Designers say these cheap upgrades make your home look way more expensive inside & out

Refine your space without hurting your wallet.

Designers say these cheap upgrades make your home look way more expensive inside & out
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In the realm of interior design, sophistication doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag. Professional designers have unveiled a treasure trove of budget-friendly gems that will instantly transform your living space. Whether it’s curating a gallery wall that’s uniquely you or incorporating affordable accent lighting, these tips will make your home look and feel luxuriously expensive without breaking the bank.


Add warmth to your bedroom lighting with wall sconces

When it comes to an upgrade, wall sconces for bedrooms are an affordable and easy option, says Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design. “They immediately add warmth, sophistication, and a modern feel to any space,” Shaffer explains. “Make sure their light is warm and that their size is proportional to your bedroom.”

Made from smooth, light-hued wood, these battery-operated lights offer 360-degree rotation and stepless dimming for customized ambiance. They have a built-in 4000mAh battery and are easy to install using the included strong adhesive tape or screws.


House your plants in trendier pots

“Plant pots are a game-changer,” says Shaffer. “You can have a plant in an old, boring pot and if you move that same plant to a stylish, elevated, and trendier one, the whole look will change drastically.”

For a neutral look with a bit of an edge, Shaffer recommends this stylish garden planter. Its sleek horizontal ridge design adds a touch of modern elegance to any space, indoors or out. Made from recycled plastic, it's sturdy and durable with a unique finish that stands up to the elements.


Easily customize a room with peel-&-stick wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is another easy-to-implement alternative, according to Shaffer. “It’s great because you’re able to customize your space with a color, pattern, and shape that you like,” the designer notes. “And if you regret it afterwards you can always remove it and change it so it’s not a long-term commitment.”

Whether it’s temporary or you fall in love with it forever, transform your space with this tropical leaf peel-and-stick wallpaper. No mess, no fuss — just peel and stick for instant style. With superior strength and easy removal, installing wallpaper has never been more efficient.


Put a full-length mirror in your bedroom

“Adding mirrors can always make a space look larger,” according to Alex Bass, founder and CEO of art advisory and interior design studio Salon 21. “I always advocate for a full-length mirror in a bedroom for getting dressed and also to provide depth.”

This versatile stand-up mirror suits any aesthetic, and its shatterproof design and metal frame are durable. Whether hung on the wall or standing tall, its HD reflection and unique features make it a lovely fit for your bedroom.


Cover your exposed cables

“Cover any wires!” insists Bass. “This always makes your space look neater and more put together.”

Get rid of cable chaos with this stylish cord management box. Made from ABS plastic, it keeps cables organized and helps protect them from curious pets or little hands. Designed for home or office use, it blends seamlessly with any decor. Reclaim your space, prevent accidents, and enjoy a tidier environment.


Make a good first impression with a chic jute doormat

Nicole Girard Kennedy, interior designer, stager, and realtor at The Grubb Company, says, “The face of the home is its front door, and a few small, inexpensive additions can give a home an easy yet impactful makeover. A natural jute or coir doormat is a no-brainer.”

This jute doormat is crafted for durability. It traps dirt and moisture while adding natural charm to your entryway, and you can use both sides to increase its longevity. The easy-to-clean design makes maintenance a breeze.


Update your address numbers for increased curb appeal

“Paint the front in high gloss and replace outdated door hardware and address numbers,” suggests Kennedy.

These slim black-coated zinc alloy address numbers have a high rating of 4.7 stars from shoppers. They’re easy to install, whether floating or flush mounted, with an included spacer for floating installation. The numbers are also waterproof and rustproof. At 5 inches high and 0.48 inches thick, they display your home’s address in a simple yet elegant style.


Keep your wall colors neutral & warm — add color in the smaller details

“Paint [palettes] that are neutral and slightly warm read luxe,” says Kennedy. “White-white is too sterile, and multiple paint colors throughout the house are difficult to pull off. Better to add color to a room through rugs, accent pillows, art, and decor, and keep the paint [palette] neutral.”

Add warmth and light to your space with this semi-gloss paint and primer. Made by PRESTIGE Paints, this shade is comparable to Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White shade and is 100% acrylic latex paint. Use it for any room in your home — just soap and water is needed for easy clean-up.


Use quality materials to make a room look more luxe

“Making a room look expensive comes down to the materials used and how they are used,” says Kennedy. “More is not necessarily more, and there is a fine line between rich-looking layers and clutter.”

Elevate your decor with these exquisite white and gold coasters, blending luxurious marble with a striking gold accent. Crafted from genuine marble, each piece boasts a unique color gradient. These semi-absorbent coasters feature a soft backing for surface protection and ample space for your drinks.


Curate an eclectic (but cheap) mix of wall art that can be framed

Wall art is essential in adding richness to homes, but art and framing can be incredibly expensive. “Instead,” suggests Kennedy, “gallery walls can be created to fill large empty walls, and there are endless options for inexpensive artwork to be found.” She suggests popping prints, digital downloads, or even pages from a magazine or book into simple frames like these with coordinating style to create a cohesive art wall.

Each frame in this collage set of eight features a sleek, neutral style that complements any contemporary, modern, or rustic-chic decor. While this frame set comes with warm-toned prints inspired by natural landscapes and abstract art, you can easily replace them with your own artwork. The frames are sturdy yet lightweight made with unbreakable plexiglass.


Choose a mirror with a natural-textured frame

“Mirrors can be incredibly affordable,” says Kennedy. “A wood-framed mirror adds a natural element and hung on a wall opposite a window, it will reflect natural light and immediately brighten and add richness to a room.”

This wood-framed mirror casts a light, airy feel across any room, from the bedroom to the entryway. Featuring sturdy construction and easy-to-install hardware, it measures 20 inches by 16 inches, making it versatile enough to brighten any space or act as a functional centerpiece in your living area.


Add unexpected natural accents around the home

“Natural materials exude richness,” says Kennedy. “Items with natural patina and organic shapes and finishes look ‘found’ and one of a kind. [...] A vintage wood bowl on a kitchen counter or breadboard hung on the wall brings in interest and richness.”

This set of five olive wood utensils are an easy way to sprinkle natural accents around your home. Each piece, from the flat spatula to the corner spoon, is handcrafted from a single piece of olive wood, ensuring durability and a natural charm. Not only are these chef's tools a joy to use, but they also bring rustic elegance right to your countertop.


Layer accent rugs over your jute or sisal area rugs

Kennedy says it’s all about the layers. “Layering also adds richness to decor — adding a throw to a sofa, or layering a vintage rug on a jute or sisal rug.”

This plush faux sheepskin rug is made with plush faux fur, sporting a high pile and nonskid suede backing. Lovely as a cozy bedside companion, a throw rug over a larger area rug, or a soft landing for your favorite chair, this rug is easy to care for. Shake it out or give it a quick hand wash to keep it looking fresh.


Stuff throw pillows with fluffy down inserts

“Throw pillows should be overstuffed, ideally with down inserts,” advises Kennedy. “When down pillows deflate, throw them in the dryer for a few minutes to instantly re-puff.”

This set of two pillow inserts boasts 100% cotton shells and is filled with a plush microfiber that’s an alternative to down. These pillows offer plush support for your head and waist, making them ideal for any seating area. Easy to clean and store, they work with any appropriately sized cover.


Layer a vase set on your mantel to add depth & character

Pantea Bionki, owner and lead designer at Bionki Interiors, says: “Enhance your fireplace in the [primary] bedroom or living room with a three-piece vase set. Showcasing three different sizes, these are minimalist and stylish and add character to any space.”

Introduce an elegant accent to your mantel or dresser with this vase trio. Handmade from ceramics, these vases come in three different heights that add texture and dimension to your tabletop. Use them for flowers, as standalone decor, or as eye-catching accents for special occasions.


Use floral & branch arrangements that lend natural color to your space

“Elevate your decor further by swapping branches based on the season — green for spring, wood for fall or winter,” says Bionki.

Bring a touch of nature indoors — whether on a mantel, dresser, or coffee table, these lifelike white faux branches will make a statement. Made from iron wire, they're durable and eco-friendly, suitable for tall vases or creative DIY projects. Easy to maintain and versatile, they're bendable and a must-have for floral enthusiasts.


Swap out your old doormat for a fresh look

Similar to Kennedy’s advice, Bionki emphasizes the importance of a good first impression. “Often unchanged for many years, a simple change here can make a huge transformation with minimal expense and effort,” the designer says of upgrading your doormat.

This colorful mat is made from 100% coconut coir, a sturdy natural fiber that’s designed to expertly trap dirt and moisture, preventing it from reaching your home’s floors. With a fun cactus print (there are other options too), this mat gives personality to your entryway. It also stays put with a nonslip rubber backing.


Modernize your lighting fixtures

“Replacing outdated fixtures with sleek, modern designs can immediately elevate a room's aesthetic,” says Pete Trentacoste, head of design at Summer. “For example, consider a simple brushed nickel pendant or a minimalist chandelier; these can be found under $50 and can radically change the perception of a space.”

Illuminate your space with this stunning modern chandelier. Its gold design and industrial style bring both light and elegance to any room. Easy to assemble and mount, it's a hassle-free addition to your home. With adjustable arms and dimmable options, you can create the ideal ambiance.


Add strategic lighting to outdoor areas

“For outdoor areas, adding strategic lighting can make a dramatic difference,” says Trentacoste. “Solar-powered path lights, which are both environmentally friendly and easy to install, can create an inviting pathway that enhances the home's exterior at night.”

These stylish solar lights are a lovely option. They're not just solar-powered but also smart, with auto on/off functionality and a unique planet-like design that creates stunning shades of light. With super brightness and easy installation options, these lights are ideal for gardens, pathways, and more. Plus, they're waterproof for long-lasting use.


Layer rich textiles in your seating areas

“Another tip is to invest in rich textiles for interiors,” says Trentacoste. “A well-chosen throw or a set of decorative pillows can add a splash of luxury to any living space.”

Enjoy the luxury of fur without any of the downsides with this reversible faux fur blanket. It's ideal for year-round comfort with plush shag on one side and ultra-soft fleece on the other. Its thick, warm design is great for home or travel, while the luxurious faux fur adds a sumptuous touch to any seating area.


Lighten your window treatments

Giovanni Scippo, director at 3D Lines, wants you to lighten up a little. “Switching out dark curtains for sheer ones is a quick and easy trick to make your room brighter and more open,” he says. “Sheer curtains let in a lot of natural light, which makes the space look bigger and more inviting. It's a small change that can change up the vibe of the room without having to do a significant remodel.”

With two panels per package, these sheer curtains filter sunlight while maintaining privacy. The thin yet durable material offers versatility — open for a breezy feel or close for a cozy atmosphere. Available in a wide range of colors, their stylish design and breathable texture create a luxurious look.


Tie your outdoor seating area together with a rug

Scippo says putting an outdoor rug on your patio is a smart move. “It defines the area and makes it feel like a particular spot for hanging out or having people over,” the designer explains. “The rug helps tie everything together, adding a touch of sophistication and making everything look more coordinated and stylish.”

This stylish outdoor rug is made for sprucing up patios or decking out campsites. Lightweight yet durable, it is a cinch to clean and UV-protected to ensure vibrant colors all season long.


Make your sofa & seating areas more luxe with plush cushions

Adding plush cushions is another easy win, says Scippo. “They make any space look more luxurious and inviting. You can choose simple, solid colors to keep things calm and classy or pick bold patterns to give the area personality and fun.”

If you’re more partial to solid colors, nestle into luxury with these faux fur shearling pillow covers. Each set includes two fluffy, irresistibly soft 12 by 20-inch covers, an ideal size for adding elegance and warmth to any space. Designed with a durable invisible zipper for easy care, these covers are the ultimate cozy upgrade for your home. Choose from 14 neutral and brighter color options.


Enhance a room's intimacy & cozy appeal with decorative candle holders

Kamil Kozorys, interior designer and co-founder of Unique Tiles, says: “I suggest arranging decorative candle holders on a mantel, coffee table, or dining table to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Go for holders that have a metallic finish or are made from natural materials like wood or stone.”

Elevate your decor with these wood candle holders, a blend of rustic charm with a modern silhouette. Whether gracing your dining table or adorning your mantel, these candlesticks set a warm, inviting atmosphere in any room.


Hang a wall clock that makes a statement

“I always recommend hanging a statement wall clock with a unique design or oversized frame to serve as a focal point in your room,” says Kozorys. “I prefer ones with metallic accents or a pop of color for an added touch of luxury. Make sure to hang it at eye level for maximum impact.”

Give guests something to talk about with this 12-inch wood grain wall clock that has a retro-inspired Art Deco appeal. Featuring a non-ticking mechanism, it will be silent and peaceful in any setting. The chic, large gold numbers are easy to read from any angle. Hang it easily with the included hook.


Use marble accents to elevate a room

Tina Martindelcampo, interior designer with Soul & Lane, says, “Consider adding anything marble to your table tops, such as bowls, trays or decorative objects, because marble screams luxury but in a sophisticated and calming way.”

This marble tray makes a sophisticated accessory for your bathroom, vanity, or kitchen. Made of genuine marble, it has a sleek design with gold handles that infuse contemporary style. Whether showcasing toiletries or organizing jewelry, this marble marvel is easy to clean.


Get rid of clutter that’s bringing your space down

Martindelcampo has another simple tip — tidy up. “Making sure your home is always clutter-free will give the illusion that you live well,” she says.

So often, it’s the little piles of things that can bring down a space. That’s why these 25-piece drawer organizers are so useful — they come in four compact sizes that are perfect for storing those smaller hard-to-categorize items. From cosmetics and craft supplies to utensils and office essentials, everything will have its place. Made of durable clear plastic with nonslip silicone pads, these bins are stackable, easy to clean, and transparent.


Store smaller objects in decorative boxes

Martindelcampo also advises making storage part of the decor. “Use decorative boxes all over the house to store junk that is left [lying] around, it elevates the space instantly,” the designer notes.

This midcentury-modern storage bin set combines functionality with a dash of retro flair. Featuring fluted detailing and leather-like textured lids, these boxes in rich chocolate brown are more than just organizers — they're decorative highlights. With two versatile sizes, they’re crafted from sustainable recycled paperboard.


Consider a brass gilded mirror that looks antique without the high price tag

“I love using brass gilded mirrors that look antique without the antique price tag,” says Martindelcampo. “Try hanging them in the dining room or living room to add a touch of elegance to the space.”

Bring golden glamour to your space with this vintage-style decorative mirror. Made from resin and finished with an exquisite pollen lacquer, this round, antique gold mirror offers both luxury and charm. Its 12.2-inch frame encircles a 9.8-inch glass that reflects beauty without deformation — ideal for makeup or as a decor piece in your living room or bathroom.


Try to stay consistent with your color palette

“Be consistent with your color palette throughout your home,” says Martindelcampo. “The rooms will flow well and feel like they have been customized with a designer's touch.”

Boost your knowledge of color theory with The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition. The ultimate guide for every designer, it’s fully revised and bursting with Pantone's vibrant spectrum. Dive into the psychology of color, explore trends, and discover palettes that will ignite your creativity. This book is your key to mastering moods and making color choices that match your decor.


Update your front door handle for an instant exterior refresh

Ryan Nelson, founder and CEO of Rental Real Estate, says, “A great place to start is with your front door handle. [...] This handle set is easy to install, fits most doors, and the sleek design adds a touch of elegance right at your doorstep.”

Made from heavy-duty zinc alloy with advanced electroplating, this front door handle offers a smooth, corrosion-resistant surface and an enhanced thumb press structure designed to last. Ideal for entrances needing extra security, it's universally compatible with most doors and reversible for both right- and left-handed accessibility.


Elevate your kitchen or living room lighting with this antique-inspired fixture

Let there be (new and improved) light. “A new light fixture can brighten up a room and give it a fresh vibe,” says Nelson, who recommends this industrial, vintage-inspired ceiling light. Its elegant design and cylindrical body cast a warm, inviting glow, and it’s crafted from high-pressure cast iron. As durable as it is stylish, it adds a touch of nostalgia to your garage, loft, or living room.


Store your seasonings in this stylish, seamless spice rack

Keep things spicy. “[This] spice rack is a neat way to store all your seasonings in your kitchen, with its 20 glass jars that spin around so everything is easy to find,” says Nelson. “It comes ready to go too, with the jars already filled with essential spices and handy sifter lids on top. Between the rotating design keeping things tidy and the included selection of flavors, this adds some excitement to your cooking and makes your kitchen look luxurious.” The polished stainless steel rack not only looks fabulous on your countertop but also ensures spices are within easy reach.


Show off photos & more with these macramé shelves that light up

“Consider hanging some decorative shelves like the Mkono hanging shelves,” says Nelson. “These aren't just regular shelves; they come with artificial greenery and built-in LED lights, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.”

This pair of hanging shelves is crafted from paulownia wood and accented with handwoven cotton rope tassels. This piece seamlessly blends rustic warmth with minimalist elegance, featuring artificial greenery and ambient LED lights that transform your space into a serene botanical nook.


DIY a chic water feature for your backyard using a planter

Michele Iapicco, principal at Iapicco Design Studio, says: “As we approach summer, elevate your outdoor living space with colorful potted plants and an easy-to-make water feature. By using a planter without a hole [...] and a floating, solar fountain pump from Amazon, you can create an easy and stylish water feature to your backyard.”

For the first part of this tip, try this textured planter. Made from a durable blend of high-density resin, this stylish container mimics the look of ceramic or stone, yet is light enough to move easily between spaces. Whether placed in a sun-drenched spot or a cozy indoor corner, the UV-coated finish ensures the color stays vibrant.


...& this solar fountain pump

For the fountain portion of this DIY, Iapicco suggests this solar-powered fountain pump. Place it in water under direct sunlight, no electricity or batteries required. The package comes with six spray nozzles that allow you to choose between unique water fountain patterns. Besides Iapicco’s DIY, you can also use this fountain pump in a bird bath to attract hummingbirds, in a fish tank or small pond, or even in your pool.


Replace any damaged outdoor lights

“When I'm flipping houses, I always make sure to replace any old or damaged fixtures because new lights can genuinely transform the curb appeal,” Adrian Pedraza, owner of The California Home Buyer, says. “I found a sconce on Amazon that has seeded glass which gives it a nautical yet inviting vibe. [...] I love that it's versatile enough to work for entries as well as along walkways or on patio walls.”

Transform your entryway into a serene coastal retreat with these outdoor wall sconces. This blend of modern and traditional coastal design features a seeded glass shade that casts enchanting shadows, creating a warm, inviting ambiance. With easy installation and simple bulb requirements, this versatile piece is the beacon of sophistication your space has been waiting for.


Rearrange your furniture for a no-cost room refresh

Sometimes you just have to rearrange the scenery. “Rearranging the furniture is a no-cost change that impacts the whole feel of a room,” Pedraza says. “Just decluttering and opening things up can make tight spaces seem more spacious.”

Heavy furniture is easier to move around if it’s on wheels. Roll back in time with these vintage-style ball casters. Made from non-marking polypropylene and heavy-duty steel, these wheels ensure a smooth, silent glide across both carpet and hardwood floors. Each caster supports up to 55 pounds, making them ideal for breathing new life into cabinets, dressers, tables, or your unique DIY projects.


Brighten up your entryway by planting more flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? “Flowers are always a welcomed sight,” says Pedraza. “Even low-maintenance annuals or perennials bring visual interest.”

Sprout a spectacle of color with this 3-ounce wildflower seeds pack. Bursting with 24 varieties of flowers, including the striking fluorescent red of corn poppies or the soothing blue of Chinese forget-me-nots, this mix promises a garden buzzing with life and color. Ideal for attracting birds, bees, and butterflies, these seeds offer superior germination to ensure your gardens and planters become a haven for nature.


Use statement pieces or wall ornamentations to add depth & texture

“Place large wall frames or ornaments or a statement piece where there are plain walls,” suggests Ebele Ubaka, architect and creator of the blog Shy Architect.

Accessorize your walls with this self-adhesive trim that you can even paint custom colors. Easy to install, it adheres seamlessly to various surfaces without leaving a sticky residue. Made from durable PVC, it’s built for long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. Transform any space from ordinary to stately in no time, whether it's your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.


Hang a large mirror to reflect light & make small spaces bigger

“If the space you are working on is small and you wish to make the space look bigger, install a large mirror on any of the plain walls,” advises Ubaka. “Be careful to allow some space between the floor and the wall (about a foot). This is to avoid the confusion it can give to your eyes when moving about your space.”

This sleek, full-length wall mirror expands any room with the illusion of more space. Featuring shatterproof glass for added safety, this mirror is both practical and stylish. Whether leaning against a wall for a casual look or hung to save space, this mirror's simple, clean lines add a modern touch to any decor.


Make sure your curtains hang from floor to ceiling

“Use floor-to-ceiling curtains for your windows,” insists Ubaka. “Ensure the windows are free from any furniture leaning against it.”

These room-darkening panels not only enhance the aesthetic of your space but also offer practical benefits. They block out 75% of sunlight for peaceful sleep, eliminate TV glare during your favorite shows, and ensure total privacy. Energy-efficient, these curtains help reduce heating and cooling costs by insulating against drafts and sunlight.


Remember to accessorize with accent lighting, textures & more

“Whether it’s a floor lamp or some new throw pillows, these little touches can make a home feel put together for under $50,” says Jaime Galapo, founder and president at Galapo Group Design.

These faux fur plush decorative throw pillow covers add a touch of cozy luxury to your home. Made from soft polyester fabric, they offer a stylish, tactile delight for dressing up a couch, chair, or bed. Easy to care for and soft to the touch, each pack includes two covers.


Give a room new life — literally

“Our favorite and easiest way to update your home or outdoor space is to add a live plant,” says Andrea West, owner and interior designer at Andrea West Design. “Live plants are a great way to bring life and greenery into your space, and instantly give any space a fresher feel.”

This stylish concrete planter is a stylish blend of modern design and durability. Crafted from a unique concrete and fiberglass mix, this planter offers strength and weather resistance and stays vibrant over time. Its graceful curves and authentic finish look sophisticated in any setting, indoors or out. Featuring a smart drainage system with adaptable rubber plugs, this large planter is ideal for a variety of plants and decor styles.


Add an upscale (but affordable) accessory to your home's pool

“People often think of pool fountains as expensive, upscale features,” says Rafi Friedman, president of Coastal Luxury Outdoors. “While we definitely do offer high-end waterfalls, fountains, and other water features in our pools, those aren't in everyone's budget. A simple jet attachment like this one is a great affordable alternative. It can add a lot of [...] visual appeal to your pool, and it's easy to set up, take down, and clean as needed.”

Transform your pool with this adjustable waterfall fountain. Designed to add a splash of fun and elegance to any swimming setting, it has two unique waterfall styles — crossing and parallel. Compatible with both above and in-ground pools, this fountain ensures a perfect fit with no adaptation worries.