Handymen say these common annoying problems around your home are so cheap & easy to fix

Plus, solutions that are a breeze to do on your own.

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Minor home problems, like drafty windows or running toilets, might be at the bottom of your to-do list — but they’re probably annoying you way more than you realize. So, I chatted with handymen and home experts to find out their tips and shockingly easy fixes for those little annoyances in your space. Whether it's low-level stress from a flickering light bulb, a dirty appliance, or a more serious safety hazard, little issues can eventually cause big problems. I also found all the budget-friendly products you’ll need to make your home the functional and peaceful retreat you deserve.


Problem: A mildew smell in the bathroom or closet

Solution: This zero-effort moisture absorber that can eliminate odors

For musty basements and damp spaces, this moisture absorber is an easy fix. Drew Mansur, co-founder and director of Yabby, agrees and says, “To combat mildew, consider getting a humidity absorber for smaller spaces.” DampRid uses activated charcoal that’s formulated to absorb water and remove odors from the air. To use, simply peel off the foil cover, and the product will get to work attracting moisture for up to 45 days with zero effort from you.


Problem: Super slow drains

Solution: These flexible drain snakes that are a breeze to use

When it comes to clogged drains, Mansur says, “A slow or clogged drain is annoying and also unsanitary. A simple drain snake or a powerful drain cleaner solution can clear blockages and keep your plumbing in tip-top shape.” These reusable clog removers can get rid of hair and gunk without the use of chemicals, and they’re easy to rinse off when you’re finished. It’s all thanks to the flexible polypropylene material and barbed teeth that work together to get into tight spaces and loosen clogs.


Another drain solution: These fast-acting sticks to prevent clogs & smells

To prevent clogs from happening, pick up a pack of these easy-to-use enzymatic drain sticks. Simply drop one in your drain, and it will slowly release digestive enzymes that can break down oils, grease, food debris, and even smells. Their slim design will work in floor drains, showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilet tanks. Plus, they’re designed to be biodegradable and safe for all pipes and septic systems.


Problem: Annoying squeaky doors

Solution: A precise silicone lubricant that also prevents rust

Even well-maintained homes can develop squeaky doors and hinges, and Mansur recommends silencing them with a silicone-based lubricant like this waterproof one. He says, “Get a silicone-based lubricant for long-lasting results without the mess.” This budget-friendly option has a stream spray option to cover door hinges and a built-in straw for more precise applications (like cabinet hinges). Plus, it won’t leave a sticky film behind, just a thin protective layer that can prevent rust and squeaks.


Problem: Never having a spot for your charger

Solution: This outlet extender with plenty of outlets & a shelf

Kathleen Kuhn, an advisor with Energy Raven, says, “As personal electronic device usage increases, charging cords and extension cords become ubiquitous. Establishing a centralized charging station for multiple devices can eliminate the hazards associated with charging cords.” This clever outlet extender has five classic sockets, three USB ports, and one USB-C, so you’ll have a spot for all your devices. In addition to a ton of power outlets, it also features a built-in surge protector, a night-light, and a small shelf that’s perfect for speakers or phones.


Another charging solution: A charging dock with space for all your devices

This energy-saving charging dock is an easy way to always have a charger on hand while also keeping your devices tidy. It features four USB ports and five charging cables, so you’ll always have a cord ready to go for your device. The adjustable dividers keep tablets and phones in place. Plus, when your phone is all charged up, the clever indicator lights tell you when it’s done.


Problem: Slippery or curling rugs

Solution: These reusable rug grippers that keep things flat

Josh Mitchell, HVAC technician and owner of airconditionerlab.com, cautions, “I've seen how easily accidents can happen due to rugs sliding out of place.” For a simple fix, apply a product like these rug corner grippers that prevent things from moving around. These budget-friendly grippers have a reusable adhesive that easily lifts up from the floor when it’s time to vacuum or mop. To reactivate the adhesive, simply wipe it down with rubbing alcohol.


Another solution: This expert-recommended rug pad that you can trim to size

Sometimes, you need something a little bigger than rug corner grippers, and Mitchell highly recommends this nonslip and easy-to-trim rug pad. It’s completely residue-free, keeps your run in place, and even adds some comfy padding underneath. The clever grid design lets air flow underneath your rug to keep it feeling (and smelling) fresh. Plus, Mitchell especially loves that you can cut it to “fit any rug, providing exceptional grip without causing any damage to your floors.”


Problem: A noisy & inefficient HVAC

Solution: These expert-recommended air filters with bonus allergy reduction

Mitchell also says, “An HVAC system that's noisy or not performing efficiently can be a source of frustration for homeowners, and from my experience, it's often attributed to a dirty filter or lack of maintenance.” He specifically recommends air filters by Filtrete, and this pack has the bonus of an allergy-reducing design. These clever filters are designed to trap dust, lint, pet dander, pollen, mold, debris from sneezing, and more allowing clean air to flow through. They come in multiple sizes, and you can scan them with an app to set up alerts for when it’s time to change them.


Problem: Drafty doors & noisy rooms

Solution: This noise-blocking draft stopper that’s quick to set up

When it comes to chilly drafts and irritating noises from outside, Mitchell says, “I often recommend simple solutions like weather stripping or draft stoppers, which can be easily installed by homeowners themselves.” For a quick fix, he recommends this machine-washable door draft stopper since it’s so easy to install. Simply toss its fleece design in front of your door to keep out light, wind, and noise. It also comes with adhesive tape to keep it in place. When it’s not in use, simply hang it up by the attached loops.


Another drafty door solution: A best-selling draft stopper that sticks right to your door

For a more permanent solution to door drafts, these best-selling adhesive door draft stoppers are a no-brainer. They’re made of three layers designed to block out light and noise while also preventing air conditioning or heat from leaking out of a room. They also come with 3M adhesive tape, so you can get a secure, durable fit.


Problem: Annoying humming & electrical noises

Solution: These fan-favorite LED lights that create cozy & quiet lighting

When it comes to annoying electrical humming sounds, Lance Sinclair, president of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, and Mister Sparky says, “Sometimes the sound can come from the bulb itself, especially if it’s a cheaper bulb or if it’s being used on a dimmer. Upgrade to a high-quality LED bulb to see if that quiets things down.” These long-lasting LED bulbs have a soft white glow that will cozy up every room in your space — and can even be used outside. One bulb is also designed to last up to 13 years, making this pack a super budget-friendly way to upgrade flickering or noisy lights.

While an LED bulb may fix light bulb humming problems, Sinclair advises homeowners to be aware of other electrical noise issues that may require a professional (think: electric or gas meters, wiring and outlets, or circuit breakers).


Another solution for humming lights: These quiet smart bulbs to customize your lighting

Similar to the previous bulbs, these LED smart bulbs are energy efficient and only cost pennies to operate. The bulbs are also Wi-Fi compatible, meaning you can control them via the Kasa app and you can even connect them to your Alexa. Plus, you can set your home’s vibe by changing the bulb’s color and brightness level.


Another solution for humming lights: These LED lights for sleek & quiet under-cabinet lighting

Sinclair also says, “Many fluorescent light fixtures make a humming sound.” These puck lights are a cozy and easy-to-install LED alternative to old-school fluorescent lighting. Their battery-operated design has an impressive 100-hour run time and can be controlled with the included remote. Turn them on and off, set timers, or even adjust brightness from across the room. They also come with use stick-on adhesive or low-effort mounting screws to mount them.


Problem: A gross-smelling dishwasher

Solution: These deep-cleaning tablets for zero-effort dishwasher maintenance

Ron Shimek, president of Mr. Appliance, a Neighborly Company, says there are a few things homeowners can do between professional maintenance checks, including checking for leaks and using “products to clean the inside of your washer and dishwasher.” These deodorizing dishwasher tablets are a low-effort way to deep clean grease and mineral build-up in your dishwasher — even in the hidden spots, like the pumps, filter, and more. Simply pop one in the detergent compartment and run a regular cycle to tackle grime and gross food smells.


Problem: Keeping up with washing machine maintenance

Solution: These zero-effort tablets to clean out your washer

Shimek recommends using a cleaning product like these deep-cleaning tablets between annual washing machine maintenance checks. They’re formulated to clean hidden parts of the machine, including the drum, pipes, the seal around the edge, and more. Simply put one in the drum and run your usual cycle (without any clothes), and they’ll help remove build-up, grime, and residue.


Problem: Holes in window screens

Solution: This stick-on window repair tape with zero tools required

“Not only do damaged and sagging screens look ugly, but they can also create places where pests like mosquitos and mice can enter your home,” says Josh Rudin, Owner of ASAP Restoration LLC and a certified restorer. Luckily, he says an easy fix is a screen repair kit, like this budget-friendly option. To use — simply cut this clever tape to size, stick it on, and the strong adhesive will ensure it stays put. In addition to windows, the durable fiberglass mesh is ideal for fixing tent screens, screen doors, and more.


Problem: Old & worn-looking window screens

Solution: This clever screen-cleaning brush you can

Once your screen is all patched up, reach for this easy-to-use cleaning tool to remove any unwanted dust, pollen, and other grime. The microfiber design can be used wet or dry to wipe up grime without damaging the screen. The long fibers are designed to clean between the small holes in the mesh. Use the brush head on its own or attach the handle for a greater cleaning range. Plus, it can dust other surfaces around the house, like sofas, rugs, and more.


Problem: Loose & shaky cabinet hardware

Solution: This versatile multi-tool with cabinet-fixing bits

“Cabinet hardware will eventually come loose over the years,” says Rudin. “The easiest way to fix cabinet hardware is with a Philips head screwdriver and a bit of tightening.” These multi-tool pens are the thing to grab to fix those shaky cabinets because they’re small enough to store anywhere and come with 11 built-in tools. You get both a flathead and Phillips screwdriver bits, so it’s ready to tighten anything. Plus, it features things like a level, a ruler, an LED light, and a stylus writing tip for other projects.


Another cabinet solution: These sturdy, new cabinet pulls to transform your space

You could also toss that shaky cabinet hardware and upgrade it to this pack of modern stainless steel drawer and cabinet pulls. This budget-friendly pack comes with all the required hardware to make swapping out loose handles a breeze. Plus, if you don’t love the sleek matte black finish, they come in more than six other colors to match your kitchen or bathroom.


Problem: Cracked & old-looking grout

Solution: This water-repellent sealing spray for fresh-looking grout

“Damaged grout doesn’t just look unsightly, it can also cause serious issues if water escapes,” says Rudin. “When water gets into cracked grout lines it can seep into the substructure and cause rotting and further deterioration of the grout too.” To prevent it, he suggests using a grout sealer every year like this spray-on water repellant sealant that’s so easy to use. It has a professional-grade formula that’s designed to make water bead up when it touches it. Plus, it’s completely clear to keep your grout looking bright and clean.


Problem: Creaks and whistling sounds from drafty windows

Another solution: This 3-in-1 caulk tool that makes weatherproofing easier

Rudin also says fixing gaps and cracks around your windows is “easy and usually just requires a caulk gun and some silicone to seal them up.” Just be sure to grab this 3-in-1 tool to easily peel away the old seal and smoothly spread the bead of the new caulk. This easy-to-use tool has a stainless steel blade, a plastic scraper, and a caulk-smoothing tool, so you’ll be covered for all steps in the caulking process.


Another draft solution: This window insulation you simply install with a hairdryer

If your drafty windows require more than new caulk, this window insulation kit is the thing to grab. It’s a budget-friendly and super-easy way to seal out air and moisture. When heat is applied, this plastic sheeting shrinks smoothly to fit the window. All you have to do is use the included adhesive and a hairdryer to seal everything up. It also comes with pre-cut transparent sheets designed to fit standard-size windows.


Problem: Scratched & scuffed furniture

Solution: This leather conditioner that won’t leave behind a residue

Fixing scratched leather furniture can feel intimidating, but Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy, says, “Usually the trick for fixing scratched leather is moisturizing it, which can help the leather repair and fill in unsightly scratches and blemishes.” A water-repelling leather conditioner such as this easy-to-use option helps to protect and restore leather upholstery, car seats, and even accessories. This odorless formula protects and revives leather without leaving behind a sticky residue. And it helps fix cracking, scratches, or even faded spots on your leather pieces.


Problem: Gross, clogged gutters

Solution: This gutter cleaning tool that sprays away leaves & debris

Brendan Anderson, owner of Brix Systems Roofing Kalispell, calls overflowing gutters a “frequent issue in many homes.” To fix it, he suggests “regular cleaning using a telescopic gutter cleaning tool, allowing homeowners to clear debris safely from the ground without ladders.” This gutter-cleaning wand connects directly to your garden hose, so you can quickly spray out all the leaves and debris. You can extend the telescoping wand up to 70 inches, and you can even angle the top of the sprayer to easily reach every last leaf.


Another gutter solution: This anti-rust guard to prevent clogged gutters

To stop clogs before they have a chance to start, install this durable mesh gutter guard on your roof. This clever netting is easy to install because it comes with clips and can be cut to size with regular scissors. Plus, it’s rust- and corrosion-resistant, making it a durable and long-lasting solution.


Problem: Broken and chipped tiles

Solution: This easy-to-use adhesive for new-looking tiles

If your home is riddled with cracked and loose tiles, Anderson says that something like this easy-to-use adhesive can be “a simple and affordable solution to prevent tripping hazards and improve the appearance of your flooring.” This tile adhesive is designed to quickly fix broken ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, laminate flooring, and more. It’s perfect for damp rooms, like bathroom tiles, because it’s mildew-resistant. Plus, this permanent adhesive also works with floor tiles or even wall tiles on your backsplash or in the shower.


Another tile solution: This repair kit that makes tiles & sinks look like new

To really upgrade cracked or chipped surfaces like tile, granite, and marble reach for this easy-to-use repair kit. Simply create the perfect match with the included color options, apply it, and sand it down when it dries. This durable, waterproof fix is also odor-free to make it an even easier DIY.


Problem: A small leak in the roof

Solution: This fan-favorite adhesive tape that can seal out water

If you have a small leak in your roof, this waterproof tape is an easy way to seal out moisture. Anderson says, “Small leaks can sometimes be managed with a temporary fix using a waterproof patch and seal tape.” This particular tape is perfect for those minor fixes, and you can use it inside or outside. The strong adhesive is designed to conform to surfaces to seal out water, moisture, and air. Plus, this waterproof and durable solution is easy to apply because you simply stick it on like tape.

Anderson also points out, “However, it's crucial to have a professional inspection to ensure there are no larger, underlying problems that could lead to more significant damage.”


Problem: A leaking faucet

Solution: This O-ring kit with an easy-to-use option for every faucet

Keith Wortsmith, owner and president at DASH Heating & Cooling, says when it comes to dripping faucets, “Almost 100% of the time, this is due to a worn faucet valve or O-rings.” This budget-friendly O-ring kit includes 950 pieces in over 20 sizes, so you’re sure to find a size for leaky faucets all around the house. These stretchy rings are easy to put on as well as water- and oil-resistant to make them long-lasting. Plus, they come in a tidy little kit for future leaky faucets.


Problem: A shaky & precarious toilet seat

Solution: This compact toile seat-fixing kit that’s a breeze to use

When it comes to a precarious toilet seat, Wortsmith says, “The reason for a loose toilet seat is simple — loose or failing bolts. All you need to do is tighten them or replace the loose bolts with new ones.” This easy-to-use toilet tool kit has everything you need to adjust the bolts and make the toilet seat sturdy again, all on your own. It includes three sets of washers, a wrench, and a screwdriver. And the pieces nest neatly together for convenient storage.


Problem: Not knowing the power to your fridge & appliances is out

Solution: This plug-in alarm that alerts you in case of power failure

There’s nothing worse than not knowing you lost power to an essential appliance (like your fridge), but an easy remedy is this battery-operated power loss alarm. Christopher Haas, owner of Haas & Sons Electric, says, “Oftentimes homeowners have fridges, freezers, and or sump pumps plugged into these circuits. You don't want to lose power to these circuits because that can lead to food loss or a flooded basement.” This power loss alarm will alert you of lost power and tripped circuits with flashing LED lights and a loud alarm. Plus, the alarm stays on until power is restored or you press the silence button.


Problem: Clogged toilets

Solution: A specific shape of plunger that’s designed to fix clogs

Mark Brunke, general manager of Environmental Plumbing, says there’s actually a specific shape of toilet plunger to fix clogs. “There are different shapes of plungers for different types of drains. For a toilet, a flange plunger is needed,” he says. “It has the traditional bell shape at the top, but a narrow flange at the bottom to fit into the toilet drain in order to create a better seal.” This toilet plunger and caddy set fits the bill with its flange cup on the bottom to create that quick-to-use seal. It also comes with a discreet caddy to neatly hide it away when you aren’t using it. Plus, it’s complete with a fast-draining tray to keep it dry.


Problem: Gross plungers getting the floor dirty

Solution: This drip-catching plunger tray that’s easy to clean

This universal plunger tray is such a clever way to avoid drips and germy bathroom floors. It’s made of easy-to-clean plastic and has a raised design so water can easily drip off of it. It’s also designed to fit all standard toilet and sink plungers and can increase airflow and speed up drying time.


Problem: A toilet that won’t stop running

Solution: This durable flapper that’s a snap to install

Before you call the plumber, you may be able to fix a constantly running toilet at home. Jeff Palla, president of Mr. Handyman, a Neighborly company, says, "If your toilet continues to run, it could mean it has an improper float position or a broken, dirty or a misshapen flapper.” If the toilet valve is old or doesn’t cover the valve opening, swap it out with this durable flapper that’s designed to be super long-lasting. It has a universal fit with a 2-inch sealing surface designed to fit most brands and styles of toilets. It’s also a breeze to install in the toilet on your own.