Experts say you're reducing your home's value if you aren't doing any of these simple things

Follow these tips to boost your home’s appeal.

Experts say you're reducing your home's value if you aren't doing any of these simple things
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Home is where the heart is — but it’s also where the scuffed walls, outdated decorations, and lingering odors may be. Boost your home's market value effortlessly by taking advice from real estate agents, realtors, interior designers, electricians, and more. From polishing hardwood floors to decluttering your surfaces to fixing leaks before they lead to more expensive issues, each tip is paired with a budget-friendly product recommendation from Amazon. Take a gander at these simple yet effective strategies to transform your home into a high-value haven without breaking the bank.


Replace old light fixtures with brighter options

“Light fixtures are an immediate tell as to when a house was renovated,” says Nicole Girard Kennedy, interior designer, stager, and realtor at The Grubb Company. “Replacing old lighting with modern fixtures immediately updates a home, and there are a ton of affordable options. [...] Light fixtures with glass shades give so much light and can really brighten the space.”

One such elegant, affordable option is this semi-flush mount ceiling light fixture, boasting a sleek glass shade and modern industrial matte metal base. Ideal for various bulbs with its E26 base, installation is a breeze, making it a (literally) brilliant choice for hallways, kitchens, or living rooms.


Use warm white light bulbs for a cozy — but well-lit — glow

“Light bulbs vary a lot in brightness and color and often are either too bright, giving the space a sterile feel, or too amber, making the space feel dark and dingy,” says Kennedy. “Homeowners should use warm white light bulbs throughout the home to give it a cozy, well-lit glow. I typically use 2700k warm white LED bulbs.”

At just 9 watts, this six-pack of LED bulbs mimics a 60-watt glow, trimming your energy bills without dimming your style. Their 2700K warm white hue casts a cozy glow, perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance. UL-listed for safety and shining bright for 25,000 hours, these bulbs are reliably radiant.


Refresh your backsplash with an easy DIY

Don’t suffer through staring at an ugly backsplash. “Tile backsplash past its prime can be painted over with Beyond Paint,” says Kennedy. “I painted my backsplash with this more than four years ago. It is super easy to apply and holds up incredibly, even behind the kitchen sink.”

There’s no fuss about stripping or priming when you use this all-surface paint; just swipe and style everything from a tile backsplash to furniture, doors, or cabinets. Its self-leveling, easy-to-apply formula gives a seamless matte finish, masking imperfections like a pro.


Change cabinet hardware to give kitchens & bathrooms an instant upgrade

For an easy room facelift, Kennedy suggests getting a handle on things: “Dated cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms can be easily updated with paint and new knobs in simple styles and popular finishes such as matte black, brushed gold, or brass.”

These brushed brass cabinet knobs are a chic way to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Praised for their true champagne bronze color and substantial weight, these knobs exude luxury and quality. Two screw sizes are included for convenience, so they fit effortlessly on any drawer.


Replace bathroom fixtures to make the room look polished

“Homeowners can also replace towel bars, toilet levers, and hooks to coordinate,” suggests Kennedy. This stainless steel bathroom hardware set is as stylish as it is rustproof and robust. Flaunting a contemporary design that comes in several finishes and seamlessly blends with any decor, this four-piece set includes a towel ring, toilet paper holder, and two multi-functional hooks. It’s easy to install and immediately elevates your space.


Clean out your gutters (& keep them clean)

“A set of gutter guards that's easy to install on your own will reduce the negative impact of a home's greatest nemesis: water,” says Brad Gall, owner and founder of BG Electrical & Air Con. “Yes, we have gutters for that, but they tend to get clogged very easily and will need quite a bit of maintenance.”

Protect your gutters from the scourge of clogs with these heavy-gauge gutter guards. Designed to endure a lifetime without rust or deterioration, these guards boast 380 small holes per foot, ensuring even the heaviest downpours flow smoothly. Virtually unseen from below, they're simple to install with handy tabs for a flawless fit.


Elevate your kitchen with modern decor

“Incorporating modern and chic decor in your kitchen is one sure way to significantly improve your home's resale value, especially if it is an old home,” says Miriam Cruz, a Bay Area-based realtor. “For this, you can add modern appliances or kitchen décor.”

Cruz specifically recommends this ceramic vase set, saying “It will definitely enhance your kitchen’s appeal. These low-saturation beige and grey colors are a perfect way to highlight your kitchen’s simplicity while adding a sense of tranquillity and comfort.”


Update your bathroom with stylish storage

The next best thing after kitchen decor that you can do to raise your property’s value is to focus on bathroom updates, according to Cruz. “All you need to do is modernize older styles or enhance them. One of the ways this can be done is by adding shelves.”

Update the storage in your WC with these bathroom shelves that are sturdy, spacious, and sleek. With ample depth for essentials and a width that accommodates a mini library of toilet paper rolls, the invisible bracket adds a touch of farmhouse charm.


Spruce up your lawn to improve curb appeal

First impressions last, insists Cruz. “Given that potential buyers will always see the outside of your home before getting inside, it helps to spruce up your home's curb appeal if you want to make a statement. Landscaping, plants, succulents, and siding are an excellent place to start.”

Ideal for both green thumbs and gardening newbies, Cruz recommends these charming succulents for your front or backyard. They require just a sprinkle of water and a cozy spot in the sunlight to thrive and will get bigger in no time.


Swap out window treatments to transform the room

“A new window treatment always adds a distinct improvement to a room,” says Cruz. These sheer flax linen curtains are designed to let natural light dance through your room while still providing privacy. Each pair features a generous width and a 3-inch rod pocket header, ensuring a full, elegant drape. Great for any room, these curtains offer a classic touch that harmonizes with your existing decor. Plus they’re machine washable for easy care.


Add a smart doorbell for an easy, high-tech upgrade

Cruz points out that the latest technology such as a video doorbell adds convenience and increases a home’s appeal. This under-$40 doorbell video camera has high-resolution night vision and two-way audio, sending smartphone notifications to keep you informed 24/7. AI-powered tech detects humans, ignoring irrelevant movements from cars and trees.


Fix scuffed, dingy walls that make the room look shabby

‘Tis but a scratch. No big deal, right? Well, maybe not to you, but it can affect your home’s value. Cruz says, “Scuffed or outdated walls [...] can make a home look less appealing.”

Correcting scuffs and scratches doesn’t have to be a huge hassle if you invest in a set of these refillable paint pens. Excellent for precision work, they can do quick fixes on walls, trim, and beyond. Just keep them filled with paint that matches your walls, and you won’t have to worry about laying out protective tarps or fussing with cans and paint rollers every time you accidentally scuff your paintwork.


Install a carbon monoxide detector for added safety

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Josh Riutta, owner of Mikku and Sons Roofing, suggests installing a carbon monoxide detector, as it “provides an essential safety feature, increasing the home's value and appeal to potential buyers.”

Plug into peace of mind with this carbon monoxide detector. Easy to install, it simply plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet, with two AA battery backup for continuous protection. The 85-decibel alarm sounds the alert when danger is detected, while the built-in memory reminds you of when the device was last tested.


Invest in tools for simple DIY tasks

Ignoring minor repairs and maintenance issues inside the home can decrease its overall value and appeal to potential buyers. Brendan Anderson, founder of Brix Systems, advises, “Invest in basic tools and supplies for common household repairs, such as a screwdriver set, spackle, and paintbrushes, for under $40. Address minor issues like squeaky doors, loose cabinet handles, or chipped paint to keep your home in good condition.”

Tackle any task with this comprehensive tool set. With essentials like hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers, plus a handy tape measure, it's a complete package for small repairs and projects. Chrome-plated for durability and packed in a neat case, the set is easy to organize and transport.


Declutter your space with thoughtful storage solutions

“Excessive clutter and lack of organization can make rooms appear smaller and less functional, diminishing the perceived value of your home,” says Anderson. “Purchase storage bins, shelves, or organizational systems to declutter and maximize space in your home.”

Streamline your space with these large capacity bins, an easy solution for tidying up any area of your home. From refrigerators to craft rooms, these bins offer versatile storage options. Their stackable design makes them ideal for organizing kitchens, pantries, offices, and more. Constructed from durable, clear, BPA-free plastic, they're safe for food storage and a breeze to clean.


Routinely clean your home to keep it in tip-top shape

“Failing to maintain a clean and well-maintained home can create a negative impression on potential buyers and decrease its market value,” says Anderson. “Establish a regular cleaning routine to keep your home clean and tidy, focusing on high-traffic areas and frequently used spaces.”

Go beyond the basic mops and brooms and really up your cleaning game with this drill brush set. These four uniquely shaped brushes attach to your drill to power through grime in bathrooms, kitchens, and beyond. Nylon bristles mean no scratches, just sparkling surfaces, so you can tackle everything from tile to upholstery.


Use a signature scent to improve your home's mood

Elizabeth Bain, a Boston-based realtor at Commonwealth Standard Realty Co. wants you to use good scents. “Creating a good first impression of a home is important to attract potential buyers and get them excited about making an offer. [...] An essential oil diffuser is a great and non-toxic way to freshen up any home.”

This ultrasonic diffuser atomizes water into a fine, refreshing mist, infusing the air with your favorite essential oil scents. Its waterless auto-off feature ensures safety and energy efficiency, while the handmade ceramic design adds a touch of artisan elegance to any room.


Have fresh flowers when potential buyers visit

Bain says, “I'm also a fan of bringing fresh flowers to an open house, they add a pop of color to any room. Try a neutral vase and then have fun with the floral arrangement based on the other colors in the room.”

This elegant waterproof ceramic vase is the perfect size for any nook or cranny in need of a floral uplift. Whether standing solo or showcasing a bouquet, this vase adds a dash of modern chic to your space. Crafted from natural pottery, each piece is as unique as the blooms it holds.


Install low-flow faucet aerators to reduce water consumption

“Install low-flow faucet aerators in your kitchen and bathroom to reduce water consumption,” suggests award-winning Vancouver real estate agent Adam Chahl. “These cost-effective devices maintain water pressure while conserving water, making your home more eco-friendly.”

Save on splash and cash, improving your sink's performance with this high-efficiency faucet aerator. Designed to optimize water flow, it's a small change with a big impact, conserving both water and the energy needed to heat it. Installation is a breeze, fitting snugly on both kitchen and bathroom faucets.


Create the illusion of higher ceilings with self-adhesive trim

“You can create the illusion of higher ceilings and added elegance by installing DIY crown molding,” says Chahl. “Kits are available at affordable prices, and the installation process is manageable for those with basic carpentry skills. Unique designs and patterns can be found to suit various interior styles.”

This self-adhesive trim is crafted from top-notch PVC, so it won’t fade or deform. Ideal for giving bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens a quick facelift, its hassle-free installation doesn’t require any special tools. Resistant to moisture, corrosion, and dust, this trim is a breeze to maintain and can be painted to match your walls.


Stop leaks before they cause major damage

“The number one thing that will lower the value of your home over time is deferred maintenance,” says Marty Zankich, director and owner of Chamberlin Real Estate School. “Things like that leak you’ve been meaning to fix can turn what would have once been easily resolved into a major mold issue that will need to be remediated if you try to sell your house.”

You can’t fix a problem you don’t know about, so make sure you stay aware of leaks with these leak detectors. At 90 decibels, the alarm screams at the slightest hint of moisture. Engineered to float and alarm for up to 72 hours in flood conditions, this detector is your vigilant aqua guard. No wires needed; it chirps when it's time for a battery change.


Polish your hardwood floors regularly

“If you have hardwood floors, one small thing you can do once a month or so to help retain your home value is a simple clean and polish,” advises Zankich. “This Orange Glo 4-in-1 Monthly Polish [...] will help you do just that.”

This product not only cleans but also shines, protects, and revitalizes your floors. Trusted by wood care experts, it’s ideal for bustling homes with pets and foot traffic.


Increase your ambiance with dimmable lighting

“Not having dimmable lights and timer switches in your home can decrease its value and functionality when it comes to your home’s lighting,” says Dara Greaney, founder and CEO of “Not having dimmable lights devalues the ambiance and depending on your light fixtures, may make your home feel outdated.”

Luckily, you can easily replace your bulbs with these dimmable LED lights. Each bulb in this six-pack shines with 800 lumens, mimicking sunlight, ensuring your home glows in natural hues. Economical and enduring, they slash energy use by up to 85 percent.


Install timer switches to save on energy

“Having timer switches increases energy efficiency and your home’s security. Without them, you are losing value,” says Greaney. “You can inexpensively install plug-in timer switches into existing outlets and program them to control the operation of the lighting without any complex rewiring.”

Streamline your lighting and appliance routines with this smart scheduling switch. Ideal for managing ceiling lights, fans, and outdoor ambiance, it features four programmable buttons and two manual overrides for spontaneous needs. Installation is easy, fitting neatly into your existing switch space, making it a bright choice for any home.


Dress up your home's garage for added curb appeal

“Everyone is always talking about curb appeal to increase the value of your home,” says Danny Margagliano, owner of “One of the easiest ways to make your home really pop is by adding decorative garage door magnets.”

Simple to install, these decorative magnets will instantly add a more luxurious look to the front of your house. Weather-resistant, satisfied customers praise them for their appearance and magnet strength, thrilled that these hinges offer a budget-friendly makeover in just one minute.


Declutter your home & garage for visual appeal

Catina Willis, online business coach and real estate broker, says, “Box up items that are not used regularly so that potential buyers can visualize their items inside the house.”

These chic and sturdy woven baskets are practical and stylish. Featuring easy-grip handles for convenient access, they're ideal for organizing any space from the kitchen to the closet. Their stackable design, complete with bamboo lids, maximizes space while adding flair to any room.


Take time to deep clean carpets & rugs

Willis gets right to the point with this next tip: “Deep clean carpets and rugs,” she states.

Give your rugs a rejuvenating spa day with this carpet cleaner. Ideal for homes bustling with kids, pets, or frequent gatherings, this cleaner dives deep to oust dirt and lift stains, reviving your carpets to their original glory. With a rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon, you can’t go wrong.


Give your front door a fresh coat of paint

“Enhance the exterior appearance of your home by maintaining the lawn, adding fresh mulch, or painting the front door,” suggests Willis.

Freshen up your front door with this ready-to-use, pre-mixed door and trim paint that’s great for sprucing up metal, wood, and fiberglass surfaces both indoors and out. Available in six chic colors, it dries quickly in just 45 minutes, offering a durable, chip-resistant coat that's as tough as it is beautiful.


Make a budget to plan your home improvements

Improving a home can be costly. “With that, developing a budget can help you avoid overspending,” says Patrick Freeze, president of Bay Property Management Group. “Focus on improving the visuals of your home without breaking the bank by listing down prices for small improvements such as paint, simple fixtures (doorknobs, light switches, etc.), modifying curb appeal, and power washing your home.”

Streamline your finances with this monthly budget planner. With its large pages and vibrant design, this 12-month, undated planner includes everything to track your financial flow and strategize for success. Plus, with cash envelopes and budgeting stickers included, managing money is not only efficient but also enjoyable.


Keep your yard looking healthy & easy to maintain

It is called a curb appeal for a reason. “If your yard and lawn are in lousy condition, expect the value of your property to suffer,” warns Ron Wysocarski, broker and CEO of Wyse Home Team Realty. “However, having too elaborate landscape design can also dent the value of your property since homeowners don't want to cover a large area for maintenance.”

Keep it simple and step up your lawn game with these adjustable aerator shoes. With sturdy dual bases of aluminum alloy and plastic, these shoes come fully assembled and ready to oxygenate your soil, making lawn care a walk in the park.


Add outdoor lighting for magical ambiance

Outdoor lighting can really add a wow factor, says Martin Desmond, managing director of Wizer Energy. “Even a rookie can install low-voltage lighting systems, despite it seeming like a challenging DIY project.” He suggests these string lights as an easy addition that can be placed along edges of pathways, around decks, and even on trees in your backyard. “They also work well all year to give that extra magical feel to your home.”

These enchanting waterproof fairy lights can dazzle even on the rainiest days. With a remote control in hand, you can effortlessly switch between eight mesmerizing modes, dim the lights to suit the mood, or set a timer to light up your space automatically.


Patch small roof leaks to help prevent further damage

You got a roof over your head, so take care of it. Cris Stevenson, sales manager and business director at 730 South Exteriors, warns: “Ignoring regular roof maintenance can lead to leaks, deterioration, and ultimately decrease the value of your home. Invest in a roof repair sealant to patch small leaks and prevent further damage. Look for a product specifically designed for your roofing material, whether it's asphalt shingles, metal, or tile.”

This mighty sealant is that product, locking out leaks by providing a waterproof bond that won't quit. Whether battling rain, snow, or blazing sun, it adheres with ease to stop leaks around chimneys, vents, and more. With extended outdoor durability, it prevents ice and water damage, ensuring your roof remains robust and reliable.


Eliminate hidden odors that can ruin a first impression

“Pet accidents, lingering cooking smells, or even just stale air can leave a bad impression,” says Chris McGuire, real estate investor, broker, and founder of Real Estate Exam Ninja. The solution? Invest in a box of baking soda — it’s a natural odor absorber. “Sprinkle it on carpets, furniture, or even in the fridge to neutralize unwanted smells.”

This six-pack of baking soda is designed for convenience, with an easy-pour dispenser that lets you sprinkle, pour, or scoop with ease. These refillable and recyclable shakers make it a piece of cake to remove odors.


Upgrade your front door handle to give it a facelift

“Don't underestimate the power of a fresh first impression,” says McGuire. “Your front door is the gateway to your home, so ditch the rusty old knob and give it a facelift. A sleek, brushed nickel or matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication for minimal investment.”

Secure your space with a twist of style using this keyed entry lever. Offering top-notch security with SmartKey technology, it thwarts advanced break-in methods and lets you re-key your lock if needed. Installation is a breeze, fitting on standard doors and easily accommodating both left and right-handed individuals.


Change out your HVAC filters regularly

“Neglecting the HVAC air filters is one common error made by homeowners,” says Mike Falahee, owner of Marygrove Awnings. “Dirty filters can cause expensive repairs, limit airflow, and lower energy efficiency.” Thankfully, it’s a preventable issue. “Changing air filters regularly is an inexpensive fix,” says Falahee. “You can buy high-quality filters that extend the life of your HVAC system and enhance indoor air quality for less than $40.”

Crafted from sturdy, thickened cardboard, this six-pack of filters maintains structure and silence while ensuring peak performance. They catch tiny irritants like dust and pollen, enhancing airflow and extending your system's lifespan. Great for various systems, these filters promise a breath of fresh air, reducing repair costs and energy bills.