50 clever, weird things that make every room in your home better

Small ways to make big improvements.

clever, weird things that make every room in your home better
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Home improvement doesn’t have to involve big projects like knocking out walls or rewiring the entire house. Small changes can have big results. Discover the power of minor transformations with this curated list of clever and quirky finds on Amazon that will elevate every room in your home. From innovative shelves that declutter your bathroom to motion-activated lighting that guides your way while adding ambiance, there's something for every corner of your abode.


A socket concealer that hides cords & gives you extra outlet space

Hide cluttered cords and bulky plugs with this sleek socket concealer. This innovative device blends into any wall for a clean, wireless look. Installation is a breeze — no tools required. Plus, with the included adhesive cord management kit, you can neatly secure cords to the wall, making them virtually invisible.


This chalk grout pen that gives old tiles new life

Revitalize grubby tiles with this grout pen. Avoid ineffective, tiresome scrubbing and instantly brighten up your grout with easy paint-and-recolor action. This nontoxic, water-based pen transforms your space with long-lasting ink that covers up to 150 feet. Achieve a fresh, clean look in your bathroom, kitchen, or any tiled area.


These refillable pens that make it easy to touch up your walls

Dings and scratches on your walls are no problem with these paint pens. These refillable pens will be your go-to solution for precision work, making quick fixes on walls, trim, and beyond a breeze. This kit keeps your favorite colors fresh and ready for years. Whether it’s a scuff on the wall or a scratch on your cabinet, achieve flawless, professional-quality results with ease.


A pack of corner grippers that help your rugs stay in place

Keep your rugs in place with this V-shape rug corner gripper set. Designed to protect your floors and ensure your rug remains flat, these grippers are a must-have for your area rugs. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they have a rubber layer to safeguard your wood floors and a weatherproof adhesive. These grippers stick to the rug, not the floor, offering a flawless look without leaving any marks.


These self-gripping cable ties for organizing electronics & cords

Tame the chaos of cords and cables with these hook-and-loop cable cord organizers. Unlike twist ties or tape, they stay attached to the cord, ready for reuse. Made with heavy-duty nylon, they're built to last, indoors or out. With assorted sizes and colors, you can color-code your cables for easy access.


A set of markers that makes furniture repair as easy as coloring

Revitalize your furniture with this furniture repair kit, available in both 12-piece and 17-piece sets to match your needs. These markers and wax sticks tackle scratches, discoloration, and gaps. They’re designed for easy application and a smooth finish. With a range of unique colors tailored to blend seamlessly with any wood shade, these kits provide a quick, effective solution to refresh your furniture.


This scented diffuser that doubles as a beautiful piece of decor

This floral reed diffuser is a beautiful, simple way to create a luxurious atmosphere in your home. With easy scent control through adjustable reed sticks, enjoy a long-lasting fragrance that evolves with your space. They come in over a dozen scents, and with real floral decoration, they look as good as they smell.


A pet hair roller that the internet is obsessed with

The internet loves the ChomChom pet hair roller, the ultimate solution for effectively removing dog and cat hair from your life. Unlike traditional lint rollers, this innovative tool offers deep cleaning without the need for sticky tapes or adhesives. Great for furniture, cars, carpets, and more, its easy-to-use design captures fur in a built-in receptacle for convenient disposal.


These stylish & functional shelves for your shower

Upgrade your shower space with these stainless steel shower racks. Designed to offer durability and style without the risk of corrosion, they can accommodate up to 20 pounds of your shower essentials. Installation is simple using the included adhesive strips that hang the shelves without causing wall damage. Plus, with adjustable hooks for your razors, sponges, or towels, they’re great for large families or roommates.


This cleaning tool set for dusting tricky, tight areas

This set of cleaning brushes is designed to tackle tough grime in the nooks and crannies of your home. This five-piece set includes versatile tools like a groove cleaning brush with a handle and replaceable scouring sponge, alongside a two-in-one multipurpose dustpan brush for sweeping and scraping. Designed to reach into those hard-to-clean grooves, blinds, vents, and more, each piece helps you root out stubborn dirt.


These clear trays that can organize any drawer in your home

Designed to fit efficiently into any drawer in your home, from the kitchen and bathroom to the office and craft room, these clear drawer dividers will revolutionize how you store cosmetics, office supplies, jewelry, and more. With 25 pieces in four different sizes, these durable, stackable bins come with 200 nonslip silicone pads. Easy to clean and transparent for quick access, they make it a cinch to organize.


A light that helps prevent scrabbling at the keyhole

Great for keyholes, hallways, kitchens, and more, this motion-sensor LED light can provide a little illumination. Designed to save energy and provide light only when you need it, this smart device stops working in bright light and springs to action in the dark, responding to your movements. Featuring four energy-efficient LED bulbs, it provides longevity without the hassle of maintenance. With double-sided adhesive tape, you can place it on any smooth area.


These puck lights that are simple to install wherever you need them

Transform your kitchen, closet, or any room into a beautifully lit space with these LED puck lights. They’re easily controlled by a wireless remote, and installation is a snap — just choose from heavy-duty adhesive tape or screws, both included. Customize your ambiance with the selectable dimmer, and enjoy the convenience of the optional auto-off timer.


A compact & sleek way to store your plastic bags

No more crinkly, cluttered drawers or cabinets with this plastic bag holder that not only stores your bags neatly but also allows for easy access with its extra-wide dispensing slot. All mounting hardware is included, making it simple to install on walls or inside cabinets. Made from fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel, it’s durable and looks good wherever it rests.


This wall-mounted broom holder that can support up to 35 pounds

Transform your broom closet from cluttered chaos into an organized haven with this wall-mounted broom holder. It features 11 storage spots — five slots for brooms and mops, plus six hooks for everything else. Useful indoors or outdoors, it's ideal for the kitchen, garage, or garden shed, ensuring your tools are neatly stored and within reach. With a 35-pound holding capacity and no-slide grip, your items stay secure.


A 4-tier stand for displaying plants & other decor

Elevate your home’s decor with this unique plant holder. This four-tiered plant shelf offers ample space for your pots, helping each plant to receive the sunlight it needs. It’s lovely for showcasing not just plants but also pictures and knickknacks. Anti-slip foot stickers protect your floors, and assembly is a breeze with clear instructions and tools provided.


This wall outlet extender with a space-saving shelf

Maximize your space and streamline your charging with this nine-in-one wall outlet extender. This innovative device has everything: five USB outlets, three USB ports, and a USB-C port with a three-sided power strip featuring an LED night-light and a detachable shelf. Securely attach it to your wall to avoid unplugging mishaps. Plus, its surge protector helps safeguard your devices.


These breathable storage containers that slide easily under your bed

These slim, compact under-bed organizers are great for underused spaces, offering an ideal solution for everything from stuffed animals to kitchen essentials and blankets. Made from durable, breathable non-woven polypropylene, they're built to last without risking damage to your floors. With a reinforced handle and a clear plastic cover, accessing and identifying your stored items will be simple.


This soft & fluffy faux sheepskin rug that makes any room more luxurious

Step onto luxury with a soft and fluffy faux sheepskin rug that doubles as a chair throw. With a sumptuous 3-inch pile and nonskid suede backing, it makes for a cozy addition to your favorite chair, a throw rug in front of your fireplace, or an accessory at the foot of your bed. Another bonus: It’s designed not to shed.


These semi-sheer curtains that give you both sunlight & privacy

Let the light in while maintaining some privacy with these sheer linen curtain panels. This ready-made package includes two panels, each adorned with silver grommets. Made from a linen blend, these curtains have an open-weave flax sheer texture that creates an airy atmosphere in any room. Wrinkle-free and machine washable, they can be ironed or steam-cleaned.


A sturdy bench that stores your shoes & provides extra seating

Transform your entryway with a stylish and functional shoe rack bench. Crafted from 100% bamboo, it not only organizes your shoes but also offers a convenient seat while you put them on. Beyond the entryway, use it as a plant stand or storage rack in various rooms. Supporting up to 300 pounds, this wear-resistant shoe rack bench is a sustainable addition to your home.


This rattan tray that complements any decor

Bring a touch of natural elegance to your home with this handwoven rattan tray featuring built-in handles for carrying and serving. Use it to hold perfumes and flower vases in your bedroom or coffee table accessories; it can also be a chic tray to serve drinks during get-togethers.


These silky pillowcases that come in a rainbow of colors

Bring new meaning to the term “beauty sleep” with this silky-smooth pillowcase set. Designed to pamper your hair, skin, and sleep, it helps minimize hair breakage so you wake up with less frizz, thanks to the gentle friction-reducing texture. Enjoy the benefits of fewer skin marks, helping you to look refreshed in the morning. Crafted from silk-like fabric, an envelope closure keeps your pillows in place.


A can crusher for making efficient use of space in your recycling bin

Save major space in your recycling bin with this metal can crusher designed to compress cans up to approximately 20% of their original size, according to the brand. It works on aluminum cans and plastic bottles up to 12 ounces. With sturdy all-steel construction, including a large cushion grip handle and a built-in bottle opener, it’s durable and easy to use.


These strip lights that enhance your screen-viewing experience

Make your next Netflix marathon a superior viewing experience with these LED strip lights that provide ambient bias lighting for your TV or computer monitor. These easy-to-install, USB-powered lights contain true white LEDs, 15 color options, 10 brightness levels, and three fade modes, so you can customize your ambiance to reduce eye strain, enhance contrast, and add a cool vibe to your room. The strong 3M adhesive ensures a secure setup, while the wireless remote lets you adjust settings with ease.


A sturdy station for your laundry soap to prevent drips & spills

Say goodbye to messy laundry days with this ingeniously angled laundry detergent drip catcher. Designed for your convenience, it eliminates the need to tilt or lift heavy detergent bottles. The downward slope allows soap to pour out effortlessly, while rubber feet keep the station securely in place. A strap is included for added stability on top of washing machines or shelves. The molded edge prevents the measuring cup from slipping, keeping your shelves and floor spotless.


These space-saving hangers that help streamline your closet

Ideal for tight spaces like apartments, dorms, and RVs, these space-saving hangers streamline your wardrobe. Each holder is built to support even your bulkiest winter wear with ease. Designed with a lightweight structure, these closet hanger organizers offer an efficient storage solution for shirts, trousers, and accessories.


A trio of flameless candles that provide a warm glow without the fire

Crafted to mimic the flicker of real flames within a sophisticated smoky grey glass, these LED flameless candles create a cozy ambiance without the mess or hazard of traditional candles. With the remote control, you can adjust settings and set timers for four or eight hours of continuous warmth and light. Battery-operated for convenience, they promise over 350 hours of glow time.


These easy-to-install draft stoppers that help lower your energy bill

Seal the deal on home comfort with this two-pack of door draft stoppers. Made from flexible silicone, these draft stoppers are designed to snugly fit the bottom of your door, reducing noise, blocking out dust, and maintaining your room's tranquility and cleanliness. Their design not only enhances your home's efficiency in cooling and heating, saving you money and energy, but also offers a simple, self-adhesive installation.


These all-natural dryer balls made from pure wool

Experience a more eco-friendly laundry day with these 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls. Made by hand with no fillers, these dryer balls are a chemical-free alternative to conventional fabric softeners and dryer sheets, making them ideal for families, babies, and those with sensitive skin. Not only do they reduce drying time by improving air circulation within your dryer, but they also minimize wrinkles and static cling, leaving your laundry soft and fluffy.


An ergonomic leg rest pillow that helps improve your posture

Designed for those long hours at your desk, this footrest offers relief from lower back pain, sciatica, and more by promoting good posture, helping reduce leg pressure, and enhancing blood circulation. This ergonomic solution helps maintain proper posture, alleviating pressure on your lower back and shoulders for a more comfortable, productive day.


These throw pillow covers that add visual texture to your sofa

Dress up your sofa, favorite chair, or bed with these textured throw pillow covers featuring an elegant twisted rope pattern. They’re cozy, comfortable, and easy to care for; a hidden zipper lets you remove or adjust pillows, and the covers are machine-washable. Purchase pillow inserts separately.


This gorgeous terrarium that will brighten up a room

Great for plant lovers, this bulb terrarium set invigorates any space. It comes alive when filled with colorful water, cobbles, or vibrant flowers, making it a striking decor piece. Its durable design and ability to house a variety of plant life, from water-rooted plants to fresh bouquets, make it a cool addition to any room.


These appliance sliders that maximize your countertop space

Attach these sliders under your appliances to safeguard them from water damage and enhance their mobility for cleaning, rearranging, or creating extra space. With superior stickiness and the ability to support heavy household items, these sliders outperform traditional trays and mats by saving space and avoiding damage to your appliances and countertops. Suitable for various surfaces, from granite to wood, they ensure smooth movement without marks or noise.


This hair catcher that protects your drains & helps prevent costly plumber bills

Prevent clogged drains with this drain protector, designed to trap human and pet hair seamlessly. This innovative solution fits snugly inside your tub drain, discreetly catching hair without obstructing water flow, making it invisible compared to traditional, unsightly catchers. Installation is a breeze in standard tub drains, and cleanup is simpler than ever — just wipe and you're done.


A lazy Susan designed specially for your refrigerator

Revolutionize your fridge organization with this lazy Susan. Tailored specifically for refrigerators to streamline your storage, its smooth turnable design allows for easy access to items at the back, eliminating the hassle of moving things around. Equipped with four suction cups for stability, it stays securely in place, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing fridge space and simplifying your kitchen routine.


This shower floor mat you don’t have to worry about washing

Crafted from fossilized earth, this natural bath mat offers quick-drying, highly absorbent properties. It wicks water away from your feet, drying both the mat and your feet within seconds. With a sleek design that fits into most decor styles, its nonslip backing and textured surface help make stepping out of the shower safer.


A touch control lamp that has all the colors of the rainbow

With just a touch, this 360-degree lighting touch control lamp offers three levels of dimmable warm white light, catering to any mood, whether you're reading, relaxing, or contemplating. Dive into the ambiance with its cycle RGB mode, featuring a spectrum of colors to enhance your environment. Designed with a sleek silver base and a smooth lamp cover, it has an anti-slip pad for stability on any surface.


This stainless steel deodorizer that keeps your refrigerator smell-free

Experience fridge freshness like never before with this fridge deodorizer. Utilizing advanced catalytic decomposition technology, it transforms harmful gases into harmless water molecules, tackling odors at their source and helping keep your food fresher for longer. It’s designed to last up to 10 years.


A microfiber mop with a bucket that wrings out all the dirt

Designed from durable plastic with a stainless steel handle, this microfiber mop comes with three reusable microfiber cloths and a dirt removal scrubber, making it useful for all floor types, including hardwood, tile, and laminate. Its 360-degree swivel head and wide mop pad ensure quick, thorough cleaning around obstacles with minimal effort. The adjustable handle caters to any height for comfortable usage without bending.


These pretty & absorbent alternatives to paper towels

Make your kitchen cleanup prettier and more sustainable with Swedish dishcloths. Made to last up to 12 months, the brand says that one of these resilient cloths can outperform up to 17 rolls of paper towels, significantly reducing waste. Super absorbent, they’re safe to use on any surface from stone to stainless steel. Made from a cotton-cellulose blend, they’re 100% biodegradable and compostable. Simply wash in the machine or dishwasher, and air-dry.


This 2-pack of enchanting solar lights for your garden

These unique solar lights are designed to mimic the gentle sway of fireflies dancing in the dark, brought to life by soft, flexible wires that react to the wind. These lights create a mesmerizing display in your garden and along walkways. Installation-free and wire-free, simply place them in your garden and flip the switch to immerse yourself in a nighttime spectacle.


This discreet cable management box that conceals cluttered cords

Tidy up your space with this cable management box, a solution for concealing power strips and cord chaos. Reclaim wasted space and enhance the look of your home or office with cables neatly tucked away. Made from electrically safe plastic, this box protects cables from pets and infants and reduces tripping hazards. Its stylish design with curved edges and pinholes blends into any decor.


A gaming headset hook that sits neatly under your desk

This clamp-on headphone stand is a space-saving solution that keeps your headphones within reach without cluttering your desk. Its adjustable, 360-degree swivel arm offers easy access and discreet storage under the desk, and it has a built-in cable organizer to keep your space tidy. The stand's thoughtful design, featuring curved edges and rubber pads, protects both your headphones and furniture.


This plush mattress pad that transforms your sleeping experience

Crafted from 100% cotton and filled with a plush microfiber, this mattress pad not only extends the life of your mattress but also offers cloud-like softness for improved sleep quality. Its breathable, moisture-wicking fabric ensures a cool, comfortable night, even on warm evenings. With a deep pocket design for a secure fit and easy care instructions, this durable mattress cover is the perfect blend of practicality and luxury.


These smart bulbs that really improve your home lighting experience

Imagine adjusting your lighting without leaving your bed or dimming the lights from your couch for movie night with simple voice commands. You can with these voice-controlled Wi-Fi smart bulbs, compatible with Alexa and Google Home. With 16 million colors, these bulbs create the perfect mood for any occasion. Schedule your lights to mimic sunrise for a gentle wake-up or a sunset for a natural sleep routine.


A smart light switch that allows you to control your lighting from anywhere

Upgrade your home with the convenience of this smart light switch. With simple guided installation via the Kasa app, you don't need to be an electrician to install. Control your lights and electronics from anywhere using your smartphone, ensuring you're always connected to your home. Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant adds a layer of easy functionality, great for those busy moments.


This bamboo drawer insert that holds your food storage bags

Transform your kitchen drawers from cluttered to organized with this sleek bamboo bag storage organizer. Designed to house gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack-sized bags, this box will tidy up your kitchen in style. With 21 customizable label stickers included, you can identify the contents of each slot or opt for a minimalist look by forgoing labels.


These magnetic measuring spoons that nest together in your drawers

This magnetic measuring spoon set is a must-have for cooking and baking. This eight-piece set, complete with a leveler, ensures accurate measurements of dry and liquid ingredients with its double-ended design. Magnetic storage allows the spoons to neatly stack together in your drawer, saving space and reducing clutter. Made from stainless steel, these spoons boast durability, rust resistance, and easy cleaning as they are dishwasher safe.


A cozy throw blanket that makes a style statement in your living areas

Wrap yourself in style with this throw blanket made from 100% cotton. With an understated zig-zag design, the decorative fringe adds a rich, textured touch to this blanket. Not just a cozy accessory, it’s easy to care for; simply machine wash and tumble dry.