Hidden gems on Amazon with extremely high ratings that you never knew existed

The cat’s out of the bag — you need these gems.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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If you’ve ever wondered if there was a less stressful way of locating those wandering car keys, or if there must be a better solution to packing for a vacation than simply jamming clothes in a suitcase — there is. Get ready to uncover hidden gems on Amazon with extremely high ratings that you never knew existed. Until now. Browse below and prepare to embrace all possibilities.


These refrigerator mats that are washable & reusable

Keep fridge shelves spotless with these well-reviewed refrigerator mats that are completely washable and reusable again and again. They come in a pack of nine in three different colors and can be easily cut to your desired dimensions. Made of soft EVA foam, the mats both prevent bruising to produce as well as keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer by allowing air to fully circulate thanks to the textured, porous surface.


An organic vitamin E oil that repairs skin naturally

When it comes to treating dry or undernourished skin, you want the best ingredients at hand. That’s exactly what this organic vitamin E oil offers with its all-natural ingredients which include avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and rice bran. It can be used all over the body, from the face to the hair, and leaves a pleasant lavender scent behind as it smooths and repairs skin. Even better: you can expect it to work almost instantly, as this reviewer attested, “ONE DAY results...absolutely amazing.”


These bed sheet holders that solve a very annoying problem

If you’ve ever found yourself woken up at night, swaddled in your unbound fitted sheet, you will appreciate these incredible bed sheet holders designed to solve this particularly irritating problem. They come in a pack of four, with each featuring three metal clips with a plastic clamp so as not to damage sheets and which attach to three sides of each corner. The tension created helps to keep the fitted sheet securely around the mattress so that no matter how much tossing and turning, that sheet will never budge.


A detangling hair brush that causes zero damage

With over 75,000 reviews on Amazon, customers have called this hairbrush an “amazing detangler,” a “hidden treasure,” and the “first hairbrush I’ve ever tried that doesn’t hurt.” The brush is designed with special, flexible bristles with a cone shape and layout that help to separate the hair sideways instead of down, thereby gliding through all manner of knots and tangles without causing breakage or pain. The handle fits comfortably in your hand and comes in lots of fun colors.


This wood furniture repair kit that magically makes scratches disappear

There’s no need to bid farewell to precious wood furniture that has acquired one too many scuffs and scratches over the years. This wood furniture repair kit has everything you need to amazingly make flaws disappear right in front of you. Use one of the six wax sticks to fill in the scratch, then draw over it using one of the six included markers that best match your wood finish. The marker colors range from oak to mahogany to black and will make those scratches or nicks vanish almost immediately.


An ingenious outlet shelf that gets things off the countertop or floor

This clever outlet shelf fits the bill perfectly as a complete hidden gem of “why didn’t I think of that?” ingenuity. It installs in seconds once the existing wall plate is removed and provides you with a small shelf above the outlet, perfect for storing smart devices like your Alexa or Google Home as well as alarm clocks, phones, toothbrushes, keys, or small speakers. The shelf can hold up to 10 pounds and gets small items off floors or countertops, saving you space. Take it from this satisfied shopper who said, “Best product I have bought so far. Easy to set up and it’s super sturdy.”


The wireless doorbell with a 1000-foot range

This well-reviewed wireless doorbell kit that comes with one transmitter and two receivers offers you the flexibility of hanging out in the house or out back in the shed getting on with that home improvement project — with no fear of missing a delivery. Each receiver has a 1000-foot range and is fully customizable, with over 50 tones and four volume levels from which to choose. The doorbell is easy to set up and the included battery provides over three years of performance.


A glass teapot that’s both stovetop & microwave safe

You wouldn’t think something as elegant as this glass teapot could be used in both the microwave (sans infuser) and on the stovetop, but it is indeed true. It’s constructed of borosilicate glass and includes a rustproof stainless steel infuser and lid to maintain hot temperatures. Use it with your favorite loose-leaf tea and pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.


These meat shredding claws that let you tap into your inner Wolverine

When it comes time to pull that pork or shred that chicken, put away those measly forks and, instead, channel your inner X-man using these meat shredding claws. Made of heavy-duty plastic with sharp points, they are easy to grip and offer tons of functionality by being able to assist with carving as well as carrying. Just pop them into the top rack of the dishwasher for simple cleaning. As one of the over 6,900 five-star reviewers put it, “You can shred the meat and feel like Wolverine. No more using forks to shred chicken or beef from the crock pot.”


A silicone strainer that snaps directly onto the pot

This ingenious strainer with over 32,000 reviews streamlines cooking by snapping directly onto the pot to quickly strain water and eliminate the need to transfer pasta or vegetables to a separate colander. It’s made of flexible, BPA-free, and food-safe silicone that can withstand temperatures of up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. The secure clamps on either side work universally with all types of pots, pans, or bowls, and the small overall size of the strainer means it takes up barely any room while stored.


This microwave popcorn popper that will have you bid farewell to bags forever

Create perfect-tasting popcorn every single time with this high 4.6-star rated microwave popcorn popper that will replace microwave bags forever. Made of BPA-free, non-toxic silicone, it pops up to 15 cups of popcorn perfectly and can even be put into the microwave with salt or other favorite flavorings. Choose from over 10 fun color options such as transparent red (pictured above), aqua, or purple, and collapse it down nearly flat for effortless storage.


A bidet attachment with a slim space-saving design

A potentially game-changing bathroom upgrade need not cost you tons of space (or money, to be honest). Take this bidet attachment that installs within minutes and features a slim, compact design for under $40. A special hose is included to hook it up to your hot water, if available, and a dial allows you to adjust the temperature to your liking. An additional switch lets you adjust the nozzle angle to get that hygienic flow just right.


This USB charging dock that keeps devices tidily organized

If each of your devices (or your family’s) is taking up real estate at every possible outlet, rejoice, because this USB charging station is about to change that forever. It comes with four smart USB ports that charge at high speed and includes five short charging cables (two USB, two micro-USB, and one USB-C) to keep things looking even tidier. It even uses adjustable, LED-illuminated dividers to signal when a device is fully charged. One happy customer wrote, “This really does work, charges fast, and love the ability to hold anything from an iPad to small iPhones.”


A grooming apron that makes for mess-free beard trimming

This grooming apron is a genius invention that makes beard-trimming sessions incredibly free of mess. It wraps around the neck using a hook and loop fastener while two suction cups attach securely to the mirror in front, thus providing a surface to catch all falling hair. Easily dispose of said hair directly into the trash as it slides off the smooth material effortlessly. It has garnered over 16,000 five-star reviews, one of which said, “I am so glad I stumbled on this item. It’s genius. No more hairs floating around or in the sink.”


The bathroom mirror that will never ever fog up

A perfect tool for removing makeup or getting that perfect shave, this bathroom mirror promises to remain crystal clear and free of fog. It attaches securely to the shower wall using two sturdy suction cups and simply requires an initial filling of hot water in the reservoir and a swipe of the built-in squeegee and you’re good to go. As a bonus, it comes in a size small enough to be taken on trips.


A chic insulated lunch bag to tote around meals in style

Who knew bringing your own lunch to work could make you look so …stylish? This insulated lunch bag does just that with its compact design and durable yet elegant Oxford fabric. The tear-resistant interior is lined with thick insulation to maintain the desired temperature of your food, whether that be hot or cold. A large interior compartment and expandable sides mean you can fit an entire meal easily and a handle along with a carrying strap make this bag a cinch to tote around.


This jar opener that makes immovable lids easy to remove

Never let that sticky pickle jar lid get the best of you when you have this pearl of a product with over 23,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating at your disposal. The jar opener mounts easily and securely to the underside of your cabinet using the attached peel-and-stick adhesive in addition to three provided screws. It features a V-shape in which one of the sides is lined with metal teeth so that only one hand is needed to remove lids of any size. This is especially life-changing for anyone suffering from hand injuries or arthritis pain.


A water flosser that’s 5 times more powerful as traditional flossing

If year after year your dentist diligently encourages you to use a water flosser, feast your eyes on this one by Aquasonic that will delight your dentist and do your teeth a world of good. It’s clinically proven to be five times more efficacious than traditional old floss and removes food particles and plaque without being too hard on gums. It offers three modes (normal, soft, and pulse), comes with four interchangeable tips, and lasts for weeks on just one charge.


The pet hair remover with over 138,000 reviews

When it comes to removing pesky pet hair that’s now littered every surface in sight, toss the lint roller and, instead, reach for this beloved and well-reviewed pet hair remover. As opposed to adhesive papers, it utilizes static electricity generated by a rolling back-and-forth movement to pick up hair. The hair is deposited into a small built-in receptacle that is easily opened and emptied into the trash. In the words of one enthusiastic reviewer, “This is legitimately one of the best, most efficient, and most spectacular inventions ever created.”


An anti-fatigue mat that helps your back and joints to fight another day

Do your body a serious favor by procuring one of these high 4.7-star rated anti-fatigue mats that offer a cushioned landing place for those precious joints. It’s constructed with a soft and thick foam interior that feels like clouds underfoot and is protected by a waterproof and washable surface. The nonslip bottom keeps it securely in place and a sloped edge prevents any potential tripping accidents. Choose from four sizes and six versatile shades such as black, gray, and navy.


This elegant faux leather wallet with RFID-blocking capabilities

Stay both stylish and safe as you make your way around the world when you store cards and cash in this slim leather wallet. It has been independently tested to protect your credit card data from being stolen by RFID scanners. Despite its slim design, it features nine card slots and a built-in stainless steel money clip for your cash. Choose from six colors ranging from black to cognac as well as from smooth to suede textures.


A cleaning gel that removes dust from the smallest of areas

This cleaning gel might at first resemble a science experiment from the fourth grade, but in fact, acts as a dust-removing superpower. It’s great for use in your car (a haven of hard-to-reach areas) or on computer keyboards as you simply push the gel into the shape of whatever you’re trying to clean. The gel’s sticky surface will mold to whatever shape is necessary and grab all dust and debris that’s present. It requires no other cleaning products to work and can be used repeatedly until it begins to turn black.


This car cup holder that fits larger-than-standard reusable bottles

Make hitting the road that much more enjoyable with this car cup holder that allows you to reach for your thermos or large reusable bottle that much easier. It features an extendable base that twists and fits directly into the existing cup holder. Rubber tabs keep the bottle securely in place and there’s even a built-in slot for mug handles. One reviewer gushed, “This was something I didn't know I needed but made such a huge difference, and is incredibly well designed!”


A produce saver that keeps fruits & veggies fresh

Stretch the life of that pricey produce with this produce saver that absorbs ethylene gas and prevents food from becoming overripe. Put the provided packet into the plastic blue apple and once it’s placed in a drawer or bowl filled with produce, the gas-absorbing packet will go to work via the top, built-in vents. One customer called this an “amazing product” saying that it “really works to keep fresh produce at peak condition for a longer time.” Two apples with packets come in every set and each packet lasts for up to three months.


This cold therapy roller ball that massages & cools tired muscles

Combine the inflammation-fighting power of both massage and cold temperatures with this cold therapy roller ball. It’s filled with cooling gel and features a 360-degree gliding stainless steel ball encased in a grippy, rubber base. Put the roller ball in the freezer beforehand and work out muscle kinks as well as smooth fascia with soothingly cool temperatures that last 20 minutes. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever survived post-workout without this tool in your life.


A space-saving pants hanger for versatile clothing storage

This cleverly designed pants hanger gives you multiple storage options to help you both clearly see what you have on hand as well as save space. With two swivel hooks at either end, the hanger has slots to hold five pairs of pants with each bar lined with a nonslip coating to keep clothing secure. Pull the bar through, extending it from the others to easily place plants neatly, thus avoiding causing additional wrinkling. Save major space by dropping the second hook down for a vertical orientation and just as easily bring it back up to be in a horizontal position so you can effortlessly select your pants of choice.


These ingenious smart plugs that let you control electrics via an app or voice command

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning on your espresso machine from bed so that you can arise and immediately pour yourself that shot, your prayers are answered in the form of these smart plugs. They have over 17,000 five-star reviews and are easy to set up, simply requiring you to plug in and connect to your Wi-Fi. An included app allows you to control any devices that are plugged into the smart plugs from your phone or you can opt to use voice commands via your smart device such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Set timers and schedules so that fans, air conditioners, lights, and more turn on and off exactly when you wish.


A portable personal blender with an integrated travel jar

Prep a smoothie to go with this portable personal blender that blends directly into a 14-ounce travel jar. Simply add frozen ingredients, powders, and liquid. It has a 24-inch cord and the blending jar, blades, and travel lid are dishwasher safe for simple cleanup.


This high-pressure showerhead with a built-in filtration system

Don’t neglect the shower as an area in which transformative improvements can be made. Just look at this high-pressure handheld showerhead that offers six different spray modes (such as rain or power massage) and has a built-in 15-stage filtration system for a truly cleansing experience. Heavy metals, chlorine, and other impurities are filtered out before that water hits your head and the chrome-plated surface makes for a sleek finish. It’s available in matte black, premium chrome, black, and brushed nickel.


A gooseneck tablet holder with universal compatibility

Easily mount your phone or tablet of any make or model to this gooseneck tablet holder that will get your screen just where you need it. It serves as a perfect way to set up an additional monitor when working but is just as helpful for reading books or watching movies in bed or on the couch. The clamps create a secure hold and the strong gooseneck will stay at the level you set it, with no drooping over time.


This reusable notebook that bridges the gap between handwritten & digital formats

Combine old school with new school when you use this incredibly ingenious reusable digital notebook with over 72,000 reviews. It comes in two different sizes with spiral binding and is made with special dot grid paper. Take notes by hand with the included Pilot Frixion pen then use the Rocketbook app to scan the pages and send them directly to your cloud platform of choice. Erase the handwritten notes easily using the provided and dampened microfiber cloth to create blank pages once again. For those reluctant to relinquish the pen in this digital age, you can truly have it all with this notebook.


A rug pad gripper for a protected & secure footfall

If every time you move quickly across your floor, there’s a fear of uncontrollable sliding, place this rug pad gripper underneath your carpets to provide a safe landing place for feet. It’s made of a nonslip material that not only provides grip but also lends some additional cushion while a gridded design keeps air circulating. Available in over 15 sizes, the gripper can be cut to size to achieve your exact needed dimensions.


This electric salt & pepper grinder set that uses gravity to operate

A proper seasoning literally couldn’t be more hands-off than with this electric salt and pepper grinder set. The grinders are battery-operated and simply require a flip for the built-in gravity sensor to cue the grinding of spices. They’re a cinch to fill with a clear acrylic chamber that lets you see how much you have left and they utilize a ceramic grinder that allows you to customize the whose coarseness of your salt or pepper. As a bonus, their sleek look will only add to the dinner table.


A stove gap cover made of dishwasher-safe silicone

Though you may have thrown up your hands in defeat when it comes to keeping that space between the stove and countertop clean, there’s an answer you might’ve not known existed. This stove gap cover with over 53,000 reviews on Amazon is designed to solve this very specific problem with its ability to straddle that impossible-to-clean gap. Made of heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe silicone, the cover can be trimmed to size and is available in either black, clear, or white.


The wireless magnetic car charger that keeps your phone secure both horizontally & vertically

Power your device while at the same time keeping it mounted for easy navigation with this MagSafe-compatible wireless magnetic car charger. It clamps to the car’s air vent and uses a powerful magnet to keep your phone secure, no matter if it's in portrait or landscape orientation (which you can switch between effortlessly). “This is the Rolls Royce of cell phone holders. The thought that went into it is simply astounding,” raved one reviewer, who also mentioned the appreciation of the included nonslip silicone ring to make sure your phone is perfectly positioned.


A heated lotion dispenser for more moisturizing power

Enjoy deep hydration when you have this heated lotion dispenser at your disposal. It’s easy to fill with your favorite hand or body product and heats up within two minutes. Plus, it comes in a size that won’t take up too much space on your desk, dresser, or bathroom countertop.


The salad spinner that washes & dries produce with a minimum of effort

You love your CSA box, you do. But if you’re tired of spending hours cleaning and washing that glorious produce by hand, celebrate, because there’s a better way. This salad spinner with a high 4.7-star rating is made with ample space to fit lots of fresh greens and includes a built-in colander for rinsing. Pop the colander and greens back in the accompanying outer bowl (which can be used for serving), put on the lid, and simply press the center knob down repeatedly to quickly spin dry. There’s even a brake button built in for a fast stop.


A set of space-saving packing cubes that come in fun colors & patterns

Who knew that you could streamline your packing game while simultaneously adding style to your suitcase? These packing cubes come in a set of eight and allow you to fit tons more clothing than you normally could, using up every possible inch of that carry-on or checked luggage. They’re constructed of a lightweight, water-repellent nylon material with a top panel made of breathable mesh. Best of all, they’re offered in 13 different color options such as cream and indigo, in addition to fun patterns like red flamingo and pink leopard, to put the icing on the cake of your organized packing game.


This slim profile Bluetooth tracker that locates your valuables fast

Attach this very small Bluetooth tracker to your keys, wallet, handbag, backpack, or any other valuable and, if ever misplaced within Bluetooth range, open the accompanying app to find its location. Additionally, you can use your smart devices like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to locate the tracker and when your things are outside the Bluetooth range, you can still view their last known location. For even more functionality, in the case of misplacing your phone, you can actually use the tracker to ring said phone, even if it’s been set to silent. It boasts over 19,000 five-star reviews.


A set of cult-favorite satin pillowcases that come in 29 sumptuous shades

With over an astounding 274,000 reviews on Amazon, this clearly popular set of two satin pillowcases can not only help smooth skin and hair overnight but will add serious luxury to the bedroom with their choice of rich colors. They come in a range of sizes to accommodate standard pillows to body pillows and are offered in 29 shades such as silver gray, dark green, ether, dusty rose, and burgundy. Made of polyester, these are able to be conveniently cleaned in the washing machine on the delicate cycle.


This lint remover that efficiently removes pills in minutes

Use this portable lint remover to quickly renew tired yet treasured garments that might have been headed for the donation box. It features a six-leaf stainless steel blade protected by a honeycomb mesh cover that pulls in pills and fuzz of differing sizes via the suction of its powerful motor. It’s rechargeable via USB and can operate for 60 minutes at a time, restoring sweaters, coats, drapes, and upholstery to their former glory.


A power scrubber set that comes with multiple brushes for specific areas

Attach this set of power scrubbers to your power drill for a lightning-fast deep clean that would have taken you hours by hand. The set includes three different brushes made with nylon bristles to deal with specific areas such as corners, grout, carpet, or tiles, in addition to an extension rod for hard-to-reach spaces. The set has over 68,000 reviews.


This plug-in indoor fly trap that’s free of chemical insecticides

Instead of introducing toxic chemicals into your home, this indoor fly trap utilizes UV light to lure bugs and trap them on an attached glue board. It blends in discreetly by plugging into any outlet and the glue board, which faces the wall, can be easily removed and replaced. Perfect for containing flies, moths, gnats, and fruit flies, a single trap works in areas up to 400 square feet and can be run throughout the day and night to stop flying bug problems from getting out of hand.


A portable air compressor with customizable automatic settings

Never again have to pit stop at a gas station to deal with dangerously low tire pressure. This portable air compressor takes up a minimum of room in your car and allows you to set a custom pressure level so that it automatically provides the appropriate inflation. Power it by plugging it into the car’s 12-volt outlet and rely on its built-in LED light to see clearly during nighttime emergencies. Alternatively, use this compressor to inflate bike tires, basketballs, soccer balls, and more, using one of the additional nozzles.