Fitness trainers swear by these cheap fitness products on Amazon

Get your workout bang for less buck.

ByChristina X. Wood
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When you’re trying to keep up with exercise, it’s often all about routine. But maintaining a go-to-the-gym practice can be challenging when work, family, hobbies, traffic, and other obstacles start to encroach on the time you have to devote. Fortunately, there are loads of budget-friendly workout tools on Amazon — and the items on this list are all trainer-approved. Because with the right equipment on hand, you can turn a 10-minute break or an evening walk into a workout to rival your gym visits.

There’s no need to dedicate a room of the house to this effort or drop a lot of your hard-earned dough on it. If you know what works, you can do this on the cheap and facilitate workouts that are effective, quick, and right there next to your desk or TV. So get your clicking finger stretched and prepped because fitness trainers swear by this collection of cheap fitness products, and they’re all on Amazon.


This Pilates ball to power up your workout

“I absolutely love this cheap Pilates ball from Amazon for training the core, legs, and arms,” says Katelyn Prominski Baud, a NASM-certified personal trainer and the founder of MOMBAUD, a prenatal/postnatal fitness destination.

It’s easy to inflate with the included tube, remains squishy and elastic when inflated, and is anti-burst. A workout guide is included with lots of ideas for using the ball in core, stability, and balance training. “It’s incredible for posture and is portable enough for you to bring on vacation!” shares Baud.


The magic ring that helps tone your arms & core

“I also love using a magic circle to tone the core, arms, and posture,” says Baud. And this inexpensive toning ring is a low-commitment way to give this a try. The 12-inch diameter ring is strong and lightweight — as well as easy to clean — and comes in three fun colors to perk up your home gym. It comes with a workout guide to help you incorporate it into your routine.


A pair of wrist weights to turn anything into strength training

If you want to go for the burn and turn your walk, lunges, air boxing, and everyday activities into an opportunity to tone and strengthen your arms, try wearing these wrist weights while you do it.

“Two-pound wrist weights are a great addition to arms or around the ankles,” says Baud. These have thumb holes to keep them in place and an easy-to-adjust diameter, so they fit your wrist without sliding around.


The exercise mat that’s extra thick

A home gym starts with a place to work out. And, for many exercises, that place is a yoga or exercise mat you can roll up and store. Choosing one that makes getting onto the floor an activity that doesn’t hurt bony parts helps encourage more working out, and this extra thick, high-density foam mat fits the bill.

“This thick mat is super cushy and great for floor work,” says Baud. And it comes in four colors to give your workout a personalized palette.


A jump rope so you can get an intense cardio workout anywhere

If you’d like to get your heart rate up without leaving the house or hurting your joints, try this simple, inexpensive speed jump rope. “Not only are they cost-effective and easy to store,” says Alex Randall, CIMSPA-certified Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer and the founder and CEO of Revel Sports, “but they also provide an array of benefits that can make your workout more productive.” Some benefits that Randall mentions include jumping rope being an aerobic activity that also plays a role in “improving your cardiovascular health.”


This fitness tracker with a built-in heart rate monitor

“A heart rate monitor is a great way to measure your progress and keep track of your workouts,” says Randall. “Heart rate monitors are becoming increasingly affordable, and they can provide detailed feedback on your heart rate and workout intensity.”

This fitness tracker is an easy way to monitor heart rate since it has the necessary tech built right in. Randall suggests using it “for monitoring your recovery between workouts, allowing you to adjust your intensity and duration for optimal performance.” This version also tracks steps and delivers phone notifications to your wrist, is small and affordable, and comes in several color options.


A headlamp to help you can run safely after dark

If walking or running is your go-to way of getting moving, Randall recommends wearing a headlamp if you do it after dark. “A headtorch is a really useful piece of kit for running during the winter months because it provides a hands-free way of seeing where you are going in the dark,” he says.

“It also helps you to be more visible to other people and vehicles, as the light will make it easier for them to spot you ... It allows you to enjoy running in the dark and the peace and quiet of the night.”


This beanie with a light for nighttime activities when it’s cold

When temperatures get brisk, pull on this beanie with a light to get the headlamp experience with some added warmth. “I've been loving my beanie headtorch combo recently,” says Randall, “especially in this cold weather.” The light is easy to remove when you want to wash the hat and shines a bright beam on your path as you run or walk. It comes in seven colors.


These wireless earbuds for effortless tunes to power your workout

“Gone are the days when I had to worry about my earphones getting tangled in my running shorts or falling out of my ears as I jogged,” reports Randall. “I recently invested in a pair of great budget ear pods for running, and it has made my runs so much more enjoyable — especially considering the alleviated stress of losing them compared to an expensive pair of AirPods!”

These in-ear headphones by Sony connect to your phone and to each other wirelessly, get up to 20 hours on a charge (with the included case), and won’t care if you get sweaty or caught in the rain. “The pods fit securely and comfortably in my ears,” he says. “So I don't have to worry about them slipping out. The sound quality is amazing, so I can really get into my music which really helps me to set a good running pace.” They also let you answer calls.


A pair of over-ear earbuds for more affordable workout jams

For even less outlay of cash — and an over-ear style that won’t fall out of even the hardest-to-fit ears — these Bluetooth earbuds are equally cord-free. They come in a convenient carry case that boosts their battery to 22 hours before you need to find a cord and plug. They are waterproof, too, so they won’t go on the fritz if the weather turns wet on your outing.


A playground ball for fun & lively workouts

Krystal Quagliara, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and health and wellness expert at Krystalized Health Advisors suggests that you don’t have to look any further than the playground for an effective workout. “This may seem like a really simple object, but there are actually a lot of fun and effective exercises you can achieve with a non-weighted playground ball,” she says.

Here are some of her favorites:

  • “Tuck behind your knee for a boost to hamstring and glute exercises
  • Squeeze the ball between your knees or thighs during bridge lifts, ab exercises, or squats for an added burn
  • [Hold] the ball out in front of you or overhead during stabilizing movements like lunges or calf raises [to] really increase the workload of these exercises
  • If you are working out with a partner or friend, a playground ball can add a huge element of fun by tossing it back and forth during reps!”


A jump rope with no rope to trip on or make noise

If jumping with a speed rope could cause damage to overhead fixtures, don’t give up. You don’t have to negotiate a rope to get the burn. “Since my home gym is in my basement,” says Quagliara, “the ceilings are low, and regular jump rope is out of the equation. I love my weighted ropeless jump ropes!

“They allow for an extra burn on the arms (especially if you hold them out straight to the side) and a fun bonus element to the cardio exercise of jumping rope. Try them with high-knees, butt-kicks, or jumping jacks!” You can adjust how heavy they are by removing the steel weights or adding them back in as you get stronger.


A set of pushup bars to help protect your wrists

Don’t give up on push-ups because putting all your weight on your hands hurts your wrists. Portable push up bars, says Quagliara, “are ideal for getting the best form from pushups without putting stress on the wrist joint.” The grips are padded for comfort, and the shape lets you work with your wrist in a more natural position.

“People who suffer from carpal tunnel may find it more comfortable to use these when doing planks or push-ups. You can also use them for dips to work the triceps!”


A weighted fitness hoop for a refreshing cardio workout

A weighted fitness hoop is “an exciting way to add a low-impact cardio exercise to your workout,” says John Gardner, NASM-certified trainer and CEO and co-founder of Kickoff remote training. “[Using one] can easily be done at home and requires minimal and affordable equipment. The best thing about weighted [fitness] hoop exercises is that they can spice up your exercise routine and can be done while you're speaking on the phone, during your work breaks, or while you're watching a movie.”

They “target the core muscles as well as the lower body muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps,” he says. This one is made of detachable segments so you can easily tote it where you like.


A pair of workout gloves to protect your hands

Pull on a pair of workout gloves to eliminate some of the irritants from your workout. “They provide extra warmth when the weather is cold to help perform workouts,” says Gardner. “[And] they're essential when it comes to lifting weights as they protect hands and skin from friction and blisters.”

These stretchy gloves offer enhanced durability and grip, have ventilation holes for breathability, and are touchscreen compatible. They’re “[great] for working out at the gym without worrying about hygiene and touching other equipment used by others,” he says. “They provide an extra layer of comfort when doing exercises such as planks, pull-ups, etc.”


This set of dumbbells with adjustable weights

“Because [they] are such a versatile piece of workout equipment, having a dumbbell set at your disposal is really necessary,” says Jake Dickson, a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT-NASM) and Contributing Editor at BarBend. “This is an excellent kit for beginners because it includes a case to keep everything organized, in addition to three different weights to choose from.”

You can go from dumbbell exercises to barbell ones simply by snapping the weights onto the extension bar. Weights go from 1 to 44 pounds.


A set of resistance bands for strength training that fits in a drawer

“These resistance bands, also known as booty bands, are more difficult to use than they appear,” warns Dickson. The set includes five bands, each with a different resistance level that’s printed right on the band. You can double them up to add more weight to your exercises. “[They] can be used for upper- and lower-body workouts simultaneously, making them the ideal piece of exercise equipment for areas with limited room.”


A balance ball to help with core & stability training

“This balancing ball is an excellent piece of equipment for any home gym since it is ideal for working the core and performing stability exercises,” says Dickson. The anti-burst ball is easy to fill with the included pump, comes with a collection of video workouts to get you started, and is available in three colors.


These sliders that work your core & are easy to pack along

A set of core sliders, says Dickson, are “multipurpose [and] can be used on a variety of surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, and tile, making them appropriate for use in any room of the house.” Just flip them over, depending on the floor you are working out on. They are so small you can take them along and work out in a hotel room. “You can try using them for mountain climbers, which are great for working your core or reverse lunges.”


An ab roller wheel that fires up your core

Ryan Ernsbarger, an NCSF-certified personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, and fitness advisor at Fin vs Fin says that “[the] foundation for stability and strength begins with the core. This is why my number one recommendation to clients is to purchase an ab-wheel.”

This ab roller wheel is ideal. It’s stable, has big foam hand grips that are slip-proof, and comes with knee pads. “Whether you work from home or come into the office, the ab-wheel only takes 10-15 minutes to get a great core workout, so it is the perfect way to get a quick and effective workout at any point in the day,” he says. “It is very inexpensive and will give you the most bang for your buck as far as at-home workout tools are concerned.”


This pull-up bar that’s versatile & easy to install

“This is an extremely versatile piece of equipment,” Ernsbarger says of this pull-up and chin bar. “You can perform traditional pull-ups, core exercises such as ‘toes to bar’ or you can even put the bar on the ground to increase the range of motion for push-ups. Those three movements alone will be enough to get a great at-home workout and increase overall upper body strength.”

This fits in a standard doorway and as an added bonus, is easy to take down and store.


A high-density foam roller because recovery is important

Erik Brown, a UESCA-certified running coach, ACE trainer, and the founder of Treadmill Express Plus is a fan of the foam roller. “The high-density roller is a straightforward foam roller for easing aching muscles,” he says. “Although this foam roller appears to be extremely simple to use, its simplicity makes it ideal for use in a home workout. This foam roller's texture is hard enough to address back, neck, shoulder, and leg pain. Use it before or following a high-or low-impact workout.”

This extra-long roller is lightweight and portable, and is an MVP for self-massage, helping to relieve tension and promote circulation.


This waist belt so you can carry your phone while running

Brown also recommends treating yourself to this NATHAN running waist belt for carrying your essentials when running or hiking. “It has so many convenient features that make it stand out for me,” he says. “First, it has enough storage space to hold my phone, car keys, and other items I run with. Also, they are made of thick and supportive neoprene fabrics that prevent a massive bouncing rate while I run.

“I am a big fan of minimalist waist packs, and unlike most ... [Nathan’s] is very sleek ... they are also pretty much affordable and budget-friendly for their features.”


These kettlebell weights that up the ante of strength exercises

Jesse Feder, ACSM-certified personal trainer, registered dietitian, and My Crohn’s and Colitis Team contributor, recommends adding kettlebell weights to your home gym. These are cast iron weights with a vinyl coating. They have a big, wide handle that makes them easy to lift and grip.

“My favorite exercise to do with a kettlebell is farmer carries as they are great for core strengthening and stability,” he says.


A weighted medicine ball to help strengthen & tone your whole body

“Medicine balls are typically ... used for core strengthening or other strength movements,” says Feder. Hold it while doing calisthenics or deadlifts — or even while walking or jogging — for a unique challenge. This gel-filled medicine ball comes in five weight options, ranging from two to 15 pounds, and is soft and pliable, making it great for throwing and catching with a partner or using a rebounder.


These sandbags with adjustable weight levels

Sandbags are great for several exercises,” says Feder. “However, the most common ones are sandbag cleans and sandbag carries. Sandbag cleans are essentially picking the sandbag up from a deadlift position and exploding upwards, and catching the bag in a front rack position. Sandbag carries are used to improve core strength and include you hugging the bag tight while maintaining an upright posture and walking a certain distance.”

These are shipped empty. Load the three filler bags with sand and then add those to the bigger bags so you can adjust the weight for each workout.


These resistance bands with handles for a versatile workout option

For an easy, take-anywhere, keep-in-a-drawer workout accessory, Feder loves these resistance tube bands. Loop the band under a foot or behind your back to create weighted exercises without the bulky weights. The easy-to-grip handles make them simple to work with, with no twisting or hand squeezing. They come in five color-coded weight equivalents and are ideal for enhancing a stretching workout, too.


These weighted slam balls for an explosive fitness routine

If you want to bring some fun, stress relief, and bounce to your workout, try these slam balls. Throw them against a wall or the ground. Toss them back and forth with a friend. Or hold them when you do lunges or crunches. “They are used for more explosive movements” as compared to the medicine ball, says Feder. They are weighted, and you can choose how heavy you want yours to be. They start at 10 pounds and go up to 40.


A trigger point massager for your post-workout soreness

Charlie Nash, an ACE-CPT fitness instructor and former level 10 gymnast, says, “part of a solid at-home workout routine is using proper recovery tools.” So be sure and treat your muscles to some soothing post-workout.

Nash is a fan of this massage cane “because it soothes and massages out muscles that are typically harder to target,” he says, “including the scapula and lower back ... [It] was designed to release tension and speed up recovery time in between workouts ... You can also detach the midsection and use it as a fascia roller for deep tissue massage along the quads, hamstrings, or calves, which ultimately stimulates blood circulation and increases muscle plasticity for quicker recovery.”