Designers swear by these cheap things for your home on Amazon

Add elegance and ease to your space.

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If you find yourself scrolling through images of gorgeous homes, sighing wistfully, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to tell you: A magazine-worthy home isn’t a privilege limited to the wealthy. I’ve spoken to the experts — professional designers who know what they’re talking about — and compiled a list of tips and tricks you can use to make your home your castle, without breaking the bank.

From affordable, stylish lighting to chic storage solutions, this list is full of easy updates. Every one of these inexpensive products will make your home look better than before, and they’re all recommended by designers with their fingers on the pulse of what’s fashionable.


These linen semi-sheer curtains that filter out harsh sunlight

And sometimes you want to let the sunshine in. “With heavier, light-blocking curtains, you can block out unwanted external light, but it also helps to block any direct sunlight that can heat up your home,” advises Blevins. She suggests these linen-textured sheer curtains. This package includes two panels made of high-density fabric with a subtle linen weave that adds visual interest while softly filtering light and offering privacy.


These dimmable string lights you can bend into different shapes

You're never too old for string lights. "I am very pleased with these firework lights I bought from Amazon," says Tiffany Gholar, artist and interior designer. "I was able to add some mood lighting to my living room without hiring an electrician. I put them inside a set of paper lanterns."

These fairy string lights come in a set of four and work with a remote control. They're light enough to hang from the ceiling with 3M Command hooks, as Gholar recommends, and they run on AA batteries. These copper wire lights are also flexible to be shaped into creative designs. Eight modes provide various lighting effects, and they’re waterproof for outdoor usage.


This woven storage basket that looks good while decluttering your space

Sometimes the best way to improve your decor is simply to tidy up a little. “One of the best design tricks in your interior design tool kit is decluttering,” affirms Nichole Abbott, interior designer for FLOOR360. “An attractive woven basket with lining to reinforce the strength of the weaving puts this product over the top. It’s a more naturalistic-looking storage solution than cabinetry or shelving.”

With a high 4.5-star rating, it’s easy to see why this jute rope woven storage basket is a top choice on Amazon. Keep extra bedding, toys, or towels in this trendy basket that comes in three neutral colors.


A sturdy shoe rack you can use as a bench

Tripping over shoes and mail as soon as you walk in the door? “Styling an entryway should include a way to organize all the things that clutter up the space,” says Abbott. She recommends this shoe rack bench. “This is an attractive bench with shelving underneath to hold shoes, mail, sunglasses, and keys. There’s a dark brown and a black version, depending on which one fits with your décor.”

Providing both storage and seating, this bench will fit seamlessly into your space. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, the three-tier design optimizes space for shoes, bags, plants, and more. With a 300-pound capacity and easy assembly, you can even use it as a plant stand or shelf in other rooms.


A set of gorgeous velvet throw pillow covers to freshen up a room

You don’t have to give a room a complete overhaul to breathe new life into it. “Accent pillow covers are a great way to refresh a living room or bedroom — or change it with the seasons,” says Chrissy Arsenault, owner and designer for Live Original Design. “I love the velvet texture of these, and especially the olive color!” If olive green isn’t your thing, no worries. These velvet pillowcases are ultra-soft and come in 35 different color options. The invisible zipper closure, matched to the shade, ensures a seamless, elegant appearance.


This set of insulated blackout curtains for regulating temperature in a room

Let there be night. “We love these panels for their form, function, and versatility — coming in many colors and sizes, these panels provide a great accent to any bedroom and help clients get a good, temperature controlled night’s rest,” says Johnson. These blackout curtains come in a set of two and feature triple-weave construction that provides insulation for energy savings. They effectively block 85% to 99% of light and UV rays, ensuring privacy and reducing noise.


These realistic faux eucalyptus branches to add greenery

Arsenault notes that some greenery is a great way to brighten a space. “Faux stems are a great way to add texture and visual height to a table arrangement in a lovely vase or glass jar. These can also be changed out with the seasons or to keep your decor current.”

You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy these faux eucalyptus branches. Each piece includes seven small branches that can be cut to your desired length or left as-is for added height. Made with fabric foliage, these branches offer a gradient color effect and can be bent to your desired shape.


A gorgeous brass lighting fixture that doesn’t require an electrician to install

For a little vintage glamor in your lighting, try this globe wall sconce. “This plug-in or hardwire wall sconce with a globe shape and matte brass finish will add shine and shape to your living room or bedroom,” says Abbott. “Place it directly over a side table for maximum effect. It’s a timeless light fixture that will complement most any style of living space.”

This sconce offers versatility with both plug-in and hardwire installation options, allowing you to place it anywhere. Its matte brass finish and round shade create a stunning statement piece. The pivoting shade and exposed bulb design provide various lighting possibilities.


This fashionable set of abstract art prints you can use to update any room

If you’re looking for some fashionable new artwork to hang, Abbott has you covered. “This set of three abstract framed art prints features an array of trending neutral colors to create a design focal point and tie your room together. The arrangement of three hung together over your bed or sofa will bring symmetry and balance while creating a centering design focal point for the space.”

These canvas prints, each sized 11 inches x 14 inches, come ready to be framed and displayed. They’re perfect for decorating your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office.


A set of color-block throw pillow covers to keep your home current

Cameron Johnson, CEO and founder of Nickson Living, says, “Amazon has an amazing selection of very well-priced throw pillows that both ship quickly and cost-effectively allow you to accent nearly any design.” He loves this set of throw pillow covers “[...] for their subtly vibrant aesthetic and comfort.” Available in multiple color combinations, these color-block style accents bring vibrancy to your space. Measuring 18 by 18 inches, they’re super-soft, have a hidden zipper, and are machine-washable.


An easy-to-install double curtain rod that lets you layer your curtains

Can't decide between sheer or blackout curtains? Blevins has the answer: “Double curtain rod — it's an easy way to achieve layers of light filtering and privacy. Add a sheer curtain on the inner rod to allow for sunlight to filter through but maintain a layer of privacy. This is especially nice if you have a window that faces your neighbor or a busy street. For the outer rod, you can add your heavier curtains.”

This modern double curtain rod set seamlessly complements your curtains while adding a touch of style to any room. Made from durable metal with adjustable telescopic rods, the set fits nearly any type of decor.


This pack of cabinet knobs for giving your cabinets a facelift

Can’t afford to completely redo the kitchen? “Updated hardware will inexpensively update any cabinetry. I love a brushed gold finish for contrast and warmth,” says Arsenault. This pack of cabinet knobs in a beautiful golden champagne finish is a refined choice for adding style to your space. Use it for an elegant touch on light finishes or as a striking contrast on darker ones. Comes in a pack of ten.


A soothing scented candle that makes your home smell like a spa

When your house smells nice, it makes an excellent first impression. “The importance of the scent of one’s home can’t be understated, and it is usually the first thing guests will notice,” says Johnson. “We love this candle by Chesapeake Bay for its calming and welcoming scent in addition to its spa-like aesthetic.” Made from a soy wax blend, this candle provides around 70 hours of burn time, emitting a gentle glow through the frosted jar when lit. Featuring self-trimming wicks and enriched with essential oils, they’re scent-sational.


This stylish & expensive-looking lamp for a magazine-worthy accent

Want to decorate your home so it looks like something out of Architectural Digest? Jarret Yoshida, principal at Jarret Yoshida Interior Design, recommends this tripod ring floor lamp. “[...]The fixture is like a minimalist sculpture and uses the small low heat technology of LED lighting in innovative fashion. The lamp casts a warm even light, is ultra stylish and would have been a few thousand dollars just 15 years ago. We have specified this into million dollar listings, as well as clients who have smaller budgets.”

Made with a golden-coated metal body, this adjustable lamp adds a touch of sophistication to bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and offices. It also features a stable tripod design and a convenient on/off foot switch.


A coffee table book that both inspires decor & contributes to it

Coffee tables aren’t just for coffee. “You can never have too many coffee table books,” insists Heather Fujikawa, principal designer and co-owner at House Sprucing, “and we love how simple and minimal this particular book is. Style this book on your coffee table and layer it with beads or style on your bookshelves with decorative objects.”

Live Beautiful is a captivating exploration of interior design. Through stunning visuals and practical tips, the hardcover book delves into the inspirations, textures, patterns, and personalized details that transform houses into homes.


These flameless candles that provide a glow without the actual heat

This set of eight battery-operated, frosted plastic candles offers a safe and convenient way to enjoy the ambiance of real candlelight without the flames. Sarah Blevins, design specialist at Villa, says, “If you are like me and have cats who enjoy knocking things over, or have small children in your home, these Amazon flickering flameless candles are an easy, affordable, and safe way to make your space look immediately more welcoming.” With remote control functionality, multiple flickering modes, and a variety of timer settings, these LED candles create a cozy atmosphere for any occasion.


This tulip-shaped candle warmer that distributes scents around your home

Like the idea of going flameless, but love scented candles? Blevins goes on to add, “I also love this candle warmer, which allows for scent distribution throughout a space without the use of an open flame.”

With an adorable tulip-shaped shade and included 50-watt warm white bulb, this electric candle warmer is dimmable, offering adjustable brightness and fragrance strength. It comes in black and white and has a built-in timer that can be set for two to eight hours.


These stainless-steel pleat hooks for hanging your drapes just right

It’s not just about the curtains themselves; how you hang them is a crucial part of the styling process. “To give your curtains a more tailored look, add these drapery pinch pleat hooks,” advises Blevins. “It maintains the pleating to give your drapery a more polished, high-end look. Along with the pleating, the placement of the rod is key! You want to frame the window, not just cover it up. By installing the rod above the window frame and extending it past the edges of the windows, instead of hanging in front, you can make your window appear larger, allow for more light when the curtains are open, and make the ceilings feel taller.”

Featuring a smooth, round head that won't damage your cloth, these stainless steel four-prong hooks are strong, durable, and easy to install without tools. The polished steel resists rust and corrosion, and they come in a pack of 30.


This set of fluted glasses that are trending right now

Upgrade cocktail hour with some fashionable new drinkware. Arsenault says, “Fluted glass is having a big moment right now in interiors and even in drinkware. I love the shape of these along with the fluted texture.” This set of four ribbed glasses is perfect for any occasion. With a stackable design and ergonomic shape, they're both stylish and functional.


Some vintage-inspired landscape art to bring life to an empty wall

Not sure what to hang on your bare walls? “Landscape art is such a staple as it can be styled in numerous places throughout the home such as above a bed, in bookshelves, on a kitchen countertop, or in a powder bath,” suggests Fujikawa. “We love the muted colors in this particular piece as it makes a great season-less option that works in a variety of spaces.”

This vintage-inspired landscape wall art print captures the beauty of nature from eras past, adding some subtle nostalgia to your decor. Crafted with a sturdy canvas and backing, this framed piece is easy to hang.


A textured throw pillow cover to add visual interest to a couch

Add some visual texture to your sofa with this throw pillow cover. “We love mixing and matching pillow prints, and this dainty floral block print pillow is a must,” says Fujikawa. “Style this piece with a plaid or gingham print pillow for a pillow pairing that's ready for fall.”

Featuring intricate Bagru hand-block print designs, this cover has an invisible zipper closure for both elegance and practicality. Made from thick cotton, this cover offers substance, comfort, and a visually appealing addition to your home decor.


This ultra-soft blanket that’s both functional & decorative

Pillows aren’t the only way to add texture to a room. “Who doesn't love a good throw blanket?” muses Fujikawa. “We love the subtle texture of this throw blanket, making it the perfect piece to drape over the end of a bed or style in a basket in the corner of a living room.” The classic design of this waffle weave blanket is sophisticated and comfortable. Sewn from soft, pre-washed fabric, this lightweight and breathable blanket is ideal for all seasons, offering a cozy layer without overheating. It comes in five understated colors.


A bubbly vase that brings a fun texture to your flat surfaces

A vase isn't just a vessel for flowers — the right one can make a bold statement on its own, like this bubble vase. “This is one of our go-to vases when styling our client's homes," says Fujikawa. “[...] we love the unique texture and pretty glaze of this vase.”

With its smooth edge, crackled finish, and thick bottom, this sturdy ceramic vase exudes elegance while still being functional. It's a versatile modern decoration, perfect for various settings, from coffee tables to mantels and dining tables. Pair with delicate flowers for a charming touch.


This casually chic tray perfect for serving food or organizing your home

“Tray” magnifique. “Elevate your space with a decorative tray,” says Fujikawa. “We love the texture of this tray as it makes for a great base to build upon with coffee table books, decorative boxes, and fresh greenery for an elevated look.”

This unique rattan serving tray serves various purposes, from food presentation to home organization. Crafted with faux leather handles and thick, woven water hyacinth braiding, it's both stylish and reliable.


A beautiful glass match holder that will elevate your candle-lighting experience

Looking for a functional decor item that strikes up more than just a conversation? Fujikawa has a match made in heaven. “Perfect for styling on your coffee table or bookshelves, [a] glass match cloche is a sleek option for storing your matches and also makes for a great gift, too!”

This clear, ribbed glass cloche container features a removable cork stopper at the bottom. It comes with 120 matches (in your choice of three colors), complete with a strike-on-bottle flint for easy lighting.


This bouquet of silk poppies you don’t have to water

If fresh flowers make you sneeze, there are some beautiful alternatives out there. “We're big fans of greenery in the home and love the subtle pop of color and life that these faux florals bring into a space,” says Fujikawa. “Style these stems in a pretty vase and place them on your bookshelves to bring a pretty touch of the outdoors into your space.”

Made from silk cloth with a flexible steel-wire stem, these life-like artificial poppy flowers can be adjusted to suit your preferences. They won't wilt and are easy to clean and maintain. Available in three gorgeous colors, the arrangement includes five pieces with three flowers and one bud each for a natural-looking display.


A set of shelves that come in a surprising assortment of colors

Martin O'Callaghan, carpenter and interior designer at Munster Hardwood Flooring, says that organization is key to updating your space. “The main thing that I swear by is having good storage items,” he says. “Any type of extra storage space that you can add will immediately increase the value of your home. By taking advantage of the free space that is available and adding shelves, you can completely change the dynamic of a room[...]”

This nine-cube organizer offers versatile storage solutions with a simple twist. It features three foldable fabric drawers, making it ideal for organizing small items. Available in dozens of color combinations, this unit fits your space and budget.


This convenient pantry organizer that hangs over the back of a door

O’Callaghan advises that adding pantry storage can increase the value of your space. “Having the space to correctly organize your spices and equipment can make cooking a whole lot easier,” he notes. “Using a door organizer like this one can help you squeeze all the extra space that you can as well as acting as a decorative piece.”

This over-the-door pantry organizer is a durable and convenient storage solution. Its stainless steel frame is rust-resistant and comes with adhesive gel pads to protect doors and increase stability. With six adjustable baskets and a removable design, it accommodates everything from spices to cans. You can hang it over a door or mount it on the wall — installation is easy.


A wall-mounted rack that holds coats & more

They say home is where you hang your hat — well, what about your coat? “Adding a row of hooks to your home can help it seem more put together and won't need to take up any floor space,” O’Callaghan points out. “A simple rack such as this one linked here will help prevent a chair or some other corner of the room becoming a designated dumping ground. It can also be a great addition to a bedroom, to hang clothing that isn’t ready to be washed and you don’t want to put it away with your clean clothes.”

This versatile wall-mounted rack is perfect for entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other spaces. It features long, curved arms (so clothes don’t slip off) and ball tips to further secure your items. With five tri hooks, it comes in seven colors and all the hardware needed for easy installation.


This gorgeous textured wallpaper that makes your home look more expensive

If your walls could talk, would they be boring conversationalists? “Plain walls can often take a lot away from a room,” points out Simran Kaur, founder of Room You Love. “A rich wallpaper can make your home appear as if you've spent a tasteful amount to tie things together.”

Kaur offers this beautiful textured wallpaper as an example, saying it’s “[...] not too showy yet flaunts luxury with its metallic finish and octagon pattern.” Made from thick, embossed paper and backed by PVC, this wallpaper is waterproof and durable. It can effectively cover small imperfections, making your walls appear smoother and more beautiful.


These matching square frames that turn your photos into a gallery-worthy display

If wallpaper isn’t your jam, Kaur has other suggestions for sprucing up your walls: “A nice gallery wall like this one or a minimalist wall decor piece is a no-brainer when it comes to wall decor. The symmetry that gallery walls create shows luxury and opulence[...]”

This nine-piece set of square frames is perfect for making your art displays look polished and professional. Each frame fits 12 inch by 12 inch photos, so you can easily create a striking gallery wall in your home. Ready to hang vertically, these frames come in four colors.


A spiral lamp that looks like a modern art piece

“Lighting can make or break the look of any place,” says Kaur. “Even if everything is perfect, the wrong lighting can spoil everything. Good lighting makes a home look vibey, luxurious, modern, and chic. I love this [lamp] as it adds some texture to a place [...]” Kaur adds.

With its unexpected spiral curves, this LED spiral lamp is a work of art. Choose from three color settings — warm white, neutral, and cool white — to suit your lighting needs. The lamp’s built-in LED conserves energy, and it has a simple one-touch control.


This shaded lamp with adjustable color temperature

If you prefer more traditional lighting, Kaur has you covered. “For lovers of symmetry, this lamp is amazing!” the designer notes. This bedside table lamp is stylish and functional. Choose between three different settings to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Its minimalist design, featuring a beige fabric shade and black solid wood base, adds understated elegance to any room.


A colorful striped vase that is pretty enough to leave empty

Don’t fall into the beige trap! “Decorating with all neutrals is a recipe for making spaces feel drab, bland, and monotonous. They can make a place feel boring, however expensive it might be,” says Kaur. “That is where a pop of color shows an eye for design. In an otherwise neutral space, a splash of bright colors is perfect to grab some attention and get some compliments rolling in.”

This quirky, color-striped vase is a great example. Its modern, colorful line design is simple and trendy. Hand-painted on durable resin, use this vase to display dried or fresh flowers — or let it stand on its own as a decorative piece.


This sleek reed diffuser set with pretty artificial flowers

Elevating your home design isn’t limited to the visual aspects. “To top everything off, make your home smell nice,” says Kaur. “Reed diffusers, incense sticks, scented candles, and aroma diffusers are non-negotiable additions to your bucket list.”

This reed diffuser set comes with a variety of diffuser bottles, sola flowers, and fiber sticks. Handmade wooden sola flowers add an artistic touch while diffusing aromas and the fiber sticks efficiently diffuse fragrance.


A set of gold purse stands to give your closet boutique vibes

When it comes to storing accessories, sometimes it pays to purse-onalize. “Closets are becoming more of a focal point for people and creating a boutique experience. Taking your handbags out of their dustcover and putting them on display is a great way to do this,” says Andrea Litsch, custom closet designer and organizer. “To accomplish that on-point visual appeal takes the right accessories. You need to be able to vary heights, layer, and display the handbags properly.”

She recommends these purse stands as a great way to help a larger purse stand up on display. Their stable, weighted metal base prevents tipping, and their height is adjustable to accommodate various bag sizes. The scratch-free padded base protects your furniture.


These useful acrylic easels for displaying your accessories

Do you have a large purse collection? “These display easels are great when you want to layer a clutch with a purse behind, but the clutch will not stand up on its own,” says Litsch.

This set of six clear acrylic display stands effortlessly assemble in seconds. These versatile two-part stands are perfect for showcasing a wide range of items, from books and artwork to electronics and more. The clear acrylic won’t steal focus, ensuring your purse is the star of the show.


A set of risers that store & display everything from makeup to jewelry

You can literally elevate your storage with these acrylic risers. “Risers like these create an aesthetically appealing height variation,” says Litsch. Perfect for showcasing jewelry, party cupcakes, or arts and crafts, these versatile risers are a top choice for displaying items elegantly. They come in a set of two, and each set includes three different-sized risers for a total of six pieces.


These sophisticated document boxes that make filing chic

Your home office deserves a design upgrade, too. "I have used these desk file boxes both professionally and personally," says Bonnie Borromeo Tomlinson, author of Stop Pushing Perfection and professional organizer. "Ideally sized, beautifully constructed, easy to stack, and an excellent way to clear your desk at the end of the day. You can't go wrong. Mix and match colors to suit your decor."

These file organizer boxes provide essential storage for documents, letters, photos, and more. Crafted with a durable recycled fiberboard core and canvas-like paper surface, these boxes are built to last. The secure lid keeps contents dust-free, and the leather handle adds a sophisticated touch.


These breathable & airy curtains that come in over a dozen colors

You’d frame a beautiful picture, so don’t neglect to frame your windows. “Lightweight curtains can help to block out the sun's rays and keep your space cooler,” says Asia Ligas, design experience manager at Block Renovation. “Look for curtains made of light-colored fabrics, such as cotton [...]”

These linen panels are a beautiful option for enhancing your window decor. Sold in pairs, each panel offers three hanging options: use back loops for pleated elegance, rod pockets for a classic style, or clip rings for easy sliding (clips not included). The semi-sheer, light-filtering design provides privacy while allowing natural light to enter.


These velvet throw pillow covers that make adding a pop of color easy

“I recommend injecting a dose of personality into your home with unexpected pops of color, whether it’s a brightly painted door, colorful accent furniture, or vibrant throw pillows,” wrote David Mason, an interior designer and the founder of These throw pillows make updating your existing sofa or bed so easy. Plus, since they’re made from silky soft velvet, they’ll be a pleasure to recline on.


Some bright bud vases in 4 color options

This set of colorful bud vases add instant color to any room with flowers or solo. Choose from four colors and design options including a round option.


This glossy paint that works indoors and out

For an easy DIY project, grab a quart of this indoor-outdoor paint. It comes in vivid shades for a pop as well as classics like black and white. There are even some metallic options for big wattage glow-ups.


This peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s the easiest way to get a statement wall

“I prefer to use removable wallpaper or decals to add a pop of color to a room without the commitment of traditional paint,” according to Mason. This peel-and-stick wallpaper makes achieving a statement wall so easy. And thanks to the textured surface, it looks more luxe than your usual can of paint, too. It comes in 14 colors, including multiple shades of on-trend blue.


Or these peel-and-stick decals in fun designs

For an instant dash of unexpected joy in your space, add a few of these fun decals made from durable vinyl. In addition to the floral design shown, they also come in animal and potted plant patterns.


These crystal bookends that instantly add the wow factor

Another of Mason’s favorite styling tricks? “Creative shelving displays.” Some ideas to get you started include “using clear lucite bookends or colorful baskets to hold books, and install(ing) plants or artwork adds texture and depth to a space.” These crystal bookends add instant polish to your shelving while being heavy enough to keep all your displays upright.


These stylish baskets with an overall 4.8 star rating

Corral your odds and ends while adding a little style at the same time with these macrame baskets. They’re made from cotton and come in five colors including beige and white. Plus, they’ve earned a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 1,000 reviews.


This sturdy plant stand with locking rollers

This fan-favorite plant stand makes creating a green display easy. It’s five tiers are sturdy while the locking rollers make finding the sunniest spot a breeze.


This set of 3 coordinating prints for a gorgeous display

This set of three coordinating prints make achieving a gallery wall or cohesive shelf accents a breeze. There are plenty of options to suit your space and style, too. From art prints to vintage Vogue covers to travel-inspired options, they also come in pre-framed options.


A jute accent rug that comes in lots of shapes & sizes

“I believe in anchoring a room with a bold statement rug [...] A unique idea that I implemented in my client’s home was using outdoor rugs indoors for a durable and budget-friendly option such as polypropylene or jute,” wrote Mason. Achieve the same practical look at home with this jute rug that comes in rectangular and circular options of a huge range of sizes.