If you hate cleaning & doing laundry, you'll love these 48 clever finds on Amazon
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Some people might find a sense of calm while they're cleaning. I, personally, try to get it over with as quickly as possible. But sometimes my mess is just too much for one person to tackle — like when my sink is overflowing with a weeks' worth dishes. So rather than tackle it head-on, I like to see what kind of clever products on Amazon can help me get the job done.

And, yes, I'm aware that browsing Amazon is largely my way of stalling. But you can still find a ton of great stuff that'll genuinely help you tidy up around the house. The virtual store has flexible brushes that clean dust out of dirty lint traps, as well as scrubbers that reach deep into tight crevices. And if your home is extra messy, let me direct your attention to the mop and bucket set I've made sure to include. Not only do the microfiber mop bristles attract dirt, but the bucket also features a built-in wringer so that your hands stay clear from grime.

Whether you're trying to avoid that dirty pile of laundry or simply stocking up for some spring cleaning, there are tons of genius things on Amazon that can help. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The lemon-scented gel that cleans deep into tight spaces

Whether there's dust in your air vents or crumbs under your keyboard, this cleaning gel can help get them both like almost-new. It squishes deep into tight spaces that regular brushes can't reach, and it's even reusable until the color turns dark. Plus, it smells like lemon.


A kit that turns your drill into a high-power scrubber

When regular elbow grease isn't enough to cut through dirt and grime, it might be time to turn your power drill into a heavy-duty scrubber using this kit. Each order comes with four interchangeable brush heads that you can switch (depending on the job at hand), and the bristles are made from tough nylon that's fray-resistant.


This figurine that makes it easier to wipe the microwave clean

Just fill this "angry mama" figurine with a vinegar dilution, then pop it into the microwave for a few minutes; the steam that erupts out of the top will help loosen up any baked-on food. Once done, you can easily wipe out the inside using a damp sponge or paper towel.


These slippers that you can wear when it's time to clean the floor

When you've got dusty floors but no time to clean them, these mop slippers can help. Stretch a pair onto your shoes, and the chenille fibers will attract any wayward dust or dirt you come across. Plus, each order comes with enough pairs for up to five people.


The extendable tile scrubber for cleaning tall showers

You don't have to strain to reach those tiles at the top of your shower — just use this extendable scrubber. The adjustable handle makes it easy to reach far away surfaces, while the rounded brush scrubs every corner. And with a hanging loop on the handle, it's easy to store when not in use.


A narrow brush that's perfect for scrubbing grout tracks

Many regular sponges can have trouble cleaning narrow grout tracks, whereas this brush is specifically designed to get into those slender areas. The hard nylon bristles make quick work of clearing the way, while the ergonomic handle allows it to fit comfortably in either hand.


This mop bucket with a foot pedal that spins the water out

There's no need to wring out that dirty mop water by hand when you've got this spin-mop and bucket. The bucket itself has a built-in wringer that's activated via foot pedal, and the splash guard helps prevent any spillover as the mop spins. Plus, the mop fibers are made from ultra-absorbent microfiber — perfect for extra-messy jobs.


A duster that cleans between the window blinds

Don't waste time cleaning between each individual blind — just use this handy duster that cleans four slats at the same time. Each order comes with five reusable microfiber sleeves that help attract dust, and you have the choice of two handle colors: blue or green.


These flexible brushes that clean deep into lint traps

Picking the lint out of your dryer trap is effective, but you know what works even better? These flexible brushes. The stainless steel wire handles bend and twist to reach every speck of lint, all while the loop on the handle allows you to hang them right next to your dryer.


A tool that helps you scrub sliding tracks spotless

Usually, regular scrubbers don't easily fit into the narrow tracks that doors and windows slide along — but this narrow brush will. Unlike other versions, this one features a scraper on the end of the handle that lets you pick away at extra-stubborn grime. Plus, there are even finger grips built into the handle.


This telescopic duster that slides underneath furniture

You don't have to get down on the ground to use this duster, as the flexible head helps you clean underneath furniture. It also works great with any tight, narrow space — and the telescopic handle makes it easy to reach tall bookshelves or fan blades.


These dish gloves with bristles that work like scrubbers

There's no need for a sponge when you're washing dishes with these scrubber gloves, as the palms feature hundreds of tough silicone bristles that help scrub away dirt from nearly any surface. They're also heat-resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, and each pack contains three pairs of gloves in different colors.


The dish brush that dispenses soap as you go

Fill this dish brush with your favorite soap before you start washing dishes, then press the button on the handle to squirt out a small dollop whenever you need it. The nonslip handle is easy to grip when wet, and there's also a built-in scraper that'll help you remove stuck-on food.


A pair of deep-cleaning brushes made with tough nylon bristles

Made with fray-resistant nylon bristles, these scrubber brushes are great for cleaning everything from stovetops to car interiors. The smaller one features a wiper blade on the other end, and the nonslip grip on both helps you maintain a firm handle when wet.


This dust pan with teeth to clean out the broom bristles

With self-cleaning teeth built into the top of the dustpan, it's almost too easy to clean the bristles on this broom once they're full of debris. The telescopic handle on the broom makes it easy to reach far-away dirt, and the bristles are even made from recycled plastic bottles.


A pumice stone that scrapes away toilet bowl stains

Whether your toilet bowl is stained from limescale or hard water, this pumice stone can help get it looking squeaky-clean. It doesn't require any extra cleaning sprays or serums, and the heavy-duty plastic handle makes it easy to grip as you scrub back and forth.


A 2-in-1 window washing tool that cleans & removes streaks

This 2-in-1 scrubber and squeegee can help get your windows extra-clean. You can use the microfiber pad to gently clean the window before wiping it down with the rubber blade for a streak-free finish. Plus, the tool can be used handheld or attached to a telescopic pole (sold separately) for longer reach.


The detergent catchers that help prevent drippy messes

Add these drip catchers to your detergent bottles, and they'll prevent little droplets of soap from leaking onto your surfaces. They're designed to fit economy-sized containers; just snap them into place and they're ready to go. One reviewer even wrote that "my detergent was getting everywhere, and this was so easy to install."


A laundry bag that's easy to carry to the wash

If you struggle to move your dirty hamper from your bedroom to the washer or laundromat, this laundry backpack is a must-have. The shoulder straps are adjustable for comfort, and the external mesh pocket is the perfect spot to keep detergent. And since the bag itself is tear-resistant, go ahead and stuff it full — the Oxford cloth can handle up to 44 pounds.


These dryer balls that can also help prevent wrinkles

Toss these laundry balls into the dryer with your wet clothes, and they'll help aerate your garments so that they dry faster. These are reusable — unlike regular dryer sheets — and the small spikes on each ball also help eliminate wrinkles while fluffing up your laundry.


A set of mesh bags to help keep your laundry organized

Tired of finding your clothes have become knotted together in the wash? Just keep them inside these mesh laundry bags. They're great for delicate items that get easily tangled, but they're also great for keeping worn clothes separate from clean ones when traveling.


These tablets that clean your washer so you don't have to

Safe for various types of washers, these tablets will clear away any built-up residue trapped in your washing machine so you don't have to clean it in between laundry days. They're particularly effective when it comes to removing any unwanted odors — and reviewers raved about how it got rid of "mildew smells."


A vacuum hose attachment that gets the lint from your dryer

If it's been a long while since you cleaned out your lint trap, you might want to grab this vacuum hose. The extra-long hose helps you reach any lint that's fallen to the bottom of your dryer, and it's designed to fit nearly any style of vacuum.


The kit that helps get your stainless steel sparkling clean

Regular sprays can leave streaks on your stainless steel appliances, whereas this kit is specifically formulated to leave them sparkling clean. The wipes and spray are effective on smudges, fingerprints, greasy residues, and more. Plus, each order comes with a microfiber cloth.


A pack of liners to help keep fridge shelves fresh

With these liners on your refrigerator shelves, you'll be able to put fruits and vegetables directly on top — no plastic bag required. They're waterproof as well as mildew-resistant, while the grippy exterior helps prevent your ingredients from sliding around. One reviewer even wrote that "they look pretty and they are so easy to rinse clean."


These gap covers that prevent spills down your stove

Tired of trying to squeeze a scrubber into the gap between your stove and counters? Not only do these covers help prevent spills from dripping down, but they're also heat-resistant — no need to worry about them melting if things start to heat up. Choose from three colors: black, white, or clear.


A leakproof trashcan to help prevent on-the-go messes

Don't let trash kick around the floor of your car; simply toss it into this trashcan instead. The leakproof vinyl lining helps keep liquids off of your upholstery, all while the adjustable strap can be latched onto headrests and center consoles. Unlike other bins, this one features handy storage pockets on the outside.


This mini vacuum cleaner for mini messes

Brushing crumbs and dust off your desk will just make the floor dirty, so why not suck them up using this miniature vacuum? Despite its compact size, the rechargeable battery runs for up to four hours — and the ergonomic design allows it to fit comfortably in either hand.


A laundry basket that collapses down for easy storage

Not only does this laundry basket collapse down to a fraction of its size for easy storage, but the solid walls mean you can also use it as an ice bucket in a pinch. Plus, it even features comfort-grip handles that won't dig into your hands when you're carrying heavy items.


The fence that prevents stuff from falling behind your washer

Once something falls behind my washer and dryer, it's basically gone forever; that's why I've got this magnetic laundry guard on my wish list. It's designed to stop things from falling into that space near the wall, and it should work with most front-loading machines. Plus, it expands so you can adjust the fit to either one or two machines.


A scrubber brush that attaches to your sink's basin

Attach this brush to your sink basin using the built-in suction cup, and then twist dirty glasses over the bristles to scrub them clean. The bristle tower is taller than your average glass so that it cleans all the way down to the bottom, and the second set of side bristles help clean the outsides of your glasses.


This grabber tool that easily slips into drains & pipes to clear them

The flexible design on this grabber tool allows it to slip through curved pipes, and the claws at the end latch onto small items including clumps of hair and debris. Whether you're trying to clear the drain in the kitchen sink or your bathtub, this gadget can help.


A pack of scrapers that won't scratch your surfaces

When cleaning sprays aren't getting the job done, let this pack of scrapers etch away any stubborn bits of mess (like gum or packed-on dirt). They're made from high-quality plastic that won't leave behind scratches — and with no sharp blades and a place for your thumb to sit while you're holding it, it's simple to use.


The curved duster that reaches on top of your ceiling fan blades

Don't even think about breaking out a ladder — save yourself some stress with this duster. The curved head reaches on top of ceiling fan blades to wipe away dust and dirt, all while the telescopic pole lets you keep your feet safely on the floor. Plus, the head is also bendable so that you can adjust it to your needs.


A powerful serum that removes set-in red wine stains

Even if that stain has been in your carpet for a while now, this commercial-grade serum can still help get rid of it. It's designed to work on all types of fabric, upholstery, and stains — and it works fast. Many reviewers also raved about how they "highly recommend" it.


The heavy-duty tool that helps you scrape crud off your grill

Made from tough stainless steel, this scraper tool makes quick work of clearing cooked-on crud off your grill. The grooves around the top are designed to fit nearly any type of grill, and the other end even features a bottle opener.


A brush that cleans multiple vent slats with one stroke

Don't waste time cleaning each individual slat in your vents — just let this brush clean up to six at the same time. The rollers twist off for easy cleaning, so there's no need to buy replacements — and the 100% cotton bristles latch onto dirt and dust.


This reusable pet hair roller with thousands of positive reviews

Unlike sticky lint rollers, this reusable one uses hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto pet hair and lint — no wasteful sheets required. The collected hair gets shuffled into the collection bin for easy disposal. Plus, more than 47,000 reviewers awarded it either four or five stars.


These brushes that can clean any type of wine or drinking glass

Regular brushes can't always reach every spot inside of your uniquely-shaped glassware — that's where these brushes come in. Each brush is flexible and shaped to get into every crevice of your champagne flutes, beer mugs, or really any type of glassware to give it a streak-free clean — without scratching the glass.


The sanitizing wand that helps eliminate germs with UV-C light

With its powerful UV-C light, this sanitizing wand can eliminate various germs from your surfaces — all without scrubbing. The compact size means you can easily keep it with you in a purse or bag, just in case you come across a surface that needs to be refreshed.


A pair of laundry bags that keep shoes from clunking

Slip your shoes into these laundry bags before you toss them into the wash, and the thousands of chenille fibers on the inside will scrub your shoes clean. They also help soften the impact when your shoes tumble so that they aren't as loud, and the zippers are even rustproof.


This windshield cleaner with a pointed edge for the corners

Most squeegees won't clean into the corners of your car's windshield, whereas this scrubber features an angled head so that you can wipe every inch. Each order comes with three microfiber cloth heads, as well as an empty spray bottle you can fill with your favorite glass cleaner.


A pack of cleaning cloths made from absorbent microfiber

Microfiber is able to absorb more water than regular cotton, which means you can wipe these cloths over more surfaces before having to dampen them. The best part? They're suitable for all types of surfaces and come in a variety of colors: pink, purple, red, green, and more.


The heat-resistant oven liners that catch messes as you cook

Lay these durable liners down on the bottom of your oven, and they'll catch any stray bits of food that fall off your racks so you don't have to clean it up. Each one is BPA- and PFOA-free, and don't worry about them melting — they're heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


A pack of liners that help keep your stove clean

Just like those oven liners, these stove liners won't melt when exposed to high temperatures. Not only do they help keep your stovetop clean, but the non-stick exterior allows you to easily wipe them clean after every meal. Plus, each order comes with 10 — just in case you have a large stove.


The covers that help keep door handles smudge-free

The dirtiest part of my kitchen is always my refrigerator door handle, which is why I've been eyeing these covers. They help keep fingerprints and grime at bay, while the Velcro fastening can be adjusted to fit extra-wide or narrow handles. Choose from three color: red, black, or grey.


A wand that helps you wash clothes by hand

Whether you're out camping or don't have a washer in your home, this wand can help you clean your clothes. It works like a handheld agitator by simply pumping it up and down inside your washing tub — and since it's made from plastic, it's completely rustproof.


A robot vacuum that does the cleaning for you

Most robot vacuums will cost you well over $100 — but not this one. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 110 minutes, and the anti-fall and anti-collision features make it aware of ledges and obstacles. Plus, the slim profile allows it to easily fit underneath low furniture.