40 easy ways to dramatically upgrade your home for less than $30

Home upgrades don’t need to cost a ton.

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While upgrading your home may sound expensive, in reality, all it takes is a little creativity. Sometimes the smallest changes — like organizing the mess of charging cables on the nightstand — are all it takes to drastically improve how a space looks and feels. (And don’t even get me started on hiding all that visible clutter poking out from underneath the bed.)

But if you don’t have the time to come up with creative little ways to upgrade your space, that’s not a problem, as I’ve put together this list of 40 things under $30 that can dramatically upgrade your home. From colorful cable ties to microfiber bed skirts, each item you’ll find below can work wonders in making your space feel clean, organized, and up-to-date.


Add this bamboo lazy Susan turntable to your kitchen

Whether you’re preparing charcuterie for guests or designing a stunning table centerpiece, this lazy Susan turntable will help you do so in style. It’s made from sleek bamboo that’s sure to look good just about anywhere you put it — and the sturdy rotation mechanism underneath can easily support up to 25 pounds.


Display these U-shaped floating shelves that come in 9 finishes

There’s no need to stress about items sliding off these floating shelves, as their U-shaped design helps keep your items safe from damage. They’re made from lightweight MDF, making them easy to mount onto your walls — and you even have the choice of nine different finishes to suit any style.


Upgrade your bedding with this cotton sateen duvet cover set

You spend hours every night lying in bed, so why not grab this duvet cover set and make sure you’re comfortable? It’s made from super-smooth cotton sateen that feels oh-so-soft against the skin, while a button opening helps keep your comforter insert from sliding out. Choose from 17 colors as well as three sizes: queen, king, or oversized king.


Keep utensils in this sleek stainless steel utensil holder

Whereas some utensil holders feature a narrow base that easily tips over, this one is extra wide to help keep it sitting firmly in place on your counters. It’s made from sturdy stainless steel that’s resistant to rust — and the brushed exterior even helps keep it fingerprint-free.


Clean with these brush heads that turn hand drills into high-powered scrubbers

Don’t waste all your elbow grease trying to get those surfaces clean — instead, allow these brush heads to do the work for you. They’re designed to fit into your hand drill, instantly turning it into a high-powered scrubber that easily gets rid of dirt, grime, and more. Plus, the nylon bristles are tough on dirt, yet gentle on delicate surfaces.


Stay cool at night with these breathable bed sheets

Hot sleepers can appreciate these bed sheets, as they’re made from a breathable microfiber-polyester blend that helps dissipate heat while you snooze. Extra-deep pockets on the fitted sheet help keep it from riding up out of place when stretched over your mattress, and you even have 12 different colors to choose from.


Add style to plain shelves with this adhesive-free liner

Not only are these liners an easy way to add some style to plain shelves, but they’re also infused with an earthy sandalwood scent that leaves your home smelling fresh. The best part? Unlike some liners, these ones don’t have an adhesive backing, making it easy to lay them down, pull them up, as well as adjust their positioning however you like.


Store spices on this double-tiered lazy Susan for your cabinet

Anyone with a cramped kitchen can appreciate this lazy Susan, as its two tiers give you extra storage space to work with inside of overflowing cabinets. It’s made from sleek stainless steel that’s resistant to rust — and the brushed exterior even helps keep it looking fingerprint-free.


Put coats, hats, & more on this adjustable coat rack made from real wood

Don’t have a closet in your entryway? Not a problem when you have this coat rack. The height is adjustable up to three levels, making it suitable for nearly any space — and the six sturdy hooks can just as easily handle heavy winter coats as small crossbody bags. Choose from six finishes.


Fix small holes in the wall with this highly rated repair kit

You don’t need to have any DIY skills in order to be successful with this hole repair kit. It’s designed to work with holes up to 3 inches in diameter — and each kit comes with all the tools you’ll need to get the job done. Plus, the included spackling compound is formulated to resist shrinking, cracking, and sagging.


Clamp this LED reading light onto your bed frame

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, this LED reading light is a smart alternative to a bulky nightstand topped with a lamp. The brightness is adjustable up to five levels, while three light temperatures give you options when deciding what works best with your eyes: daylight, cool white, and amber. Installation is also easy — just secure it to your bed frame using the built-in clamp and it’s ready to go.


Make little touch-ups with these refillable paint pens

You won’t have to break out a heavy paint bucket and brush to make little touch-ups when you have these paint pens. Each order includes a syringe so that they’re easy to fill up without making a mess — and you can even empty and reuse them as many times as you like.


Protect floors from scratches with these nonslip furniture pads

Scratched floors can be expensive to replace, which is why I’m a fan of these furniture pads. They’re made from nonslip rubber that grips your floors, helping keep your furniture from sliding around while also protecting your floors from scratches. Installation is also a cakewalk — simply peel off the adhesive backing and press them right into place.


Fix household items with this moldable glue that adheres to nearly anything

Metal, glass, wood — this glue is so versatile that you can use it on nearly any surface. It’s also waterproof, resistant to hot and cold temperatures, as well as easily removable using a small knife or scalpel. The best part? Its clay-like texture allows you to shape it to fit a variety of projects, ranging from repairing frayed charging cables to fixing cracked flower pots.


Organize messy wires with these colorful cable ties

Having trouble figuring out which wire is plugged into what? Consider using these cable ties to color code your wires. Each order comes with 10 different colors to help you get organized — and unlike clunky zip ties, these ones can be reused over and over again.


Install this wireless doorbell that comes with 50 chimes

Not only does this doorbell come pre-loaded with 50 different chimes (which is almost enough for you to change it every week of the year), but it also has a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet. The best part? Each order includes a powerful A23 battery that’s rated to last for up to three years before it needs replacing.


Add these under-cabinet lights to your kitchen

Having lights professionally installed underneath your cabinets can be expensive — instead, save some money with this LED strip light. The adhesive backing lets you press them right into place without a single tool necessary. And since they’re powered using just three AA batteries (which are not included), there’s no need for any complicated wiring.


Install these LED puck lights where you need some extra brightness

From dark stairways to workbenches, these LED puck lights are an easy way to brighten up all sorts of dark spaces. Each one only needs three AA batteries (which are not included) in order to provide hours’ worth of light — and they even feature a built-in timer that can be adjusted from 15 all the way up to 120 minutes.


Secure your rug with these grippers that you can lift up to clean

Whereas lifting up tape-based rug grippers will gradually ruin the adhesion, these hook-and-loop ones work more like Velcro, allowing you to lift up your rugs so that you can clean underneath without affecting how well they stick. Plus, the V-shaped design makes it easy to fit them into corners.


Display pictures & art around your home with the help of this picture-hanging kit

Whether you’re putting up a poster or framed photo, this picture-hanging kit is a must-have. Each kit includes a variety of hooks, screws, nails, and more, while a miniature bubble level helps you make sure your decor is mounted evenly. And unlike some kits, this one is suitable for use on drywall, wood, as well as plasterboard.


Upgrade to this faux-wood alarm clock that doubles as a wireless phone charger

Need a new alarm clock? Now’s your chance to upgrade to this sleek faux-wood one. Not only does it look nicer, but the face is also 100% dimmable — and there’s even a wireless phone charger built into the top. Choose from four finishes: white, brown, black, or bamboo.


Display this microfiber bed skirt that helps hide clutter

Stashing items underneath your bed is an easy way to open up some closet space, so why not use this bed skirt to keep all that clutter hidden from sight? It’s made from soft microfiber, with a 14-inch drop that’s designed to cover box springs of nearly any thickness.


Open up closet space by storing seasonal clothes in these under-the-bed storage bags

Speaking of opening up some closet space, these storage bags are the perfect place to store seasonal clothes and linens for later. Their low profile makes it easy to slide them underneath your bed for safekeeping — and the zippered mesh tops even let you see what’s inside of each one without having to unpack anything.


Keep dish soap, sponges, & more in this stainless steel sink caddy

With space for soap bottles, scrubbers, sponges, and more, this sink caddy is a smart way to keep your kitchen looking organized. The stainless steel frame is resistant to rust, while nonslip feet on the bottom help keep it from shifting out of place — even if your counters are wet.


Install these energy-efficient night lights that snap into outlet plates

Whereas traditional night lights can block both of your outlet plugs, these ones instead snap into your outlet plates, leaving both plugs available for other devices. Zero tools are needed for installation — just snap them into place and they’re ready to go. And since they’re energy-efficient, you’re also less likely to notice any impact on your energy bill.


Keep washcloths on these transparent wall hooks that can handle humid bathrooms

Unlike some wall hooks that aren’t suitable for humid spaces, these ones are made with waterproof adhesive backing that’s designed to withstand damp bathrooms, kitchens, and more. The adhesive is so strong that they can easily support up to 13 pounds each — and the hook itself is made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


Prevent clogs with the help of this silicone drain catcher

A visit from the plumber can set you back hundreds of dollars — instead, save some money and use this drain catcher to help keep your pipes clear. It’s designed to work with nearly any flat or slightly domed drain. Plus, the nonslip silicone frame helps keep it firmly in place.


Upgrade your power strip with this one that features a flat plug

Whereas some power strips have a bulky plug that juts out from the wall, this one features a flat plug that sits flat for a clean, seamless look. Each order also includes a miniature wire concealer kit to help minimize cable clutter — and you even have the choice of two power cable lengths: 3 or 8 feet.


Install these smart strip lights & sync them to music

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and these smart strip lights are proof. You can sync them with music so that they’ll change color depending on what song is playing — or even choose from more than 15 million different colors when setting the mood. The best part? You can easily use your smartphone to adjust the settings without having to get up from the couch.


Let the fresh are in with this magnetic screen door

Leaving your screen door open is an easy way to wind up with a home full of bugs, which is only part of the reason why this magnetic version is worth a look. A series of magnets running down the center allow it to seal itself shut after you’ve passed through — and there’s no need to use your hands in order to open them back up. Plus, installation is as easy as pressing it into place around your door frame using the included pins.


Brighten the hallway with these vintage-style night lights that come in 5 colors

Not only do these night lights have a stylishly vintage look to them, but they’re also available in five different light colors: soft white, purple, red, amber, or multicolor. A dusk-to-dawn sensor prevents them from wasting electricity when the sun is still up — and you can even adjust their brightness by sliding the dimmer switch on the side.


Organize cluttered shelves with these acrylic dividers

Messy shelves are no match for these dividers, as they slide onto your shelves to help keep your belongings looking neat and tidy. Installation is as easy as sliding them into place — no tools required. Plus, the acrylic plastic looks just like glass, even when up close.


Organize your cabinets with these expandable shelves

Tall cabinets can have a ton of wasted storage space, so why not make the most of it with these shelves? They’re great for holding spices, cans, condiments, and more, as the steel frame can easily support up to 30 pounds. Unlike traditional shelves, these ones can expand left and right in order to fit your space as nicely as possible.


Stick these cord wraps onto your appliances

If your appliances didn’t come with attached cord wraps, these stick-on ones are worth a look. They’re made from high-quality rubber, with an adhesive backing that shouldn’t leave marks on your appliances if you ever decide to peel them off — and many reviewers raved about how they were “easy to install.”


Keep this silicone mat behind your kitchen faucet to keep the counter drip-free

Tired of wiping up water marks around your kitchen faucet? Place this silicone mat down, and it’ll catch all those stray drips so that your faucet stays looking clean. Two channels in the front allow collected water to funnel right into your sink — and cleaning it is as easy as wiping it down with a damp rag.


Decorate with this Sputnik chandelier that comes in 3 finishes

A new light fixture can completely transform a room, making this Sputnik chandelier a total steal at less than $30. It arrives pre-wired, which means it’s ready to be installed practically right out of the box — and you even have three finishes to choose from: black, brushed nickel, or gold.


Brighten artwork with this dimmable picture light that doesn’t require wiring

There’s no complicated wiring necessary when installing this picture light, as it only needs three AA batteries (which are not included) in order to deliver hours’ worth of light. The brightness is dimmable up to two levels — and there’s even a built-in timer that can be adjusted from 15 up to 120 minutes. Each order also includes a remote so that you can control it from afar.


Install this under-the-bed light that only turns on when you get up at night

You don’t have to use the bright overhead light when getting up at night — instead, allow this under-the-bed light to gently guide your way through the dark. A built-in motion sensor prevents it from turning on while you’re still in bed, and installation is as easy as peeling off the adhesive backing, and then pressing it right into place.


Install this single-handle bathroom faucet that comes in 2 sizes

Not only does this bathroom faucet come in two sizes — short or tall — but its matte black finish is also resistant to scratches, corrosion, as well as tarnish. The best part? If black doesn’t suit your bathroom, you also have the choice of two other finishes: brushed nickel or chrome.


Make coffee in this French press made from high-quality borosilicate glass

Since it’s made with borosilicate glass, you can make coffee knowing that this French press shouldn’t crack when filled with boiling-hot water. Its four-level filtration system also helps ensure that you wind up with a smooth cup of joe, without any grounds in sight — and its large size means you should be able to get about four cups of coffee out of a single batch.