Cool things with near-perfect Amazon reviews that are under-the-radar

Get first pick of these cool finds.

Cool things with near-perfect Amazon reviews that are under-the-radar
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Your time and money are valuable, so there's no need to spend it on duds. I've sifted through Amazon's virtual aisles and found some items that have near-perfect reviews but are still flying under the radar (so you can have the first pick). They set the bar high with how cool they are and how highly rated they are. Whether you want to trick out your kitchen or make some other part of your home life smoother, you can't go wrong with these highly rated products.


This leakproof travel mug with a helpful handle

Take your favorite beverage on the go with this stainless steel vacuum-insulated travel mug with a clever handle. The mug keeps beverages hot or cold for multiple hours and features a leakproof flip lid and ergonomic handle. Plus, it’s available in a ton of fun colors, from classic blue to shiny gold.


This baking pan designed to make the crispiest bacon

This clever carbon steel pan and coordinating rack can make the crispiest bacon and appetizers. The elevated rack allows grease to drain off, and the nonstick pan is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to bacon, use it for cooking chicken wings or anything that needs to be glazed.


An adjustable device stand with a tidy spot for your charger

Use this adjustable stand as a super convenient docking station for your tablet or phone. It accommodates a variety of device sizes and features rubber cushions that can even prevent scratches. Your devices can be placed on the stand horizontally or vertically and there’s a notch to keep your charging cord looking tidy.


A formula to restore & protects plastic surfaces (like your car interior)

If you have items that need a little TLC, this formula can restore and protect surfaces made of plastic, vinyl, or rubber. The non-oily solution repels rain and guards against sun damage. It’s ideal for exterior and interior car surfaces, boats, ATVs, or home projects, and it’s easy to use — simply rub it on and then wipe it off.


This beach blanket that’s super impressive at repelling sand

This ripstop nylon outdoor blanket can be used on grass or sand and features a ton of extras like a carrying bag, storage pouch, and even a bottle opener. The blanket has weighted corners and grass stakes, so it stays put, and it’s super lightweight, making it easy to take with you on any adventure.


A magnetic phone mount that’s earned 4.6 stars after almost 10,000 Amazon ratings

This magnetic phone mount keeps things stable even when the road gets bumpy. It adheres to the magnets in your phone with just a tap while the vent clip and support arm attach securely. The mount works with most car vents, and the design allows you to view the phone horizontally or vertically.


A clever container to organize & carry your favorite canned drinks

Keep soda, beer, and seltzer cans from rolling around your fridge or pantry with these lightweight organizing containers. Use the containers vertically or horizontally in your fridge to save space, or load them up and use the attached handles to take cans on the go. The containers are also vented and easy to clean.


A genius dome that creates the perfect melty cheeseburger

This stainless steel melting dome looks unassuming, but it can be a game changer when making burgers or using the grill. The dome has a 9-inch diameter that helps to concentrate heat underneath so that food cooks more evenly. Plus, it can assist with cheese melting and adding a smoky, grilled flavor.


This stainless steel spatula with an easy-to-maneuver handle

The one-piece design and ergonomic handle on this stainless steel spatula make it extra durable and easy to maneuver. The wide curved edge helps to turn and flip food, and the extra-long handle keeps your hands away from grease splatters. Plus, it’s easy to clean and has a built-in hanging hole.


These durable oven mitts that you can rinse off after cooking

Protect your hands and arms in the kitchen with these extra-long and impressively waterproof oven mitts. They have a textured nonslip grip, and if they get dirty, they’re easy to wipe or rinse clean. The mitts are heatproof up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and even steam-resistant. Plus, they come in over 10 fun colors.


The pitcher that makes & chills tea super quickly

Make iced tea quickly and easily with this drink pitcher that has a leakproof lid. Brew the tea using the pitcher’s infuser compartment, and it even has a clever design that chills your tea recipe down in about 30 seconds. It also has a handle and pour spout to serve your perfectly chilled tea.


A collapsible food storage container that’s shaped like a pizza slice

Save fridge space by storing pizza in these triangle-shaped and collapsible storage containers. These BPA-free silicone containers are expandable and fit pizza slices from pies that measure up to 18 inches in diameter. The airtight lid keeps things fresh, and the container can go in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave.


A compact knife sharpener that’s incredibly simple to use

Make chopping and slicing easier thanks to this two-stage kitchen knife sharpener. The tool has both a slot for coarse sharpening and a ceramic slot for fine sharpening. The soft grip handle keeps your hand comfortable while the V-notch design secures the sharpener to the edge of the counter.


A magnetic wristband that helps you keep track of hardware

Keep nuts, bolts, and screws easily accessible with this clever magnetic wristband. The durable nylon wristband is adjustable and features 10 strong magnets that tightly grip metal hardware. In addition to fastening it around your wrist, you can also hang the band from a belt loop or near a workbench.


A speedy thermometer that reads food temperatures in seconds

This speedy backlit probe thermometer can show a precise temperature in just two to three seconds and is accurate within one degree. The thermometer automatically turns on and off when the probe is opened or closed, and it features an internal magnet and hanging loop for easy storage.


This chic ice bucket with a fingerprint-resistant finish

The double-wall construction of this stainless steel ice bucket ensures you’ll always have cold ice at hand. It features a sleek bamboo wood lid, a carrying handle, and built-in tongs. The metal surface is designed to resist smudges, and the entire bucket is easy to wipe clean with a cloth.


A leakproof trash bin for a tidy & smell-free car

Maintain a clean and clutter-free car with this leakproof trash bin. It has a 2-gallon capacity and can hang, attach, or sit in most places in the car. It comes with 20 disposable bags and has clips to keep them in place, and the lid has magnetic closures to lock in odors. If things get messy, the bin’s waterproof lining can be easily cleaned. One reviewer wrote, “Really keeps smells at bay, I even forget anything’s in there. It also really compact, but fits a lot of trash.”


This alarm clock with a clever, built-in wall projector

The curved LED screen and the projection arm of this alarm clock give you plenty of options when you want to know the time. The projecting arm swivels 180 degrees for the perfect angle, and the large buttons are easy to operate. It features a built-in backup battery, and it even has a USB port and micro USB cable for charging up your phone.


This food storage container to keep your go-to dips fresh

Store and serve your favorite dips in this clever plastic food container. The lid is designed to remove air from the container — locking in freshness and keeping the surface of dips from discoloring. Plus, this clever dip holder is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.


This game-changing stool that pops up when you need it

Always have a spot to sit with this lightweight folding stool. The stool weighs only about 2.5 pounds and features a carrying strap, so you can take it anywhere you need an extra seat. The telescoping mechanism allows you to open up and adjust the height of the stool, and it’s designed to hold up to 400 pounds.


This brush-cleaning set that has a size & shape for any bottle

This set of cleaning brushes comes in eight different shapes and sizes, ensuring you have a tool for every job. You get a narrow straw cleaning brush, a sponge-style bottle brush for cleaning glass, a hard-bristle brush for scrubbing away stains, and more. Plus, their built-in hanging holes make storage convenient. They’ve also earned a 4.5-star average rating after more than 25,000 Amazon ratings.


This sleek grow light that helps your plant babies thrive

Help your indoor plants thrive with this full-spectrum LED grow light. It’s easy to use — simply insert the stake into the pot, adjust the height to fit your plant, and plug it in. You can set timers that will turn on and off at the same time every day, and there are four brightness levels to choose from. One reviewer wrote, “My sundew needed more light than the office LEDs were providing. After a couple of weeks it's super happy.”


These stainless steel mixing bowls with handy, airtight lids

Streamline your kitchen and save space with these nesting stainless steel mixing bowls. The bowls come in a range of sizes and feature a smudge-proof surface and matching airtight plastic lids. Their flat bottom keeps things stable, and the bowls are both dishwasher- and freezer-safe.


A battery-powered lantern that’s impressively long-lasting

Illuminate your outdoor space (or power outages) with this battery-operated lantern. It features 360-degree illumination, a water-resistant casing, and a flashing mode. Plus, it has up to 140 hours of run time and an S-hook for easy hanging.


These silicone food savers that you can reuse again & again

These reusable silicone food savers hug cans and food, locking in flavor and freshness without the need for plastic wrap or aluminum foil. These clever food savers come in a variety of sizes and are made of durable food-grade silicone. Plus, they’re safe to go in the dishwasher, so cleaning up these savers is quick. One reviewer wrote, “These are brilliant for helping food from going bad!”


This foot file that has over 84,000 5-star ratings

Calluses and rough skin are no match for this surgical-grade stainless steel foot file. This highly rated foot file is lightweight and has a large surface area, so you can quickly and easily exfoliate away dry, dead skin. This file can be used on wet or dry skin, so you can use whatever method feels best.


This portable sleeping pad that’s so lightweight

This compact inflatable sleeping pad weighs less than a pound, so you can take it camping or anywhere you need some extra cushioning. The waterproof and durable rip-resistant nylon features an ergonomic chamber design for increased comfort, and it inflates fully in 10 to 13 breaths.


These easy-to-put-on lights to illuminate your bike wheels

Brighten up nighttime rides with these easy-to-install LED bike lights. The lights fit all sizes of wheels, feature a flashing and steady mode, and are waterproof to stand up to rainy rides. Plus, their included batteries and quick installation time will get you on the road in no time.


This whiskey glass that comes with its own insulated sleeve

Keep your drink ice cold with this vacuum-insulated and condensation-free stainless steel sleeve. It also comes with a whisky glass with a weighted base. Plus, it’s finished off with a rubber detail on top to keep the sleeve secure. One reviewer wrote, “It works perfectly, there are no more drips, no more condensation, and my ice lasts much much longer.”


These popular wireless earbuds that are waterproof (& sweatproof)

Effortlessly listen to music or take calls on the go with these wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds. They’re impressively waterproof, feature a built-in microphone, and easily pair with your devices every time you open the case. The case also features a digital display that shows the power level of both the earbuds and the case itself. They also boast a 4.5-star average rating after over 68,000 Amazon ratings.


These modern shower caddies that don’t require a drill or screws

These modern black shower caddies with a 4.8-star average rating are a genius way to store all your personal care items. They’re waterproof and include four multifunctional hooks for things like sponges and razors. Most importantly — their strong adhesive doesn’t require drilling and sticks to most shower surfaces, like glass, tile, marble, and steel. One reviewer wrote, “We have had both shelves hung/sticking to our fiberglass shower wall for over a year now, underneath the shower head, and they are still holding up fantastically - even with all of the weight from my many bottles of product — because you know… options and routines.”


This tabletop fire pit that’s perfect for roasting marshmallows

Ignite this tabletop fire pit for a low-effort s’more-making experience. The durable concrete exterior stays cool, and the flame won’t emit smoke or odors. It uses easy-to-find ethyl or isopropyl alcohol as fuel, so it’s simple to fire up. It also comes with an extinguisher that helps when you’re ready to put out the flame.


These moss poles that help unruly plants grow upwards

Train your indoor plants to grow upwards with these clever coconut coir poles. The wooden stakes are treated to prevent them from rotting, and they can be slotted together to increase the height. Use the natural fiber string to attach an unruly plant and guide it around the pole.


These clear fridge organizing bins that you can stack up

Tidy up any area of your home with these stackable and shatterproof plastic bins. They’re lightweight and portable and feature a large built-in handle that makes them easy to move around the house. They’re ideal for the fridge, a home office, or anywhere you need to corral small items.


A multipurpose chopper designed to save a ton of time on food prep

Speed up all of your dinner prep with this multipurpose vegetable chopper and cheese grater. It features five interchangeable blades that are super sharp and ready to chop, dice, slice, grate, and julienne all sorts of produce. The kit also comes with a bunch of extras, such as a spiralizer, a protective glove, a blade organizer, and cleaning brushes.


This snap-on strainer that cleverly drains water from pots

Quickly and easily drain water from pots and bowls with this highly rated clip-on colander. This space-saving silicone colander clips onto the edges of pots, pans, and bowls for hands-free use, and the spout allows for efficient draining. It’s also heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s ideal for using with steaming or boiling liquids.


This clip-on reading light that can also stand up on its own

This mini LED book light comes with five brightness levels and three color modes, so you can easily customize it to your preferences. It features a sturdy clip but can also stand on its own. It’s also rechargeable, so no extra batteries are necessary, and it can run for up to 80 hours on the lowest brightness setting.


This corkscrew & bottle opener combo that looks like a bat

Liven up your next cocktail hour with this unique bat-shaped corkscrew and bottle opener. This whimsical tool looks just like a bat — insert the screw into the cork and press down on its wings for leverage. There’s also a bottle opener in the bat’s head. One reviewer wrote, “We love this product. Every time we have guests over we get so many comments on it.”


A highly rated pet hair roller that uses electrostatic charge

Quickly and easily remove pet hair with this reusable lint roller — no expensive sticky papers required. The roller picks up hair and debris via electrostatic charge, and it’s safe to use on fabrics, upholstery, and carpets. When the collection chamber is full, the push of a button opens it up for emptying.


A multi-slot utensil rest that comes in a rainbow of colors

Store your spoons and keep your kitchen counter clean with this silicone utensil rest. It has a raised edge to contain drips, includes four slots to accommodate a variety of utensils such as spoons and spatulas, and has a nonslip base. Plus, it’s safe to go in the dishwasher and heat-resistant, so you can take your utensils right from the pan to the counter. It also comes in over 15 colors.


This clever storage container that keeps a loaf of bread fresh

Keep your slices fresh with this sandwich bread storage container. It allows you to store loaves in their original bags and easily dispense slices whenever you want one. The sturdy, BPA-free material of the container prevents bread from getting smushed, and you can store it vertically to save on space.


These nonslip fridge mats to keep your shelves tidy

Keep fridge drawers and shelves clean and prevent items from moving around with these nonslip mats. They’re a breeze to wash and can be cut to size, so they fit a variety of shelf sizes. They’re designed for direct contact with food, so they’re ideal for the refrigerator, but they’re also great for lining drawers or styling them as placemats.


A dipping sauce container that attaches to your car’s vents

Take your favorite condiments on the go with this dipping sauce container made for car vents. It features a universal mount that fits car vents of varying shapes and sizes, and the holder’s aperture accommodates a variety of sauce containers from your favorite restaurants. It also comes with a food-safe ramekin that you can use for homemade dips.


A helpful magnet that tells you when the dishwasher is clean & dirty

With a 4.9-star average rating (yes, you read that right), this dishwasher magnet lets you see the status of the dishes inside by showing either a white “clean” sign or a dark grey “dirty” message. The sign features strong scratch-resistant magnets for metal surfaces as well as adhesive stickers that will stick anywhere.


A matching kitchen knife set that’s eye-catching & practical

Upgrade your food prep routine by tossing mismatched prep tools for this matching knife set. It comes in six various types, including the classics — a chef’s knife and a paring knife. They all feature a sharp stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle. They come with sheathes to protect them in your kitchen drawer, and they’re dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance. They also come in over five colors and styles.


This nubby cushion that helps you work on strength & stability

With a large 13-inch diameter and raised massage nubs, this wobble cushion can be used to improve your balance and posture. Use it to strengthen your core while sitting at your desk, or incorporate it into strength training exercises such as squats. The durable PVC construction has an anti-burst design, so it’s made to last.


A fruit-infusion water bottle with a handy insulated sleeve

Stay hydrated and take delicious fruit-infused water on the go with this clever bottle that’s specifically designed for fruit infusion. It also features a push-button flip-top lid, a carrying handle, and even a matching insulation sleeve. Plus, the bottle is shatter- and impact-resistant and has marks on the side that remind you to drink water every hour.


This pizza stone that creates a crispy crust

Make pizza with a crispy (not soggy) bottom, thanks to this uniquely shaped pizza stone. It’s as easy to use as a rectangular sheet tray and heats up quickly (even when placed in a room-temperature oven). The stone is made of cordierite with a nonstick coating, so it easily washes clean, and it comes with a bonus pizza cutter.


These flushable & skin-soothing wipes that keep you fresh

These convenient flushable wet wipes help create a fresh feeling with skin-soothing aloe vera and vitamin E. The wipes are made with plant-sourced fibers that dissolve in sewer systems, and they’re free of fragrances and alcohol if those tend to bother your skin. They’re also multipurpose as hand or body wipes, and one reviewer wrote, “I carry these all the time in my purse and wallet. I've tried other wipes but these are my go tos. They are large in size, disposable, septic safe, and unscented. I will buy these again and again.”


This rotary cheese grater for super speedy prep work

Save a ton of dinner prep time by shredding cheese, nuts, or chocolate in seconds with this rotary grater. The grater is operated via a hand crank and comes with three interchangeable blades for slicing as well as coarse and fine shredding. The base suctions to flat surfaces for added stability, and the blades are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


These grocery bag holders that can bear up to 80 pounds

Easily carry up to 80 pounds at once with this durable grocery bag holder featuring two hooks and a soft grip handle. The holder features durable construction for long-lasting use and two hooks to hang multiple bags. The holders come in a two-pack and are ideal for shopping bags, transporting DIY project materials, or hauling gardening gear.


This wall outlet extender that has a shockingly handy built-in shelf

Save space and keep all your devices charged with this outlet extender that comes with a removable shelf that’s perfect for smart home devices, small speakers, or your phone. The outlet extender’s three-sided design accommodates large and bulky chargers, and it features five AC outlets, three USB ports, a night-light, and built-in surge protection.


This cereal dispenser that’s made for a tidy kitchen countertop

Get rid of unnecessary packaging and easily fill your cereal bowl with this countertop or pantry food dispenser. It features a large 35-ounce capacity and a lever design that won’t crush food. This sleek container is ideal for storing cereal, granola, oatmeal, rice, or any dry good that you use frequently. One reviewer even wrote, “I wish I could give them 10 stars that's how I love them.”


An electric can opener that leaves behind zero sharp edges

Quickly and easily open lids with this battery-operated can opener. Its ergonomic design makes it a breeze to open cans, and it’s designed to work on almost any size or shape of can. It also cuts along the side of the can, so it doesn’t produce any sharp edges (and there’s no contact with the food inside).


The ice shaver that’s actually so easy to use at outdoor parties

Liven up your next BBQ or outdoor party with this portable and lightweight ice shaver. The machine is operated via a manual hand crank, so you can use it outside with zero electricity required. It features three sharp stainless steel blades that shave ice quickly and efficiently. The ice shaver also includes a bonus silicone ice cube tray.


A food scale that makes measuring more precise (& quick)

Use this digital kitchen scale to precisely measure out whatever your favorite recipe calls for — pounds, ounces, grams, or milliliters. It features a large LCD display and an auto-tare button to speed up your measuring process. Plus, the scale’s base is nonslip to keep things from moving around.


These mini whisks you’ll find a use for with every recipe

These dishwasher-safe mini whisks are ideal for blending, whisking, or beating ingredients in narrow or small containers. The set includes both a 5-inch whisk and a 7-inch size, so you have options to choose from. The whisks are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel that’s long-lasting and won’t rust or degrade. One reviewer even wrote, “I wish I had discovered this baking tool years ago. For mixing scone dough, muffins, pancake & waffle batters, there is no other tool that matches this one for getting in done quicker and more efficiently.”


These stretchy drink markers that help you keep tabs on your bottle

Always know which drink is yours with these reusable silicone drink markers. They’re stretchy enough to fit various sizes of bottles, cans, cups, mugs, or glasses, and they come in six different colors, so there’s enough to share. Plus, the drink markers are lightweight and compact, so they’re easy to store between gatherings.


These durable cubes that can make the most of your suitcase space

Streamline your packing with these durable and water-repellant packing cubes. The fabric can protect clothes from stains and wrinkles, and the mesh top makes it easy to identify what’s inside. The two-way zipper allows for easy opening, and the set includes a variety of cubes, including a laundry bag, shoe bag, and cosmetics bag.


These glass coffee mugs that are secretly so durable

Elevate your next cup of coffee or tea with these tempered glass mugs. They feature a cool-touch handle, and the weighted bottom helps to prevent spills. The set of six mugs is ideal for hot or cold drinks, and they’re safe for the top rack of the dishwasher.