Cool things that make every house look better & are under $35 on Amazon

Clever products that make a big impact with small price tags.

ByJenny White
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Amazon is filled with cool things to upgrade your home without spending big bucks or hiring a professional. This list contains products to organize and declutter every room. These favorites will help you pull off low-effort DIY projects, clever cleaning supplies that make annoying tasks easier, and more — and they are all under $35. From a switch plate with a built-in dimmable nightlight to a laser level that suctions to your wall, these cool things will ensure every room in your home looks better.


A magnetic metal spice rack that can support 15 pounds

Grab this magnetic rack to clear off your countertops. It has two shelves to accommodate spices, cooking spray, cans, and more — it can support up to 15 pounds total. Plus, there’s a wooden rod for a roll of paper towels, and two movable hooks for dishcloths, oven mitts, or other hanging items. Made from sturdy metal, the rack is meant to magnetize directly onto your fridge, though it can be wall mounted as well using the included screws. It’s also available in white in the listing.


These trimmable gap covers so food doesn’t end up between your stove & counters

Keep food and other debris from slipping between your stove and counters with this pair of gap covers. Made from heat-resistant silicone, the 21-inch gap guards are flexible to conform to the shape of your stove, though they can also be trimmed with scissors if needed. They come in several lengths and colors in the listing to match your kitchen, too.


This 6-piece bedsheet set with 21,000+ 5-star reviews

This highly rated bedsheet set is made from brushed microfiber for softness and durability. Included in the set are an all-around elastic fitted sheet (that’ll fit on mattresses up to 21 inches thick), a flat sheet, and four pillowcases. The sheets also have a side pocket for holding your phone, remote, or other small items. Choose from several colors and patterns in the listing.


A wireless rechargeable light that sticks where you want it

This wall-mounted light is straightforward to install using included 3M adhesive and the head rotates 360 degrees to shine in any direction. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery (it’ll run for up to 15 hours straight on a full charge), and there are multiple brightness settings to pick from based on the amount of light you need. “These little lights are simply amazing and have so many uses. I'm trying to reduce my energy bill so my goal is to put them in every room,” wrote one fan.


A wall-mounted bathroom organizer that installs without drilling

This multipurpose holder has space for all of your bathroom essentials. There are slots for four toothbrushes, a built-in drawer, dual magnetic cups for rinsing, an automatic toothpaste dispenser, and a shelf for other items you regularly access. It’s designed to be mounted on the wall using the included adhesive — no drilling required. It comes in several colors in the listing.


A rechargeable picture light with lots of settings & a remote

Make artwork or photos in your home look even better by hanging this LED picture light over them. It’s easy to mount using the included screws, and once in place, the light’s settings — such as the brightness, timer, and color temperature — can easily be adjusted using the remote control. The light is rechargeable via USB.


These rug grippers that won’t damage your floors

Install this four-pack of weatherproof V-shaped grippers on any rug (including ones outdoors) to keep the corners from curling up. The grippers won’t cause any damage to the rug or the surface below. “I battled the rug in our living room for over a year, folding and rolling the tip under to try to prevent the corner from sticking up - these have worked like magic,” wrote one fan.


This easy-to-clean stainless steel caddy with a 4.7-star overall rating

Place this stainless steel caddy next to your kitchen sink for convenient access to your dish soap, brush, and sponges — it’ll keep everything organized while looking sleek. The sloped base allows water to drain with ease and the entire thing comes apart for convenient cleaning.


A switch plate with a dimmable LED nightlight

This switch plate features a built-in LED light at the bottom for illumination at night, replacing the need for a separate night-light and freeing up an outlet. It can be installed in seconds because it snaps right on (no wiring required), and the light can be dimmed depending on how bright you need it to shine. Choose from light almond, ivory, or white finishes to coordinate with your existing switch plates.


This wireless charger & alarm clock that doubles as decor

This dimmable alarm clock toes the line between practicality and cool decor with its faux wood finish. It displays the time, temperature, and humidity levels, and you can set up to three alarms at once (with a snooze function). The alarm clock also supports wireless charging for your phone on top.


These battery-operated puck lights that can be installed in 2 ways

Whether you install them underneath your kitchen cabinets, in your closet, or elsewhere, this three-pack of puck lights will brighten up any space with 55 lumens of light each. They put out a warm white glow and run for up to 100 hours on a set of three AA batteries. Install the lights using either adhesive tape or screws, both of which are included.


A laser level that sticks to walls via a suction cup

Utilize this laser level to make sure that everything hung on your walls is straight — including pictures, mirrors, shelves, and so much more. It sticks to the wall with a suction cup and projects the laser line at any angle needed because it can rotate 360 degrees with ease. “This is one of the best tools I have ever purchased. [...] Very easy and intuitive to use, and really does help make everything perfect,” wrote one fan.


A curved squeegee that cleans dishes, counters & more

This small squeegee costs less than $10 but is so versatile — use it to wipe food from dishes (the curved shape works well in bowls, pots, cups, and other round items), get water or crumbs off your countertops, and more. The squeegee edge is flexible, while the grip is sturdy and non-slip for easier control. Use the built-in hole to hang it up when finished.


This under-sink organizer that can be adjusted in 3 ways

You expand the width, height, and depth of this under-sink organizer ensuring it’ll maximize every inch of the space you have. Its heavy-duty plastic can support up to 40 pounds of cleaning supplies or toiletries, and the non-slip bottom ensures it doesn’t slide around as you grab stuff off it.


This protective mat for your coffee maker that comes in several colors & sizes

Place this coffee mat underneath your espresso machine or coffee maker to prevent drips, spills, or splashes from landing on the surface below. It features three layers of materials — the top is faux leather to hide stains, the middle is an absorbent foam, and the underside is made from leakproof rubber to ensure the mat stays in place. It can also be trimmed to fit smaller spaces, and comes in five colors and three sizes in the listing.


These roomy under-bed organizers for less than $7 each

These under-bed organizers make the most of an often under-utilized area. The set comes with two organizers that are sizable enough for blankets, seasonal clothing, extra towels, and more. The transparent covers allows you to easily view the contents inside. One fan wrote, “One storage bag can hold 20 sweaters (both thick and thin) and could probably hold 8 more. [...] Has a double zipper and handle.”


A modern bed skirt that reviewers rave about

This bed skirt is a simple way to elevate your bedroom. It features pleated corners, wrinkle-resistant fabric, and a wraparound design. It’s available in five neutral color options to vibe well with your existing bedding. “I easily paid 3 times this price for item’s predecessor. [...] This quality of fabric & workmanship in this piece is far better. The corners and mid-section spacers are well-tailored to give a good, clean look & fit,” commented one reviewer.


This best-selling pen that covers 150 feet of grout

Skip scrubbing at your grout and instead use this grout pen to make it look practically brand new. The pen features a non-toxic, water-based colorant and it’ll cover up to 150 feet of grout. It’s available in a narrow and a wide tip in the listing.


A sleek rotating utensil holder that has a removable divider

Store spatulas, ladles, tongs, and other must-have kitchen tools in this utensil holder, which boasts a matte finish for a modern flare. The caddy rotates smoothly for easy access and there’s an optional divider that you can use to organize your utensils or remove for additional space. It comes in five finishes in the listing to match your kitchen.


This magnetic stainless steel strip that comes in 3 finishes

Mount this magnetic stainless steel strip on the wall (or onto tile, glass, or other surfaces) using the included adhesive, and your knives will stick right to it. It’s 16 inches long to accommodate cutlery of various shapes and sizes. It comes in three finishes and a smaller 10-inch length.


This wall-mounted organizer that can hold up to 11 tools

For less than $15, this weatherproof wall-mounted holder is a must-buy to organize various tools inside or outside your home. There are five spring-loaded grippy slots for brooms, mops, rakes, shovels, and more, plus six hooks for smaller items. “The setup is super easy and the ability to store almost any cleaning device makes this item great,” wrote one fan.


A pair of corner shelves that can hold more than 7 pounds each

These corner shelves could be used in any room to display decorative items like a small plant, picture frames, and more. Made from MDF, the shelves are lightweight yet sturdy with a 7.7-pound capacity each. Assembly and mounting are straightforward with all necessary hardware included in the package.


This stain remover that works like “magic in a bottle”

This stain remover is described by one reviewer as “magic in a bottle!!” Use it to remove stubborn stains (both fresh ones and set-in ones) almost instantly from clothes, carpet, upholstery, and more. The biodegradable formula is free from dyes, formaldehyde, sulfates, and chlorine.


This budget-friendly seat cover that comes in 9 colors

Give your old office chair a brand new look with this seat cover. It’s made from a stretchy fabric with elastic edges to fit a wide variety of chairs, including square or round-shaped ones. This pick is machine washable. There are nine colors in the listing, as well as versions that cover the back of the chair as well.


A lid organizer with 5 adjustable dividers that has 18,000+ 5-star reviews

With more than 18,000 five-star reviews, this lid organizer will clear out any overstuffed kitchen cabinet or drawer. Thanks to the five adjustable dividers, the organizer can accommodate lids of pretty much any size or shape. Several different sizes are available in the listing.


This sturdy case with slots for 180 batteries

Get your extra batteries out of the bottom of your junk drawer and into this storage case, which has slots to organize 180 total batteries; this includes 78 AAs, 64 AAAs, eight 9-volts, 10 Cs, eight Ds, and 12 flat ones. The hinged clear cover allows you to easily inventory and it also has a built-in removable battery tester.


A pair of adjustable salt & pepper shakers that have 4 settings

Crafted from a combination of glass and stainless steel, these salt and pepper shakers are modern and functional. Each one has an adjustable lid with four settings to control the amount of seasoning that comes out. With a half-cup capacity, you won’t need to stop to refill the shakers often, though the wide opening at the top ensures it’s simple and mess-free to do.


A 2-tier stainless steel turntable reviewers use in the kitchen & bathroom

Grab this stainless steel turntable for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets so items don’t get lost in the back. The two-tier turntable has raised edges so that nothing falls off as you spin it 360 degrees. “Great addition to organizing my cabinets. I use one for spices and one for medicine,” wrote one fan.


This adhesive organizer that adds storage to any desk

If you’re short on storage at your workspace, this under-desk drawer mounts under practically any desk using solely adhesive (so you don’t need to damage the surface with screws or nails). It provides you with two separate slide-out drawers for essentials like pens, headphones, highlighters, small notebooks, and more. A single-layer version is also available in the listing.


A 47-inch extendable duster to clean hard-to-reach areas

This extendable duster can extend from 27 to 47 inches to clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other high-up spots without climbing a ladder. The large microfiber head is fluffy and thick to trap debris — without the need for cleaning products — and since it’s machine washable, you can reuse it as often as necessary.


This $9 easy-to-use repair kit for wooden furniture

If wooden furniture in your home has seen better days, try repairing it with this best-selling wood markers and wax sticks kit — it’s effective on scratches, holes, nicks, scuffs, gaps, and other types of damage. The set includes six shades (specifically oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and black) of both the markers and wax sticks to match the finish of your furniture.


A set of fabric bags to store a surprising amount of off-season clothing & more

These fabric storage bags can hold a shockingly large amount — stuff them with seasonal clothing or accessories, extra towels, spare pillows or bedding, and more. The clear window in front allows you to quickly see everything that’s stored inside. “Much more substantial than I expected for the reasonable price,” wrote one commenter.


A multifunctional outlet extender that powers 9 devices at once

Plug this outlet extender into any standard outlet then use the five outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port to power a wide variety of electronics at once — there’s even a small detachable shelf on top. Built-in surge protection will keep your electronics safe, and the small nightlight at the bottom offers just enough illumination for you to plug and unplug your devices as needed.


This budget-friendly box to conceal cords & a power strip

This cable management box is roomy enough for a six-outlet power strip plus various electronic cords — it’ll keep everything better organized, plus it looks much more streamlined. The box is made from durable plastic with multiple slots to run the cables in and out, and the bamboo lid fits securely on top to hide the mess.


A 6-compartment shoe organizer that collapses flat for storage

With six separate sections, this freestanding organizer is designed to hold multiple pairs of shoes so you no longer have to dig around to find a match — Amazon reviewers indicate it’s sizable enough for boots, sneakers, and more. It’s simple to set up (you don’t even need tools to do so) and it can actually collapse flat when not in use.


This $7 waterproof tape to fix holes in your screens

A hole in a screen door or window screen not only impacts its effectiveness, but it’s a bit of an eyesore as well. Fix it easily (and for only $7) with this roll of repair tape, which has the texture of screen material to blend right in. It features sturdy adhesive to stay in place for an extended period of time. It’s available in black, gray, and white in the listing.


A multi-compartment bedside caddy to clear off your end table

This felt bedside caddy is held in place by a mattress or box spring, providing you convenient access to your most-used items — some reviewers even hang it on a couch or chair using the included hook-and-loop closure. The caddy has five compartments in varying sizes, including two larger pockets and a side mesh pocket for a water bottle. “I keep a bottle of lotion in it, my eye mask, chap stick, iPad, a book, and it is very handy to charge my iPad when it is in there overnight. [...] My nightstand is looking much better,” wrote one shopper.


A metal rack for your pot & pan lids that installs in 5 minutes

Instead of piling up the lids of your pots and pans in a cabinet or drawer, hang up this wall-mounted rack and utilize the five slots to secure them — it can even be installed on the inside of a cabinet door. It’s made from durable metal with a chrome finish. “This was not expensive so I wasn't expecting anything this good. I put it up in 5 minutes & it fits my lids beautifully,” wrote one fan.


An adjustable mid-century modern plant stand that can hold 150 pounds

Crafted from bamboo, this indoor plant stand is sturdy enough to hold pots weighing up to 150 pounds. And the unique part is that there are actually multiple ways to use it — it adjusts in width from 8 to 12 inches, plus it can be flipped for either a shorter or taller height.


A cleaning brush set where each piece costs less than $2

This brush set comes with practically everything needed to clean your entire kitchen. Included are two dish brushes (with built-in scrapers to get rid of stuck-on food), a non-scratch scouring pad, a bendable brush for tricky spots, a grout brush, and a pair of small brushes to reach tight grooves and gaps. “The brushes are sturdy and the assortment diverse enough for every type of cleaning,” wrote one fan.


This adjustable 2-tier water bottle organizer

Take all of the water bottles that are rolling around in your cabinets or pantry and place them on this two-tier organizer. It has grooves on each shelf to hold multiple water bottles in place, and the whole thing has grippy feet to not slide around either. The shelving unit takes a mere minute to assemble with no tools required and the height of the second level can be adjusted for wider bottles. A three-shelf and wider version is also available in the listing.


A paintable cord cover to hide up to 6 electronic cables

Hide up to six cords at once using this cord cover for an easy and low-cost solution. The set comes with two cord covers that can be seamlessly connected (for 31.5 inches of total coverage); the sections can also be used separately and trimmed with scissors if needed. The cord cover can attach to nearly any surface using the included double-sided adhesive. It comes in four colors in the listing and can be painted to make it blend in further.


A space-saving organizer for up to 36 K-Cups

Place up to 36 K-Cups in this metal holder — the drawer slides out smoothly so you can grab the pod you’re looking for, and your coffee machine can sit on top of it to save space. Many reviewers even bought a couple of these units and stacked them on top of one another to store even more. “MUCH nicer than I thought it would be!!! It looks fantastic on my counter,” wrote one fan. Glass- and wood-topped versions are also available in the listing.


A set of airtight food storage containers that are microwave safe

Grab this storage set to organize the food in your pantry. The set comes with four various-sized containers and matching snapping lids that’ll create an airtight seal for superior freshness. The containers can handle temperature fluctuations without issue, making them suitable for use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.


A sleek stainless steel rack that stores 3 cutting boards upright

This stainless steel rack stores three cutting boards in an upright position, allowing for proper airflow so they get fully dry. Each slot can accommodate boards up to half an inch in thickness. And the rack as a whole takes up next to no space in your cabinets or on the counter.