Genius, cheap things with tons of 5-star Amazon reviews that seem expensive

Ultra popular and ultra impressive.

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On any day, a quick scroll through Amazon will yield plenty of items with glowing reviews from shoppers just like you. But it takes more time to find game-changing upgrades that are budget-friendly (and also high-quality). So, I’ve rounded up 60 expensive-looking products with low prices that are clearly worthy of some praise (the sheer number of five-star reviews speak for themselves, folks). Even if you add a few of these gems to your cart, your wallet won’t cry.


A super compact table lamp with 4.6 stars after over 17,000 reviews

Bedside lamps can be expensive, but this small table lamp has a budget-friendly price tag. Its sleek black base and rectangular, beige linen shade give it a luxurious, modern appearance that looks like it belongs in a luxe hotel. A 4.6-star average rating after 17,000 reviews backs up its quality, with many reviewers calling it “elegant.”


A bright LED digital alarm clock made of stylish wood

Despite its budget-friendly price, this digital alarm clock looks seriously expensive. Its sleek, black wooden base has a natural wood grain, a back control panel, and a bright LED display. With adjustable brightness and volume, three alarm settings, and an indoor temperature and humidity reading in real-time, it’s the perfect hub for your bedside table.


The relaxing & highly rated foot spa for DIY pedicures at home

Give your feet a rest with this foot spa, which has earned over 25,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Plug it in, fill the splashproof tank with water, and turn it on with the touch-control button. Warm water, massage nodes, and bubbles will soothe your feet, and you can also exfoliate them with the removable pumice stone.


These modern & raised cat feeding bowls to ease neck tension

Feed your cats with these raised cat food bowls to eliminate uncomfortable neck tension from bending too far to reach a dish. The design is stylish and practical — they’re made of dishwasher-safe, food-safe plastic, so you can keep your kitties healthy and happy. Each bowl fits 6 ounces of food or water.


These airtight storage containers with super handy reusable labels

Fill these food storage containers with all your dry foodstuffs, top them off with the included airtight lids, and label your items using the 24 reusable labels and a marker. A 15-piece set comes with a size for large items like spaghetti, four containers for pasta and cereal, six dried goods containers, and four options for small snacks.


A durable glass pour-over coffee maker that saves money on filters

This pour-over coffee maker makes barista-level coffee in minutes, but won’t break the bank. Its durable glass base holds over 10 ounces of coffee, and using it is a cinch. Just add coffee grounds to the cleverly reusable filter, pour your hot water, and let it percolate. Then, pop out the handy filter.


This best-selling mini waffle maker with nearly perfect ratings

This compact mini waffle maker is surprisingly budget-friendly and an impressive top seller. It’s super easy to use, too — plug it in, and its dual nonstick surfaces will heat up in a few minutes, so you can make single-serve waffles fast. Rave reviews have even earned it a 4.8-star average rating on “value for money.”


A hypoallergenic toilet paper spray that can replace up to 200 wet wipes

This toilet paper spray is a cost-effective alternative to wipes, since one 4-ounce bottle replaces up to 200 wet wipes. Its hypoallergic formula is biodegradable and designed to be non-irritating (thanks to gently cleansing witch hazel and moisturizing aloe vera). It also comes in scented options like peppermint and coconut amber.


A reusable lint roller that saves money on disposable tape rollers

Use this reusable pet hair remover over and over to banish fur and lint from upholstery and household surfaces. To use it, roll the red fabric back and forth over a surface and watch as the hair disappears. It’s easy to empty, too. Plus, many reviewers say it’s replaced their need for annoying disposable tape rollers. “Removes pet hair from every surface! Blankets, rugs, couch felt, and clothing, and never wears out,” wrote one reviewer. “Been using those large sticky rollers that are worthless after two or three passes, and you go through the sheets so fast. Not this! Just clean it and keep going. Can be used repeatedly without cleaning on several items.”


These stainless steel shower shelves that make your shower look luxe

Adhere the included plastic hook panels to your shower walls, wait 24 hours, and attach these rustproof stainless steel shower shelves for a luxe way to store all of your essentials. They can hold bottles of shampoo, shaving cream, and more (up to 20 pounds), while the four included hooks are perfect for loofahs, washcloths, and scrub brushes.


This clever electric lunch box that heats up your lunch on the go

Warm your lunch in your car with this low-priced electric lunch box, which has two power adapters for on-the-go heating. Inside the box is a 1.5-liter stainless steel container for hot lunches and a smaller plastic box for fruit. And you’ll never have to worry about lunch leaks — the lid is leakproof.


A budget-friendly indoor security camera with over 200,000 5-star ratings

Use this smart security camera to monitor your home or watch your pets while you’re away. Among an impressive amount of five-star ratings (over 200,000), it has helpful features like two-way audio to chat with people while you’re away and compatibility with Alexa devices. If you don’t use Alexa, it also works with the Blink app.


A soothing essential oil diffuser with cozy LED lights

Fill the water basin of this budget-friendly essential oil diffuser with water and your go-to relaxing oils, then enjoy up to 18 hours of mist diffused from a whisper-quiet motor. You can also set an auto-off timer with the remote control and choose between seven LED light colors.


A versatile, moisturizing argan oil with over 20,000 5-star ratings

Drop some of this cold-pressed organic argan oil onto your skin, hair, or body. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and boosts skin’s moisture with vitamin E and fatty acids. Plus, it’s vetted by nearly 24,000 shoppers who have awarded it rave ratings and reviews. It’s also great for moisturizing dry cuticles or as a scalp treatment.


These best-selling satin pillowcases that look & feel luxurious

For the budget-friendly price, these satin pillowcases will seem like a steal, especially since they look and feel luxurious. Their satin fabric mimics silk but is machine washable and costs much less. This satin may also be gentler on hair and skin than other fabrics, preventing hair breakage and skin creases caused by fabric during sleep.


A budget-friendly electric milk frother that upgrades your morning coffee

Make foamy lattes at home using this cult-favorite electric milk frother, which turns on with the push of a button and effortlessly foams your choice of milk in seconds. Grab it in over 30 colors to match your kitchen. Plus, it comes with a clever stainless steel stand for your coffee station.


A battery-operated fabric shaver that’s earned over 85,000 5-star ratings

To keep your clothes looking fresh, try this battery-operated fabric shaver that removes pilling and is safe for most fabrics. Its adjustable shaver head has three different settings for different fabric types. Plus, its easy-to-use wireless design has earned it over 85,000 five-star ratings, with reviewers lauding its performance and value.


These luxe exfoliating loofahs that buff away dead skin

These exfoliating loofahs are made from 100% Egyptian luffa plant fibers, so they’re perfect for gently buffing away dead skin. Use one with your favorite body wash, and the sponge will hold a nice lather and fit comfortably in your palm. One reviewer wrote, “This set of three is a good deal. The sponge is soft when wet but a great exfoliator. It also came with a small circular piece of loofah [...] for sensitive facial areas.”


A clever multi-charging dock that can charge 6 devices at once

Keep all your devices charged with this USB charging dock, which supports fast charging and fits six devices simultaneously. It features six removable dividers to hold your items in place, as well as seven included short charging cables (three lightning cables, three micro-USB cables, and one USB-C cable). Not to mention its glowing ratings from over 7,000 shoppers.


A sunburst whiskey decanter that’ll look impressive on your bar cart

Elegant glassware has a reputation for costing a lot, but this whiskey decanter is budget-friendly, holds 33 ounces (over a bottle) of liquor, and will look incredible on your bar cart. Fill it with your go-to whiskey, and top it with the airtight stopper. The sunburst pattern will beautifully accent the spirit’s amber color.


A zero-ink label maker that’s sleek enough to fit *anywhere*

This portable label maker fits in your pocket, charges via USB, and requires no ink or toner because of its thermal printing technology. Although compact, it isn’t short on capabilities — with it, you can print labels with over 100 different fonts and 3,000 symbols. It can also print barcodes, QR codes, logos, and numbers.


This snail mucin repair cream with nearly 14,000 5-star ratings

Consistently rated highly for its moisturizing properties, this snail mucin repair cream has earned a stellar reputation. Its formula combines antioxidant-rich green tea, nourishing vitamins B5 and E, and 97.5% snail mucin, which can help give your skin a supple texture and radiant glow. Nearly 14,000 reviewers have rated it five stars, and it’s designed to be safe for sensitive skin types to boot.


These fan-favorite acne patches that reviewers say work like “magic”

After cleansing your skin, apply one of these cleverly transparent acne patches to a zit and wait for six to eight hours. Discreet enough to be worn on a Zoom call or while out running errands, they’re designed to help minimize the appearance of blemishes and help them heal faster. When ready to remove, the patch will turn white, thanks to the gunk-absorbing power of hydrocolloid.


This 5-cup vegetable chopper with over 75,000 5-star ratings

Give yourself a leg up in the food prep game with this vegetable chopper. Its catch tray has a 5-cup capacity, and you can install four interchangeable stainless steel blades for various prep jobs, including spiralizing, large and small dicing, and ribboning veggies. The set also has a stand-out reputation with over 75,000 five-star ratings.


These clever magnetic spice storage racks that stick to your fridge

These spice racks feature strong, built-in magnets that easily stick to your fridge for extra storage space. Each rack can support up to 8 pounds of spice containers, potted herbs, and other kitchen necessities. Or hanging them from the side of your washing machine makes them a clever solution for small laundry room areas.


This 32-ounce water bottle that allows you to infuse it with herbs & fruit

Load the large infuser rod of this fruit infuser water bottle with berries, cucumbers, herbs, or whatever you’d like to enhance the taste of your water. Its BPA-free design holds 32 ounces of water and has helpful time markers to remind you to take sips.


A rechargeable book light with a super impressive 80-hour battery life

This rechargeable book light will make nighttime reading much more comfortable, according to its 12,000 five-star ratings. It has three color temperature modes (including a low-blue-light amber mode) and five brightness levels to customize your reading experience. Plus, the battery lasts for up to 80 hours, so it doesn’t require nightly charging.


This pain-relieving massage gun with 30 impressive speeds

If you have sore muscles, this massage gun may help relieve tension and muscle pain. It has 30 adjustable speeds and nine interchangeable massage heads for different areas of the body, as well as a quiet motor. It’s also portable, so you can even take it to the gym for post-workout recovery. One reviewer wrote, “There are many different attachments that are useful for different areas of pain, the power can be very intense if you need it to be, and it’s relatively light, so you can use it on yourself. [...] For a cheaper buy, it’s definitely worth the money!”


These collapsible trekking poles with over 45,000 5-star ratings

These adjustable trekking poles have earned an impressive 45,000 five-star ratings for their lightweight build and durability. They’re made of aircraft-grade aluminum, so these poles are ultra-lightweight and collapse to a 2-foot length. Cork handles offer a comfortable, moisture-wicking grip, while additional accessories like mud and snow baskets make trekking in different conditions possible.


An adjustable cheese slicer to create impressive cheese board cuts

Use this impressive cheese slicer to make everyday snacks or elaborate cheeseboards. It has adjustable screws to change the distance between the roller and the steel wire, so you can get your desired thickness from wafer-thin to up to a quarter-inch thick. It works on various cheese types, including soft, semi-soft, and hard cheeses.


An impressively mini clip-on charger for your iPhone & AirPods

At less than an inch thick, this mini portable charger easily fits inside your pocket. Keep it on hand and plug the lightning charger into your iPhone or AirPods whenever they need a charge. It also comes in over 10 colors, so you can customize this ultra-compact charger to match your other travel supplies. One reviewer wrote, “Very nice compact charger! Very inexpensive [...] Quick fast charge, so I’m really impressed! Like, 5% to 45% in a few minutes. Took it to New Mexico, and it worked like a charm!”


This go-to crossbody belt bag with over 35,000 5-star ratings

This crossbody belt bag has garnered many rave reviews (over 35,000, to be exact). Its go-to design and adjustable strap make it a breeze to wear as a crossbody bag or in the traditional fanny pack style. But the best part is the roomy interior — it has four pockets, including a hidden inner pocket for valuables.

  • Available colors: 61
  • Available sizes: 3


This nonslip bathmat with a quick-drying loofah construction

With a quick-drying loofah texture that’s both practical and comfortable, this budget-friendly nonslip bathmat will keep your bathroom floor clean and dry. Step out onto it after a shower or bath, and its loofah structure will absorb water and soap. You can also keep it in the shower as a nonslip accent.


A luxe wireless picture light that’s surprisingly budget-friendly

The price of this wireless picture light is a super budget-friendly upgrade for your art and picture frames. Secure it to your wall with the included hardware, add batteries, and get a luxe light to highlight a piece on your wall. Use the remote control to adjust the brightness and color temperature for the perfect art ambiance.


These best-selling electric spice grinders with over 9,000 5-star ratings

These electric pepper and salt grinders have a one-handed operation for the easiest grinding ever. Trigger automatic grinding with an easy tilt, a feature that’s helped the set earn over 9,000 five-star ratings. Each grinder also features an adjustable coarseness knob and a bright LED light that makes it easy to see what you’re dispensing.


This popular microfiber sheet set that’ll keep you cool at night

This cooling sheet set’s material is made of a soft, machine-washable microfiber that’s a harmonious balance of luxurious and breathable. The sheets are also highly durable — i.e., they won’t pill or fade in your washing machine — and they’re designed to be softer than Egyptian cotton. Plus, the four-piece set is available in seven sizes and 45 colors.


A high-pressure handheld showerhead with 8 expensive-looking settings

This high-pressure showerhead has eight stream settings, including a massage and an impressive wide rain option. Its high-quality build features a handy cradle, so you can remove the head to rinse your hair. It also features anti-clog nozzles and rustproof stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.


A 6-sound white noise machine that’s impressively compact

If you have trouble drifting off to sleep, this white noise machine can help cancel out outside noises, and its size is compact enough for travel. It features six soothing sound profiles with options like rain, thunder, and white noise. Plus, you get an auto-off timer setting so you can get to dreamland without any disruptions.


These sleek stick-on under-cabinet lights with over 11,000 5-star ratings

Install these sleek stick-on LED lights with the included mounting tape, or use the screws for an extra-strong hold. Their compact profile looks great underneath kitchen cabinets, but they’re also useful for inside closets. When on, a warm white light will emanate from the lights, and you can adjust the brightness. Over 11,000 shoppers have rated these five stars.


An over-the-sink colander that’s cleverly expandable

Whatever the size of your sink, this BPA-free plastic over-sink colander can stretch to fit it. Its innovative design means you can use it collapsed at 14 inches or expand it up to 19 inches. Evenly spaced drainage holes make it great for multiple tasks, such as draining pasta or washing fruits and vegetables.


This cooking oil sprayer that dispenses oil in a fine mist

Use the included funnel to fill this cooking oil sprayer with your choice of oil, then screw the top back on. The top button is easy to push and releases a small amount of oil per spray, which makes it perfect for seasoning pans or salads as oil releases in a fine mist. One reviewer wrote. “Looks nice on top of my kitchen table. Easy to use and comes with a little funnel to pour oil in so there is 0 mess.”


A cute electric mug warmer for a zero-effort way to keep your coffee hot

This chic electric mug warmer has a large warming plate that fits multiple mug sizes and touch-control temperature settings between 104 degrees and 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it on your desk to keep your coffee or tea warm, and you won’t have to worry about leaving it running — it’ll automatically turn off after four hours.


This 2-tier bathroom organizer that neatly organizes your toiletries

Keep this two-tier bathroom organizer on your counter or under your sink, and neatly store your go-to items. Two large trays fit multiple bottles, so it may be a good storage solution for face serums and moisturizers. Its matte beige powder-coated steel will look great wherever you put it, too.


This 1-touch rice cooker that makes 6 cups of rice

This nonstick rice cooker is the perfect solution if you hate to babysit rice on the stove. Use the included measuring cup to add up to 3 cups of your go-to rice to the pot, add water, and slide the switch to “cook.” It even has a paddle for serving your rice.


A gift-worthy journal with 4.8 stars after 7,000 ratings

This gorgeously crafted and giftable leather journal, with a 4.8-star average rating, features durable leather and handmade cotton paper. From the asymmetrical leather flap to the strap closure, the journal looks like an expensive find from a local leatherworker or stationery shop. Inside are 120 unlined, acid-free pages for sketching or writing.


A pair of budget-friendly wired headphones with shockingly balanced sound

Although these wired on-ear headphones are surprisingly budget-friendly, they’re notorious for providing a clear sound with a nice balance of bass, mid, and high tones. The earcups feature comfortable cushioned earpads and a swivel design, so you can easily fold them up for storage. One reviewer wrote. “The clarity is very good at average listening volume, as well as the separation between the left and right speaker. They are very comfortable as well.”


These no-mess laundry detergent sheets that replace liquid detergent

These laundry detergent sheets smell like fresh linen and eliminate the liquid detergent mess. They’re not only mess-free, but you can also cut them in half for smaller loads to get up to 100 loads with a single box. Simply stick a sheet in your washing machine, put a load on top, and wash.


This nonstick electric sandwich maker with over 10,000 5-star ratings

Make grilled cheese, tuna melts, pizza pockets, and more with this electric sandwich maker that’ll upgrade your sandwich game. It features two nonstick sandwich slots that evenly toast bread and also work well for making personal omelets. Over 10,000 reviewers have given this a double-thumbs up (aka glowing five-star reviews).


A minimalist leather wallet that’s cleverly RFID-protected

This slim leather wallet looks like a luxe buy, but it won’t break the bank — and it’ll help you protect your cards. It features RFID-blocking protection for all your essential credit cards. Store them in six designated slots, and fit your cash inside the inner pocket. Plus, choose from 24 rich colors.

  • Available colors: 24


This 10.5-inch cast iron griddle that you can use *so* many ways

Whether you want to grill, sauté, sear, broil, or bake, this cast iron griddle is up to the task. This pre-seasoned multitasker is safe for use on a grill or a stove, in an oven, and even over a campfire. Use it to make everything from eggs to grilled veggies — its surface even accommodates large pancakes.


This shockingly lightweight facial moisturizer that offers plenty of hydration

With a lightweight, water-based formula, this facial moisturizer goes on non-greasy yet soothes dry skin with hydrating ingredients. A combination of green tea extract, algae extract, and passionflower fruit extract moisturizes and soothes skin simultaneously. And its scent is a top-rated feature with notes of clean citrus, aloe leaf, and sultry musk.


These genius AirTag card cases for keeping tabs on your wallet

Put an AirTag in your wallet with these clever cases so you can ease your worries. These AirTag card cases are the same size as credit cards but weigh even less. Push an AirTag into a holder’s center hole, stick the card into your wallet, and you’ll receive those trusty location updates. One reviewer wrote, “We were able to track where our luggage was down to which terminal and monitor when it was in transit back to us [...] These let you put your airbag in a credit card-sized holder to slip in your wallet and a pocket of your suitcase without it rolling around and getting lost.”


An impressively heavy-duty duffel bag with 5 zippered compartments

Due to its budget-friendly price, reviewers say this durable polyester duffel bag may surprise you with its quality. It has a spacious interior with a zippered main compartment and four zippered pockets (two front and two on either side) for packing all your essentials for the gym or getaway. And the shoulder strap is removable.

  • Available colors: 20


This electric water bottle pump with nearly 30,000 5-star ratings

Reviewers love this electric water bottle pump as a replacement for traditional stand water dispensers. To use it, charge it, attach it to the top of a 1- to 5-gallon water jug, and press the button to dispense water — all without lifting the heavy jug. A single charge lasts for up to 40 days.


These clever rug corner grippers that make rugs flat and nonslip

If you’re sick of rug corners curling, apply these rug corner grippers to each corner of your rug. Their sticky gel will grab the floor, keeping corners flat while also making the rug nonslip. And cleaning under your rug won’t be a problem — when the grippers feel less tacky, simply wipe them with rubbing alcohol.


A deep-conditioning beard balm with argan oil & shea butter

Apply some of this beard balm to your beard as a mask, or leave it in. Its lightweight formula features moisturizing cocoa butter, shea butter, and nourishing argan oil, which may help soften your beard. It smells great, too — a blend of bergamot, cedarwood, and geranium gives it a sultry, earthy scent.


This dimmable LED desk lamp with almost 9,000 5-star ratings

This dimmable LED desk lamp is a hot seller (it’s earned almost 9,000 five-star ratings) probably because of its adjustable neck, USB-C charging port for your phone, and convenient touch settings. Use the touch buttons to set a 30- or 60-minute auto-off timer, choose between five color temperatures, and adjust the brightness (it has 10 levels).


This adjustable LED growing light to help out your plants

You might assume installing a growing system inside your home will cost a lot, but this LED grow light for indoor plants is ultra-budget-friendly. Its circular, full-spectrum light has 10 dimmable levels you can adjust with the cord’s remote. It also has various auto-off timers to automate your plant’s lighting sessions and an over-6-foot cord.


These self-gripping cable ties that organize frustrating cords & chargers

Get an organized drawer with these self-gripping cable ties, which have earned over 4,000 five-star ratings. A pack of 40 comes with two sizes of ties with a reusable hook-and-loop closure. Loop one around a cable, then wind the cable and secure the tie with a quick press.


An adjustable cupholder expander that upgrades your car’s capacity

When you twist the base of this car cupholder expander to fit inside a cupholder slot, your cupholder will accommodate large drink containers up to 40 ounces. Fit a clunky thermos or bottle, and the expander will hold it securely. It won’t block the other cupholder slot, so you can even double up.