Experts say these things under $35 make your home seem so much more expensive

Bougie decor on a budget.

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You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your home seem expensive. Sometimes the smallest details — like a new rug or set of bath towels — can make a huge impact. But if you aren’t sure where to start? Not a problem, as I’ve reached out to a handful of experts who were more than happy to share their favorite tips and tricks when it comes to making any space feel luxurious.

And since saving money is always a good idea, I’ve also made sure that each item you’ll find below costs $35 or less. That means you can scoop up multiple items without having to break the bank — and with so much good advice coming all these qualified experts, don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to grab more than a few products. So what are you waiting for? That barren hardwood floor isn’t going to put a rug on itself, you know.


Elevate bedrooms by hanging pendant lights over the nightstands

Upgrading your lights can make a huge difference — especially when it comes to your bedroom. For example, Mike Semegen, the owner and project manager of Hello Home Studios, tells Mic that in order “to make your bedroom seem more expensive, look to order and install pendants over the nightstands.” But if you aren’t confident when it comes to installing lights? These ones plug into any wall outlet, so there’s no need for any complicated wiring. Choose from five finishes: black, bronze, brown, gold, or gray.


Throw out crummy plastic pots in favor of stylish planters

There’s nothing wrong with using the plastic pots your plants came in — but if you want to make your home look nicer, Semegen suggests transferring your plants into a nicer set of planters. “Look for a set of beautiful planters or plant stands,” he tells Mic. “Something that’s a step above the typical plastic containers you purchase your plants in. This will surely add that sophisticated look you’re going for.”

Luckily, this set of five planters is available for just $20. Drainage holes on the bottom help keep your plants from being overwatered, while a built-in ventilation system helps prevent root rot. You also have the choice of four colors: green, white, or black.


Use a gorgeous stand to show off your plants

Speaking of plant stands, this one has a sleek, minimalist design that’s sure to look good wherever you put it. The metal frame is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use — and the narrow base makes it easy to fit into tight corners on your patio, or even in your home’s entryway. Plus, the second shelf underneath gives you even more space for additional decorations.


Opt for round mirrors instead of square or rectangular ones

If your bathroom could use a little makeover, Semegen also recommends swapping out your mirrors with rounded ones. “Rather than the typical square and rectangular squared off mirrors, look for a mirror with more curvature,” he explains. “Either an arched mirror or a circle mirror gives your walls a most custom, glamoured look. Mirrors also give the illusion of a larger, brighter space and therefore people relate more space with more expensive.”

Not only does this round mirror come in three different sizes, but the gold frame gives it an expensive feel that’s sure to fool guests into thinking you spent way more than $18. A velvet-coated backside helps prevent scratches to your walls — and one reviewer even wrote that it’s “super light weight, so easy to put up anywhere.”


Decorate using metallics to give any space a chic feel

Whether you prefer gold or silver, Semegen tells Mic that “choosing decor that is either metallic or polished gives any space a more sophisticated and expensive feel” — like these figurines. The metallic exterior is fade-resistant, and they’re small enough to be placed on bookshelves, nightstands, or any other small spot that could use some decor. Choose from four finishes: silver, gold, black, or white.


Create a stunning accent wall using a set of matching frames

Got a blank wall in your home that you aren’t sure how to utilize? “You can do 1 of 2 things,” Semegen tells Mic. “Look to purchase matching frame sets and fill those frames with similarly themed photos. Having an Art wall with matching frames gives any space a more cohesive look. OR look for already matching art pieces that flow from one piece to the other and hang them side by side.”

These matching frames in particular are made from solid wood — not plastic — so they already look good before you’ve even added any photos. The mats on the inside also give them a modern touch, while a kickstand in the back lets you prop them up on tables if you ever decide to change up that wall.


Hang up matching art pieces that are already styled to look good

If the idea of making your own custom accent wall is stressing you out, consider opting for these abstract canvas paintings instead. Each panel has a hook mounted on the back so that they’re easy to hang up — and the pine wood frame isn’t so heavy that you’ll need drywall anchors to hang them up. Plus, the colorfast paint is even resistant to fading.


Toss those outdated table lamps in favor of metallic options

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on expensive decorations — just incorporate metallics into your decor. “For example, tasteful gold and silver accents instantly add a luxe feel to any room,” Grace Baena, the interior designer of Kaiyo Used Sofas, tells Mic. “Consider purchasing table lamps with a metallic finish, or frame all of your wall hangings in gold or silver frames.”

Available in a sleek silver finish, these table lamps aren’t just pretty to look at. A simple tap on the base lets you dim the brightness up to three levels — and since the base is weighted, there’s no need to worry about them accidentally tipping over should you ever knock into them. The best part? One bulb comes included.


Use bold pieces of art to add drama to dull spaces

You know your home is missing something, but you aren’t sure what that something is. According to Chris Alexakis, the co-founder and certified building contractor at Cabinet Select, the solution may be as easy as adding a bold piece of art to your walls. “I would start by adding a bold, statement piece of artwork to really make your space stand out,” he tells Mic. “A bold piece of art can add drama and interest to your space, whether it's an eye-catching painting, a striking photograph, or an interesting wall sculpture. Plus, it's an affordable way to make your home feel more luxurious.”

With that in mind, this Starry Night printed canvas is a solid pick. A wooden bar in the back makes it easy to hang up — and you even have five different sizes to choose from, making it suitable for walls of nearly any shape or size. But if you aren’t sure where to put it? Alexakis says to “Place it in a prominent spot in your living room or bedroom, and enjoy the wow factor that comes with it.”


Get rid of outdated light fixtures in favor of modern upgrades

“Another great way to make your home feel more luxurious is by investing in high-quality light fixtures,” Alexakis tells Mic. “Whether it's a sleek, modern chandelier for your dining room or a cool pendant light in your kitchen, upgrading your lighting can instantly make your space feel more upscale.” But if you aren’t confident in your DIY skills? Alexakis has an even easier suggestion — “One idea is to add a dimmer switch, which allows you to set the lighting to the perfect level for whatever mood you're trying to create.”

Not only does this smart light switch let you dim your lights using your phone, but many reviewers also raved about how it was “super easy” to install. You can also use the app to put your lights on schedules so that they’re on when you come home — and if you pair it with Alexa or Google Home, you can even control your lights using convenient voice commands.


Incorporating natural materials can help elevate any space

Plastics have a time and place in your home, but if you want your space to feel more expensive? Alexakis suggests incorporating natural materials into your design — “Lastly, adding natural and organic materials to your home can really help you achieve a more luxurious look and feel,” he explains. “From bamboo blinds for your windows to a plush rug underfoot, incorporating natural materials in your space will make it feel more sophisticated and up-to-date.”

Easy to install as well as cordless, these bamboo blinds are an easy way to add a touch of wood to any window. Natural gaps between each bamboo rod allows some light to leak through, and they’re durable enough to be used inside or outside. Choose from three sizes as well as two colors: cocoa or natural.


Add style to barren floors with a bold statement piece

Now that we’ve updated your windows, it’s time to take a look at your floors — and this faux fur rug may as well be considered the ultimate statement piece. It’s just as soft as it is fluffy, with a nonslip backing to help keep it from shifting out of place. Choose from seven sizes, as well as more than 20 different colors.


Make any space feel upscale with unique statement pieces

Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest impact — especially when it comes to making your space feel more expensive. “In addition to these larger changes, don't forget about the power of accessorizing,” Alexakis tells Mic. “Adding unique, statement pieces to your space can make it feel more upscale and interesting. Whether you're adding decorative vases, interesting sculptures, or trendy plant pots, accessorizing with bold pieces can help bring your space to life. So think outside the box and try adding something unexpected to really make your home feel more luxurious.”

But if you need a more specific example? These vases are sure to add a touch of chic wherever you place them. They’re made from sleek ceramic, with a nonslip base to help keep them from tipping over. Many reviewers also wrote about how they’re “great quality” and “well made.”


Style bland bookshelves with unique bookends

These bookends are the definition of “unique” — and they’re just as fashionable as they are functional. They’re heavy enough to keep stacks of books upright, and even have a metallic finish that’s sure to turn heads. Plus, the bottoms have a protective liner, so there’s no need to worry about leaving scratches on your shelves.


Make plain walls look luxe with trendy paneling

If something about your space feels unfinished, interior designer Reya Duenas suggests hanging up some paneling. “Adding a wainscot to a hallway or staircase adds the architectural details to make the spaces look finished,” she explains. “The additional layer of woodwork warms the walls and adds a luxe, traditional feel to the room.”

Not only are these panels attractive, but each one is also made from solid, lightweight polyurethane — so even the most novice DIYers shouldn’t have any problem hanging them up. They’re also pre-primed so that they’re ready to be painted, as well as suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Cover up white walls with a rich, moody color

White walls can make your home feel bright and airy, but if you’re going for a more expensive look? Kate Diaz, a real estate expert and interior designer at Swanky Den, suggests “Painting your walls a luxurious color such as dark green or black.” Luckily, this chalk paint is extremely thick — and from personal experience, it only takes two coats or less to completely cover the color underneath. Plus, it only takes about 30 minutes to dry.


Opt for temporary wallpapers if paint isn’t an option

Whether you’re renting or unwilling to paint your walls, this temporary wallpaper comes in black and dark green, as well as six other chic colors. No glue is required — just remove the adhesive backing, then press it onto your walls like you would a sticker. And if you ever change your mind? Simply peel it away to return your walls back to the way they were.


Upgrade outdated floors with faux marble tiles

According to Diaz, “Installing expensive-looking flooring such as marble or hardwood” can help elevate your home. But if you don’t have the funds for a professional remodel? Make sure to take a look at these peel-and-stick floor tiles. They’re designed to look just like white marble, and can be easily installed without any grout or special tools needed. Plus, the vinyl material helps keep them looking good over time.


Showcase decorations with a set of floating shelves

Running out of places to showcase all your decorations? Wesley Willoughby, a real estate specialist at The Music City Group, recommends hanging up a set of floating shelves. “Floating shelves are not only an elegant addition to your home but also functional,” he tells Mic. “They can be a smart way to showcase your taste and personality, and declutter your home at the same time. You can display some tasteful books, photos, or travel souvenirs there to make it look even more gorgeous.”

Not only are these floating shelves already styled to look good when hung together, but they’re also made from tough MDF laminate, making them look just like wood despite being reasonably priced. Choose from nine finishes, including a gorgeous shade of rustic turquoise.


Create a luxurious ambiance with some LED candles

Setting a cozy vibe can help elevate plain spaces, and candles are one of the easiest ways to do it. The only problem? According to Willoughby, “Candles can set your mood in moments, but you certainly won’t prefer to burn a ton of candles by lighting them up each day.” Luckily, there’s an easy solution: “Instead, you can go for flameless candles. They look classy, and you won't need to worry about cleaning up wax. These elegant additions can even make your bedroom look like it belongs to Bridgerton!”

These LED candles in particular are a total steal at only $23, as the bulbs flicker just like real flames. Each order includes a remote so that you can turn them on and off without having to get up from the couch — and they even come in five different colors to suit any space: gold, ivory white, gray, as well as two holiday-themed options.


De-clutter spaces for a crisp, clean look

Looking for the cheapest way possible to improve your home? “A budget-friendly way to make sure your home looks classy and doesn’t cost you anything is to keep it simplified, de-cluttered, and organized,” Christina Giaquinto, a professional organizer and the brand ambassador of Modular Closets, tells Mic. “A minimalist and simplified look allows your home's design to shine, whereas clutter makes a space look old and outdated.”

Luckily, this organizer makes it easy to tidy up entryway and bedroom closets. Five shelves give you ample room for shoes, shirts, and more, while three strong hooks on the top make it easy to hang from any standard closet rod. Choose from two colors: black or gray.


Stash seasonal shoes for later to help open up space

If that organizer wasn’t enough to de-clutter your closet, you might want to try moving all those seasonal shoes into these storage bags. There’s space for up to 16 pairs of regular shoes, as well as four larger compartments for boots. They’re short enough to slide underneath your bed — and the tough handles make it easy to pull them back out whenever you need a pair.


Organize your handbags for a professional-looking closet

You don’t have to clutter up shelves to store your handbags — just hang them inside this organizer. It hangs over any standard-sized door and features six extra-deep pockets that can fit bags of nearly any shape or size. And since the pockets are transparent, it’s easy to see exactly which bag is stored where without having to unpack each one.


Use smart lighting to create the ambiance you’re looking for

You may think you’ve finished making over your home — but according to Devin Shaffer, the lead interior designer at Decorilla, there’s at least one last tweak to be made. “No interior design project is complete until the correct lighting has been applied,” he tells Mic. “Layers of light are the secret to making a house feel like home. Swapping out old light bulbs with controllable Bluetooth bulbs immediately connects us with our space.”

Not only is this smart bulb a total steal at only $14, but you can also sync it to change colors depending on the music you’re playing. The downloadable app lets you put it on schedules, turn it off and on, as well as choose from more than 15 million colors. Plus, you can even control it using voice commands once paired with Alexa or Google Home.


Let floor lamps set a cozy vibe

Another great way to set a mood is to use floor lamps to brighten up your space, as Shaffer tells Mic that “[...] they provide ambient lighting that is also controllable, and clever options such as candelabra LED light bulbs are the perfect pick.” This floor lamp in particular comes in eight different finishes, making it easy to match to however you’ve already decorated. The slim base makes it easy to fit into nearly any space — and many reviewers wrote about how it was “easy to assemble.”


Let modern candelabra bulbs brighten up your home

If you have a stylish candelabra lamp, it’s time to grab these light bulbs. Unlike some LEDs, these ones won’t flicker, and they have a dimming feature that allows you to easily switch up the lighting. These bulbs produce a warm, soft-on-the-eye glow, and they’re also energy-efficient — according to the brand, they can save over 90% on an electricity bill.


Elevate rooms by installing some affordable molding

Regardless of what color your walls are, crown molding can help them look even better. According to Theresa Raymond, a real estate professional, “Addition of moldings in your home is one of the most simple and affordable ways to make it look more luxurious. Per linear foot crown molding increases your home by $7 to $16 in the current market.”

The only catch? “But before hitting any molding in the interior watch out for the style match and what furniture your spaces already have” — which is why I’m a big fan when it comes to this molding in particular. Its minimalist design is sure to mesh with nearly any style, and it arrives pre-primed so that you can start installing it the minute it arrives.


Wallpaper your hallways for an extra touch of chic

Rooms aren’t the only place you can hang wallpaper — especially if your hallways could use a little pick-me-up. “Even a simple wallpaper of $30 to $50 on the walls of the hallway can make your home look gorgeous and expensive if used in the correct pattern and trending style,” Raymond explains. “Abstract paintings are the one that attracts buyers of the current market the most. But it’s always best to use a few hundred dollars more to make the house the best.”

Available for just under $30, this wallpaper has a rich, dark base color that’s only further complemented by the abstract gold flower outlines running throughout. The adhesive backing means there’s no need for glue in order to hang it up — and you even have the choice of two other base colors: noir or cream.


Transfer liquids into stylish bottles for an upscale look

The plastic bottles that some liquids are packaged in can make any vanity or countertop look cheap. The solution? “Decanting items will instantly make them look high-end!” Teri Simone, the head of design and marketing at Nieu Cabinet Doors, tells Mic. “Put hand soap into glass containers, shampoo or body wash into non-branded bottles, and cotton balls into a clear glass container. Same for your laundry room – putting laundry soap and dryer balls or sheets into containers instantly makes your space feel more intentional.”

With dark amber glass walls and a stylish black pump, there’s no denying that these dispensers are a stylish upgrade to their plastic counterparts. The pumps are made from stainless steel, helping them resist rust when exposed to moisture — and each one is large enough to hold up to two cups’ worth of liquid.


Stash cotton swabs & other vanity items in sleek apothecary jars

Cotton swabs, flossers, Bobby pins — these apothecary jars are a stylish way to store all sorts of vanity items. They’re made from thick, smooth plastic, making it unlikely that they’ll shatter should they ever get dropped. Plus, the lids help keep everything inside safe from dust.


Store laundry accessories inside sleek Mason jars

Not only are these mason jars perfect for canning ingredients, but they’re also a fashionable way to store dryer balls and other laundry accessories. The lids are just as airtight as they are leakproof — and there are even measurement markings on the side to help you keep track of how much detergent you have left. “I got them to hold the sea moss gel I make at home,” wrote one reviewer. “Maintain the seal once closed and easy to clean with a dish brush.”


Ditch crummy towels in favor of a matching set

Simon also suggests using a matching set of towels to make your kitchen look nicer — “Change your tea towels and oven mitts for a vibrant matching pair, or choose some luxe-look cushions for your bar stools to bring your kitchen design components together.” Thankfully, these towels are available for less than $20, and even come in three crisp colors: white with blue stripes, white with red stripes, or blue with white stripes. And since they’re made from 100% cotton, they’re just as absorbent as they are soft.


Throw out fading cotton mitts & opt for a coordinated pair

It’s easy to gradually wind up with mismatched oven mitts — so take this as a sign it’s time to upgrade to these matching silicone ones. They’re heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with textured palms to help you keep a firm grip on hot cookware. And unlike cotton mitts, these ones are also waterproof, making them suitable for use with hot liquids.


Dress your bed with hotel-quality sheets

There’s a reason why hotel beds feel softer than the one you’re sleeping on at home — and it’s likely due to the sheets they use. “A great idea for the bedroom is using bed sheets that are similar to the ones expensive hotels like Marriott and Hilton use,” Maegan and Stefan Bucur, founders, owners, and interior designers of Rhythm of the Home, tells Mic. “The white yet soft structure will create a stunning focal point in your home showcasing cleanliness and comfort which are staples of the highest quality 5 star hotels.”

However, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in order to make your bed feel luxurious — and these sheets are proof. They’re fade-resistant, breathable, as well as super-soft, giving you that hotel experience at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the fitted sheet has an extra-deep pocket that can accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches.


Invest in a plush set of towels that you can match to your home

While decorating can take a little trial and error, buying nicer towels can give your bathroom a luxurious feel without having to worry about design choices. “Last but not least, switch out regular towels with plush expensive looking ones,” Bucur tells Mic. “This is an easy way to practically incorporate a luxurious vibe without spending too much money.” And if you aren’t sure which towels to pick? “Using towels with similar colors and textures that tie in with different rooms will make your home feel more cohesive.”

Since these towels come in dozens of colors, you shouldn’t have any problem finding them in a shade that meshes with the rest of your home. They’re made from 100% cotton — and this set even includes four washcloths that are great for wiping down your face post-cleanse. One reviewer also wrote about how they have “Great softness, they absorb a lot, and easy to launder ( not too many fuzzies)!”