Designers say these clever little tricks give your home a stylish, cool vibe

Simple ways to add style.

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Home may be where the heart is — but if your space looks outdated, it can take all the enjoyment out of kicking back and relaxing after a long day at work. That’s why I’ve reached out to a handful of designers who were more than happy to share their favorite tricks when it comes to giving your home a stylish, cool vibe.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or add some bold colors to your living room, there’s a little tip in here for every home.


Keep your home clean & clutter-free

Even the most well-decorated homes can look crummy if there’s a good amount of clutter within sight. “The first thing you notice in a stylish home is that they don't have clutter lying around,” explains Di Ter Avest, a professional home and lifestyle organizer. “So investing in storage systems and furniture that work for your lifestyle and can store the items you love is extremely important.”

But if you’ve run out of storage space for all that clutter? Consider hiding it inside these storage cubes. Their reinforced bases won’t collapse under heavy loads, while the square shape makes it easy to fit them onto shelves, inside of grid organizers, and more. Choose from nine colors.


Use multipurpose furniture to make the most of your space

Not only does this faux leather ottoman look good, but the top also lifts off to reveal tons of hidden storage space on the inside. It’s perfect for books, magazines, throw blankets, and more. Plus, you can even use it as a seat when guests are over, as it has a weight limit of up to 250 pounds.


Utilize shelves with matching containers to create more storage

Paying for professional built-in shelves is rarely ever cheap. The solution? Avest tells Mic, “If built-ins are off your budget, you can still have a stylish room by using regular shelves with matching containers for open storage.” And not only do these shelves come in a variety of colors to match your home, but they also come in dozens of sizes — from two-tier cubes to five open shelves with a bonus cabinet. Depending on the configuration you select, each shelf can hold between 10 and 15 pounds.


Add style & storage to shelves with some matching baskets

Now that you’ve got a set of stylish shelves in your home, it’s time to fill them with these stylish baskets. They’re great for hiding all sorts of clutter, as each order comes with seven in varying sizes — and each one even features a built-in handle to help you carry them around your home. Choose from five colors: aqua, beige, chocolate, grey, or white.


Incorporate oversized mirrors to set a cool vibe

Can’t figure out why your home feels dull? Pantea Bionki, an interior designer and professional home stager, has a few easy tips she’s more than happy to share: “My go-to tricks are using oversized art, mirrors, or decorative objects (based on the room size and scale).” And while large pieces of art can cost hundreds of dollars, this floor mirror is available for less than $75. The aluminum alloy frame gives it a sleek appearance, while its high-definition glass is both shatterproof as well as crystal-clear. Choose from dozens of sizes as well as frame finishes.


Opt for layered lights instead of harsh overhead bulbs

Changing up the lights in your home is one of the easiest ways to set a cool vibe. But if you need specifics? “One trick we almost always use is to layer lighting,” explains Morgan Stewart, Principal/Designer for Studio Lithe. “We almost never suggest bright overhead lights, but much prefer dimmer overhead lights paired with a number lamps or wall sconces.”

While installing new lights might sound difficult, these battery-operated ones don’t require any complicated wiring — just use the included screws to mount them wherever you like. Each one only needs three C batteries (which are not included) to provide light for up to a full year. And with their built-in motion sensor, you don’t have to worry about them turning on when no one is around.


Decorate & brighten up your space with stylish wall sconces

These rustic wall sconces are great for creating a warm, inviting vibe — and installation is as easy as hanging them on a nail or hook. The best part? Each one only requires two AA batteries (which are not included) to provide hours’ worth of light.


Brighten up dark spaces with dim puck lights

With Stewart’s advice in mind, these puck lights are another solid choice if you’re looking to layer your lighting. Their weather-resistant design makes them suitable for outdoor use — and they even have a runtime of up to 100 hours using just three AA batteries (which are not included). Plus, the built-in motion sensor helps preserve the batteries, as it prevents them from turning on if no one is present.


Use candles to help warm up stale spaces

There are many ways to make a stale home feel warm — but if you’re looking for an affordable option, Lexi Ribar, Principal/Designer for Studio Lithe, has a smart tip. “I love using candles to warm up a space [...]” she tells Mic. “Not necessarily scented candles, but tapers and tea lights. When I cook dinner in the evening I love lighting a taper candle on my kitchen counter to add a little vibe to my daily routine.”

With eight colors to choose from, these tapered candles can help you set a chic vibe while also delivering a pop of color to dull spaces. Each one is made from vegan wax — and their clean-burning cotton wicks produce minimal soot. They’re also large enough to burn for up to eight hours, as well as completely unscented.


Choose candles that fit the vibe you’re going for

If those tapered candles didn’t suit the vibe you’re going for, these tealight candles are a cute alternative that can make nearly any space feel relaxing. Their cotton wicks produce minimal soot, delivering a smooth, clean burn — and each one can burn for up to four hours.


Vary your candle heights to keep things visually interesting

If you decided to grab tapered candles, you’ll probably need a good base in order to put them out on display. According to Ribar, “You can use a variety of holders with different heights or just a single candle” — and since these holders already vary in height, you can rest assured that they’ll look good when grouped together. They’re made from tough metal, with a wide base to help keep them from tipping over. You also have the choice of five other finishes: black, gold, pink gold, rose gold, or silver.


Create a stunning gallery wall filled with memories

Got a blank wall you aren’t sure what to do with? Devin Shaffer, the lead interior designer at Decorilla, has a smart tip when it comes to decorating: “I encourage clients to showcase their personal interests and experiences by curating a gallery wall with a mix of framed artwork, photographs, and personal mementos,” he tells Mic. “This not only adds visual interest to a space but also serves as a conversation starter for guests.”

With that in mind, these picture frames are a smart choice for anyone looking to create a gallery wall. The faces are made from pure glass — not plastic — and each order comes with 10 in varying sizes that are already styled to look good next to each other.


Use wallpaper to make short ceilings feel taller

Not all homes are lucky enough to have tall ceilings. The solution? According to Shaffer, “Wallpapered ceilings can transform a space by drawing the eye upward, creating a sense of height and grandeur, and providing an unexpected pop of color, pattern, or texture.” And since this wallpaper is made from washable vinyl, you shouldn’t have any trouble using it in humid bathrooms, kitchens, or nearly anywhere else in your home. The bold pattern is sure to catch attention — and many reviewers raved about how it “looks amazing.”


Incorporate trendy colors to make your home feel modern

If you aren’t sure which shades are currently in style, Robin DeCapua, owner and designer of Madison Modern Home, tells Mic: “If you do one thing this year, add a little light blush to your home.” It can be as simple as a sweet pink tasseled pillow on your sofa or a standout blush pendant lamp over your dining table. However you want to mix this color, it will be happy — alongside neutrals or paired with brights like orange, teal or green [...].”

Not only are these throw pillow covers available in blush, but they also feature adorable tassels on the sides to help vary up the textures on your couch. They’re covered in soft polyester velvet, making them an oh-so-comfortable choice for your next afternoon nap — and the invisible zipper won’t snag on hair. Choose from seven sizes ranging from rectangular 12 by 20 inches all the way up to a large 26-by-26-inch square.


Mix saturated colors together to create a bold look

“We're seeing saturated colors everywhere — mixed wildly together — in rugs, on color-blocked pillows and in art,” DeCapua tells Mic. And if you aren’t sure how to mix such bold shades together, she says to “try an assemblage of jewel-toned brights in a guest bedroom.”

From mustard yellow to peacock blue, this throw blanket comes in so many gorgeous shades that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your bedroom or couch. It’s made from super-soft fleece, making it suitable for all seasons — and you even have the choice of four different sizes.


Help brighten up dark rooms with a stylish mirror

Not all homes have a ton of natural light. Luckily, Nicole Alexander, the founder and principal designer of Siren Betty Design, has a clever fix: “My favorite trick for styling a room is a strategically-placed wall mirror,” she tells Mic. “Look at your room - where is it the darkest? That's where you want to hang a mirror. Not only will it catch and reflect any light, it will add dimension and movement.”

With its gold-colored chain and frame, this hanging mirror is a stylish pick for anyone looking to brighten up their home. It’s backed with soft polyester velvet to help prevent scratches on your walls. And unlike some mirrors, this one comes in three sizes: 9.8, 11.8, or 15.7 inches.


Find ways to hide clutter in plain sight

Even if your shelves and closets are filled to the brim, there are probably at least a few more places in your home where you can hide clutter. But if you need examples? “Use hidden storage tricks like behind-the-door stacked baskets to keep your bathrooms and kitchen counters clean and clear,” Nichole Abbott, an interior designer for FLOOR360, tells Mic. “It’s a foundational styling trick that lets your true interior design style shine through no matter what it is.”

With that in mind, these rope baskets are likely small enough to fit on your bathroom counters — and you can even fold them down flat if you ever decide you no longer need them. Each one is made from 100% cotton, with handles in the front and back so that they’re easy to carry. Choose from 25 different colors.


Put your kitchen tools on display with a stylish rack

Running out of storage space in your kitchen? The solution may be as simple as mounting a rack or pipe on the wall. “This is a storage, display, and design solution all in one,” explains Abbott. “It’s a vintage kitchen feature that homeowners are craving to create a cottagcore or grandmillennial look that’s trending now. It could be a DIY project if you find some copper, black or brushed pipes to weld together and install.”

If you aren’t in the mood to go hunting for pipes, however, this rack is an easy-to-install alternative that’ll only set you back $25. Each order includes 14 S-shaped hooks that make it easy to hang everything from utensils to frying pans. And with a weight limit of 80 pounds, there’s no need to stress about whether it can handle that heavy pot.


Paint your walls black for a unique, bold look

If you’re really looking to make an impression with your home design skills, consider painting one of your rooms black. “If you have a small powder room, take a design risk and paint the walls black,” explains Abbott. Once dry, she then recommends that you “find a graphic print area rug to place on the floor to pull the room together. Use gold or brass fixtures to provide some warmth in the space.”

But before you even open up a can of paint, make sure you have this paintbrush by your side. The synthetic bristles are packed together tightly, which helps minimize shedding and delivers a smooth, even finish — without visible brush strokes. Plus, its short handle makes it easier to use in tight spaces.


Add pops of gold in dark rooms to create a chic vibe

Now that you’ve painted a wall black, it’s time to grab some gold accents to make the room pop — like this mirror tray. Not only is the gold finish incredibly chic, but the mirror base can also help reflect light around to balance out the dark wall. Use it to organize makeup, skincare bottles, hair ties, and more.


Mix & match textures to bring life to stale rooms

Can’t quite put your finger on why a room feels stale? The problem could be that the room is lacking texture. “Mix and match different textures for a stunning home interior design,” explains According to Artem Kropovinsky, an interior designer for arsight. “You can create a dynamic and balanced look by using various materials and finishes, such as wood, metal, leather, velvet, etc.”

Speaking of wood, these holders are a gorgeous way to put those previous tea light candles on display. They’re made from natural olive wood, with a rough-cut finish to give them a rustic vibe. You can also arrange them however you like, making it easy to customize how they look on your dining table, vanity, and more.


Opt for faux leather genuine is simply too expensive

While buying genuine leather pieces can cost a pretty penny, this faux leather pouf cover is an affordable alternative that comes in nine different colors. It’s able to support up to 220 pounds, which means you can use it as a seat in a pinch when guests are over. Or, if you don’t have space for a full-sized coffee table, you can even top it with a stylish tray so that you have somewhere to rest drinks while you relax on the couch.


Give character to dull spaces by incorporating bold patterns

When no amount of paint or decorations seems to make an impact on that dull room, Kropovinsky has a fun solution. “Experiment with patterns to give your space some character and flair,” he tells Mic. “You can combine different prints and colors that have something in common, such as a similar size, shape, or theme.” And not only do these curtains come in two different patterns as well as a variety of colors, but they can also help block up to 80% of outside light. The result? You may notice a dip in your energy bills — and sleeping in on the weekends should be much, much easier.


Transform any room with some statement lighting

When no amount of decorating seems to make your home look nice, Mike Semegen, the owner and project manager for Hello Home Studios, has an easy tip. “Play with lighting,” he tells Mic. “Lighting can completely transform a room. Consider adding a statement chandelier, a floor lamp, or even string lights to create ambiance and drama.”

With its industrial style and open bulb, this floor lamp is sure to add a touch of cool to any room. The wide base helps keep it from tipping over, while a 6-foot power cable makes it easy to plug into distant outlets. Choose from 10 finishes, ranging from classic black to antique bronze.


Make outdoor spaces feel cooler with some chic lights

Now that you have that cool floor lamp spicing up the inside of your home, it’s time to hang these string lights on your patio or balcony. They produce a warm amber glow, making them perfect for setting a relaxing vibe when friends are over — and since they’re waterproof, they’re designed to hold up in poor weather. The best part? You can connect up to three strands together in order to cover more space.


Add warmth to cool rooms by adding natural materials

Temperature isn’t the only thing that can make your home feel cold. The solution? “Incorporate natural materials,” says Semegen. “Materials like wood, stone, and natural fibers bring warmth and texture to a space. Consider adding a wooden coffee table, a jute rug, or a stone fireplace to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.”

Not only does this coffee table have a gorgeous faux wood grain, but the second shelf underneath is also the perfect place to stash books, coasters, throw blankets, and more. Both shelves have a weight limit of up to 132 pounds — and you even have the choice of two finishes: rustic or light brown.


Use statement pieces to instantly up your home’s cool factor

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on high-quality art to revamp your home — just pick pieces that stand out. “One or two bold, eye-catching pieces can add instant cool factor to a room,” explains Semegen. “Consider a funky chair, a colorful painting, or an unusual sculpture to create a conversation starter.”

These abstract canvases in particular aren’t just colorful — they’re also printed in high-definition, ensuring that they’ll stand out regardless of where you hang them. Or, if the colors above don’t suit your tastes, they’re also available in four other styles that are still bold enough to get guests talking.


Incorporate unique statues to catch guests’ attention

“Unusual sculptures” don’t have to be garish — and these bookends are proof. They’re shaped to look just like a pair of hands and feature a faux gold finish that adds a chic pop of metallic color wherever you put them. Consider them a fashionable and functional addition to your shelves.


Create a calm vibe with some potted plants

When in doubt, adding a few potted plants to your home is an easy way to make it feel warm and inviting. “Plants not only add visual interest but also purify the air and create a calming atmosphere,” says Semegen. “Consider adding a few potted plants, hanging planters, or a large statement plant to your space.”

These hanging planters in particular come with macrame ropes that easily blend with practically any style. Each pot also features a drainage hole in the bottom to help prevent over-watering — and you even have the choice of three colors: white, speckled, or self-watering green.


Add pops of green to give life to stale rooms

If you don’t have anywhere to hang those planters, these pots are a chic option that you can easily keep on window sills, home offices, or even outside on your balcony. Their minimalist style easily blends with nearly any decor style — all while drainage holes in the bottom help keep your plants from drowning if you accidentally water them too often.


Opt for plants that require hardly any maintenance

When in doubt, Lori Shaw, an interior designer for Lori Shaw Interiors, says to “bring in some green!” She also says that “succulents are cool and inexpensive” — which is why this pack of 12 succulents is more than worth a look. Each one arrives fully rooted in its own little pot, and you only need to water them once every two or three weeks in order for them to thrive.


When in doubt, go for faux over real plants

If those succulents are still too much work, Shaw has an alternative for you to check out: “Faux plants look more real than ever and the only upkeep required is dusting!” With that in mind, this trio of faux plants is a smart buy. Not only do they look incredibly real, but they also come with their own paper pulp pot, which means they’re ready to go right out of the box. Choose from two shades: grey or green.


Let wallpaper bring the texture & color your home needs

When no amount of paint seems to make an impact inside your home, consider opting for wallpaper instead. “Wallpaper is so IN and so EASY!” says Shaw. “Apply to walls, the backs of bookcases, ceilings, backsplashes, etc - anywhere you want a pop of pattern, texture or color!”

And while wallpaper can be a pain to install, this particular roll has an adhesive backing that lets you press it right into place like a sticker. It’s made from waterproof vinyl, making it suitable for humid bathrooms — and you can simply peel it right off the wall if you ever change your mind.


Add drama with some luxurious curtains

Plain windows can look so much better with a simple pair of curtains — and Shaw agrees. “Add some drama with floor to ceiling curtain panels!” she tells Mic. “For a lush look, choose a material like velvet; each panel should be twice the width of the window, and just ‘kiss’ the floor.”

Made from polyester velvet and available in seven different sizes, these curtains are a luxurious pick for anyone looking to dress up their windows. They also come in dozens of colors, from deep burgundy to warm gold — and the thick material even helps insulate your home against the weather outside.


Dress up bland floors with a bold rug

You don’t have to spend money redoing your floors — just cover it up with a gorgeous rug. But if you need a little convincing? “[...] They’re art for your floor!” says Shaw. “Or if you’re a neutral kind of person, use a rug to add dimension, texture and luxurious softness.”

Luckily, this Turkish rug is available for less than $30, and even comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit practically any space. Its nonslip backing helps keep it from shifting out of place, while its low pile is unlikely to snag on doors or furniture. Plus, its bold pattern is sure to stand out.