How to save money around your house with little effort

Budget-friendly home upgrades and clever devices you’ll wish you’d bought sooner.

ByVeronika Kero
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It’s amazing how a few small changes to your routine and home can add up to big savings. Say, avoiding those small disposable-item purchases that add up over time. The money-saving items on this list can help you prevent food waste, lower your energy bills, and increase the efficiency of your appliances. Best of all, they’ve been tried and approved by hundreds of Amazon shoppers. From the bathroom to the bedroom to your outdoor spaces, these budget-friendly home upgrades and clever devices help you get the most out of what you have — your precious time included.


Reduce food waste by making your produce last longer

These apple-shaped produce-saver balls will help pricey produce last up to three times longer by absorbing the ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables emit. Each packet can last for three months, and this pack comes with two so you can keep one on the counter and the other in the fridge.


Lower your energy bills by cleaning your dryer vent

Reduce dryer run time and lower your energy bill by using this vent cleaner kit to remove lint from your dryer vents and lint trap. This kit comes with two different hoses (both flexible and long enough to get to hard-to-reach corners around the house) and it comes with attachments to make it compatible with most vacuum cleaners.


Help your cables last longer with these silicone covers

Replacing the wires that charge your devices isn’t exactly cheap. Keep them looking and performing as if new with these silicone cable savers. Each flexible piece coils around cords to prevent them from cracking or fraying. This pack comes with 24 multi-color pieces and they’re also available in black and white within the listing.


Switch from paper towels to reusable dishcloths

These cellulose-cotton dishcloths are machine washable and can be reused up to 100 times, allowing them to take the place of 15 rolls of paper towels. Use dry for scrubbing and soaking up messes (they can absorb up to 20 times their weight) or wet to wash dishes and leave behind a streak-free shine on windows. They’re safe to use on stainless steel, wood, marble, and more.


Use every last drop of food & personal care products

With this set of six mini silicone spatulas, you’ll be able to get every last drop from almost any jar or bottle. Made of flexible, food-grade silicone, they make it easy to scrape the walls or bottom of any shape container. Each is equipped with a spatula on one end and a spoon on the other. They range in length from six to 12 inches long.


Skip the cafe & make your own cold brew at home

Instead of spending several dollars on a small cup from a cafe daily, make enough cold brew to last the whole week with this glass cold brew coffee maker that comes with a funnel and scooper. It can brew a liter and has an ultra-fine mesh filter to trap grounds and maximize flavor. Each batch can last up to three weeks thanks to the airtight lid.


Stop buying disposable bags and switch to reusable food storage bags

Reduce food waste and stop buying expensive Ziplocks with this 10-pack of reusable food storage bags that comes with three different size options (gallon, sandwich, and snack). The durable, food-grade PEVA material is completely leakproof and resistant to freezer burn so you can store things like raw meat or even homemade sauces.


Use less toilet paper by transforming your toilet into a bidet (without a toolbox)

Cut down on toilet paper use with this fancy-looking bidet attachment that costs less than $30. You can easily install this on your toilet yourself in just minutes. The side panel can be used to control the nozzle angle and amount of pressure so that each person can adjust it to their needs.


Swap to this silicone popcorn popper instead of single-use packets

This durable silicone microwaveable popcorn popper can be reused time and time again so you can stop buying disposable packets and it lets you save money on kernels by buying them in bulk. It’s shatterproof, dishwasher safe, and collapsible for compact storage.


Save on electricity with solar-powered outdoor lighting

A quick and easy way to upgrade the look of your home is by installing this wireless six-pack of solar pathway lights. They offer 15 lumens each and can glow for up to 12 hours. These weather-resistant lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.


Keep drafts out with some thermal curtains

In addition to blocking up to 99% of UV rays, these blackout thermal curtains insulate against summer heat and winter chill, lowering your energy bills. Their triple-weave fabric also allows them to block out noise and they are available in 45 colors and 17 sizes to fit any room.


Avoid turning on lights unnecessarily with these motion-activated LED panels

Instead of turning on an overhead light and potentially forgetting to turn it back off, install these battery-operated wireless LED lights with the included adhesive. You can stick them in a stairwell, underneath cabinets, on closet walls, or anywhere else you can use some extra brightness. They can detect motion from up to 10 feet away and will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.


Get more product out of your bottles (without the pain) with these stands

This bottle-emptying kit makes it easy to use every last drop of condiments and toiletries. The dishwasher-safe six-pack comes with several different adapters to fit various bottles. “No more balancing bottles upside down with other objects around them for support. [...] I purchased the larger pack and have yet to find a product that they won't fit on,” wrote one shopper.


Save money by meal prepping with airtight glass containers

While these glass meal prep containers are great for meal prepping, they can also be used to keep leftovers fresh. Their locking lids create an airtight and leakproof seal, preventing food waste. This pack comes with five containers that can each hold 36 ounces.


Use less dish soap with a precise dispenser

This dish soap dispenser injects soap directly into the sponge to prevent wasteful dripping. It comes with a sponge, and the container can hold 13 ounces of soap and features a non-slip bottom. One reviewer wrote, “This thing has saved me buying and wasting so much dish soap. You just coat the bottom of it with soap and fill up the rest with water. Love love love this thing.”


Reduce drying time & skip the pricey fabric softener by using wool balls

Made to separate your clothes, this six-pack of wool dryer balls reduces how long it takes your dryer to fully dry clothing, saving you money by lowering your electric bill. They also soften clothing, allowing you to skip buying pricey fabric softeners. They’re unscented and leave behind no residue.


Avoid buying new knives by sharpening the ones you have

There’s no need to buy new knives when they get dull; revive them with this compact knife sharpener that costs less than $25. It has a suction cup base that securely attaches to any smooth surface for easy, one-handed use. Its tungsten carbide renews even serrated blades with just a few swipes.


Switch from plastic water bottles to an insulated, reusable one

Instead of buying plastic water bottles, invest in this reusable stainless steel water bottle. It’s triple-insulated and has a copper layer to keep cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12. It comes with three different lids — including a straw lid — to accommodate hot and cold drinks. It’s available in 18 colors and four sizes within the listing.


Avoid calling the plumber or buying chemical cleaners and do it yourself

Instead of paying a hefty plumbing bill, get the job done yourself with these easy-to-use drain cleaners. Each of the 20-inch flexible snakes has a barbed wand to grab built-up product and hair so you don’t have to spend money on chemical cleaners — or a plumber. Plus, they’re easy to wipe clean so that they can be used again.


Set your outdoor lights on a schedule with a smart plug

To control your lights, turn on the sprinklers, or even fire up an electric grill, grab this outdoor smart plug. It has three outlets that can each be controlled separately via mobile app or voice control and you can set devices on a schedule. The durable socket cover prevents rain (and snow) from getting in, making it completely weatherproof.


Lower your heating bills by preventing drafts

Made with sturdy, two-inch-thick memory foam, this door draft stopper will lower your energy bills and also keeps out pests, light, and noise. The polyester cover is machine-washable and you can trim the foam rods to fit your door. This draft stopper slides under the door for installation — no screws or adhesives necessary.


Protect your floors with furniture grip pads

To avoid paying to repair your floors (or replace them), use these non-slip furniture grip pads under your couch, table, and chairs to keep them from sliding around. The set comes with four 16-square-inch pieces that can be cut to any size or shape you need to perfectly fit.


Stop over-buying condiments & toiletries by organizing with a turntable

Instead of accidentally over-purchasing spices, condiments, and toiletries that are hiding deep in your cabinets, use this sturdy turntable to organize what you have. Its removable dividers let you organize your items by section. It can also be used in the fridge to avoid food waste by keeping everything accessible.


Turn off the lights from anywhere with these smart bulbs

With the help of this two-pack of smart light bulbs, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving a light on. These LED bulbs can be voice-controlled by using either Alexa or Google Assistant or managed from a mobile app that can be accessed even when you’re miles away from home. They can also be put on a timer or schedule to save energy.


Grow your own herbal tea

If you enjoy herbal tea — but not the price tag — this garden starter kit is for you. It comes with seed packets (lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, and peppermint), waterproof grow bags, potting soil disks, and an instruction booklet. It also comes with a lined wood box that can double as a planter. Another kit within the listing lets you grow herbs for cooking.


Stop buying pricey disposable K-Cups and choose your beans

These reusable coffee pods will save you from buying pricey disposable K-Cups by offering the freedom to use any ground coffee you buy on sale (or in bulk). The cups in this four-pack are made with BPA-free plastic and a micro-etched stainless steel mesh filter to maximize flavor. They can also be used to brew loose tea.


Get every last bit of product out of tubes

Use this clever tube squeezer to get out every last drop of toothpaste, lotion, or sunscreen. This stainless steel two-pack has over 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. The rotating handle on the side is comfortable to grip and makes it easy to extract products that would have otherwise been wasted.


Optimize your energy use with this smart plug with tracking tech

This smart plug goes far beyond offering hands-free control over your lights and devices with a voice assistant or the included app. It offers information on just how much energy each outlet is consuming, allowing you to optimize your device’s schedule via timers and schedules.


Improve the efficiency of your water heater with an insulated jacket

Wrap this Energy Star-Certified water heater blanket around your water tank (from 20 to 60 gallons) to insulate it, reducing heat loss by up to 40%. It’s easy to install and reviewers report seeing immediate savings on their water bills.


Stop buying paper napkins and switch to cloth

These cloth napkins will completely upgrade your dining experience while actually lowering costs by letting you avoid purchasing disposable paper napkins. They feature a durable blend of cotton and linen, mitered corners, and a hemmed bottom for a touch of elegance. Plus, they come in 25 different colors that won’t fade after washing.


Use your dryer less (& protect delicates) with an over-the-door drying rack

This over-the-door drying rack protects delicates from damage and lets you run the dryer less, saving on energy bills. It has three mesh tiers for drying clothing and its metal hooks can slip over any standard door. When not in use, it can be hung flat to save space.


Save on stickies & notepads by switching to this glass dry-erase board

Instead of constantly buying Post-Its, jot down your ideas and reminders on this glass dry-erase board. It features shiny tempered glass that doesn’t scratch up like a traditional whiteboard, a marker clip, and a non-slip bottom. It comes with five ultra-fine tip markers and a double-sided eraser. It’s available in four colors within the listing.


Use a reusable mop instead of buying disposable mop heads

This microfiber dust mop comes with five reusable pads that will save you from buying disposable mop heads. You can use it wet or dry, and the head rotates 360 degrees to get to hard-to-reach spots, and the handle extends up to 60 inches to avoid bending.


Make your own lattes and cappuccinos at home

Brew your own lattes and cappuccinos at home with this handheld milk frother. The stainless steel whisk takes just 15 seconds to whip up fluffy foam for coffee drinks, but it can also be used to scramble eggs, mix matcha, and even blend protein powder. Plus, it comes with a handy stand for easy and hygienic storage.


Prevent costly surprises with this smart water sensor

This Wi-Fi-connected water sensor can end up saving you a lot of money in repairs and a high water bill; it sends emails, app notifications, and alerts to your phone when it detects a leak. It comes with one sensor but can be connected to up to 10 additional sensors. “I put one in the a/c return and one by the water heater. In less than a week it worked and alerted me of a leak,” one reviewer wrote.


Mix your own cocktails with this stainless steel mixology set

Instead of paying for watered-down drinks out, make your own from the comfort of your home with this stainless steel cocktail shaker set. It comes with a recipe booklet, an 18- and 28-ounce shaker, a jigger, a muddler, two pouring spouts, and three types of strainers.


Extend the life of your grill with this waterproof cover

The heavy-duty, UV-resistant, and water-repellent polyester fabric of this grill cover will protect your grill from rust and damage to avoid needing to replace or repair it. Adjustable straps keep it securely in place, and it’s available in four colors and six sizes within the listing.


Whip up your own guac & grind spices with this gorgeous marble set

Pre-made guacamole is expensive; cut costs with this white marble mortar and pestle set. The mortar is unpolished on the inside so that avocadoes, herbs, and spices are easier to crush on its naturally rough surface. The set also comes with a non-slip silicone pad, stainless steel spoon, and brush.


Experience higher water pressure with less water with a better shower head

This rainfall showerhead uses less water while still offering higher water pressure because it injects tiny air bubbles into every drop. Installation is simple and requires no tools. One reviewer wrote, “Everything that you need to install is included with the shower head. Great water pressure and volume. Makes you want to stay in the shower!”


Stop your heat and air conditioning from escaping into the attic

This attic door insulation keeps your heating and cooling where you want it, increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system. It reflects 97% of radiant heat and it comes with a lifetime warranty. One reviewer wrote, “Trust me I am the worse Handyman in the entire world and I manage to put it together in 5 minutes.” Another fan wrote, “My unheated walk-in closet has a pulldown ladder to the attic and is always freezing in the winter. ... Suddenly my closet is chilly, not freezing! I don't hate going in anymore! WOW!!!”