Contractors say if you don't do these simple things in the spring, it damages your home

A seasonal to-do list straight from the experts.

Contractors say if you don't do these simple things in the spring, it damages your home
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Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining — spring, with its promise of renewal and growth, is a season many of us look forward to. However, it also brings challenges that can be costly for homeowners. To help you navigate this blossoming yet demanding time, I've compiled a list of contractor-approved things to do and the products that can help to get the job done. From waterproofing solutions to energy-efficient tools, these recommendations, along with handy tips from the pros, will ensure you enjoy the beauty of spring without the financial strain.


Inspect your walls for water damage

“Regularly inspecting your walls for cracks or signs of water damage is vital to maintaining the structural integrity of your home,” warns Richard Cotgrove, founder at Stucco Veneziano. “Make it a habit to check for any issues and address them promptly to prevent further damage.”

This ultra-sensitive water detector looks for water for you and can detect as little as 0.03 inches of water. The piercing 110-decibel alarm ensures you hear it anywhere in your home, and with a 6-foot wire, plus the option to extend over 100 feet, it's ideal for monitoring sump pits or any risky spots.


Clean your interior walls to remove dust & grime

If your walls could talk, would they complain? “I recommend cleaning your walls regularly with a mild cleanser and warm water to preserve their sheen and prevent a buildup of dust and grime,” says Cotgrove. “Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the paint or surface of your walls.”

This multi-purpose cleaner tackles tough scuffs, stains, and odors on any washable surface with ease. Safe for painted finishes, it's the VOC-free, heavy-duty hero that doesn't compromise on safety, making it great for households with kids and pets.


Keep a basic wall repair kit on hand

“For small wall repairs, keep a basic repair kit on hand,” says Cotgrove. “I suggest using spackling paste, sandpaper, and paint to paper over any cracks or scratches.”

This all-in-one wall repair kit makes patching up holes, big or small, a breeze. With a tub of spackling and primer that dries in just 15 minutes, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and a sanding block, you'll have everything the expert says you need for a durable, no-sag repair.


Clean your drains & gutters to prevent clogs

“Be sure to clean out your drains and gutters on a regular basis to prevent clogs and blockages,” advises Sam Beckett, owner and operational director at Beckett's Plumbing & Heating. “Drain screens can catch debris before it causes a blockage. Investing in one could save you from expensive repairs down the line.”

Before you can install a drain screen, you’ll need to clean that bad boy out first. This ingenious scoop flexes to fit your gutter, making cleaning out a dirty gutter easy. Designed with a high handle to shield your hands from scrapes, it has an extended tongue that slides under gutter supports effortlessly.


Inspect seals & caulking around windows & doors

Alex Locklear, founder and managing director of NC Cash Homebuyers, suggests you take a close look at the seals around windows, doors, and other openings in your home. “Replacing worn-out seals and reapplying caulking where needed can enhance energy efficiency and prevent water damage,” he says. “You can easily find affordable weather stripping and caulking options at your local hardware store or on Amazon.”

This robust weather strip is incredibly easy to install. You’ll be impressed by its windproof, dustproof, and soundproof capabilities. Ideal for doors, windows, and even wardrobes, this versatile strip can be easily tailored to any size, transforming any gap into a fortress against the elements.


Trim tree branches to help prevent damage during storms

Locklear encourages you to invest in a good pair of tree trimmers. “I think spring is the perfect time to trim tree branches that are close to your home,” he explains. “Not only does this improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, but it also reduces the risk of branches falling and causing damage during storms or high winds. Trimming branches also allows more sunlight to reach your home, which can help prevent moisture buildup and potential mold growth.”

Snip, clip, and flip your garden into shape with this heavy-duty extendable lopper. Engineered to power through 2-inch branches like butter, it boasts a high-carbon steel blade with a nonstick coating for clean cuts every time. Extendable from 27 to 40 inches, it reaches those lofty limbs with ease, while ergonomic grips ensure your pruning prowess remains comfortable.


Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

“Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries,” advises Peter Duncanson, vice president of training and development at ServiceMaster Restore.

Stay safe and sound with this plug-in carbon monoxide detector. Installation is a breeze — just plug it into any standard 120-volt outlet and you're set, plus there’s a two AA battery backup to keep you protected during power outages. Its loud 85-decibel alarm will alert you at the first sign of trouble.


Check your driveway for cracks caused by ice

Winter can take a toll on your home. Duncanson says springtime is the time to “inspect the driveway for cracks or damage caused by thawing ice.”

This dynamic asphalt-to-concrete joint bond has a self-leveling application that makes filling cracks up to 1.5 inches wide a breeze, setting in under an hour for a swift fix. Boasting excellent adhesion and resistance to aging and weather, this sealant stays permanently elastic and durable.


Tune up your lawn tools

“Inspect and tune up lawn maintenance equipment: Sharpen tools, charge batteries, lubricate moving parts, and replace old gas,” Erica Brenning, owner of Cash Buyers, instructs. “A sharpening kit can help keep your lawn mower blade in top condition for cutting grass.”

This garden tool multi-sharpener brings a new edge to everything from kitchen knives to garden shears; it can accommodate single and double-beveled blades alike. With three sharpening slots, a tungsten carbide bar, and a ceramic bar, it guarantees superior sharpening performance for every tool.


Replace damaged attic vent screens to prevent pests

Certified roofing expert and CEO of Abrams Roofing Kim Abrams says, “[Critters] like to get up into attic vents over the winter and that screening can get chewed through. Replacing damaged screening before warmer weather is key to preventing pest and moisture issues.”

This premium stainless steel mesh is ideal for everything from security to garden use, and its stiff, sturdy nature ensures durability without rusting. Ideal for fan guards, fireplace screens, or even gutter guards, it's easy to cut with tin snips, simplifying your DIY projects.


Clean out dryer vents to remove lint buildup

“Use a dryer vent cleaning kit to remove lint buildup, reducing the risk of fire hazards and improving dryer efficiency,” says Jordan Woolf, owner of Huntsville Roofing Solutions. This dryer lint vacuum attachment turns a daunting chore into a breeze. This tool is a game-changer for reaching those out-of-the-way places, ensuring your dryer runs safely and efficiently. Compatible with most vacuums, it’s a cinch to set up and get to work.


Clean lighting fixtures & inspect bulbs

“Replace bulbs and clean fixtures to ensure proper illumination and safety,” says Woolf. “LED light bulbs are energy-efficient and cost-effective.”

Illuminate your world with these smart light bulbs. They allow you to manage your lighting from anywhere with the included app and have voice command compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can adjust brightness or switch off without lifting a finger. You can even tailor the ambiance of a room with stunning color and temperature ranges.


Inspect & clean outdoor furniture

“Clean outdoor furniture with a gentle cleaner and inspect for damage,” says Woolf. This outdoor furniture cleaner is specially crafted to combat dirt on various materials, from wicker to wood. It not only tackles grime but also protects your pieces with UV shield technology, preventing fading and discoloration. Its biodegradable, EPA-certified formula ensures safety for both your greenery and your family.


Examine your walls to check for cracks in your foundation

Spring rains can exacerbate cracks in your foundation. Craig Young, vice president of Roof Doctors, has this advice: “Walk around the perimeter of your house and look for any cracks, especially near the corners of the foundation or around the crawlspace entrance. Hairline cracks (less than 1/4-inch wide) are usually cosmetic, but larger cracks should be inspected by a professional. A good flashlight is essential for inspecting dark areas like crawlspaces and attics.”

This waterproof spotlight casts a beam as far as two football fields and is ready to go with just four AA batteries. Whether submerged in water or caught in a rainstorm, its IP67 waterproof rating means it stays bright and buoyant. Featuring three light modes and hands-free operation, you're never left in the dark.


Create a soil slope away from your foundation

Did you know the soil around your foundation should slope away from the house? “If the soil slopes towards the house, water can pool and seep into the basement or crawl space,” warns Young. “Use a rake or shovel to create a slight slope away from the foundation.”

This adjustable rake extends from 43 to 57 inches and has a 17-inch wide head, making back-breaking bending a thing of the past. Its 12 sturdy tines ensure leaves can't escape. It even comes with a handy garden bag and gloves to make clean-up a snap.


Check for roof leaks & make temporary repairs when needed

“Keep an eye out for water stains or mold on ceilings and walls, indicating potential roof leaks,” says Chris Stevenson, sales manager and business developer at 730 South Exteriors. “For temporary fixes, consider using a roof repair kit like liquid rubber waterproof sealant until permanent repairs are scheduled.”

Shield your space with liquid rubber waterproof sealant, an all-in-one protector for nearly every surface. From flat roofs to foundations, this sealant stretches to prevent cracks and withstands the sun's harsh rays. Easy to apply, it covers thoroughly, creating a durable membrane that ensures long-lasting protection. It's eco-friendly and odorless, too, so it’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use.


Inspect & clean chimneys to remove debris & nests

“If you have a chimney, inspect it for damage or blockages,” says Stevenson. “Remove any debris or nests using a chimney cleaning brush.” This extendable and flexible fiberglass chimney rod kit is your ultimate ally against soot and ash. This 18-foot marvel, featuring interlocking, strong fiberglass rods, is designed to handle pressure while navigating your chimney's twists and turns. Paired with a polypropylene brush and heavy-duty steel fittings, it ensures a thorough clean.


Repair damaged or rotted wood

“If there's one spring garage door maintenance task I insist my customers prioritize, it's thoroughly inspecting all wooden components for signs of rot and moisture damage,” says Justin White, garage remodel/installation expert and VP of marketing at Overhead Door. He recommends PC-Woody epoxy paste, citing it as his go-to product for wood repairs. “It bonds remarkably well and builds up strong but smooth. [...] It can honestly be pretty relaxing once you get into it.”

This epoxy paste kit protects against the elements, from UV rays to salt water, and brings your wood back from the brink, be it indoors or outdoors. Its high tack minimizes drips and sags, ensuring a smooth application across a wide temperature range.


Clean your AC filters to improve efficiency

“If you find that some parts of your abode are not staying as chilled as others, it might be signaling that a little tune-up is due,” explains Al Fagundes, founder & CEO at A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc. “Often, something as simple as refreshing the air filters and giving those ducts a good cleanse can work wonders for raising the airflow and getting things back on track.”

Breathe new life into your home air filters with this top-notch cleaning solution. It dives deep to decimate the dust and grime that clog your filters, restoring them to peak performance. Unleash the full potential of your air filter and enjoy renewed efficiency, ensuring every breath in your home is as clean and clear as nature intended.


Sweep away dirt & debris from your HVAC unit

“Next time you're out in your garden or patio, take a moment to glance at your outdoor unit,” suggests Fagundes. “Any unwelcome leaves, dirt, or random debris crowding it deserve to be whisked away. [...] You'd be amazed at how sparkly clean evaporator and condenser coils can boost your unit's efficiency.”

Clean up your evaporator with this outdoor broom. Its unique design and stiff, three-layer bristles tackle outdoor messes effortlessly. The broom's lengthy handle ensures you can reach every nook without bending, and its soft jacketed pole provides comfort and hand protection. Plus, its wide head makes sweeping vast areas a breeze.


Check & seal leaky faucets

CEO of Emerald Roofing and Siding Aaron Brilliant says, “Inspect and repair any leaky faucets to avoid water wastage and potential damage.” This food-grade silicone grease is odorless and colorless and stays consistent from a frosty -40 degrees Fahrenheit to a sizzling 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Its high silicone content keeps faucets turning easily and O-rings in top shape. Water and oxidation-resistant, this grease reduces friction for enduring lubrication, making it a must-have for seamless repairs and maintenance.


Reapply sealant to natural stone

“Natural stone surfaces inside your home, such as granite countertops or marble flooring, are porous and easily absorb moisture. You need to reapply sealant on these surfaces to preserve their quality,” says Zach Dannett, co-founder of Tumble.

Seal the deal with this granite sealer. It wards off the usual suspects like oil, coffee, and wine, ensuring your granite remains pristine. Nontoxic and non-corrosive, it's safe for food contact areas, too.


Clear weep holes on windows to prevent blockages

“Weep holes are small openings located at the bottom of the exterior frame of windows,” explains Dannett. “They're designed to drain away water that can accumulate during winter. Use a small, soft brush or compressed air to gently remove debris. You can pour a small amount of water into the track to make sure it's free from blockage.”

Tackle the tricky nooks and crannies of your windowsill with this six-piece cleaning set. Lightweight and portable, this set is complete with a handy dustpan and brush to help achieve spotless results in every corner of your home.


Clean your microwave filter & give it a steam clean

Dannett encourages you to give your microwave the TLC it deserves. “Over time, grease and food particles can clog the filter and pose a fire hazard. Locate the grease filter (usually underneath the microwave) for over-the-range microwaves. Slide the filter out, clean it with warm, soapy water, or replace it if it's too worn.”

While you’re giving your microwave attention, use this microwave cleaner to steam away any crusted-on mess. Just add vinegar, water, and a dash of lemon for a fresh scent, then microwave for seven minutes to soften dirt and grime. This cleverly designed kitchen helper not only cuts cleaning time in half but also brings a smile with her unique look.


Check hidden areas of your home for damaged wiring

“One thing that almost never occurs to most people is to check the hidden or dark nooks of their home for damaged, worn-out or even chewed wiring,” says Brad Gall, founder and owner of BG Electrical & Air Con. “This will usually happen in basements, attics, but even in the most obvious (and therefore least obvious) places like your kitchen — how often do you look behind your refrigerator or stove?”

Illuminate and inspect the tricky and hard-to-reach spots with this telescopic lighted mirror. It stretches from 7 inches to an impressive 34 inches for those hard-to-reach areas and has two extra-bright LEDs, and a 360-degree swivel, so nothing can hide.


Make sure your outdoor outlets are protected

“Another thing that absolutely needs to get checked are outdoor electrical outlets on your porch or backyard,” Gall notes. “Even if they aren't damaged already, they may easily fall victim to spring and summer downpours.”

An easy preventive fix is a weatherproof outlet cover. This robust, clear polycarbonate protector resists UV damage, maintaining transparency and safeguarding against sun wear. Its design fits standard single outlets, blending elegantly with any exterior, while the hinged lid ensures easy access without sacrificing safety.


Bleed your radiators to release trapped air

“You can protect your home and maximize heating efficiency by bleeding your radiators to release trapped air,” says James Elston, director at CompareBoilerQuotes.

Unlock the full potential of your heating system with these extended radiator keys. Crafted from durable zinc alloy, they're built to resist bending and breaking, ensuring long-lasting use. With a set of six, you're well-equipped for any adjustments or emergencies. Each key's compact design, featuring a convenient square hole and pre-drilled carrying holes, makes them easy to store and transport.


Clean regularly to prevent mold spores from accumulating

“You can prevent mold growth by limiting moisture accumulation around your home. Simply opening your windows for a few hours each day can make a significant difference. I also recommend cleaning and dusting your home on a regular basis, so mold spores don't have a chance to take hold,” says Andy Foster, managing director at Mould Removal North West.

Defeat dust with this 11-piece feather duster set. From high ceilings to snug crevices, the extendable stainless steel pole and array of heads (including microfiber, chenille, and cobweb brushes) make any corner conquerable. The bendable design ensures every speck is swept, while the washable heads promise a fresh start every time.


Use dehumidifiers in the bathroom

Foster also suggests you “place dehumidifiers in your bathroom to control your humidity levels and inhibit mold growth.”

Say farewell to dampness with this mini dehumidifier. Compact and sleek, it's the titan of tidiness for up to 333 cubic feet, keeping spaces bone dry and odor-free. Nontoxic and safe for kids and pets, it's a worry-free way to combat moisture. With a cordless, rechargeable design, this dehumidifier promises up to 30 days of dryness, recharging easily with silica gel beads.


Replace old caulk with fresh materials

Founder and CEO of Simply Home Ashley Wainscott advises, “Scrape off any old caulking and replace with fresh materials; also check any wood trim or sills for signs of decay and repair or replace as needed. Getting ahead of both of these before the rainy season will help alleviate larger issues in the future.”

Seal the deal with this all-in-one caulking tool kit. It features a multifunctional stainless steel tool with five silicone squeegee sizes, skidproof gloves, silicone pads, a scraper, and a grout removal cone, all packed in a handy bag. It even includes a grout hook for stubborn silicone, making any job in kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond a breeze.


Inspect & maintain your deck or patio

Keith Sant, founder & CEO of Sell My Mobile Home Park, suggests you take some time during your spring maintenance routine to inspect your deck and patio areas for any damage or wear and tear. “Look for loose boards or railings, signs of rot or water damage, and any potential hazards. Make any necessary repairs to keep your outdoor space safe and enjoyable.”

Keep your hands safe while maintaining your patio with these cut-proof gloves. These gloves shield your hands from cuts and punctures when dealing with sharp objects or splintered decks. With a snug fit that doesn’t constrict and breathable, cool yarn material, they offer second-skin dexterity for precision tasks.


Protect your deck & fences with wood sealer

Decks, pergolas, and fences are particularly vulnerable to spring weather changes. Bob Berriz, creative director at Berriz Design Build says, “A good quality wood sealer or stain can protect these structures from moisture and UV damage. This DIY task can cost less than $50 but has a profound impact on preserving the beauty and lifespan of your outdoor living spaces.”

Seize the day with this weather-ready wood stain and sealant, allowing you to clean and beautify your deck in just one day. Rain-ready in eight hours and armed with SunBlock UV defense, this durable formula keeps your outdoor spaces looking pristine. Great for decks, fences, and more, it protects and prettifies in one efficient step.


Drain your water heater to remove sediment

Sediment buildup in your water heater can reduce its efficiency and lifespan. Josh Mitchell, plumbing technician and owner of Plumbing Lab, says, “Draining a few gallons of water from your water heater to flush out sediment is a free and effective maintenance task. This can improve energy efficiency and extend the life of the appliance.”

This patented water heater cleaning tool is designed to drain, flush, and cleanse easily. Say goodbye to sediment blockages thanks to its innovative air injection process that stirs and expels debris as smoothly as sugar dissolves in water. With a clear window and versatile 45-degree angle, you can watch the magic happen in any direction. Compatible with a simple hand or bike pump, this tool offers a full port design for thorough cleaning.


Examine surge protectors & replace them if needed

David Walter, founder and CEO of Electrician Mentor, urges you to keep tabs on your surge protectors. “If the light on your surge protector is blinking you need a new one or you will soon. Also, if you see any black markings or soiling on the protector you may need to replace it as well.”

Swap any old outlet extenders with this multi-function USB outlet. Featuring two fast-charging USB ports, a three-sided power strip with six spacious outlets, and an ambient LED night-light, it’s ideal for any indoor setting. It has a built-in 1680 joules surge protector and extra-wide spacing between outlets, so it accommodates all types of devices safely.


Inspect siding & trim for damage

“Look for loose boards, peeling paint, or signs of rot. Patch any holes with exterior caulk and repaint bare spots to prevent moisture damage,” Walter says.

Step up your sealing game with this exterior sealant Paintable and great for both interior and exterior projects, it’s formulated with Weather Max technology, so it's as tough as nails, enduring whatever the skies throw at it. Easy to apply and incredibly versatile, it’s the go-to for a multitude of tasks.