People say these cheap at-home workout products work so well, they don't need to go to the gym anymore

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ByVeronika Kero

What if I told you it was possible to get rid of that monthly gym membership charge and set up your own workout station in the comfort of your own home instead? You don’t have to believe me. You can believe the many happy customers and fitness professionals that have recommended the products here that are just as good, if not better, than a fancy gym.

Fitness experts, Redditors, and Amazon shoppers love simple tools like this set of adjustable dumbbells that a reviewer recommended for their versatility. Or you can add a more all-in-one kit to your cart like this set of resistance bands that can be used to work out every part of the body. Most of the home workout equipment here doesn’t even require a ton of room, so you don’t have to worry about your basement or garage feeling cramped once you’re done shopping.

After adding a few more items like these core sliders and jump rope for under $8 each, you’ll never want to pay a gym fee again.


A resistance bands set with 10 different strengths

The first piece of equipment that Karina Inkster, owner and of K.I. Health & Fitness, recommends for a home workout is this resistance bands set. “Taking up very little space and for less than $25, you can get two types of resistance bands in a variety of strengths, handles, and a door anchor,” she explains. “The two main types of resistance bands are long tubes with handles, and shorter loops that are most often used for lower body exercises.” This 17-piece set has loops and tubes that can be used individually or together for up to 150 pounds of resistance.


This weighted ball with thick handles for comfortable leverage

SPRI weighted balls are an excellent way to mix strength and cardio. Ball slams, weighted squats, and elevated pushups are my favorite moves with weighted balls. They are more versatile than meets the eye,” says Mandy DiMarzo, creator of BURN Method. Unlike many on the market, this durable ball even has cut out handles that’ll make completing the moves a lot easier.


These core sliders that work on any floor

For a piece of equipment that takes up barely any room in your at home gym but will still certainly make an impact on your routine, consider these core sliders. The dual-sided surfaces work on carpet, hardwood, tile, and more so you can work on your balance and core strength no matter where you are for the day. One Amazon reviewer said these are a great bang for your buck: “Solid and I don’t feel they will snap or break anytime soon. Pricing is competitive. I’d buy this again!” they said.


A jump rope with an adjustable length

If you like to switch up your daily routine, a lightweight but durable jump rope is for you. Nathan Lloyd, a licensed personal trainer, recommends it for two simple reasons. “This is a great cardio workout tool that can be used in a small space. It is also very portable and can be taken with you when you travel,” he says.

This one uses premium-grade steel parts throughout and strong yet soft PP plastic to assure the handles are comfortable to hold. The rope can be cut and adjusted to lengths between 3 and 7 feet to suit your needs.


This high-density foam roller that helps relieve tension

Lloyd also recommends this high-density foam roller, calling it “a great tool for people who want to improve their flexibility and range of motion. It is also very helpful for people who experience a lot of muscle soreness.” Choose between 18- and 36-inch lengths to assure that your back, calves, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings are being reached and taken care of. The textured surface makes for a soothing massage after a workout.


A thick yoga mat with a convenient carrying strap

This yoga mat can be used for a ton of stuff beyond just yoga. “It's nice to lay out on your floor just to stretch or do ab exercises,” Reddit user o0oo00oo explained. It’s true. The 2/5-inch thick pad is made of super soft NBR foam that’ll give you support and comfort while using it for whatever you choose. When done, just use the included carrying strap to neatly roll it up.


These workout cards with 50 different exercise ideas you can mix & match

If you’re new to the fitness world, these workout cards can act as a great introduction when a gym buddy or personal trainer isn’t available. Each large, moisture-resistant card takes you through an exercise using demonstrative illustrations and detailed step-by-step instructions. There are a ton of different focuses you can choose between like strictly bodyweight or kettlebell moves. They’re also beneficial for those who may already have a routine of their own but are looking for some new inspiration.

“I have been using them for years, as they are a great alternative to a gym membership or lots of weights cluttering up your basement. So, these cards are right up my alley. I have found quite a few new exercises here that I didn't know existed before, so, I am very pleased,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.


The yoga ball that can handle up to 600 pounds

Built with high-quality PVC material, this yoga ball can handle up to 600 pounds of weight without bursting. So whether you’re using it for yoga, pilates, physical therapy, or even just as a desk chair, you won’t have to worry about it wearing away. Plus, the anti-slip surface will keep you in place throughout it all. “What a great addition to my at-home gym. The quality is the same as those in the best professional gyms I've been in,” one Amazon reviewer raved.


These slip-on running shoes with a foam insole

These running shoes will be a great addition to your gym closet. They give you the perfect amount of comfort thanks to the foam insole to complete any exercise, and the slip-on design and tight, sock-like fit makes them easier to put on than other shoes.

One Amazon buyer said, “I have flat feet and running is really hard for me, but I could run or stand in these shoes all day and not be sore. I will wear these shoes for as long as they keep producing them.”


A set of dense yoga blocks to help deepen your stretches

Bringing a bit of the yoga studio home in the form of these yoga blocks can really help elevate your progress. This set is made of lightweight but supportive foam that has a non-slip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping. They’re an Amazon shopper favorite with over 23,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating overall. Use under your hands, feet, or seat (when meditating) to ensure the proper alignment.

“If you're looking to build out your at home yoga studio or just get some equipment to give it a try I'd definitely recommend these. They're so helpful when pushing yourself to try new poses or for trying improve flexibility! With their help my partner who has always thought they weren't flexible enough for yoga is now almost able to touch their toes and they're looking forward to exploring yoga more,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.


The cast iron kettlebell that won’t scratch your floors

One Amazon reviewer perfectly described this kettlebell, writing, “Same as in my gym. High quality and great value for your money. The coating is perfect and is really good for my floor.”

This affordable kettlebell really is pro-quality thanks to its strong cast iron body that’s built to last. The wide, smooth handle is purposefully a bit textured to give you a better grip while working out. And when you’re done, you don’t have to think twice about dropping it on your floor since the vinyl coating reduces noise and prevents the tool from scratching up your floor.


A roller wheel that can support up to 440 pounds

This ab roller wheel is not as innocent as it looks. Its simple construction is made to help you better your balance, improve your posture, and strengthen your core and believe me, you’ll feel the burn. The double-wheeled design and non-slip handles will keep you balanced and secure as you use it on carpet, tile, hardwood, or gym mats. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This thing will shred your abs and you'll be screaming for mama to hold you when you're done.”


These resistance bands that have over 80,000 five-star reviews

After bringing these resistance bands into your home, you won’t even miss the gym. Like one reviewer said, “I stopped going to the gym! The bands hit every area I am working on and I can get a work out in way less time.” The compact, stretchy bands can quickly be pulled out anywhere to get a full body workout in; use these on your lower legs, thighs, arms, or wrists for extra strength training. Each band varies in resistance levels so you can pick and choose depending on what area you’re trying to target.


This sweat-resistant pilates ring that’s easy to travel with

While this 12-inch pilates ring is made of same high-quality foam and fiberglass as many seen in studios, its size may be better than those that you’re used to. “A bit smaller than what I have seen in gyms, which is a huge plus for me. It still provides all of the functionality, but it is portable enough to throw into a backpack to take somewhere or carry-on luggage to travel with. Love it,” raved one Amazon reviewer. The non-slip padded handles are comfortable to grip, and the sweat-resistant ring is easy to control while completing thigh, arm, or full body exercises.


The training assistant that reduces neck strain while doing crunches

It can be difficult to know if your form is correct when completing some exercises, but this crunch training assistant takes out the guesswork and discomfort. By using it to roll out crunches, you can reduce head and neck strain and increase effectiveness of the move. You can also flip it over to use for dips and pushups, making this a versatile device.

“This is a great device. You balance the effort between the abdominals and the arms. As the abdominals get stronger you can use them more. I keep it in the bedroom and do 15 in the morning and 15 at night,” one Amazon shopper wrote.


These gymnastic rings that can hold over 1,000 pounds

Gymnastic rings may seem like something you can only use in a professional studio, but with adjustable ones like these, you can add them to your home gym. Each durable nylon strap is a little less than 15 feet long and 1.5-inch wide and can be adjusted to best fit your ceiling height. All you have to do is pull on the buckles, which can hold up to 1,100 pounds. Meanwhile, the rings already have a non-slip grip but can also be wrapped in the hand tape that’s included to better absorb sweat. For just $30, you can complete hundreds of exercises and, as Reddit user GreenStrong said, you can complete “hundreds of exercises, and progressions that range all the way up to Olympian levels of strength.”


A yoga wheel that can improve your flexibility

In order to achieve a deeper back stretch or finally relieve your leg muscles of some tension, start or end each workout with this yoga wheel. It has 8-millimeter thick padding with a slightly textured grip that feels cushiony and grippy as you use this on your back or legs or neck to get rid of knots, strengthen your spine, or better your posture. “Both yogis here (smile) and we LOVE the addition of UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel to our morning routine at home. It's beautiful awakening stretch in the morning that is very easy and safe to control and expand into a greater stretch. We love our yoga wheel so much, we now have one for our beach house. Mornings aren't the same without our wheel,” one reviewer raved.


This mountable pull up bar with 12 comfy grip spots

After propping up this pull up bar on any door frame, it’ll be hard for you not to constantly have the urge to get a few reps in. Reddit user BroomeJ called this one of their “best fitness investments,” and said, “Whenever I pass I do two or three pull ups of some type - pronated, supinated, neutral grip, you know the kind of stuff - it's just always there. All in all, probably the most used and cheapest piece equipment I've ever owned.” The 12 foam grip handles at various points on the bar allow you to perform wide, hammer, and close-grip exercises, and you can also use this bar on the floor to aid with push-ups and leg raises.


These adjustable barbells with textured grips

If you don’t want to bother with fancy equipment, you’ll probably love simple but versatile adjustable dumbbells like Reddit user monkeyfeets suggested by saying, “Don’t bother with fancy equipment.”

This pair in particular can combine for a 38 pound total when playing around with its adjustable weights that come in a mix of .5-, 2.5-, 3-, and 5-pound plates and collars. The textured grips make them easy to hold with or without gloves, and the hard plastic carrying case gives you the option to bring them to any of your workout spots throughout your home or yard.


A balance board that can support up to 300 pounds

This wooden balance board is a lot more advanced than it may look. The durable and high-quality wood can hold up to 300 pounds and keep it you from sliding with its anti-skid coating. Plus, the strong plastic bottom allows for a 360 degree rotation and 15 degree tilt to engage and stretch muscles. A happy Amazon buyer wrote, “After trying out all the various exercises you can do with this board, I can definitely tell that I am working muscles and joints effectively.”


The mini exercise bike that fits right under your desk

If you want to workout anywhere in your home, pick up this mini exercise bike so you can strengthen your lower body while on a Zoom call or watching TV. The pedals offer adjustable multi-level resistance and the digital monitor displays time spent, distance, and more. If you want a unique arm workout, this bike works for that too.

“I use this mini bike for exercising my knees and getting cardio rate up. It works very well, doesn't tire you out, is easy to use, small enough to find a spot to store it, too. I'm delighted,” one happy Amazon reviewer said.


These soft resistance bands with a non-slip rubber grip

Not only are these comfy resistance bands great for building your booty, but they can also help you properly align your body so that your workout is more effective. Each band has a different resistance level but all three are made of a thick fabric that won’t pinch the skin and will stay in place due to the underlying rubber lining.

One buyer wrote, “I have a home gym set up and I could not work out efficiently without these bands. They're versatile, strong, and flexible. Different colors indicate the weight of resistance, which is great at a glance. I have knee/tendon issues, and these bands help keep my knees engaged and in the correct position. 10/10.”


The push up bars that reduce wrist pain

These push up bars give you sturdy and elevated handles to maximize your range of motion all while making your moves more comfortable to complete. They have all of the features you would want including anti-slip handles, a heavy duty base, and the ability to hold up to 440 pounds.

One reviewer said, “I like the rotation friction, which helps to get them perfectly aligned, but makes for a nice solid base to work from. Highly recommended for anyone with wrist problems”


A highly-rated knit yoga strap that helps you balance while stretching

To safely align your body and better reach any yoga position, grab this yoga strap for just under $10. The thick, tightly knit strap is sturdier than elastic ones to give you better stability when stretching. One of the 8,200 five-star reviewers wrote, “I have been streaming yoga classes at home and use this strap regularly. It's simple in design and easy to use - and I love the colors!”


This balance cushion that activates your core

It’s true. By just sitting on this balance cushion, you can work on your core muscles. Use it to enhance the effects of your crunches and twists, use it while standing to squat, or keep it on your desk chair for some exercise while you work. The act of balancing will challenge your core and make you break an extra sweat. “We use these in a strength/balance class at the gym, now I can use it at home. When not exercising, it doubles as a chairpad that helps engage my core,” one Amazon reviewer exclaimed.


An agility ladder to increase speed & improve coordination

To add a bit of a twist to sprinting, set up this agility ladder that comes in three different lengths. Use the durable rungs to run in and out of, increasing speed and improving your coordination. If you get tired of using it at home, feel free to take it with you on the go. One Amazon buyer wrote, “I ordered the 12 rung and honestly it's perfect for my little garage gym. It goes from one side of my garage to the other and I just go back and forth however many times I have set up for the day with my other circut stations. Very lightweight...I've taken it with me to the beach and park as well. Works pretty darn well in the sand.”


These grip gloves that keep you from slipping while posing

While the interior of these grip gloves is lined with absorbent terry microfiber to wick away sweat, the exterior is covered in durable rubber that will keep your hands (and entire body) sturdy while doing even the most impressive yoga poses. The back is also made of a breathable mesh to keep your hands cool and comfy.

“Oh. My. God. The grip is amazing! My hands stay put no matter the surface. I tested them on yoga mats, smooth hardwood floors, kitchen tiles and vinyl floors. Zero slip and perfect downward dog on EVERY SURFACE! The gloves are very comfortable and don’t dig in between your fingers like a lot of other brands,” one Amazon shopper raved.


The high-density ab mat that gives you back support

Many reviewers of this ab mat reported reduced tension and pain, like one who said, “I use it daily and it helps alleviate discomfort in my back while doing full range sit ups.” It’s no surprise since the high-density foam has a contoured design that raises your back to the perfect 30-degree angle in order to better complete crunches, sit ups, or even side leg raises. Even with frequent use, this ab mat is durable, thanks to the easy-to-clean vinyl cover.


A weighted hoola hoop that’s actually fun to use

This weighted hoola hoop is so fun to use that you’ll forget you’re actually getting a great workout in. In addition to being weighted, this hoop differs from an ordinary one in that it is built with a shock-absorbing massage ring. The 24 elevated knots that cover the entire ring keep the pressure from hurting your waist.

“This thing is so fun. Once I got the hang of it "I was never good at hula hooping" it was easy. I use mine in front of my TV. It's easy to adjust and I can really feel the workout it gives you,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.


These adjustable ankle weights that add intensity to everyday workouts

Customers love the fact that these ankle weights have removable sand bags so they can control exactly how much they’re carrying. “I need to do weight bearing exercises for my legs and these just serve the purpose. I love the design to add or subtract weights on the belts. They are easy to use. Very satisfied,” one Amazon shopper raved. You can adjust each strap to have from 1 to 5 pounds of weight, and the velcro strap can extend over 14 inches. Wear them while working your glutes, doing yoga, or even jogging to add a bit of intensity to your workout.