40 easy, clever ways to declutter so much sh*t around your home

Make your space look #CleanTok-worthy.

40 easy, clever ways to declutter so much sh*t around your home
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Is clutter taking over your home? It's time to take charge. I’ve put together a list of organizational items available on Amazon that will help guide you through practical, creative solutions to regain calm and control in your living spaces. From containing and categorizing small items to tackling larger storage challenges, here are highly rated products that will declutter your space, transforming your home into a clutter-free oasis. Send chaos packing, and say hello to a more polished, serene environment.


Hide unsightly cords using this cable management box

Neatly contain power strips and excess cords with this cable management box. Made from high-quality, electrically safe ABS plastic, it offers a safe way to organize cables, protecting them from pets and infants and reducing trip hazards. Its stylish design features curved edges and pin holes that blend seamlessly with any decor, along with three rear cable entry/exit slots for a tidy appearance.


Organize chaotic drawers with these transparent trays

Channel one of those soothingly organized #CleanTok videos with these clear, versatile drawer dividers. Whether for bathroom or kitchen drawers, they sort cosmetics, makeup tools, hair accessories, jewelry, office supplies, craft items, and more. This set includes 25 storage bins in four different sizes, allowing customizable combinations for optimal organization. Enhanced with 200 nonslip silicone pads for added stability, these plastic trays keep contents neatly grouped.


Make your toiletry storage look chic with these clear apothecary jars

Give your bathroom storage an aesthetic makeover with this pack of four apothecary jars. Ideal for neatly organizing small items like cotton swabs, cotton balls, floss picks, and more, they're a stylish addition to any bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or office. Made from thick plastic, these jars have bamboo lids that fit snugly to keep out dust. The set comes with ready-to-use transparent labels or customizable white labels for personalization.


Utilize hidden storage space with these under-bed organizers

If your closets are overflowing with stuff, make use of the space under your bed with these storage bags. These multipurpose organizers are ideal for storing everything from children's toys to kitchen items and blankets. Made from breathable non-woven polypropylene, they're designed to resist rips and protect floors. Featuring a reinforced handle and a see-through plastic cover, these storage bins are easy to maneuver and organize.


Get your pantry in order with these airtight containers

Featuring side-locking lids with silicone gaskets, these food storage containers offer an airtight seal. Their flip-top design allows for easy access, making them ideal for storing dry foods like cereals, nuts, pasta, and snacks. Made of durable, BPA-free plastic, they're functional and space-saving. Each set includes reusable labels and measuring cups, making it easy to identify contents and measure ingredients.


Store your batteries more efficiently with this battery organizer & tester

Capable of holding 93 batteries of various sizes, this battery organizer case is the ultimate solution for battery storage. It can be conveniently stored in a kitchen drawer or closet, or mounted on a wall in your garage or mudroom. The transparent lid allows for quick visual identification of your battery stock, helping you keep track of what needs replenishing. Additionally, it comes with a removable battery tester to check the life of your batteries.


Transform a cluttered under-sink space with an adjustable shelf

This under-sink organizer is a breeze to assemble and offers four adjustable height settings. Uniquely expandable in width, height, and depth, it allows for a perfect fit in various cabinet shapes and heights. The design also rotates 360 degrees for optimal placement around plumbing. Made from lightweight, sturdy plastic, this shelf can hold up to 40 pounds, ideal for storing all your cleaning supplies.


Display your products efficiently with this rotating makeup organizer

Optimize your cosmetic storage with this revolving makeup organizer. With seven adjustable layers, you can customize the organizer to fit different product heights. Perfect for vanities, bathrooms, and bedrooms, it rotates 360 degrees for easy access to all items.


Use these clear stackable bins to ensure you’re not forgetting food items

Organize your fridge, pantry, or office shelves with these multipurpose storage bins. Made from BPA-free, shatterproof plastic, this set of eight bins includes four wide and four smaller bins, all stackable for space-saving efficiency. The clear design with easy-grip handles ensures contents are visible and accessible, which is especially useful for things that can easily hide in the back of the fridge.


Store your water bottles with a customizable shelving system

This customizable water bottle organizer is designed to fit all bottle sizes, even those with handles and larger sports bottles. It features adjustable shelves, nonslip feet, and grooved shelving to keep bottles in place and easily accessible. With a durable construction, it can hold up to 15 pounds, optimizing vertical space in cabinets and pantries. Quick and tool-free assembly makes setup a breeze.


Keep sweaters & more neatly stacked with these easy-to-install dividers

Avoid a clothing avalanche and expand your closet’s storage capabilities with these acrylic shelf dividers. They’re easy to install with a clip-on design that requires no tools — just slide them onto your shelf. Crafted from thick, high-quality acrylic, they're not only durable but also add a polished, modern touch to your closet or bathroom. Each set includes six dividers and six nonslip mats.


Expand your closet’s capacity with these space-saving hangers

Maximize your closet space with these space-saving hangers that are also ideal for compact living spaces such as studios, dorms, and RVs. Each hanger in this set of four expands to hold five items instead of the usual one. They’re also useful for grouping similar clothes for quick, easy access, especially during busy mornings. Made of sturdy plastic, they’re capable of supporting everything from bras to heavier items like winter coats.


Fit more pairs of shoes on a shelf with these double-decker shoe racks

Revolutionize your shoe storage with these double-decker shoe slots, designed to double your storage capabilities. These shoe slots hold one shoe on top of its companion, with four adjustable height levels to accommodate any type of shoe from slipper to high heel without squeezing or damage. Enhanced with an anti-slipping design, your shoes will stay securely in place.


Keep outerwear organized on this timeless coat rack

Sometimes a classic solution is the best solution. The sleek, simple wood design of this standing coat rack complements any home’s style, making it a stylish addition to an office, hallway, kitchen, or bedroom. It features six strong branches to hang coats, jackets, scarves, hats, and more. Assembly is a breeze, taking less than 10 minutes with no tools required.


Prevent lost & mismatched food storage lids with this clever organizer

If you struggle to find the right cover for your food containers, streamline your kitchen storage with this lid organizer. With five adjustable dividers, you can create customized spaces to keep your food container lids upright and easily accessible. Designed to accommodate small, medium, or large lids up to 9 inches wide, it features a center channel to prevent round lids from rolling off your shelf. Built-in handles make it simple to slide the organizer out for a closer look.


Make storage part of your decor with this stylish & functional rope basket

This roomy woven basket with its subtle color gradient and cotton rope construction fits seamlessly into any living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Its versatile design makes it ideal for storing everything from dog toys and blankets to books and magazines. The basket's sturdy handles and cloth lining help ensure durability and convenience, while its rustic style adds elegance to any space.


Protect & display your purses with this over-the-door hanger

No more rummaging through a pile on the floor of your closet — this purse storage organizer lets you easily see and access all your bags. It’s designed to keep your purses in tip-top shape, preserving their structure and preventing crumpling. The clear plastic slots offer easy identification, allowing you to swiftly pick the perfect bag for any occasion.


Sort out cluttered cords with a 40-pack of reusable cable wrappers

Streamline and safeguard your cords and cables of all kinds with these cable cord organizers. Made from heavy-duty nylon, these ties are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, staying attached to the cord when not in use. They are adjustable, reusable, and come in a range of bright colors for immediate identification.


Prevent cans from rolling around with this organizer bin

Maximize your refrigerator storage with this compact soda can organizer. Designed to hold up to 14 cans, it sports a clear, stackable design for easy access and organization. Made from shatterproof plastic, it features a rolling self-dispensing mechanism and easy-grip handles, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Great for fridges, pantries, or freezers, it keeps your beverages neatly organized and your space clutter-free.


Enhance your kitchen storage with these handy magnetic spice racks

Revamp your kitchen storage with these magnetic shelf racks ideal for organizing spices and other essentials. Featuring a modern design for easy installation on any metal surface, this set includes two extra-large and two medium magnetic shelves, plus two paper towel holders, all crafted from high-quality, rust-resistant metal. Strong magnets ensure stability, supporting up to 5 pounds without drilling or assembly.


Keep your cooking utensils within easy reach with a rotating caddy

Clear up drawer space with this sleek rotating utensil caddy. Its nonslip base offers quick access while cooking or serving, and it features a sturdy, removable divider for separating different utensils like spatulas, ladles, and knives. Made of matte stainless steel, it's not only modern-looking but also shatterproof and easy to clean by hand.


Clean up the entryway with this rustic organizer that holds keys, mail, & more

Streamline the daily clutter that can accumulate in your home’s entryway with this key and mail holder. Designed to keep your essentials like keys, dog leashes, bags, and mail organized and accessible, it's a handy addition to any entryway, living room, or office. Built from solid wood, it complements any rustic home decor. Installation is a breeze with the provided pre-drilled template, ensuring a quick setup in just five minutes.


Expand bathroom storage with this wall-mounted shelf & toothpaste dispenser

Clear your bathroom counters with this toothbrush holder that holds it all — toothbrushes, cosmetics, and other toiletries — and even dispenses toothpaste automatically. The holder comes with a tray separated into compartments, a drawer, toothpaste dispenser, and two magnetic, drainable mouthwash cups. Easy to install with a strong, non-marking adhesive, it's suitable for various surfaces and can hang six toothbrushes.


Eliminate messy drawers with these underwear & sock organizers

Organize your intimates drawer with this three-pack of drawer organizers, featuring 64 slots in total. Ideal for sorting socks, ties, belts, underwear, and more, these organizers make it easy to find the right item quickly. Crafted from durable fabric, they're resistant to dust, moisture, tears, and bending. The breathable mesh squares ensure good air circulation.


Keep track of mystery containers with a miniature label maker

One trick to being a home organization pro is to label everything. That’s why this label maker is an organization essential — use it to label any container to prevent mystery boxes and accidentally buying duplicates. It's inkless, instead using direct thermal technology, which makes it cost-effective. This mini wireless label maker has Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery. Use the accompanying app to choose from a wide range of templates and creative functions for personalized labels.


Store small amounts of food with these mini food storage containers

This 20-pack of mini rectangular storage containers is a sneakily useful solution for your food storage needs. Ideal for dips, sauces, snacks, baby food, these 2-ounce containers are sized for foods or dry goods that come in small, tricky-to-store amounts. They're dishwasher-safe and suitable for fridge and freezer use.


Protect your knives — & your fingers — with this drawer insert

Organize your kitchen drawers safely with this bamboo knife holder. Designed to neatly store up to 16 knives and one sharpener, this in-drawer organizer helps prevent loose knives and ensures sharp edges are securely contained. It accommodates various knife sizes, and the angled, slotted design allows for easy removal and replacement of knives. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this knife block ensures your knives stay sharp and well-organized for years.


Add extra levels of storage to your counters with these shelf organizers

Add space and depth to your countertops with these cabinet organizers that offer ample storage for spice jars, cans, and cutlery. Constructed from wood and metal, each rack can support up to 33 pounds. Their adjustable design allows for stacking, nesting, separate use, or an L-shape configuration. Beyond the kitchen, use them in dining rooms, on desks, or in bathrooms for efficient organization. Easy to assemble with clear instructions, these organizers are a convenient addition to tidy up any space.


Use this shoe rack that doubles as a bench for your entryway

Revamp your entryway with this shoe rack bench. It not only tidies up your shoes but also offers a comfortable seating option while you slip them on and off. This space-saving design combines a three-tier shoe rack and bench that works well for seating, as well as holding bags or displaying plants. Crafted from bamboo, this eco-friendly, wear-resistant piece is also suited for use as a plant stand, bathroom rack, or living room shelf. Supporting up to 300 pounds, it's easy to assemble with the included instructions.


Organize craft areas & workspaces with a versatile pegboard kit

Style meets function with this versatile pegboard combination kit. Use it to organize craft areas, workspaces, entryways, or garages. The high load-bearing design supports up to 20 pounds. The set includes four pegboards and 14 accessories, allowing for creative setups.


Tidy up loose papers on your desk with this 3-tiered document organizer

This desk organizer is an essential tool for maintaining an organized, clutter-free desk. The pullout tray design helps sort through documents and other paperwork, offering three trays for categorizing. Its professional, sleek look with a black epoxy finish complements any desktop. Constructed from scratch-resistant steel wire mesh with a reinforced metal frame, it's stable and durable.


Categorize your memories efficiently with this photo-sized storage box

Organize your photographs, craft supplies, and more with this storage box. The set includes 16 durable 4 by 6-inch photo cases, each capable of holding 100 photos for a total capacity of 1,600 photos. Snap-tight closures ensure your items stay secure and protected. The clear, color-coded cases allow quick identification of contents, and each case has designated spots for labels from a label maker for enhanced organization.


Add hidden storage with this lovely piece of furniture

Bring a bit of vintage-inspired glamour to your bedroom or living room with this velvet vanity stool. It’s more than just an ottoman, it doubles as a vanity chair, footstool, or a chic side table beside your sofa or desk. Lift up the stool cover to reveal a hidden storage space for magazines or TV remotes. Crafted from high-resilience foam, soft velvet fabric, and a sturdy wood frame, it promises long-lasting use and comfort. The elegant design features vibrant colors and gold metal legs, fitting seamlessly into any decor.


Eliminate cable clutter by charging all your devices in one spot

Streamline your charging with this multi-device charging station. The station features four smart USB ports that charge quickly, with an adaptive smart chip for optimal charging. Built-in status LED indicators stop charging when full. Universally compatible with various USB cables, it works with Apple, Android, Kindle, Samsung, and more. The charging station ensures safety from overcharging, overcurrent, and short-circuiting, with an anti-slip surface and adjustable dividers for larger devices.


Prevent purse chaos with this multi-compartment felt insert

No more fishing around in the bottom of your bag searching for a loose lip balm when you have this purse organizer. Crafted from soft, pliable felt fabric, it's lightweight and durable with 13 pockets in total that offer ample storage. The metal zippers are both fashionable and sturdy; the detachable middle pocket can double as a separate wallet, and a long felt keychain keeps your keys handy.


Make it easy to reach the cookware you need with this adjustable pan rack

Prevent precarious pot and pan towers with this expandable pot and pan rack. This organizer made from heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant iron can hold up to 10 pans and pots, including bakeware and cutting boards. Highly customizable, it can also be separated into two racks. Anti-slip silicone feet help protect your cabinets and keep the organizer in place.


Hold extra pairs of leggings & T-shirts with this hanging storage bag

This clothing organizer is a brilliant space-saving solution for your closet. It's designed to hold anything from leggings to scarves — or rolled-up T-shirts — with 12 storage pockets on each side. Made of high-quality polyester and PVC material, it's reinforced for heavy loads. Hang it on the wall or in your closet using the provided strap and door hooks. It keeps everything in order and easily accessible.


Maximize pantry space with a sturdy can organizer

Maximize your kitchen and pantry space with this can organizer. It can store up to 36 cans of various sizes, and it's designed for stacking, allowing you to increase your storage capacity. Made from heavy gauge steel, it's sturdy with a sleek chrome finish. The adjustable plastic dividers provide flexibility for organizing your groceries.


Introduce stylish storage to your home with these cotton rope baskets

Declutter and organize any room with these cotton rope storage baskets. Coming in a set of three, these baskets are particularly useful for discreet storage, such as storing pet toys, blankets in the living room, or towels in the bathroom. You can even use them for shoes in your entryway. With handles for easy transport, they’re practical as well as stylish.


Keep your dishwashing accessories tidy with this stainless steel caddy

This kitchen sink caddy has three compartments for efficient storage of dish brushes, soap bottles, sponges, and more. It's a compact, space-saving solution that helps your kitchen sink area stay tidy without taking up much space. The drain tray collects excess water, and its hollow design promotes quick drying. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with nonslip rubber feet, it's stable while looking good by your sink.