Fun Factory just released these spicy sets that combine two best-selling toys — for double the pleasure

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For over 20 years, German sex toy company Fun Factory has been making eco-friendly, fair-labor toys that encourage sexual exploration. In an industry where there’s little regulation around materials used, its toys have gained attention (and fans) for using medical-grade silicone hand-mixed with body-safe dyes — and no toxic chemicals. And just in time for a season of indoor activities (and, soon enough, Valentine’s Day), Fun Factory has released three power duos that combine two best-selling toys into one money-saving, highly erotic package.

Fun Factory’s inclusive-minded toys are intended for everybody, so there are endless ways for you and a partner to experiment. Below, you’ll find a guide to the brand’s new sets for couples (or just for yourself), with everything from beginner-friendly butt plugs to vibrators and even a sleek penis stroker that’s received, well, orgasmic praise. These toys can be used on their own or you can combine them for maximum satisfaction.

Meet the Fun Factory sets

For enhancing strap-on sex


  • Includes a vibrating C-ring and a posable dildo
  • Waterproof
  • Body-safe materials

Fun Factory’s Ride & Vibe set is comprised of two best-sellers that work together to make solo play a lot hotter — or majorly enhance strap-on sex. The NŌS is a vibrating C-ring with flexible extensions that can rest on either side of the clitoris. But it doesn’t just have to be used as a C-ring — try holding it on your hand and using it on yourself or a partner for more direct, controlled stimulation.

The second toy in the set is the LIMBA FLEX, a posable dildo designed to bend into any shape needed to hit the G-spot or prostate. Its flexibility also makes it easier to change positions while using a strap-on. “From the first time I used the Limba Flex, I knew this was going to be one of my go-to toys for pegging due to its customizable shape, velvety soft silicone, and harness friendly design,” one reviewer wrote.

Two useful things of note: the LIMBA FLEX works with most harnesses (including Fun Factory’s Harness Joque), and it’s also safe to use for anal. You can also DIY your own rabbit vibrator by wrapping the NŌS around the LIMBA FLEX. And, like all of the Fun Factory kits, the Ride & Vibe comes with a game that offers some steamy inspiration.

For incorporating anal play


  • Includes a beginner-friendly butt plug and a vibrating C-ring
  • Waterproof
  • Body-safe materials

The Next-Level Sex kit is a set that should both pleasantly surprise sex toy pros and be a good intro for novices. The BOOTIE is a beginner-friendly butt plug — dubbed the “little black dress of butt plugs” — that touts its slim base as a feature that sets it apart from other plugs. With a curved tip, it’s designed to rest against the prostate without being too overwhelming, making it ideal for beginners. That being said, the plug is designed for anybody wanting to experiment with anal play, not just prostate-havers. Of the butt plug, one reviewer shared: “Feels nice to insert, fun to squeeze, and no fear of it getting sucked in.”

The NŌS, the vibrating C-ring mentioned earlier, is built with two pressure points that squeeze the penis for longer-lasting erections, along with wings on either side that can stimulate a clitoris during penetration. It can also be slipped around a couple of fingers to turn your hand (or a partner’s hand) into a vibrator. The unintimidating design of the BOOTIE, along with the stimulation of the NŌS, make this a perfect set to experiment with.

For taking oral sex (or solo play) to new heights


  • Includes a penis stroker and a vibrator with fluttering tips
  • Waterproof
  • Body-safe materials

A titillating addition to oral (and much more), the Oh Yeah, Right There set will bring your sex life into 2023 with a bang. It includes the MANTA, Fun Factory’s best-selling stroker that can turn a penis into a vibrator by fitting around the shaft to enhance solo play or create a mega intense experience for two. The design of this toy is sleek, setting it apart from other bulkier, hard-to-handle penis strokers. Reviewers raved about the intense orgasms they experience while using the MANTA, with one person noting that it gave them “the absolute best orgasm.” Of course, for people with vulvas, the MANTA’s vibrating arms will feel fantastic against the clit or labia.

Meanwhile, the VOLTA is an external vibrator with fluttering tips that’s designed to bring a lot of pleasure to a variety of erogenous zones — while it’s described as being “made for the clit,” it’s also perfect for stimulating nipples and adding an intense twist to blow jobs.

Check out the Fun Factory site for the full line of inclusive, body-safe sex toys