movie theater feel. The material is made from an anti-crease fabric, so even if you fold it up and stuff it in a closet, it won’t wrinkle.


An iced tea maker that can also do cold brew

Not only is this pitcher great for whipping up a batch of iced tea, but it’s so versatile that you can also use it to make cold brew. It’s made from tough borosilicate glass that won’t crack when you pour hot water inside — and the airtight cap helps keep everything fresh until you’re ready to sip.


This alarm clock that projects the time onto your ceiling

Make it easier to wake yourself up in the morning with this alarm clock that projects the time onto the ceiling. Instead of rolling over and fumbling for your watch or phone, just look up at the ceiling to see if it’s time to get up (or, time to sleep in longer.) “The projection time is amazing for when I get up in the night and early morning. All I do is look up and the time is right there,” wrote one reviewer.


A memory foam pillow that supports your neck

Improve your sleep with this memory foam pillow that contours to your head and neck. This pillow works for all kinds of sleepers, from side sleepers to back sleepers. Plus, the breathable cover won’t leave you sweating at night — and it’s easily removable in case you ever need to wash it.


This toothbrush holder that keeps your bathroom organized

If you’re like me, then your bathroom sink is always cluttered with your toothbrush and skincare products. This organizer holds your toothbrush, allows you to easily dispense toothpaste, and holds your skincare products. The organizer has slots to hold four toothbrushes and comes with two reusable cups for rinsing your mouth.


This mug warmer that keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature

It always seems like your cup of coffee or tea is too hot until it’s suddenly too cold. This mug warmer keeps your cup at the ideal temperature. This gadget is also small enough that it easily fits on your desk and can quickly be stashed away for extra space. The warmer works with stainless steel, glass, and porcelain.


A knife sharpener that relies on water

An important part of cooking is having a sharp set of knives. This sharpening stone allows you to keep your knives in peak condition. The stone uses water, so you don’t need any expensive oils or lubricants. The stone has Grit 400 for shaping the knife and Grit 1000 for sharpening and smoothing.


The light strip that can class up any room

Whether you want to add some extra lighting to your home or create a lighted piece of art, this light strip can do it all. The light strip is flexible, energy-efficient, and features an adhesive backing that makes it easy to stick right into place. Reviewers also appreciated how it’s compatible with dimmer switches.


A box that sanitizes whatever you can fit inside

Phones, jewelry, loose change — as long as it fits inside of this box, the powerful UV light can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs from its surface in just three short minutes. The best part? Each order also comes with an adapter so that you can use it in the car.


This planter that levitates using magnets

Anyone can have a regular old plant in their house. But this magnetic levitation planter adds an awe-inspiring touch that makes it look like your plant is magically floating in mid-air. The system uses magnetic force to suspend the planter, and it’s ideal for holding a small, lightweight plant.


A phone stand that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker

Keep your phone upright while you watch videos or listen to music with this phone and tablet stand that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It securely holds onto your device with anti-slip grips and fits with most smartphones and tablets. “The volume is heard very well and the price is so worth it,” wrote one reviewer.


This wood frame that turns your posters into art

Instead of taping your posters to the wall, turn them into a framed piece of art with this magnetic poster hanger. The poster hanger works with several sizes and hangs up your pieces without damaging the art. “Great option to display big art for a smaller price. It’s sturdy and well made,” wrote one reviewer.


These magnetic ties that hold back your curtains

When you want to pull back the curtains and let some light in, try these magnetic tiebacks that are so easy to use. Just wrap the tie around your curtain and clip it together with the strong magnetic closure. The ties have a satiny finish and come in 12 colors.


Some brushed nickel paper that can cover your appliances

If you want the stainless steel look in your kitchen but don’t want to spend money on new appliances, this brushed nickel contact paper can give them a little facelift. The contact paper has the look of stainless steel and easily applies to your oven, counter, or fridge. “This stuff is great! Definitely makes surfaces appear like stainless steel,” wrote one reviewer.


A bamboo fiber blanket that keeps you cool

Stay cool in your sleep with this blanket made from lightweight bamboo fiber. The blanket is thick enough to provide some warmth, but not so thick that you wake up sweating. “Very light but not like a sheet. Feels cool to the touch,” wrote one reviewer. The blanket fits a queen-sized bed and comes in 10 colors.


These cabinet pulls that easily upgrade your kitchen

If your kitchen cabinets have outdated pulls and handles, upgrade them quickly and easily with these brass cabinet handles. Made from stainless steel with a brass finish, these pulls are easy to attach and have a sleek, modern look. “They were super easy to install, lightweight, smooth finish, and the price was amazing!” wrote one reviewer. They also come in packs ranging from six to 60.


Some lightweight curtains that repel allergens

These lightweight curtains allow natural light to enter your home while blocking some of the harsh brightness. The polyester and linen blend curtains help repel allergens like dust, lint, and pet dander. “I LOVE these curtains! They let in the perfect amount of light without being too see-through,” wrote one shopper.


A leather cleaner that makes your sofa look like new

Clean your shoes, bags, or furniture with this leather restoration kit. The kit comes with a leather cleaner and a re-coloring balm, which help your leather goods look as good as new. One reviewer used it on their leather sofas and wrote that they were “extremely happy” with the results and that this product “saved me from getting rid of perfectly good sofas and buying new ones.”


A thermometer that connects to Bluetooth

Keep better control of the temperature in your house with this indoor thermometer that connects to your phone with Bluetooth. The device also has a hygrometer that tracks humidity and will send alerts to your phone when the temperature or humidity in your house falls outside your desired range.


This security alarm that gives you peace of mind

Help protect your home from intruders with this GE personal security alarm. The kit is an affordable alternative to a complete alarm system; while this alarm doesn’t send a signal to an emergency service, it does emit a loud alarm sound when triggered, which could deter an intruder and/or alert neighbors.


These hooks that make it easy to access kitchen utensils

Keep your kitchen utensils organized with these hooks that attach under your cabinet. Each set has six hooks, which are perfect for hanging spoons, spatulas, whisks, or other utensils. The hooks come with adhesive patches for easy attachment that doesn’t require any tools.


Some privacy film that adds coverage to your windows

`If you have a window that makes your home feel a little too exposed, add some coverage with this privacy film. The opaque material offers enough coverage so that people can’t see into your house, but not so much that it blocks out all light. “It looks good and doesn’t take much effort to install,” wrote one reviewer.


A drink dispenser that keeps drinks ice-cold throughout the day

No outdoor party is complete without good drinks, and this beverage dispenser ensures that said drinks will be kept cold all day, thanks to the included ice cylinder. This glass dispenser holds up to one gallon of your go-to beverage and dispenses via a stainless steel spigot that’s fully leakproof, and everything’s kept cold with the acrylic ice cylinder that inserts right into the middle of the dispenser.


An espresso maker that might make better espresso than your local coffee house

If you can’t get enough espresso during the day and loathe spending money on overpriced coffee houses, consider adding this stovetop espresso maker to your kitchen. This produces six-point-eight ounces of espresso (that’s four cups!) that tastes more flavorful and is more aromatic than any you’ve probably tried. Plus, it’s suitable to brew on all types of stovetops.


This stand that makes it easy to store your laptop and tablets

I never know where to put my laptop, and end up stacking it on top of other electronics or magazines. This vertical laptop stand makes it easy to store your electronics. The dock is adjustable and can hold two devices. It also has a non-slip mat on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around.


These wooden wall hooks with a minimalist design

These wooden wall hooks immediately add a chic, minimalist look to your home while providing one of the most important services: somewhere to hang things. Made from beechwood, the hooks can hold up to 30 pounds and just need a drill to be installed. One reviewer, who has already purchased three sets of hooks, wrote “they’re modern and have an elegant look” and that “the install was super easy.”


A garage door sensor that connects to your smartphone

If you often forget whether or not you closed the garage door, this smart garage control connects to your phone so you can close the door from anywhere. The device works with most major garage openers and you can even set it to open and close on a schedule, meaning it’s perfect for people who love keeping a routine.


This camera that watches your pets when you’re not home

I always want to know what my dog is up to when I’m not home, and especially whether or not she’s getting into any trouble. This home monitoring camera connects to an app on your phone and allows you to keep an eye on your furry friends. It has a two-way speaker so you can speak to your pets, and you can also download your favorite footage.


A lamp with a built-in charging station

There never seem to be enough outlets next to the bed. This table lamp solves that problem with three USB outlets, two AC outlets, and three slots to hold your phone and other devices. Your devices will still charge whether the lamp is on or off.


These stone coasters that absorb moisture

A good coaster will both protect your table from moisture and look good while doing so. These stone drink coasters are sturdy and durable, and they absorb moisture that condenses on your glass. “We have had a super hot and humid summer so drinks sweat like crazy and these coasters handle it with ease,” wrote one reviewer.