Decorators say these things are eyesores in your home & are so cheap & easy to fix

Say bye to cluttered cables and bad lighting.

Decorators say these things are eyesores in your home & are so cheap & easy to fix
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No matter what your personal style is, when it comes to interior design, there are some common mistakes you might be making that can drag down the aesthetic of your home. Thankfully, there are easy ways to transform these eyesores. Professional decorators revealed to Mic the eyesores they notice in a home — from drab walls to exposed cables — and shared the affordable, easy-to-implement solutions that can revamp your space. From chic peel-and-stick wallpaper to stylish storage options, these expert-recommended products will breathe new life into your home.


Eyesore: Old intercoms that look clunky on walls

Fix: A mirror that disguises unsightly wall fixtures

When it comes to eyesores in the home, Amy Tuntasood, founder and owner at Salem Home Designs, says: “Old intercoms! Especially those in New York co-ops.” Her solution is simple. “Just get [a] nice, small canvas to cover/hang over it...easily take off to answer food deliveries when needed!”

Another option? This gold wall mirror stylishly conceals clunky intercoms — and pulls double duty as a light reflector to make your space appear bigger. Measuring just under 10 inches in diameter and weighing under a pound, it's a cute, compact way to hide blemishes.


Eyesore: Dangling cords that make walls look messy

Fix: This cord concealer kit that disguises cables

“Nothing drags down the look of a room like a tangle of cords,” says Kate Eckstein, owner of Kate Eckstein Design. “Yes, our TVs and computers and chargers need cords...but they don't have to look like a total mess.”

Eckstein recommends implementing cord covers like these to conceal your dangling TV wires. Not only are they easy to install, they’re also paintable and trimmable, so you can customize them to seamlessly blend with any decor.


Or keep unruly cords tidy using these cable clips

Designed to prevent tangling, bending, and fraying of various cables, these cord organizers are must-haves for maintaining order. Eckstein says, “I use these at my desk and on my nightstand so all you see is the end of each cord, and you can easily grab the one you want.”

With a strong 3M adhesive pad, installation on any smooth surface is easy — no tools required. Made from silicone, these clips are flexible yet durable, accommodating basic charging cords. Beyond cables, use them to hold pens, toothbrushes, or floss.


Eyesore: Leaving unsightly lightbulbs exposed

Fix: Using these stylish Edison bulbs instead

An exposed lightbulb can be aesthetically charming — if it’s the right kind of lightbulb. An eyesore that rubs Eckstein the wrong way? “Exposed light bulbs that aren't meant to be exposed,” she says. “Swap them out for a more decorative bulb. You'll get the same light, and it will look like you got a whole new light fixture.”

Illuminate your space with a touch of nostalgia using these vintage-inspired Edison bulbs. Crafted for those who appreciate the charm of yesteryear, these bulbs fit any E26 medium base and have a classic teardrop shape that exudes a soft, inviting glow without flickering. Dimmer-compatible, they allow you to adjust lighting to your preference, enhancing any room with their warm, atmospheric light.


Eyesore: Leaving lighters or matches laying next to your candles

Fix: An attractive match holder that complements your candles

Leaving lighters or matchboxes sitting out next to your candles is an easily avoidable eyesore, according to Eckstein. “It may be useful, but it doesn't look very nice,” she notes. “There are so many options for displaying pretty matches (and matches in all different colors to change up the look).”

Implement some functional decor with these ceramic match holders. Handcrafted in charcoal black and speckled creamy white, these holders feature a glazed matte finish that complements your candles. Designed with a wide honeycomb-style striker for easy match lighting, they come with two additional striker stickers for lots of usage.


Eyesore: Naked tissue boxes with the labels displayed

Fix: These chic leather tissue box covers

Eckstein says tissue boxes are another eyesore. Give your sniffles a makeover with this faux leather tissue box cover. Designed to fit standard 5 by 5-inch tissue boxes, an expanded opening accommodates various tissue types. Its stylish design comes in multiple colors to blend with the decor of any room, be it your kitchen, bathroom, office, or car. Just insert your tissue box, adjust, and secure with the hook-and-loop backing.


Or for a more whimsical option, this cover in the shape of a cute house

If leather isn’t your style, this house-shaped tissue box cover brings minimalist whimsy to any room. Designed to fit standard cube-shaped tissue boxes, it features a clever design where tissues dispense through the chimney. Easy to use and simple to clean, this accessory brings a smile with every tissue pull.


Eyesore: Worn or outdated door knobs & cabinet handles

Fix: Updating your handles for a sleeker look

“Worn or outdated door knobs and cabinet handles can date the entire look of a room,” says Chris Langley, interior designer and director of Just Value Doors Ltd. “Replacing these with modern hardware instantly refreshes the space. It's an easy DIY project that can make a big impact.”

Made from aluminum with a champagne bronze finish, these cabinet handles add a sophisticated touch to cabinets or furniture. Available in a pack of 10, they make for a cohesive look throughout your home. Easy to install, these pulls are not only stylish but also user-friendly.


Eyesore: Old lighting fixtures that bring down a room

Fix: Swapping those out for brighter, modern lighting

Langley says: “Poor or outdated lighting fixtures can detract from the home's ambiance. Swapping out old fixtures for modern, energy-efficient LED options improves the light quality and the home's energy efficiency.”

Upgrade to a modern lighting solution that marries old-school charm with contemporary efficiency. Designed to mimic the classic aesthetic of a fluorescent lamp, this strip lighting fixture gives off smooth, linear lighting that enhances a room without harshness. It has significant energy savings, operating on minimal watts while delivering ample lumens.


Eyesore: Visible cables & wires cluttering your home’s corners

Fix: Using a cable management box to hide them

“Loose cables and wires can create a messy look around entertainment areas or workstations,” says Langley. “Cable management boxes and cord organizers help conceal and organize wires, significantly tidying up the space.”

Tidy up your living or workspace with this cable management box. A stylish solution for concealing power strips and managing cord clutter, this organizer not only enhances the appearance of your space but also protects cables from damage, pets, and curious little hands. With its sleek design, including curved edges and discreet cable slots, it blends into any decor, making it great for use around TV stands, in home offices, or alongside gaming setups.


Eyesore: Lackluster windows that look onto a less-than-ideal view

Fix: This decorative film that also provides some privacy

Does the view outside your window leave something to be desired? “Windows that lack personality or functionality can undermine a room's aesthetic,” says Langley. “Installing stylish yet affordable window films can add privacy and visual interest without blocking natural light.”

Brighten your space with these window films that emulate the elegance of stained and textured glass. Enjoy up to 90% UV protection, enhancing your privacy while filtering light beautifully. These films are easy to apply with a simple mixture of soap and water.


Eyesore: Indoor houseplants that look unhealthy

Fix: Ensuring they get necessary nutrients with these fertilizer spikes

Nothing bothers Kate Dawson, interior designer and founder of Decor Whore, more than dead or dying plants. “If you love tending to plants, please put the dying ones out of eyesight.”

No need to put them out of sight if you keep them lush and green with these fertilizer food spikes. Available in a convenient 50-pack, these spikes are effortlessly inserted into soil, providing your plants with continuous nourishment. Reviewers note a significant improvement in their plants' growth and vitality, observing lusher greenery and improved health.


Eyesore: Old wallpaper that brings down the look of a room

Fix: Removing it easily with this wallpaper stripper

“It's not that hard to take down wallpaper,” says Dawson. “Use a wallpaper remover to take down the dated paper, then get a can of paint (or two) and paint the walls a nice color that brings you joy!”

This citrus-scented wallpaper stripper comes ready to go in a 1-gallon container that can refill sprayers or rolling applications. Designed for ease and efficiency, it tackles all types of wallpaper, ensuring quick penetration and easy removal without leaving behind residue. After using, your walls will be ready for a fresh coat of paint.


Eyesore: Remote controls cluttering the coffee table

Fix: Hiding them in stylish storage boxes

Dawson dislikes remote controls all over the coffee table. “I recommend putting a nice decorative box (with a lid!) on the coffee table (maybe on top of a few nice coffee table books!),” she says.

These chic storage boxes will do the trick. A blend of craftsmanship and stylish design, they’re wrapped in black faux leather and lined with soft velvet. This set of two will neatly contain the clutter that can easily overrun your coffee table.


Eyesore: Clashing photo frames that make a wall feel chaotic

Fix: A set of frames that creates a cohesive gallery wall

A collage photo wall can make or break a space. “Mismatched photo frames can make a space feel cluttered,” says Seymen Usta, interior design specialist and founder of Seus Lighting. “A set of matching or coordinating photo frames can be purchased to create a cohesive and eye-pleasing wall.”

Revamp your walls with this 10-piece picture frame set featuring a dynamic mix of black, gray, and wood-grain brown frames. Tailor your space with the option to hang these frames on the wall vertically or horizontally. Their polished design and varying colors offer a harmonious blend, providing a personalized touch to your home.


Eyesore: Boring walls that could use some oomph

Fix: Creating an accent wall with peel-&-stick wallpaper

If dull walls are dragging down your decor, Niki Tashe, senior interior designer at Kitchen Renovation Singapore, has the answer: “A quick and cost-effective solution is to spruce them up with peel-and-stick wallpaper.” There are a range of options out there. “It comes in various stylish patterns and can transform a dull space into a vibrant, visually appealing environment,” she notes.

Elevate your space with this luxurious white-and-gold wallpaper. This self-adhesive wallpaper is not only exquisite but also user-friendly. Simply peel, stick, and transform your space with ease, thanks to the handy grid lines for precise cutting. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and even furniture makeovers, it brings a fresh look to a powder room or accent wall.


Eyesore: Scratches & chips on wood furniture

Fix: Covering them up with these wood markers

While your wood furniture might be built to last, it’s bound to show bangs and scrapes over time. Nikki Lo, an interior designer and home decor blogger, says: “A super simple way to minimize the look of these is by using these wood paint markers from Amazon. [...] Simply eliminating those ugly little chips and scratches made my place look cleaner, less cheap, and more well-cared for.”

Whether it's scratches, nicks, or discoloration, this furniture repair kit is an easy and effective solution. Available in both 12-piece and 17-piece sets, each kit comes with a variety of unique colors to find the right match for your furniture's finish. Simple to use, just apply, let dry, and witness the transformation. The inclusion of a wax stick sharpener ensures precision.


Eyesore: Unsightly scuffs marring your walls

Fix: Disguising them with multifunctional storage baskets

Outlets, excess cables, wall scratches, and chipped paint are the eyesores that Lo notices in the home. “If any of these wall eyesores in your home are close to the ground, a simple way to hide them (that actually looks good) is by using a cute storage basket and placing it in front of it,” she says. “You can style your basket by placing pillows and blankets inside, or just use it as extra storage.”

This seagrass storage basket is made from natural dried plant fibers combining the beauty of earthy textures with the strength needed for everyday use. Featuring a rich, matte brown finish, its round shape and hand-braided pattern look elegant in any room. Designed with convenience in mind, it includes easy-carry inner ring handles for transport.


Eyesore: Loose mops, brooms, & vacuums cluttering your closet

Fix: These grippers that hold your cleaning tools

“Having loose mops, brooms, and hoovers propped up against random walls in your home is an unnecessary eyesore — give them a proper home!” says Laura Price, owner of The Home Organisation. “Use Command broom grippers and attach them to the back of the door or on a wall. Not only does it prevent them from falling over, but it creates purposeful storage that’s discreet and space-saving.”

This broom and mop holder set includes two grippers and four adhesive strips, each capable of holding a broom or mop up to 4 pounds. Designed for damage-free hanging, these holders work on a variety of smooth surfaces for a clean look without leaving marks or sticky residues. Ideal for painted walls, wood, metal, and more, they're great for keeping your space tidy.


Eyesore: Entryway clutter overcrowding your table

Fix: Storing keys & mail in a small basket

“One of the biggest eyesores in a home (that’s completely avoidable) is clutter — specifically entryway clutter!” says Price. “Instead of leaving your keys, wallets, and day-to-day shrapnel lying about the surfaces, hide it away discreetly in a storage basket or tray. Not only does it keep clutter at bay, it also means your keys and wallet are always in the same place, so no more last-minute panic searching.”

Put the charm and practicality of this woven basket to use. At approximately 7 inches in diameter, this eco-friendly wicker basket is great for housing keys, wallets, cellphones, and other small essentials.


Or this decorative tray that works for your hallway, desk, or vanity

This ceramic tray offers an ideal landing spot for your keys, jewelry, glasses, stationery, or even your favorite perfume. Finished with a lead-free glaze, these trays come in charcoal or vanilla hues and make a lovely catch-all for your bits and bobs.


Eyesore: Dated & worn-out flooring

Fix: Concealing high-traffic areas with area rugs

Just because you walk all over it, doesn’t mean your floor isn’t an important part of your interior design. Taylor Green, interior designer and co-founder of Artificial Grass Solutions, says: “Many people neglect their floors, but they can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of a space.” If your floor has seen a lot of wear and tear, Green suggests using area rugs. “They can cover up an unsightly floor and add warmth and texture to the room,” he notes.

This gorgeous and durable area rug is made to withstand the hustle and bustle of high-traffic zones. It comes in a range of colors, and its low pile height ensures smooth placement under furniture and in doorways.


Eyesore: Letting too much clutter accumulate in your living areas

Fix: Using storage baskets of various sizes to tame the mess

“Clutter is another common eyesore in homes,” Green says. “An affordable solution to this is using decorative storage containers,” he recommends. “These can be used to store items while also adding a stylish touch to the room.”

Invest in storage solutions that elevate your living space with these soft nesting baskets made from braided cotton rope in an understated black color. They serve as versatile catch-alls for towels and toiletries in the bathroom, craft supplies, or blankets and toys in your living room. This set of three, varying in size from small to large, offers a stylish solution to declutter your home.


Eyesore: Boring pillows that make your sofa look drab

Fix: These velvet covers in vibrant colors

Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors, says, “Toss your pillows! You know the ‘free’ pillows your sofa came with? It’s time to say goodbye to those because they are boring and add nothing to your space!” She continues: “It’s so easy to add some style and character to a room by picking some contrast pillows. This works whether you love color or prefer to stay neutral — as long as they don’t disappear into the sofa, we approve!”

This set of four pillow covers is crafted from luxurious velvet and adds a valuable splash of color to your seating area. These color-block pillows boast softness and durability, with strong chain stitches and a color-coordinated hidden zipper for easy filling insertion.


Eyesore: Leaving control panels exposed

Fix: Cleverly disguising them with a framed photo

Just because something is important and functional doesn’t mean you have to look at it. “The big, gray breaker box inset in apartment walls can break up the look of your wall, your decor, and the overall feel of a room,” says Verruto. “A quick fix to cover your breaker panel is to hang a piece of art or a mirror over the box. If the breaker box isn’t centered on your wall, add a few more pieces to the wall to create balance, while hiding the eyesore.”

Cover up that breaker box with a beloved photo or artwork set in this photo frame. Handmade from bone inlay and pine fiberboard, each frame is unique and available in three sizes: 4 by 6, 5 by 7, and 8 by 10 inches.


Eyesore: Defunct wall outlets & electrical switches

Fix: These sophisticated covers that conceal old outlets

Outlets that are no longer functioning are another eyesore Verruto names. She suggests replacing them with outlet caps or covers. “Once painted the color of your walls, they’ll blend in more,” she says.

For an elevated style option, try these beaded wall plates. Made from solid zinc alloy, these plates blend style and functionality, providing a sophisticated accent to any room. They come with matching finish mounting screws for a seamless look, and installation is simple.


Eyesore: Mismatched or unattractive storage containers

Fix: This chic storage set with accompanying lids

“Mismatched storage containers in open shelving or glass-front cabinets can look chaotic,” according to Courtney Cole, an interior designer from Yabby. “Instead, invest in a set of uniform storage bins or decorative boxes to create a cohesive look,” she recommends, adding, “Not only will they conceal clutter, but they'll also add an element of design to your shelves and beautify the space.”

Elevate your storage game with this midcentury-inspired bin set. The fluted detailing and leather-like textured lids, finished in a rich chocolate brown, transform these card boxes into statement pieces that capture the essence of the 1950s. These bins offer smart storage solutions, while the lids double as trays for your trinkets. Crafted from recycled paperboard, they're not just stylish but also sustainable.


Eyesore: Bare walls that need a little something

Fix: This gallery frame set in an array of sizes

There’s nothing wrong with minimalism, but it has its limits. “Empty walls can leave a room feeling unfinished,” says Cole. “Why not fill the space with a gallery wall using affordable frames and your own printed photographs or art?”

This seven-piece frame set is designed to beautifully showcase your favorite moments. The collection includes a versatile arrangement of frames, allowing for a customized display of 11 by 14, 8 by 10, and 6 by 8 images. Display your frames either vertically or horizontally on the wall or tabletop.


Eyesore: Leaving your wireless router on display

Fix: A wooden shelf that hides it

Wi-Fi routers: so necessary yet so unappealing to look at. “Another modern home issue is that there are small appliances everywhere,” Cole says. “Things like routers and charging stations can be an eyesore. Cover them with a decorative box with cutouts for wires or repurpose a beautiful book cover to disguise these necessities without affecting their functionality.”

Transform your cable corner into a sleeker space with this router shelf. Made from wood, this sturdy box offers ample space to neatly conceal your router, modem, and power strip. Designed for convenience, it features multiple routing holes for easy wire organization.


Eyesore: Open closets that are a little too on display

Fix: Repurposing window curtains to conceal shelving

Sometimes the storage spaces in your home are more visible than you’d like. “Open closets are a necessary evil in many homes, but they are definitely an eyesore,” Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters of La Grange, says. “To improve the look of your open closets, simply cover them with a tension rod-mounted curtain. This easy, inexpensive trick gives the illusion of the closet being enclosed without having to invest in more extensive solutions.”

Give the skeletons in your closet something luxurious to hide behind with these crushed velvet curtains. The velvet material not only adds a layer of opulence to your space but also enhances it with its soft texture and lustrous sheen. The adjustable tie-top header ensures a perfect fit for any curtain rod, adding to the convenience and elegance of your decor. They’re available in four sumptuous colors.