How to organize your home with as little effort as possible, according to experts

A place for everything and everything in its place.

ByChristina X. Wood

When you take the time to organize all the stuff in your home, every day afterward goes better. Getting dressed is fast and easy. Cooking a meal is less frustrating. Walking out the door in the morning doesn’t involve a mad scramble to locate shoes, keys, and sunglasses. And you will never again have to drop everything and run around the house tidying like a maniac because guests are coming over. When everything has a place and putting things in those places is an easy habit, the Queen could stop by and you could invite her in without a moment of embarrassment.

Getting from where you are to a drop-in-Queen-ready dwelling might seem an impossible goal, but it is just a matter of applying a few strategies, containers, storage solutions, and cleverness. You can even tackle the task one zone at a time to make it manageable. But how? On that question, I did the legwork for you. I tracked down the biggest cleaning and organization geniuses out there and pelted them with questions. And wow did they have answers. Specific, easy, actionable answers. Here’s how to organize your home with as little effort as possible, according to experts.

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1. Use these tool-free hooks to hang everything all over the house

“When in doubt, hook it up,” says Caroline Solomon, a home organizing expert based in New York City. “Hooks are your best friend if you want to maintain an organized home with minimal effort. I’m a big proponent of using these 3M hooks to hang everything from measuring cups in your kitchen cabinet to robes and hats in your closet. Not only are they super easy to hang your hat on (literally), but they’re renter-friendly as well.” This is a package of seven hooks and each will hold up to five pounds.

2. Use rope bins for fast & easy order that looks decorative

“Rope bins look good in any space and make quick work of tidying up living rooms and playrooms,” says Solomon. “Use them to store dog toys, kids’ toys, or even books and magazines. They’re a failproof and foolproof way to instantly neaten up a space.” And these square cotton rope bins not only look nice, but are ideally sized and shaped for use on shelves, in a closet, or in your home office.

3. Keep your cleaning supplies in an easy-to-carry caddy

“Keep all your cleaning essentials in one cleaning caddy,” suggests Solomon. That way you can grab everything at once and haul it around the house as you clean. “I love using a cleaning caddy for cleaning, product storage, and transport,” she says. “No more backtracking because you forgot the glass cleaner…it’s already in the bin!” This handsome and roomy caddy from Yamazaki will hold everything you need and elevate your cleaning experience with its casual elegance. It comes in white and mint.

4. This budget-friendly caddy that will keep cleaning day fast & painless

If you want to go a tad less luxe, though, this cleaning caddy from Casabella will do the job just as well and is purpose-built for the task. There is a middle handle and a divider so bottles stand up. You can drape a rag or your gloves over the center, and it’s super portable and versatile. You can even get a cleaning bucket to match.

5. Use organizers in the sock & underwear drawer so you don’t have to fold small items

Hate folding socks and underwear? Don’t do it. “Organize socks, bras, and undies using drawer organizers,” advises Solomon. “I don’t believe in being too fussy about folding socks, bras, and underwear. I think it’s far easier to invest in a pair of organizers and let them do the organizing for you.” This four-pack of drawer organizers is perfect for this task. They are stackable and fold up for storage when you aren’t using them.

6. A rolling cart to get clutter off surfaces & makes supplies mobile

“Stop, drop, and rolling cart!” says Solomon. “These rolling carts instantly get rid of surface clutter in your laundry room and bathrooms so there’s no more laundry detergent hanging out on the top of your washing machine or curling irons holding court on your bathroom countertop.” They come in four colors so you can coordinate them with the rooms of your house. “They’re also totally versatile and easy to transport around the house,” she says.

7. Create a paper tracking system so you can clean as you go

If you set up systems that make it easy to put things away, you will never have to run around tidying because everything will already be neat. Look for your worst clutter-collecting areas first. “This could be the kitchen counter where you drop the mail and you end up with a pile taking up valuable real estate,” says Michael Helwig, interior designer and C.I.D. at Michael Helwig Interiors. “If this is the spot where you naturally pile papers, get a wall pocket organizer and stick it on the wall. You can label each pocket as to what goes into it, bills, invitations, or magazines. Or label the pockets with the name of each person residing in the house, such as mom, dad, grandma, or kiddos.” This mesh file holder with five easy-to-label pockets is perfect for this.

8. Implement clutter-catching bins in the entryway so everything is easy to find

“If you have limited space at the entry,” says Helwig, “a soft bin can corral all the paraphernalia like gloves, hats, scarves, toys, and other stuff that would normally accumulate there.” If you have several people in the house, you can turn these bins into an entryway system. “They’re easy to tuck into a storage cubby or under a bench,” says Helwig. “And each person in the house can have their own little bin, and with some persistence and positive reinforcement, the clutter piles that used to be right inside the door will be a memory.” This four-pack of bins that come in lots of colors and size options are ideal for this.

9. Put all those clutter-catching bins in a cubby shelving system

If you have a lot of people — or your people have a lot of gear — you can easily slot the bins you use to catch all their bags, hats, and similar items into a cubby system right at the entryway. That way everyone always has what they need when they are coming and going and there is no accumulation of gear. This nine-cube cubby system with a mix of open and closed cubes works well for this. You can leave some cubbies empty for shoe and backpack storage and insert soft bins in others for small items.

10. Put everything into containers, sorted by type

“One tip I would like to offer is containerize to organize,” says Robyn Reynolds, certified professional organizer and owner and CEO of Los Angeles-based Organize2Harmonize. “If you group like items in containers with labels it makes it easy for everyone in the home to find things and return them to their home. These plastic storage bins are one of my favorites to use in the bathroom, medicine area, playrooms, school rooms, and pantries.”

11. Put dry ingredients into matching containers for an organized kitchen

Organize your cabinets by the same “containerize” principle, says Reynolds, by putting all the dry goods, baked goods, snacks, and other ingredients into something like this set of four steel canisters. You won’t have a mess of half-full bags piled up in the cupboards, and you will always be able to see and locate what you need. Your ingredients won’t have to hide in cupboards, either. These look great on open shelves. They screw tight, seal out air, and have windows to showcase what’s in them.

12. Utilize labels so you know what’s in everything

Those cute handwritten labels on Instagram never turn out as cute when you have to write in a hurry on a curved surface with no time for do-overs. No matter what your handwriting looks like, these minimalist preprinted labels look great. There are 179 food labels that will cover everything from spices to beans and nuts so you will always have an easy-to-apply label at the ready.

13. Declutter by giving everyday items an easy-to-access place to live

“If you don’t feel like doing a top-to-bottom cleaning, there are few ways to easily keep your home tidy,” says Kathy Cohoon, director of franchise operations at Two Maids & A Mop. One is to create an entry room organizer using a wall-mounted floating shelf that gives bags, keys, and other items a place to live that isn’t every flat surface in your house. “Making sure your countertops and tables are clear will make the entire room feel bigger and brighter,” she says.

14. Keep toys & sundries off the floor with storage ottomans

“It can be stressful to have to maneuver around piles of dog toys and children’s crafts strewn all over the floor,” says Cohoon. “It may not be necessary to deep-clean your floors weekly, but you should make sure the areas you spend the most time in are free from clutter and debris.” Setting down a storage ottoman is a great way to hide clutter out in the open while keeping it easy to access. This multipurpose ottoman from Greenco looks good, hides toys or shoes, and gives you a place to sit or put your feet up.

15. A house that smells fresh feels cleaner, so employ scented candles

“A fresh scent can make your home feel warm and inviting,” says Cohoon, “and it can definitely create the effect of a clean space, and you can attain this by lighting a candle, using a scent spray, or baking a meal or dessert.” This vegan soy candle with a cotton wick is an easy way to get the scent you want. The 5-ounce candle burns slowly and comes in 25 scents that range from fresh baked goods to clean laundry.

16. Store fruit & vegetables in a tidy hanging basket where they look tempting

“This three-tiered hanging basket is great for keeping produce organized,” says Cohoon. “Be it fruit or room-temp root veggies — in an eye-catching way.” It also keeps healthy fruits front of mind when you are snacking and they ripen beautifully when they have air circulating around them. “Bonus?” she says. “Wire fruit baskets are inexpensive and installation is super easy.”

17. Use an over-the-door organizer for everything from shoes to snacks

“These over-the-door organizers can be used for shoes and much more,” says Cohoon. “Put them in a playroom to organize Lego bricks or in the kitchen to make snacks easy to grab and go.” They come in three colors and the 24 vinyl mesh pockets make it easy to see what’s in them.

Save money and bring order by upcycling your shoe boxes

“Don’t toss those shoeboxes!” says Cohoon. “Upcycle them to organize small items like cords for electronics or even birthday cards or tea bags.” You can cover them with paper, paint them, or — if they are nice enough — just use them as they are.

18. Create an elegant pantry by putting spices in matching jars

“Everyone loves those Pinterest photos of the perfect kitchen pantry,” says design experts and content creators Alex Nelson and Mike Rubino. “It doesn’t have to be unattainable! We love this glass spice jar set with labels. You can easily switch over your old spice containers and have everything looking uniform, clean, and chic.” They are delightfully minimalist, the bamboo lids seal tight and are easy to pop off, and they come with 95 preprinted labels and 12 chalkboard labels you can write on yourself with the included liquid chalk pen. They even come with a little silicone funnel.

19. Bring order to your vanity with stacking organizer drawers

“This set of two stackable clear organizers is perfect for your bathroom vanity,” say Alex and Mike. “Instead of throwing everything on the shelf and convincing yourself there is a system, try them out.” They are clear so you can find what’s in them, create a surface on top so you don’t give up counter space, and coordinate with other pieces in the same line. “You can even add a label to easily organize your skincare, makeup, and everything in between.”

20. Ditch your tea boxes & keep things tidy with a teabag organizer

“We all love to have a variety of teas on hand depending on how we’re feeling,” say Alex and Mike. “But ditch the boxes.” Those tea boxes take up so much cabinet space and are an inefficient way to store teas. “Switch over to a teabag organizer,” they say. “This set of two teabag organizers are clear so you can easily see the full selection. They are stackable too if you have a big collection.”

21. Use shelf dividers to rein in closet chaos

“We all love a clean and organized closet,” say Alex and Mike. “But a long shelf can make things difficult. Piles fall on top of each other and it becomes a mess. But these acrylic shelf dividers are a game-changer.” They slide right onto the shelf and hold up your folded piles, keep purses and boots upright, or even stop books from falling over. This is a pack of eight.

22. Solve the major storage challenge of pan lids with this organizer

“Lids can be a nightmare,” say Alex and Mike. “They never seem to stack well on top of each other and end up making the cabinet a mess. We love this lid organizer because it keeps all of your lids upright and in plain sight. No more searching all over the kitchen for that one lid you swore you put in that one cabinet.” The dividers are adjustable so you can set it up to suit what you have and it’s made of heavy, coated metal so it’s super durable.

23. Store your socks so you can see them all at once to avoid the daily fashion crisis

“Can we all agree that socks can be the most annoying thing to keep organized?” ask Alex and Mike. “Make your life easier by adding this organizer to your drawer.” It makes it easy to pop your socks into the 64 cells so you can see them all at once. “No more dumping out the entire drawer to find the pair you need to wear that day.” This is a three-pack so you can use one for ties, belts, and underwear, too, unless you have an enormous sock collection.

24. Hide those unsightly plug-laden power strips in a white box

“When it comes to organizing, most of us think about the big clutter spots — kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets — but we tend to ignore the smaller details, like that jumble of electrical cords on the living room floor,” says Katie Holdefehr, senior editor at REAL SIMPLE.To conceal the tangle of cords and wires, I use this minimalist cable management box to store cords for my TV, speakers, lamps, and laptops. When tucked beneath the sofa, this box stashes the cords so they’re out of sight yet easy to reach.” Even if it’s visible, it’s tidy-looking. It comes in black or white to go with your vibe and is available in two sizes.

25. Hang a helpful caddy from the showerhead to gain convenient bathroom storage

“My tiny rental apartment bathroom came equipped with zero built-in storage — no medicine cabinet, no vanity, no shelving,” says Holdefehr. Fortunately, she found some clever solutions. “By hooking a hanging caddy onto the showerhead, I instantly gained valuable storage space for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, and razors.” This flexible shower caddy even has a few holes in the tray area so you can store products upside-down, so the conditioner is primed when you go to use it. And there are hooks on either side to hang brushes or washcloths. “Even if you have a spacious bathroom, this conveniently located organizer will stash your toiletries right where you need them.”

26. Tap the storage space under your bed with a good rolling cart

“Take advantage of open space beneath your bed, cabinets, or shelving with a rolling flat cart,” suggests Leslie Corona, Senior Home Editor at REAL SIMPLE. “I keep this one beneath my floating vanity and use it to store toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes. It’s so sturdy and the wheels aren’t janky, so it’s never annoying to pull it out. I’ve found the more annoying something is to do, the less likely you are to do it! This is so important with organizing, which is all about repeating good habits.”

27. Increase the hanging storage in your closet with an additional closet rod

“I have to split a closet with my husband so I’m limited on space,” says Corona. “I wanted to install another rod to maximize every square inch but didn’t want to deal with drilling and making sure I get the right rod length, so I got a hanging rod.” It installs easily by clipping onto the existing rod and hanging below it. “You can adjust the width and height of it, and it’s great because my husband didn’t want a second rod so I only use it on my side.”

28. Use an entryway organizer to store bathroom sundries & they will be easy to find

“In my old apartment, I used this petite wall-mounted organizer to store some of my skincare go-to's and hair ties,” says Corona. “Technically it’s meant for entryways to hang keys and mail. But it was perfect for my tiny bathroom.” The mesh basket has a clean look and the bamboo hooks are chic and functional. “It held all my beauty products within eyesight,” she says. “You forget to use those products when you don’t see them, which can lead to buying more products, and ultimately, clutter! Plus, the shelf is just tall enough to contain small lotions and potions, but not so tall it totally hides them. And the key hooks were excellent for my mountain of hair ties.”

29. Add suction-cup hooks to the shower for quick & easy storage

“Piggybacking off Katie’s point about the shower caddy, mine is overflowing,” says Corona. “So I like to hang a few extra items off these sturdy OXO hooks in the shower.” Just stick them right to the tile and hang razors, bath sponges, and other gear from them. “I love how they suction securely to the wall, so you never hear things sporadically clattering onto the shower floor. I use them to hold miscellaneous things like shower caps, combs, razors, and squeegees. I especially love them because I can position them at the opposite end of the showerhead where the tub is driest, so those items are least affected by moisture and mildew.”

30. Bring order beneath the sink — or on it — with these 2-tier organizers

“These stackable under-sink drawers have been a savior in my small storage-free bathroom,” says Bridget Mallon, editorial director at The Spruce. “I picked up two and they instantly transformed my space. The sliding drawers make it a breeze to access everything I have in each bin, and the bronze detailing makes it feel elevated. The two different-sized drawers are ideal for separating large products from smaller items, and the open top gives me more flexibility in my organization.” They come in six colors.

31. Free up space in the storage closet with a wall-mounted broom holder

“My broom closet has always been one of the biggest pain points in my apartment,” says Mallon. “That is until I found this wall-mounted broom holder.” Just install it on the back of the closet door or on a wall and you can snap any long-handled tool into the three clamps. “Getting the broom and mop off the floor and onto the wall frees up so much space and makes your closet look streamlined and clean, which is a feat for a storage closet. This model also has four hooks to hang your rags, dusters, or other miscellaneous items making it even more useful.”

Tap the “zones method” to organize everything in your house

“There are many ways to organize a home and your options vary depending on your specific needs and preferences, but one of the most popular is the zones method,” according to Chloe Hughes, editor in chief at architecture, decor, interiors, and design site Foter. “This involves dividing your home into different areas for different activities, such as sleeping, working, and living. Within each of these zones, you can then create specific areas for storing belongings and objects related to that activity.”

32. This small dresser that easily keeps items in their zone

“For example,” says Hughes, “you might have a separate drawer for your pajamas in your sleeping zone or a specific shelf for your books in your working zone.” This three-drawer chest is a terrific way to store items in their zones because it’s simple and petite, and comes in so many colors you can work it into the decor of every room. It assembles easily, the basket drawers remove completely, and it’s easy on the eyes.

33. Floating shelves that turn reached-for items into useful displays

Hughes suggests using floating shelves, too, to keep the books you need for work near your desk or to store the decorative objects in your living room so the tables stay uncluttered. These floating U shelves are great for this and come in nine colors and finishes so they can be made to work for the bathroom, the kids' room, the kitchen, or the living room.

34. Use vertical space to free up floors & reduce clutter

“Another approach may be to have less clutter and fewer things to worry about organizing in the first place,” says Hughes. “Or perhaps try making better use of the space you have by using vertical space to store items and free up floor space.”

Place this wooden coat tree by the entry and let it hold onto bags, umbrellas, and coats so they don’t end up hanging off the back of chairs or strewn on the couch. It’s easy to assemble and comes in five finishes so you could have them all over the house. Use one for the office area for the jacket you wear in Zoom meetings and another just inside the bedroom door for bathrobes.

35. Keep anything orderly with a hanging shoe organizer

Another way to maximize the space in your house for storage, according to Hughes, is to hang a shoe organizer in your closet. That way your shoes are off the floor, easy to find, and easy to put away. They are also useful for organizing crafts, winter gloves, sporting equipment, and other annoying-to-store items. This 10-shelf organizer comes in four colors and is slender enough to squeeze several into your closet. The 10 side pockets — five on each side — make them extra useful.

36. Go vertical with a tall shelving unit to maximize your space

“Vertical space in the home is often underutilized for storage,” says Hughes. “One way to use this area is to install shelves or cabinets that go from the floor to the ceiling.” This five-tier adjustable storage rack is a great, affordable solution. It’s easy to assemble and super versatile. “This can be a great way to store items that are not used often, such as holiday decorations or seasonal clothing. Using vertical space can make a small home feel larger, as it utilizes every square inch of the available space and keeps the home far more organized with minimal effort.”

37. Sneak storage into the corners by installing a floating corner shelf

Even the vertical space in a seemingly unusable corner can become useful if you install this five-tier floating shelf there. You can create a place to keep a few books, set a plant, or stash useful office items within easy reach. It comes in eight colors so you can go bold with it or choose something that melds with the background.

38. Use stacking bins to put all your gear in order

“When your home is disorganized and cluttered you can't find what you are looking for and you are not productive,” says Ben Soreff, a professional organizer at House to Home Organizing. Use stacking bins to create order and give everything a dedicated place. They are versatile, have a small footprint, and come in seven colors. This is a four-pack so it will soon have your gear in order.

“By having homes for every category, you can eliminate buying things you already have,” he says. “Paper towels and laundry detergent aren't that big a deal because, in theory, you will use it all eventually. But buying extra flashlights, entertaining supplies, decorations, and even bins themselves add up.”

Take the time to declutter & put everything into categories

“We want to put things where they belong, not where they fit,” advises Soreff. “Attics, basements, and garages are ideal locations to store items we don't use often but making your home more comfortable is not possible without decluttering first. Don’t focus on throwing things out. Focus on what you are keeping, what category it belongs in, and how often you use it. This is the most important step in organizing and it is often the most ignored. Most people simply bin things up or throw things in closets and attics.”

39. Turntables, or, the unsung heroes of storage

“We use a lot of turntables in the kitchen,” says Soreff. “They work well for spices and oils — but for oils, choose the kind with high walls to prevent them from falling over.” They are also useful inside cupboards, in the fridge, in the pantry, and even in the bathroom or on your vanity. This 10-inch diameter turntable with a grippy surface is ideal for keeping spice, condiments, or canned goods orderly and easy to access.

40. Flexible drawer dividers that create easy custom storage

When it comes to bringing order to the inside of drawers, says Soreff “dividers work well for the kitchen and even your underwear and sock drawer.” It’s best to choose dividers that are easy to customize like this four pack of adjustable bamboo dividers. “We want things to be flexible. Built-ins typically are restrictive,” he says. “These expand to fit your drawers and, once installed, are sturdy because the spring-loaded ends grip firmly.