30 genius things that make having a dog way less gross

Spend less time cleaning up slobber and more time snuggling.

ByVeronika Kero
Originally Published: 
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Let’s face it — as cute and cuddly as they are, having a dog can be pretty gross at times. They come inside dragging mud across your floors, have icky breath from eating who-knows-what, and somehow manage to attach their fur to every surface they come in contact with.

But... you know you can’t live without them. So instead, stock up on a few of these gizmos and gadgets to help your pet parent life a little less disgusting.


This chew toy that removes plaque as your pup plays

If your dog makes a big fuss when you try to brush their teeth, trick them into doing it themselves with this toothbrush toy. While it may look like just an adorable stalk of corn, it’s actually designed to clean every inch of their mouth. The kernels brush both horizontally and vertically, and this toy is bite-resistant material so it won’t deform over time.


A deodorizing spray that smells like sweet kiwis

For a quick refresher in between baths, this pet deodorizing spray will do just the trick. It’s made with all-natural ingredients that balances dogs’ pH levels to eliminate odor and leave them smelling like fresh kiwis. The light but pleasant scent will cover up the fact that they may have been running around in dirt just a few hours ago.


This silicone finger brush that makes it easy to remove plaque

The best way to truly give your dog’s teeth a proper cleaning is to get in there with this finger brush. The silicone piece is covered in durable bristles that scrub away plaque from every single angle. Plus, the non-slip material expands around your finger so as not to slip off in their mouth. This set comes with two brushes and two cases so that everything is kept hygienic and ready to use.


This shaggy, absorbent towel with pockets for a better grip

This machine washable microfiber towel is easier to use than most — and not just because of its super absorbent fibers. It has two pockets on the flat side that enable you to get a better grip on your pet as you pat and rub them dry. It’s gentle on fur and skin and will have your dog dry eight times faster than a standard cotton towel so that they can get back to playing.


This waterless shampoo that’s tough on dirt & gentle on skin

If your pup refuses to get in the bath as often as you’d like, this waterless shampoo can keep them smelling fresh in between full washes. There’s no need to even rinse. Just work the gentle formula into their fur and let the wheat protein and oatmeal help soothe and moisturize while also getting rid of grime. A light coconut aroma will be left behind.


A powerful black light that reveals hidden urine stains

While you may not see anything gross, you may smell it. Use this black light to find old stains so that you know exactly where to start cleaning. The flashlight has 68 powerful LED lights and is super lightweight so you can easily carry it around the house to look for hidden urine stains and more. You can also use the bright light to examine hotel beds for bed bugs, identify pests, and more.


This best-selling pet hair remover that can be emptied easily

To quickly transform your home into a fuzz-free sanctuary, pick up this pet hair remover. There’s no sticky tape involved but instead an upgraded lint roller that cleans itself and can be reused. Roll it back and forth on clothes, furniture, and car seats without having it snag at any fabric. After you’ve passed every last inch, just click the chamber open to dump all the fur it collected right into the trash.


A silicone food mat that stops crumbs from ending up on the floor

If your furry friend tends to get more kibble on the floor than actually in their mouth, this silicone food mat will keep things clean. With edges that are raised over half an inch high, crumbs and water can’t make their way to your wood or carpet. It’s made of a durable, BPA-free, and waterproof silicone that is easy to wipe clean at the end of each day.


This best-selling paw wax to keep them protected in the cold

Before you take your dog on that nice walk in the park, coat on this paw wax. The all-natural blend is made of nourishing ingredients like beeswax, candelilla wax, and vitamin E. All work together to create a moist, breathable, and protective barrier around their skin to prevent any drying or cracking, especially when it’s nippy outside and they’re walking on ice. It’s so gentle that it can even be applied on hot spots and cuts.


These easy-to-use grooming gloves to massage & de-shed your dog

Getting your dog in the bath can be a battle in and of itself so, to multitask, pick up a pair of these grooming gloves so you can wash, massage, and de-shed them all at once. Each glove is covered in flexible nubs that easily brush and detangle your dog’s fur. All the while, the rounded bristles will feel comforting. They work on short, medium, and long-haired animals.


These teeth-cleaning dental treats that’ll leave their breath minty fresh

Available in mint and vanilla, your pet’s breath will smell good no matter which one of these dental treats you go with. The tasty chews are easily digestible seeing as they’re made without any soy, gluten, or artificial flavors and purposely designed with bumps divots to help clean teeth by removing plaque and tartar. They’re also made with five natural breath fresheners: alfalfa, parsley, fennel dill, and peppermint.


This silicone brush that attaches to your shower head or hose

If your pup acts as though water is their worst enemy, speed up tub time with this bath brush. It comes with two different adapters so that it can connect directly to any hose or shower head. By connecting the two, the water can run directly through the open holes in the center of the brush. You’ll be massaging, brushing, and cleaning them at the same time without having to get them to stand in a full tub or under a running faucet.


A pet-friendly odor eliminator that can be used on furniture

To get rid of those lingering smells on your carpet and upholstery, reach for this odor eliminator. Since this spray is made with natural orange oil, it leaves behind a fresh scent instead of a chemical aroma. It’s safe to use on carpets, fabric, tiles, turf, and more. Best of all, this spray is pet-friendly, as it’s free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.


This seat cover that keeps your car protected from scratches & hair

When you don’t want to leave your puppy home but also don’t want any accidents or scratches to ruin your shiny leather seats, this car seat cover will come in handy. The padded waterproof cotton can handle even the sharpest claws and will capture any loose fur. Just attach the six anchors to each headrest and the side doors to cover all bases and give them a cozy cocoon to get comfortable in. Its non-slip backing also helps it stay in place.


An enzymatic toothpaste that comes in flavors they’ll love

This enzymatic toothpaste contains exactly what the name suggests — a ton of helpful abrasive enzymes that actively reduce bacteria. By doing so, it reduces plaque and tartar buildup and actually improves bad breath instead of just masking it. It comes in three flavors (beef, poultry, and vanilla mint) that your furry friend will think are good enough to eat and, since the formula doesn’t contain any harmful foaming agents, they can. It’s completely safe if some is swallowed.


These anti-inflammatory wipes to get rid of tear stains

While these dog wipes can certainly be used for any part of their body (like their skin folds that can trap smelly dirt and grime), they’re especially helpful when trying to remove tear stains from their face. The gentle wipes are made with anti-inflammatory ingredients that will rebuild their skin’s natural ceramides and leave them looking healthy. And since it’s free of alcohol and parabens, it won’t sting or itch.


A dog toy launcher that lets you avoid touching their slobber

Playing fetch is fun for your dog, but picking their slobbery ball back up isn’t as much fun for you. Keep your hands clean and dry by using this ball launcher that will increase the range and speed of your throw. Not only will your pup be able to get more exercise chasing after it — you won’t have to frantically search for hand sanitizer and a towel. The lightweight handle comes with a bouncy tennis ball but can also be used with any toy.


This portable paw cleaner that only needs a little water

This paw cleaner is small enough to travel with so that your pet’s paws can be clean even when visiting someone else’s house or coming home from the park. It has soft silicone bristles inside that get in every crevice to remove dirt from the entire paw at once — all you have to do is add a little water. It comes in different sizes depending on your dog’s size and a ton of fun colors.


An easy-to-use mat remover that will keep them tangle-free

Tangled fur is hard to prevent but this mat remover makes it easy to reverse. The compact brush is made with stainless steel teeth that easily cut through knots without any painful pulling. And its ergonomic design makes it easy for you to use. It has a comfortable non-slip grip on either side and a thumb rest in the center so you can apply just the right amount of force.


A poop bag dispenser that can attach to any leash

Instead of filling your personal bag with a bunch of grocery bags, attach this poop bag dispenser to any leash. As compact as it is, it can hold a roll of 20 bags at a time and this pack comes with three extra rolls for when you run out. Each lavender-scented bag is extra thick and 100% leak-proof so you won’t get yourself into any messy accidents. Plus, they’re easy to tear off from one another so you don’t have to struggle with one hand.


This airtight food container that prevents pests from getting in

Keeping kibble in its original packaging can end up attracting bugs and cause it to go stale a lot quicker. Transfer your dog’s food into this pet food container to balance moisture and keep things fresh. The airtight, BPA-free vault can hold 35 pounds and has built-in side handles so that it’s still easy to move around, and the wide opening allows you to get the perfect scoop.


These plant-based cleaning wipes that soothe the skin

These unscented dog wipes are packed full of gentle ingredients like aloe, shea butter, chamomile, and cucumber that work to soothe the skin as they clean. They’re hypoallergenic and free of parabens and alcohol, making them safe to use on even the most sensitive areas. Wipe away mud from their paws, waste from their bum, and everything in between.


A silicone dog treat pouch that clips onto your bag

To quickly have their reward in hand while on a walk, clip this dog treat pouch onto a belt loop or your bag strap. The non-toxic silicone container is made with a magnetic closure so you can easily reach inside with one hand and don’t have to worry about anything spilling out. Plus, since it’s made of a non-stick material, it’s super easy to wipe clean.


An easy-to-clean grooming brush that keeps their coat soft & shiny

This grooming brush has fine angled bristles to gently detangle and de-shed. When you collect all of your dog’s loose fur, just press the button to retract the bristles and easily toss away the waste. All you have to do then is hang it from the eyelet hole to keep it out of the way until it’s time to it’s grooming time again. This easy-to-use and easy-to-clean brush is an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 60,000 five-star reviews.


A painless & quiet nail grinder that trims & smooths

Equipped with a diamond stone tip, this nail grinder effectively trims and buffs your pet’s nails so. Choosing to grind the nails instead of clipping them can reduce the risk of cracking and bleeding and will also put less stress on their sensitive cuticles. The wireless device can last for over two hours on a single charge and emits a super low noise that won’t bring your pet any anxiety.


This slow feeder that prevents upset stomachs

If your pup gets a little too excited for meal time, this slow feeder can help promote a healthier eating pace so that they can avoid any gulping, bloating, choking, or vomiting. The rubber bowl is made with a non-slip grip so that it stays in place as they search around the indents to get to their dry or wet food. It can hold 1.5 cups of their favorite food.


These silicone can covers that keeps smelly food fresh

You don’t have to choose between throwing away half a can or leaving it out to fill your home with a smell that you don’t find as appetizing as your furry friend does. These food can covers are made of a flexible silicone that can fit over any can up to 3.3 inches to create a reliable seal. The freshness (and odor) will be contained until you’re ready to use the rest. Each lid is reusable and can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A pack of 3 adorable squeak toys that won’t leak stuffing everywhere

These squeak toys are made with enticing noisemakers in three spots, but they’re made without one hard-to-clean item: stuffing. While they’re still soft and endlessly playable, these stuffing-free toys won’t leak out dangerous cotton for your dog (that’s also a huge pain for you to clean up). These adorable animal-shaped toys are a total winner — just check the 45,000 five-star reviews.


This low-noise electric shaver to reduce shedding

When you don’t have time to go to the groomer, give your pup a fresh new haircut yourself with this electric dog shaver. It has a sharp stainless steel blade that can be covered with any of the six length guards that come in the kit to. It also comes with a clipping comb and a sleek pair of scissors so you can perfect your dog’s look. And it remains at a low noise level to keep your pup calm.


An automatic water dispenser with a quadruple filter

Make sure that your pet is getting enough hydration, even when you’re not around, with this automatic water fountain. The top stainless steel tray will fill with water in two different modes — either with a flowing stream or gentle bubbles — both of which will spark their attention and motivate them to drink more. But before it gets there, the water is purified through the activated carbon filter that removes impurities and odor so your fur baby is getting the cleanest and safest pour.