Decorators say these things in your home are eyesores & make your place look tacky

Avoid these decor don’ts.

Decorators say these things in your home are eyesores & make your place look tacky
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There are some decorating pitfalls that even the most well-intentioned homeowners fall into. That’s why I’ve delved into the minds of experts to uncover common decorating faux pas that inadvertently detract from your home's aesthetic. From the chaos of tangled cables to the stark glare of overhead lighting, Mic spoke with professional decorators about what the biggest eyesores are in homes — and how to solve them. These experts have provided insider tips and practical, budget-friendly solutions available on Amazon. It’s time to elevate your space.


Eyesore: A wall entirely filled with photos

Fix: This brass hanging frame that mixes things up

Evelina Juzėnaitė, principal interior designer at Planner 5D says: “Filling a wall with photos is certainly not a bad thing, but for it to not look so boring, you can also mix in a mirror, a hat, a decorative picture, a plant, 3-D small birds, or even an empty frame without a photo.”

Add vibrancy and texture to your gallery wall with this exquisite gold brass hanging frame. High-definition glass showcases plant specimens or other mementos with clarity, and the chic gold chain adds a polished touch to your wall.


Eyesore: A trendy piece that doesn’t match your decor

Fix: This on-trend neon sign that complements modern decor

Neon signs in the home are extremely on-trend, but make sure they fit the rest of your decor. “Words and phrases can be incorporated into your design, but be careful it doesn’t clash with other elements if you have farmhouse, classic, or ‘Japandi’ styles, for example, as it wouldn’t go together,” says Juzėnaitė. “If you have a modern or futuristic style, then yes — perfect! In this case, choose words or phrases that are close to your heart.”

If your living space is modern or ‘80s-inspired, this “Where the magic happens” neon sign blends contemporary art and neon charm. Made from a flexible light strip and acrylic backplate, the sign is USB-powered and can even be dimmed to match your mood.


Eyesore: Too many eye-catching accent pieces in a room

Fix: These ceramic birds that serve as subtle accents

When selecting pieces for a room, Juzėnaitė recommends choosing a clear focal point. “For example, will there be a bright sofa or a bright wall in the living room?” she asks. “Or maybe an unusually shaped large shelf? A common mistake is putting too many accents in one room, making it unclear what the eyes should look at. Things like furniture, decor, and lighting should complement each other, but not compete with each other.”

These subtle ceramic birds are a lovely piece that won’t overwhelm your space, allowing other pieces to take the spotlight. Their unglazed finish creates a matte beauty that complements any decor. Easy to mount on the wall, these ornamental birds add dimension near a table or shelf.


Eyesore: Exposed power cords along the wall

Fix: These paintable cable covers that conceal messy cords

When it comes to cords and cables, Alex Bass, founder and CEO of art advisory and interior design studio Salon 21, says to cover ‘em up. “I am not a fan of exposed wiring, and this is such an easy fix!” Bass says. “Just purchase cable covers, which you can buy in white to match your walls or easily paint over.”

Opt for a space without clumps of wires on the floor or walls with this set of wire covers that blend seamlessly into your decor. Ideal for concealing one or two cords, the four-pack offers a total of 68 inches of coverage. Installation is hassle-free with pre-applied adhesive tape, making it perfect for both home and office without the need for drilling. Plus, it's paintable and cuttable for a custom fit.


Eyesore: The standard lighting in your rented home

Fix: These brass light fixtures that add vintage style

Let there be lighting, but let it be good lighting. “I am also not a fan of the lights that typically come with a rental apartment,” says Bass. “A hack that most people do not realize is that you can swap these out with any light fixture that works with the current wiring, just make sure to save the original for when you move out.”

These brass fixtures are a stunning blend of vintage charm and modern industrial flair. Designed for versatility, they can be used as wall lights, ceiling lights, or vanity lights. Installation is a breeze with all mounting hardware included, and they’re compatible with various bulb types.


Another fix: This chandelier that lends glamour to any room

If you’re a bit more bougie, don’t be afraid to let it show it with this crystal chandelier. Designed with electroplate chrome and genuine crystal parts, it casts a sparkling, warm glow to create a cozy atmosphere. Easy assembly and clear instructions mean you can enjoy this fixture without hassle. Suitable for any E12 bulbs (not included), this chandelier can transform from bright to ambient light with a compatible dimmer switch that’s sold separately. It’s ideal for various settings from hallways to living rooms — or any smaller space craving a touch of sophistication.


And one more option: This light fixture with intricate patterned glass

For vintage charm blended with modern elegance, this semi-flush ceiling light might be for you. With a glass shade and matte black base, it enriches any space with its unique design. The embossed pattern on the glass makes the piece look authentically retro. Easy installation and compatibility with E26 base bulbs allow for customized lighting moods.


Eyesore: A gallery wall that’s too matchy-matchy

Fix: This ornate gold frame that adds variety

“I think framing is really important, especially for a gallery wall,” says Bass. “I encourage clients to use a variety of antique-looking and sleeker frames to create an eclectic, more out-of-the-box feel.”

Ideal for home or office, this ornate gold photo frame has a classically rustic look. Designed to accommodate a 16 by 20 picture without a mat or an 11 by 14 photo with the included single white mat, it offers versatility for your display preferences. Its ornate finish, sawtooth hangers, and plexiglass front ensure your photographs are showcased properly.


Eyesore: Clunky storage pieces that detract from a room’s style

Fix: These storage baskets that double as decor

Storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore, says Guillaume Drew, founder of Or & Zon. “Incorporate sleek storage solutions,” he says. “Their stylish design not only helps declutter, but they also double as a decor element.”

Revitalize your space with these cotton storage baskets. Sized to fit most shelving units, they offer both functionality and texture to living rooms or bedrooms. Choose from a variety of hues to match your decor. With a set of three, these collapsible baskets are ready to store everything you need while being easy to reshape or move around.


Eyesore: A mashup of mismatched decor

Fix: This neutral rug that pulls the room together

One easy way to pull a room together? A neutral area rug. “Harmonize your space with a neutral piece,” advises Drew. “A well-chosen centerpiece can pull mismatched elements together, creating a cohesive look.”

This handwoven jute rug is a rich neutral piece that helps create symmetry for the furniture in a space. It’s a sustainable option, made of natural fibers, and it’s durable too. Versatile in design, it complements a range of decor styles making it an ideal accent for any room.


Eyesore: Excessive cords & cables that are visible on the floor

Fix: This cable management box that hides unsightly cords

Kristin Hintlian, co-owner of Bonsai Builders, recommends you address spaces with untamed cables. “One such problem area is excessive cords and cables from electronics, which can create a chaotic and untidy appearance,” she says. “A practical solution is to employ sleek cable management boxes, like the D-Line Cable Management Box, which consolidates cords neatly and subtly blends with the decor.”

A sleek solution to conceal power strips and untidy wires, this cable management box is made from top-grade, electrically safe ABS material. It’s both protective and aesthetically pleasing, keeping curious pets and infants at bay and minimizing tripping hazards. Its stylish design with curved edges and pin holes effortlessly blends into most environments.


Eyesore: A bulky, old-fashioned radiator

Fix: A vented cover that creates a streamlined look

“Another frequent eyesore is bulky, old-fashioned radiators which can disrupt the visual flow of a space,” says Hintlian. “To address this, I recommend installing a simple yet elegant radiator cover.”

These stylish radiator cover tiles are easy to assemble and heat-resistant, fitting any shape or size radiator. Each tile measures 7.5 inches square, connecting seamlessly to shield not just radiators but also unsightly storage or laundry hampers. Ideal for homes with pets or children, it helps create a safe barrier that allows heat to pass without discoloration or loss of shape.


Eyesore: Flimsy paper signs for Wi-Fi info or house rules

Fix: These classic frames that make signs look polished

“I don’t like to see paper signs taped or lying around with home information, whether that be Wi-Fi passwords or anything else,” says Crystal Shell, interior designer, property manager, and founder of Hello Guest Screen. “I don’t feel it’s sanitary to have laminated signs in the bathrooms because that means they have been handled by guests. All signs should be framed and hung in a decorative frame.”

Ditch the dingy, torn paper signs and display your Wi-Fi password or bathroom information in a more polished manner with these 4 by 6 frames. Coming in a pack of 10, they can be mounted on the wall or displayed on a desk in a portrait or landscape orientation.


Eyesore: Too much plastic furniture in a room

Fix: This blanket ladder that adds natural texture

Daniella Menachemson, hospitality interior designer, furniture manufacturer, and CEO of StyleNations, is not into plastic. She says: “While practical for people with budget constraints, plastic furniture can bring down the aesthetics of your room. If your budget allows, invest in good-quality furniture.”

Add natural texture to a room with pieces like this blanket ladder. This stylish wood ladder holds blankets, towels, and more, with four removable hooks for added convenience. Crafted from durable materials and designed to protect your floors and walls, this ladder is not just a storage solution but a statement piece that fits seamlessly into any room.


Eyesore: Curtains that aren’t appropriately sized for windows

Fix: These velvet curtains that come in different sizes

“The biggest eyesore in the world (in my opinion) has to do with curtains and window treatments,” says Kate Dawson, interior designer and founder of Decor Whore. She recommends that curtains either just graze the ground or “pool a little” on the floor. “And the placement is also extremely important. It grates on my nerves when people hang the rod over the window trim, or even just a little above the window trim — hang the rod as high as you can, and make sure it extends some on either side (if space permits), because it will instantly make the room feel larger and brighter.”

Transform any room into a sophisticated, airy haven with these beautifully draped velvet curtains. They come in a range of different measurements, so there’s no excuse not to have the correct size. Each set includes two panels designed with convenient grommet tops for easy hanging. The soft, smooth texture and rich color add an air of elegance to any room, while the blackout feature blocks 70% to 80% of light, offering privacy and energy efficiency.


Eyesore: The boring throw pillows that came with your sofa

Fix: This set of plush throw pillow covers for texture & style

“Another pet peeve...when people purchase a cost effective sofa, but use the throw pillows that came with it,” says Dawson. “Those pillows need to be tossed. They never come with good options, and if you feel bad about throwing something ‘good’ away... just throw out the cover, you can easily use the inserts.”

Transform those generic pillows with these plush pillow covers. These ultra-soft, plush pillow covers feature a chic striped design. Great for any seating area, they serve as both comfortable throw pillows and decorative, sumptuously textured pieces. Featuring an invisible zipper for easy insertion and machine-washable, they come in 11 colors and a range of sizes.


Another fix: This on-trend knot ball pillow

If you want a more whimsical option for updating your throw pillows, try this round knot pillow on for size. This colorful pillow is like a piece of art for your sofa or bed. Made from soft, plush fabric and filled with cotton, it makes a cozy companion for reading and relaxation. It’s easy to clean on a gentle machine wash cycle.


And one more option: These pillow covers that are macrame-textured

For a beachy, retro look, try these macrame throw pillow covers. Made from cotton, this set of pillow covers adds both a grounding and compelling visual element to your seating area whether you’re aiming for coastal cottage or hippie chic.


Eyesore: Wall art or room decor that's too large for the space

Fix: A flower press kit for subtle, personalized decor

Bigger isn’t always better, according to Connor Butterworth, CEO & owner of Southwestern Rugs Depot. “Oversized wall art or room decor can overpower a space, making it feel uncomfortable or busy,” he says. Instead, focus on smaller, more personalized pieces that can make your space feel warmer.

Consider creating custom wall art that adds delicate touches of nature to your walls with this comprehensive flower press kit. This all-in-one package includes everything you need to start pressing flowers right away, featuring a unique six-layer design for efficient pressing. Turn flowers from your garden or special occasions into small, custom art pieces.


Eyesore: Fake plants that collect dust & make a room look tacky

Fix: A chic plant stand to display low-maintenance greenery

Just because you’re not a green thumb doesn’t mean you have to settle for fake plants. “While they can add color and life to any room, they can also collect dust and look obsolete after some time,” Butterworth says. “Instead, I recommend investing in real, low-maintenance indoor plants. A snake plant or a ZZ plant would be ideal, as they don’t need constant attention and thrive in a variety of lighting conditions.”

Give your new low-maintenance plant babies a home to shine with this stylish five-tier plant stand. This indoor stand offers ample room for your plants to thrive in balanced sunlight. Crafted from durable pine wood and finished with an environmentally friendly process, it features movable wheels for easy positioning.


Eyesore: Trendy decor pieces that have become outdated

Fix: This wooden serving bowl for timeless decor

Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla, warns against the pitfalls of investing too heavily in the latest hot trend. “You can opt for updating tired elements with more timeless options,” Shaffer suggests. “For example, go for classic silhouettes for furniture (by avoiding all the trendy curves), neutral palettes and natural textures. These are the chameleons of the design world and will blend seamlessly with different styles.”

This Paulownia wood serving bowl is hand-carved by skilled artisans for a unique, lightweight design. Its earthy texture is timeless on your coffee table or kitchen countertop. Measuring 11.5 inches in diameter, it's the ideal size for both serving and home decor.


Eyesore: Inefficient storage that leaves surfaces cluttered

Fix: A stylish organizer that cleans up your workspace

“It doesn’t matter if you have fabulous and wonderful furniture, if everything is disorganized, it will get lost,” says Shaffer. “Invest in good storage solutions that blend perfectly with your style.”

Available in six colors, this desktop organizer is a statement piece that will tidy your desktop and amplify your office decor. Made from wood for sturdiness, it elevates your workstation, providing ample storage while enhancing aesthetic appeal. Its customizable design allows for easy installation and tailored adjustments, ensuring optimal organization and accessibility.


Eyesore: Harsh overhead lighting that ruins the ambiance

Fix: These wall sconces for warm, layered lighting

The internet warns never to use the “big light,” and Shaffer agrees. “The lighting will make a world of difference,” he says. “Having harsh overhead lights is the number one enemy of ambiance. The key is layering lighting with soft lamps, sconces, and candles to add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere.”

These dimmable wall sconces offer three color modes to suit any mood or activity. Featuring a convenient magnetic connection for easy charging and a sleek design that complements contemporary interiors, these lights provide a warm, uniform glow. And because they’re battery-operated, they work anywhere and are wireless. Easy installation, remote control operation, and an auto-off timer ensure both convenience and energy efficiency.


Eyesore: Too many bold colors in a single space

Fix: These neutral accent pieces that help balance the decor

Bright, bold colors can liven up a space, but Alex Capozzolo, co-founder of SD House Guys, warns that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. “Avoid painting all your walls in a bright color or using too many bold-colored decorative items,” he suggests. “Instead, choose one or two statement pieces in bold colors and balance them out with neutral tones for a more sophisticated look.”

These rainbow arches are versatile, neutral pieces that fit any decor setting. Crafted from durable beech wood, the natural grain and mid-century modern design add a touch of elegance, whether as a tray for candles or as a statement piece on your shelf. Available in two sizes, they’re ideal for any room, offering a blend of minimalist and Nordic vibes.


Eyesore: Lots of patterns with nothing to balance them

Fix: A solid-color stool that complements patterned decor

“Avoid using more than three different patterns in one room and make sure they complement each other rather than clash,” advises Capozzolo. “You can also use solid colors as a base to balance out the patterns and create a cohesive look.”

For a stylish, functional furniture piece that won’t clash with the rest of your decor, try this elegant faux leather pouf. Designed to support up to 220 pounds, it's the right size for a footstool, extra seating, or a discreet storage solution. It comes unstuffed, so you can use it to store your spare blankets or soft toys. The environmentally friendly leather and invisible zipper make it a must-have for your home.


Eyesore: A shelf that’s overcrowded with trinkets

Fix: These stylish storage boxes that help declutter

“Avoid overcrowding your shelves with trinkets and knick-knacks,” suggests Capozzolo. “Instead, choose a few meaningful items to display and leave some open space for a more visually appealing look.”

Hide some of your shelf items in this chic set of cube boxes. Made from vegan leather and sturdy paperboard, these richly hued baskets offer a stylish solution to declutter your space, making them perfect for storing office essentials, cherished photos, or jewelry. Stackable and durable, each box features a lid that doubles as a tray. You can always swap out displayed items to keep shelves from looking too cluttered.


Eyesore: Over-the-top lighting fixtures that can quickly look outdated

Fix: A minimalist floor lamp with adjustable light settings

“While lighting is an essential aspect of any home, over-the-top lighting fixtures can make your place look gaudy and outdated,” warns Capozzolo. “Instead, opt for simple and modern lighting options that enhance the overall aesthetic of your space without overpowering it.”

This modern, minimalist LED floor lamp features 112 high-efficiency LEDs with an expansive light range, offering an impressive 1,000 lumens for a clear, bright environment. Enjoy customizable lighting with adjustable brightness and color temperatures, along with a smart remote for convenience. Safe for families and designed to protect your eyes, its sturdy base prevents tipping, making it great for homes with children and pets.


Another fix: This striking gold lamp made from metal

For a more luxe aesthetic, this cordless table tamp features a metal lampshade and a sturdy base, finished in brushed electroplating gold. With simple touch controls, adjust the color temperature and brightness to suit any mood or activity. The built-in rechargeable battery promises up to 20 hours of illumination. Eye-friendly LED technology ensures a comfortable, flicker-free light, making it an excellent choice for a bedside or reading lamp.


And one more option: This minimalist floor lamp that still makes a statement

If your decor lends itself more to industrial accents, this floor lamp may be the one for you. Crafted entirely from metal, its robust stem and weighted base ensure stability, seamlessly blending into any modern home decor. Compatible with any E26 standard base light bulb up to 100 watts, its minimalist silhouette occupies hardly any space, offering maximum styling flexibility.


Eyesore: Wall decals that look out-of-place or outdated

Fix: This half-sun wall decal that makes a cheerful statement

“Wall decals may seem like an easy way to add some personality to your walls, but they can often end up looking tacky if not chosen thoughtfully,” says Capozzolo. “Instead, choose one statement decal or a series of small decals that complement each other. Additionally, consider the placement of the decals and make sure they are not blocking any important features or creating an unbalanced look.”

This half-sun wall decal is designed to captivate in any room and makes a cheery addition to a living area. Made from self-adhesive fabric, it's durable, water-resistant, and incredibly easy to apply — just peel and stick onto any smooth, clean, dry surface for an instant makeover.


Eyesore: Uncovered cable boxes & Wi-Fi routers

Fix: These wooden crates that cover eyesores while adding rustic charm

Jonathan Faccone, an interior designer and founder of Halo Homebuyers, points out that tech clutter is a major eyesore in any room. “A common culprit is the cable box, which often ends up on display and ruins the aesthetic of a beautifully decorated space,” he says. “My recommendation is to get creative and use a rustic cable box cover to hide this eyesore while adding some character to your home decor. For instance, you can repurpose a wooden crate or use a wicker basket to cover the cable box and add some natural charm to your space.”

With sizes ranging from small to large, this set of three farmhouse crates fits seamlessly into any space, offering a rustic charm. Each crate features cutout handles for easy transport, making them a practical addition to any room. They’re a neutral style option for covering Wi-Fi routers, cable modems, and more.


Eyesore: Old, worn-out furniture that lumps or sags

Fix: A couch support that revives sagging cushions

Ryan Nelson, founder and CEO of RentalRealEstate, says: “Not only does old and worn-out furniture make your home look unattractive, it also affects your posture and comfort. Replace that lumpy couch or sagging dining chair with something new and stylish. Your body and your home will thank you.”

If a new couch isn’t in the budget, invest in this cushion support in the meantime. Made from robust solid wood for sturdy strength, it’s designed with a wide 20.5-inch mat for enhanced support, comfortably holding up to 400 pounds. Featuring meticulously smoothed edges, rounded corners, and a durable, nonslip oxford cloth cover, it provides an instant upgrade to your seating experience.


Eyesore: Cluttered surfaces that are making your home feel too chaotic

Fix: These clear organizers that help you hide things away in drawers

“It's easy for surfaces in your home, such as countertops, coffee tables, and dressers, to become cluttered with various items like papers, remote controls, and knick-knacks,” says Nelson. “This not only creates a visual mess but also makes it difficult to find what you need when you need it. Make a habit of regularly decluttering these surfaces and finding designated places for items to be stored.”

Tidy up your space with ease using these clear, versatile drawer dividers. Suitable for any room in your home, these organizers sort a wide range of items, from cosmetics to kitchen utensils. The set includes 25 bins in four sizes, along with 200 nonslip silicone pads, ensuring everything stays in place. Stackable and easy to clean, these plastic bins make organizing simple and efficient.


Another fix: These mini storage baskets in trendy colors

For a more colorful storage option, revamp your organizing strategy with these foldable baskets. Designed for longevity and practicality, these compact, portable organizers are your go-to solution for tidying up essentials ranging from toiletries to stationery, clothes, and more. They're great for any room or tight space and easily fold away when not in use.


And one more option: This stylish vanity stool with a secret storage option

For a storage solution that has more than one use, this velvet ottoman doubles as a hidden storage solution, chic footrest, or vanity chair. Featuring sturdy wood frame construction and adjustable swivel leveling feet for balance, its gold metal legs offer a luxurious touch to your decor. Ideal for living spaces, vanities, or as a unique side table, this ottoman is not only a statement piece but also a practical addition to your home.


Eyesore: Unhealthy-looking plants that bring down your home’s ambiance

Fix: These fertilizer spikes that feed your plants for up to 2 months

Plants are a gorgeous, natural way to bring light into your home, but not if they’re dead. “Dead or dying plants can make your home look neglected and unkempt,” says Nelson. “Make sure to regularly water and care for your plants, or opt for low-maintenance varieties.”

Nourish your indoor oasis effortlessly with these easy-to-use fertilizer spikes. These spikes continuously feed your plants for up to two months, ensuring your indoor greenery thrives without the hassle. Safe for all your indoor plants, they're packed with essential micronutrients. Simplify your plant care routine, and watch your home or office bloom with vibrant, healthy plants.


Eyesore: Exposed pipes & old internet jacks

Fix: A decorative mirror that covers eyesores

“One of the biggest issues we deal with when getting homes ready for market, especially in older buildings, are utilities sticking out of walls,” says Martin Orefice, CEO of Rent To Own Labs. “Pipes for plumbing and heat, electrical panels, and old phone and internet jacks are the most common things we run into. [...] One thing we've gotten very good at is strategic use of wall art and curtains to hide these eyesores.”

Cover eyesores with this golden decorative mirror that brings the opulence of the last century into your home. Made from resin and finished with pollen lacquer, this piece reflects light around your home and can help make the space look bigger, all while hiding hard-to-fix blemishes.


Eyesore: A rug that’s too small for the space

Fix: This area rug that comes in 25 sizes

Size matters, according to Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors — at least when it comes to area rugs. “Big, bold area rugs!” she asserts. “As designers, one of the biggest mistakes we find is that people buy rugs that are way too small. All the furniture in a seating area should be at least partially on the area rug. Make sure it’s not a lonely island hanging out with only the coffee table perched on top.”

This beautiful, durable area rug comes in 25 sizes, so there’s an option for any space. Designed for both comfort and resilience in high-traffic zones, its low-pile synthetic fibers resist dirt and debris, making it perfect for homes with kids and pets. Enjoy the ease of maintenance with its stain-resistant and non-shedding qualities. Simple vacuuming and spot-cleaning as needed will keep this rug looking fresh.


Eyesore: Furniture with old or broken cabinet handles

Fix: These budget-friendly cabinet pulls for a quick makeover

“An old, broken cabinet handle, especially in the living and dining zones, makes a place look shabby,” says Sal Dimiceli, Sr., owner of Lake Geneva Area Realty. “Replacing old cabinet handles of kitchens, bathroom vanities, and master suite closets gives the feel of a well-maintained house.”

Upgrade your furniture with these zinc alloy cabinet handles that are designed in a sunflower burst pattern with a brushed gold finish. Suitable for drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, and more, these handles elevate any piece they’re used for. Each pack includes six handles, and with two sizes of screws provided, installation is easy.


Eyesore: A room without versatile lighting

Fix: A tripod floor lamp that’s dimmable

A room without decent lighting is a bummer. Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and CEO of Arsight, has a stylish solution: adjustable tripod floor lamps. “Such lighting elements offer versatility in directing light and introduce a touch of industrial chic, emphasizing the blend of functionality and style,” he says.

This dimmable tripod floor lamp offers seamless brightness control and a warm white LED bulb, making it ideal for reading, working, or relaxing. Its sturdy design ensures stability, while the fabric lampshade casts a soft, eye-friendly glow.