Cheap things for your home that'll save you lots of money

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When I hear of an “investment piece,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is something that’s expensive now, and will be more expensive down the road. But there’s another way to look at it, too — it can mean buying something that will save money down the road. Like, a set of solar lights that help you trim down your energy bills, or exercise gear that saves you on gym membership fees, or reusable coffee pods that you can use with your favorite grounds instead of stocking up on single-use varieties (this one also happens to be eco-friendlier, too).

Going with that last definition, this list is full of inexpensive investment pieces, or, cheap things for your home that will actually save you lots of money. It may feel counterintuitive to spend money when your ultimate goal is to save it, but there’s logic to each item here (promise) and none will break the bank. Whether your style is to set a firm savings goal and a deadline for when you’re trying to meet it, or you’re more about a few low-key ways to save a bit here and there, you’ll find options here, along with some money management tools to help you on the way. So, happy shopping, but even more importantly, happy saving, too.


This clever gadget that keeps herbs fresher for longer

If you’ve had to do the walk of shame from your fridge to your trash can to throw away wilted herbs you didn’t get around to eating, this herb keeper could be a welcome addition to your kitchen. It holds herbs in just the right amount of water and allows air to reach them, keeping them fresh for days. It’s available in two sizes.


A set of thermal blackout curtains that helps reduce energy bills

These best-selling blackout curtain panels have a triple weave to help with temperature control. They’ll keep the heat in during cold weather and cold in during hot weather, ultimately helping to stabilize your energy consumption. They’re available in a variety of sizes and colors to match any space.


A thorough budget planner for goal-setting, tracking spending, & more

For those that could use the motivation of lists, planning, and details, this budget planner will be a clutch addition to your toolkit. It’s undated so you can start any time, and contains a range of templates and tracking pages to help you stay on top of your budget and spending. It’s available in 24 different colors. It boasts an overall 4.6-star rating and one reviewer shared, “It’s life changing, seriously.”


A digital money jar that’s an upgrade to the old-school piggy bank

Quite literally, this digital money jar is here to help you save money, and track those savings right down to the penny. It holds and counts all American coin currency, and uses AAA batteries so you can store it wherever it motivates you the most. The lid slot automatically counts coins and totals them as they’re added, or you can remove the lid and manually add (or subtract) when necessary with +/- buttons.


These solar lights to illuminate the yard without expensive wiring or electricity

Whether you’re lining a path, marking property, or lighting a patio, this pack of eight solar ground lights gives you tons of options. Powered by — you guessed it — solar power, they won’t add to your electricity bill. You can opt for either cool white or a warm white glow, and they’re waterproof, too.


This grout pen that gives grungy tile an instant upgrade

Replacing your grout or tile work is no easy (or cheap) feat. This grout paint pen covers up aged or dirty grout, giving your bathroom or kitchen an instant upgrade for a fraction of the cost and effort of fully swapping the tile or grout. Two sizes of markers and a variety of colors are available.


An at-home cleaning set that cuts the need for a dry cleaner

When your clothing or textiles need refreshing and you don’t want to take a trip to the cleaners (pun intended), these at-home dry cleaning sheets are a great substitute. With the help of your dryer, these wipes promise to tackle stains and odors, and to help with wrinkles. Your dry clean-only fabrics will be fresh and ready in minutes. These save loads of money, and reviewers rate them 4.6 stars.


A compact espresso & cappuccino maker that saves trips to the coffee shop

Coffee-related habits can be hard to break. If you’re ready to make the switch from coffee shop to home-brewed (and save those dollars), then this espresso/cappuccino maker is here for you. You can adjust the pressure to make your preferred coffee, and there’s a steamer too, so you’ll be set for lattes, mochas, and more.


This brilliant, long-handled spatula that helps reach every drop in the jar

This long-handled jar scraper spatula is for you if you’ve ever scraped a jar so much that you tired your wrist out (ahem). It makes it super easy to get every last bit of food or product from the container, so you never waste any of the good stuff. Different sizes and colors are available so you can plan accordingly for food, self-care, and beauty products, too.


These smart plugs that let you customize & manage energy use

These smart plugs give an extra level of control when it comes to electronics and appliances. You can turn gadgets on or off from anywhere you have phone service via their app, set them on a schedule, or even make adjustments with voice control via Alexa and Google Home. Buyers love how easy they are to use and install, and they have a 4.6-star average from more than 65,000 ratings.


These reusable bamboo towels that replace paper ones

Like paper towels, these bamboo towels come on a roll, are perforated for easy tearing, and can tackle a whole host of kitchen messes. However, unlike paper towels, you can wash and reuse them up to 120 times apiece(!). They’re a great way to cut spending and cut down waste, too.


A set of flameless candles that don’t burn out

These flameless candles create a mood that’s nearly identical to regular candles, only without the actual flame. They’re made with real wax and come in matching glass jars with a remote control for easy on/off and timer settings. They run on two AA batteries, lasting up to 350 hours. Four different colors are available for the jars (gray, red, green, and gold).


This grocery planner that keeps you organized (& helps prevent impulse buys)

This meal planner and grocery list pad helps you map out groceries for the week so you can breeze through the grocery store like a rock star, grabbing exactly what you need. It also makes it easy to avoid buying duplicates or overstocking since you can cross-check it with your home supplies. It has 52 weekly sheets, so each pad lasts for a year.


A set of reusable meal-prep containers for packed lunches at a fraction of takeout

Whether you already have a meal prep routine or you aspire to start one, this set of two-compartment meal containers will make things easier for you. They’re microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe, and each set comes with 10 trays and 10 matching lids. Three colors are available (burgundy, rose gold, and blush pink) so you can pack your lunch in style.


These reusable food storage bags that replace single-use plastic

You can cross “sandwich bags” off your shopping list forever when you have these reusable food storage bags on hand. Each set comes with an array of versatile sizes comparable to classic gallon, snack, and sandwich bags. They’re available with both plain white or colorful closures, and they’re freezer-safe, too.


A set of linen napkins to use instead of disposable paper

Note only will these soft linen napkins save you from buying bulky packages of paper napkins all the time, but they’ll make you feel fancy even when eating your morning cereal or leftover pizza. There’s an array of 15 different colors for you to pick from, and they can be washed and dried with the rest of your laundry.


These reusable K-cup pods you can use with any coffee

If you’re beholden to the ease of a Keurig machine (no judgment!), you can still brew your favorite local coffee grounds from the shop down the street — you just need to keep some reusable coffee pods on hand. You can buy them in a pack of three, six, or eight, and quit filling trash bags with the disposable ones.


These clever repair markers so furniture looks like new again

If you have any wood furniture or cabinetry that’s looking tired, this furniture repair kit might be all you need to rescue it. It includes six markers and six crayon-style wax sticks (with a sharpener), all in colors designed to match various styles of wood. With just a few lines, you can cover scratches and flaws so they’re practically invisible.


These avocado holders that keep your halves fresher

These avocado food huggers are shaped to perfectly snuggle the remaining avocado half that you don’t use right away, keeping it fresher for longer than other containers. Each set comes with two holders, and they’re dishwasher-safe. If you’re not big on avocados, there are other shapes and sizes for other foods, too.


A pack of cedar rings to keep clothes fresh between washes

These non-toxic, deodorizing cedar rings can be used in drawers, suitcases, gym bags, closets, and more. Their versatile, round shape gives you the flexibility to slip them on hangers or hooks, or you can simply pop them onto a shelf for an aromatic refresh than can help ward off pests, too (goodbye, moth-eaten sweaters!)


This battery charger that does both AA & AAA batteries

Not only is it convenient to always have batteries available, but you’ll save by not having to purchase new ones all the time. This battery charger allows you to — yes, indeed — charge batteries so you can reuse them instead of tossing. You can buy just the charger on its own, or with sets of rechargeable batteries.


A drain protector that helps prevent plumbing issues before they start

Plumbing issues are not only annoying, but they can be expensive to mitigate. With a drain protector, you can block hair and other debris from ever entering (and clogging) the drain. This particular option is made of stainless steel so it’s durable and sleek, and buyers raved about how easy it is to use and how well it works.


An efficient bidet attachment that’s easy to use & environmentally-friendly

A bidet attachment may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking to reduce spending, but it’ll help you save toilet paper (and therefore cash). Plus, using less paper means you’re saving trees, too. This choice has an adjustable nozzle, a universal fit that suits any standard toilet, and a slew of enthusiastic reviews (in case you had any doubt).


A rechargeable lighter that’s great for home, camping, & more

Stop losing disposable lighters, and keep a reliable, reusable USB charging lighter on hand. The flexible neck makes it easy to spark a barbecue, light a candle, or get a campfire going. The best part? It can be used up to 600 times (not a typo!) on a single charge. It’s available in eight colors.


This knife sharpener & glove set for keeping kitchen tools in tip-top shape

When knives start getting dull, don’t give up on them. A knife sharpener set can do wonders for their longevity, and helps make your prep and cooking more efficient and safe. This set has three slots for different sharpening stages, plus a cut-resistant glove for added safety.


An olive oil sprayer for perfect portions that doesn’t waste a single drop

Why pour your olive oil when you can spray it? This stainless steel and glass olive oil mister allows you to lightly coat your food and cookware and get a more precise portion of olive oil (or liquid of choice), plus its elegant, sleek appearance is its own kitchen upgrade.


A mini bag sealer so food stays fresher between snack sessions

Tired of wasting money and tossing out stale snacks? Consider this mini bag sealer. It uses heat to re-seal packages and keep contents airtight, so they stay fresher for longer. You can use it with a variety of bags and types of plastic, and it heats up and gets the job done in a matter of seconds.


These subtle furniture socks that protect floors & prevent damage

There’s more to these furniture socks than cuteness — they also protect floors from scrapes and scratches. The come in six neutral colors and a range of sizes to match and fit multiple types of chair legs, table legs, and more. Rubber grips on the inside help them stay in place when in use.


A set of silicone drinking straws that comes with cleaning brush & storage bag

If you live somewhere with a ban on plastic drinking straws, or want to limit your plastic output, you have options beyond melty paper versions. These reusable silicone straws are durable, versatile, and gentle on your teeth. Each set has 10 straws in 5 colors, plus a cleaning brush and storage bag. They’re dishwasher-safe, too.


A pack of door draft stoppers that helps with temperature control & energy consumption

Block drafts and insulate your home with this two-pack of door draft stoppers. You can trim them to perfectly fit your door, and adhesive is already included so you simply peel and stick them on. They come in five colors (including transparent) so you can get the perfect match for your space.


This sealing tape that keeps outside weather from sneaking in through the windows

If you have cracks around windows or doors that affect your home’s temperature, it can affect your energy bill, too. Enter this transparent sealing tape, a subtle fix for gaps and cracks. It’s easy to install and according to buyers, it’s effective. One summed it up with, “this tape is a great price, the adhesive is powerful, and the seal is impressive.”


A plush throw blanket for a pop of color & warmth in your space

Facts are facts; you can never have too many blankets. This soft fleece throw blanket keeps you warm and cozy, and if you make a habit of reaching for it instead of turning up your heat, it’ll save you money, too. It’s available in two sizes (throw and twin), and in 11 solid colors (dibs on navy).


These wool dryer balls that replace disposable sheets

These wool dryer balls do many of the same things that dryer sheets do, and then some. Not only do they soften clothes and release wrinkles, but they help clothes dry faster and they’re reusable for up to 1,000 loads. They’re easy, efficient, and can last for years depending on your laundry habits.


A versatile sewing kit for simple fixes & repairs

This compact and portable sewing kit comes with all the necessary supplies for basic sewing and maintenance of your clothes, so you can extend the life of your favorite wardrobe stables. You’ll find thread, needles, scissors, pins, tape measure, and more. Keep it at home for everyday use, or pop it in your trunk for camping, travel, and on-the-go use. Reviewers give it 4.6 stars.


This portable coupon organizer so you always snag the best deals

If you consider “coupon” to be a noun and a verb, then this coupon organizer might be the perfect thing for you. It has 24 divider cards and 33 preprinted labels so you can sort and stash coupons by type, and never again be caught fumbling at checkout. It comes in seven colors, and is made of nylon so it’s durable and easy to grab and go.


An indoor garden kit for growing your own herbs (green thumb not required)

Have you admired gardeners and homesteaders from afar? Turns out, it’s super easy to get started growing your own herbs. This herb garden starter kit is perfectly sized for your windowsill, and it comes with all necessary supplies, from seeds and soil discs to small shears and instructions.


An MVP carpet cleaner that will save you from pricey treatments & replacements

It’s better to have a trusted carpet cleaner on hand before you actually need it — not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. This best-seller has tens of thousands of positive ratings, and promises to tackle even the toughest of stains like red wine, ink, makeup, pet messes, and more. It’s available in a variety of sizes, so you can stock up.


This peel-and-stick paper with a sleek marble look to update your surfaces

Are your countertops or shelves looking a little tired? This marble wallpaper can be applied in minutes, providing your space with a sleek and contemporary refresh. Simply peel it back like a sticker, and apply it to your surface of choice. There are grid lines on the back for precision. Even better, once applied, it’s waterproof and easy to clean.


An elegant dried grass display that doesn’t need to be watered or replaced

When you love plants and natural decor, but don’t want to be stuck in the cycle of purchasing and maintaining them, dried pampas grass can be a perfect substitute. This set give you 20 each of white pampas grass, fluffy pampas reeds, and brown pampas reeds that measure just under 18 inches, so you’ll be able to create a tall and textured display.


A set of home exercise equipment for way less than the cost of a gym membership

Not only does this 5-in-1 ab wheel kit help you save on gym fees, but you’ll also save yourself travel time since you can use it right in your own home. Along with the roller, you also get a knee pad, jump rope, push up bar, and hand exerciser, too. It’s offered in five different colors.


A lint & fur roller that you can clean & reuse

As much as we love our pets, most of us don’t want to deal with fur on our clothes. With just a few swipes from this reusable lint roller, your clothes will look crisp and clean. But that’s not even the best part — instead of sticky tape like other rollers, it uses a brush system to capture hair so you don’t need to buy replacement rolls.


An at-home substitute for expensive facial treatments

Rather than going to the spa for expensive microneedling, you may want to try this best-selling needle roller that has hundreds of 0.25mm needles to brighten, exfoliate, and rejuvenate skin. The reviews are full of enthusiastic buyers praising their noticeable results. A storage case is included, too, so it’ll stay safe and protected in the drawer.


These sleek salt & pepper grinders made of glass & stainless steel

These salt and pepper grinders can be regularly refilled, so not only will you always have freshly cracked seasoning, you’ll save money (and waste) buying refills instead of whole new dispensers. The grinders themselves are just under 6 inches tall, and each glass container holds up to 8 ounces of peppercorns or salt crystals.


A cold-brew maker so the perfect cup of ice coffee is waiting in your fridge

What’s better than a chilled class of cold brew coffee? A chilled glass of cold brew coffee that you didn’t have to pay retail for. With this cold brew coffee maker and pitcher, you can make and store up to 32 ounces of coffee at a time, and it has a tight cap and silicone base for protection and stability.


This pizza stone for takeout-quality pizza in the comfort of home

This ceramic pizza stone gives you a 15-inch diameter surface, so you can make and bake perfectly crisp pizzas thanks to the efficient way it distributes heat. It’s great for use in the oven or on your grill, and a rolling pizza cutter is included for professional-level slices.