41 common problems around the house you didn't realize are so cheap & easy to fix

Quick fixes for limited counter space, dark hallways, and more.

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Whether you rent or own your home, there are probably little issues that you’ll still run into. Maybe your hallways are too dark at night, or maybe your kitchen is seriously lacking usable counter space (same). But luckily for both of us, these common problems around the house are easy to fix — especially when you’re shopping on Amazon.

For example, those dark hallways would look way brighter with these motion-sensor night lights. And since they’ll only turn on when someone is present, they shouldn’t run up your electricity bill. As for limited counter space? The solution is as easy as ditching a bulky dish rack in favor of this over-the-sink version. Not only does it take up less space, but there’s no need to clean a drip tray since all the water falls right into your sink basin.

Even though these problems are annoying, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be expensive to fix. Those night lights are available for just $20, whereas that space-saving dish rack is only $25. So what are you waiting for? With so many cheap ways to fix little things around the house, I can’t blame you for wanting to start multiple projects at once.


Problem: A tub that gets clogged easily

Solution: This drain protector that helps prevent clogged pipes

Tired of standing in a puddle of water every time you take a shower? Clean out that pipe, then pop this TubShroom into your drain. It’ll catch any bits of hair or debris that flow its way, yet won’t impede the flow of water down the drain — even when it’s full.


Problem: Bread that gets moldy quickly

Solution: A container that helps prevent bread from going stale

Letting your bread go stale is an easy way to waste money — so keep it safe inside of this container instead. You can expand it so that larger loaves also fit, while the adjustable air vent helps prevent your bread from drying out. Plus, it’s even BPA-free.


Problem: Shoes that gather in your entryway

Solution: The bamboo shelf that helps organize your shoe piles

Whether you put this shelf in your entryway or closet is up to you — but either way, it’ll help keep all your shoes looking neat and tidy. It’s made from eco-friendly bamboo that easily wipes clean from dirt or mud. Plus, there’s roughly enough space for up to eight pairs of shoes.


Problem: “Where did the remote go?”

Solution: A wall-mounted remote holder to keep them in one place

Always losing your remotes? Just mount this holder to the wall next to your favorite seat, and you’ll always know where they are. Each order comes with screws included. Plus, it’s large enough to fit nearly any type of remote.


Problem: An open bottle of wine that gets funky

Solution: These bottle stoppers that let you save wine for later

You don’t have to finish that entire bottle of wine in one sitting — just use these stoppers to keep it fresh for later. Simply pump the handle until you hear a click, and they’ll create an airtight seal that can keep wine tasting good for up to a full week.


Problem: Being short on counter space

Solution: A dish-drying rack that takes up hardly any space

Ever notice how dish racks take up a ton of counter space? This one takes up hardly any. Instead, it rolls out over the unused space above your sink, allowing any stray drips to fall right into the basin. And since the rungs are heat-resistant, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.


Problem: Throwing away a ton of sticky sheets

Solution: The reusable brush that removes stubborn pet hair

If your vacuum isn’t sucking up pet hair like you want, try using this brush. Thousands of tiny bristles latch onto stray hairs, regardless of whether they’re ingrained into carpet or stuck on furniture. And unlike lint rollers, there’s no need to buy replacement sticky sheets.


Problem: Clothes constantly slipping off hangers

Solution: These nonslip clothes hangers that are lined in velvet

Since these hangers are coated with velvet, they help keep your clothes from sliding off — and each one is even sturdy enough to hold up to 10 pounds. Plus, the ultra-slim profile means that they take up less space on your closet rod.


Problem: Losing track of keys

Solution: This tile that helps you find misplaced items

Can’t remember where you put your keys? Loop this tile onto the keyring. The next time they go missing, you can use the smartphone app to have the tile let out a loud ring so that it’s easy to find. Or, if you misplace your phone, it also works in reverse — even if your phone is on silent.


Problem: Sagging couch cushions that become uncomfortable

Solution: The couch support that breathes new life into old cushions

Don’t throw out the couch when the cushions start to sag — just use this support to bolster them up. It’s coated in nonslip to help keep it from shifting around over time, and can fit any chair, loveseat, or sofa between 20 and 200 inches wide.


Problem: Carpet that’s stained from a dinner party spill

Solution: The stain remover that works on red wine

Red wine, coffee, tomato sauce — this stain remover is so potent that it can tackle all of those and more. It’s also 100% biodegradable, as well as free from any peroxide, chlorine, sulphates, or parabens. “This stuff is like a miracle on those tough red wine or dark berry stains!” raved one reviewer. “Even works well on dark chocolate!”


Problem: Limited space when you’re doing your makeup

Solution: A foldable mat that gives you more space to work with

Doing your makeup over the sink doesn’t leave you with a ton of room to work with — unless you’re using this mat. It fits over your sink so that you have more space for all your tools and accessories. Plus, it’s also heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for use with styling irons.


Problem: Too many bottles lining your tub corners

Solutions: This caddy that organizes your shower essentials

If your shower has turned into a mess of bottles and scrubbers, you might want to consider this shower caddy. Each order comes with waterproof adhesive that allows you to hang them on tile without any drilling — and since they’re made from stainless steel, they won’t rust over time.


Problem: Carrying around a jumbled bunch of charging cords

Solution: A sleek phone charger that doesn’t require cords

Not sure where that charging cable wandered off to? This wireless charger is the perfect solution, as it’s designed to work with any Qi-enabled smartphone. The indicator lights let you know that it’s properly connected, and it’s even made from tough aviation aluminum.


Problem: Running out of space on your wall outlet

Solution: This outlet extender with 2 built-in USB ports

When two outlets aren’t enough for all your gadgets, it might be time to upgrade to this outlet extender. Not only does it add four outlets to your wall, but it also features two USB ports so that you don’t need to find a power brick. Plus, there’s even a ledge on top where you can rest your phone as it charges.


Problem: A door that tends to slam into the wall behind it

Solution: A shield that helps keep door knobs from damaging walls

You only need to slam your door once to punch a hole through the wall — so grab these shields just to be safe. They’re backed with sticky adhesive for effortless installation, while the rubber material absorbs shock so that your walls stay damage-free.


Problem: Cabinets that shut a little too hard

Solutions: These bumpers that keep cabinets from slamming

You can add these little bumpers to the corners of your cabinets to finally give yourself some peace and quiet while simultaneously protecting the surfaces as the doors swing closed. They also work great on the bottoms of vases, boxes, and other trinkets that you don’t want scratching up tables.


Problem: Floors that get scratched up by chairs

Solution: The chair leg covers that help protect your floors

Unlike some chair legs covers, these ones are made from soft silicone that you can easily stretch to fit legs of nearly any shape or size. Zero nails are required for them to stay put — and they even come in five colors to suit all kinds of wood.


Problem: Windows that make it hard to regulate temperature

Solution: A pair of blackout curtains that help insulate your home

Not only are these blackout curtains great for sleeping in late on the weekends, but they can also help insulate your home against the weather outside. Each order comes with two panels — and with dozens of colors to choose from, it’s easy to match them to your current decor.


Problem: Confusing which pull is for the fan and which one’s for the light

Solution: This ceiling fan pull that tells you which chain is which

If you’re always pulling the wrong ceiling fan chain, try labelling which one is which with these cute pulls. Each order comes with two: one with fan blades at the bottom, as well as a second with a light bulb. One reviewer also wrote that “they are easy to install, and my only regret is that I didn't learn of them sooner.”


Problem: Accidentally leaving the freezer open

Solution: An alarm that lets you know the freezer is open

Leaving your freezer open can result in hundreds of dollars in spoiled food, whereas this little alarm is available for less than $25. It lets out a loud ring whenever the door gets left open — and it even comes in three colors: white, grey, or black.


Problem: Fridge shelves that get dingy

Solution: These mats that help keep your fridge shelves clean

Scrubbing away at spills on your fridge shelves is a real pain, whereas laying down these mats only takes a few easy seconds. The non-stick exterior makes it easy to wipe them clean — and you can even place fresh fruits and veggies directly on top of them.


Problem: Figuring out how to store leftover veggies

Solution: The food huggers that save halved veggies for later

Green peppers, limes, bananas — these food huggers can help keep all of them fresh for later. They’re made from flexible silicone that makes it easy to stretch over food. Plus, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap.


Problem: Dinner plates that chip easily

Solution: These dinner plates that are resistant to chips

Chip-resistant and nearly unbreakable, these dinner plates are must-haves for casual nights at home. The light pastel shades give them a trendy touch, while the deep edges are perfect for holding meals with minimal spillage.


Problem: Doors & windows that get drafty

Solution: A draft stopper that can help lower your heating bill

Drafty doors can leave your home feeling a little too chilled, so why not grab these draft stoppers? The adhesive backing allows you to easily stick them onto doors, and you can even trim them to fit if needed. Plus, they even provide light noise reduction.


Problem: A too-bright overhead light in the bathroom

Solution: The night light that illuminates your toilet in fun colors

That overhead bathroom light is often too bright when you get up at night — so install this toilet night light instead. It illuminates your bowl in one of 16 fun colors, or you can even set it to the rotating carousel mode and enjoy all of them.


Problem: Night lights that don’t need to stay on all night

Solution: A set of night lights with built-in motion sensors

Instead of stumbling your way through a dark home, allow these night lights to help guide the way. They’re made with built-in motion sensors, which helps you save money on your electricity bill — and one reviewer even wrote that “the light was soft and diffused. Not too bright and not to dark.”


Problem: Walking paths that are too dark around your home

Solution: These solar-powered walkway lights to brighten the yard

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when it comes to installing these outdoor walkway lights. Each one features a built-in solar panel to keep them powered throughout the night — and they’re also waterproof, making them suitable for poor weather.


Problem: Rugs that get caught under shoes & tables

Solution: The floor grippers that help keep rugs from curling up

Rugs can easily be moved around, so why not secure them down flat using these grippers? Installation is as simple as pressing them on like a sticker — and if you ever need to remove them, they shouldn’t leave behind any sticky residues on your floor.


Problem: Water splashes from your pup messing up your floor

Solution: This no-spill water bowl that helps keep your floor clean

Not only does this slow-feed water bowl help keep your pup from taking too large gulps, but it also features a floating disk that works to prevent spills (and therefore keep your floor tidy). Plus, the nonslip base helps keep it from shifting around while your dog drinks.


Problem: A weak Wi-Fi signal in your house

Solution: A gadget that helps boost your Wi-Fi signal

You don’t have to put up with spotty Wi-Fi in your home — just use this extender to give it a helpful boost. It’s able to cover up to 1,200 square feet of space, and only takes a few quick seconds to set up. And if you prefer a wired connection? There’s also an ethernet port built into the base.


Problem: Fitted sheets that slide off too easily

Solution: The straps that help your fitted sheet stay in place

Tired of your fitted sheet riding up over your mattress? Try using these straps to secure them in place. They’re adjustable in length, making them suitable for mattresses of all sizes — and the nylon clips are plated with nickel for added durability.


Problem: Unsightly scuffs on your wood furniture

Solution: These markers that help spruce up scuffed woodwork

Whether it’s your wooden floors or furniture that are looking a little worse for wear, this affordable repair kit can help fix it all up. Each order comes with markers and crayons in wood-friendly shades, ranging from light oak to dark mahogany — and so many reviewers raved about how they’re easy to use.


Problem: Cracked tile floors that aren’t pretty to look at

Solution: A kit that helps you repair ceramic & porcelain

Whether you’ve got a cracked porcelain vase or chips in your floor tiles, this kit can help get them looking almost good as new. It only takes a few minutes for the filler to set, making every job a quick one — and one reviewer even wrote that “the whole process took maybe 15 minutes.”


Problem: No room for a coffee table next to your sofa

Solution: This armrest tray that hooks on to your couch

Don’t have enough floor space for a coffee table? This armrest tray is a clever alternative. It gives you a stable place to rest snacks and drinks, as the spring-loaded arms grip your couch’s armrest. Choose from two colors: black or white.


Problem: Spending too much money on smart bulbs

Solution: An inexpensive set of smart bulbs that you can control with your phone

A good set of smart bulbs can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, I found this set that’s available for less than $30. The bulbs are compatible with Google Home and Alexa — but if you don’t have either, you can still adjust their color, set schedules, and more using the downloadable smartphone app.


Problem: Realizing you only have a pilly sweater to wear on vacation

Solution: The on-the-go fabric shaver that’s completely cordless

Just supply two of your own AA batteries, and this fabric shaver will quickly remove pilling, fuzzies, and more. You can also adjust the shaving height, making it suitable for use on higher-pile fabrics. Plus, it’s small enough to take with you on vacation for any emergency touchups.


Problem: A window shade that’s cumbersome to install

Solution: A cordless, adjustable window shade that’s easy to install

No drills, screws, or brackets required — this cordless fabric shade has an adhesive strip at the top that makes installation a total breeze. The best part? You can even trim it with a pair of scissors to fit into extra-narrow windows.


Problem: Needing more insulation in your home

Solution: This film that helps insulate your windows

Don’t feel like putting up curtains, but still looking for ways to insulate your home? Try out this cling film. It blocks up to 99% of UV rays, while the one-way view gives your home a ton of extra privacy. It comes in two shades: black and silver.


Problem: A difficult-to-clean clogged dryer lint trap

Solution: A vacuum attachment that cleans deep into your dryer

This vacuum attachment can help prevent clogged dryer lint traps, and over 4,400 customers have given it five stars. The flexible hose reaches deep down into the trap where all the dust usually gets stuck, and it’s designed to fit nearly any vacuum.


Problem: A fridge crowded with tubs, cans & jars

Solution: The bins that help your fridge stay organized

These organizer bins have done wonders in keeping my fridge looking tidy, and I even have a few of them being put to good use in my cabinets. They’re transparent, so it’s easy to see where everything is — and I’ve found that they’re large enough for soda cans, fruit, dry goods, and more.