If You Hate Clutter, You're Going to LOVE These 40 Genius Things

ByCliché Wynter

Cleaning and organizing isn’t exactly at the top of most people’s to-do list. (Understandably.) It’s daunting and time-consuming, but when it’s all done, the payoff is worth it. A home with a place for everything and everything in its place is an easy way to cut down on stress, and if you’re smart about upkeep, you won’t have to go through the process again and again. But in order to achieve that feat, you’ll probably need to employ a few genius things that help eliminate clutter.

For example, this four-tier shoe rack can tidy up that small mountain of shoes on your closet floor (or the pile of shoes that greet you at your front entryway every day). Plus, stacking your shoes on this rack — instead of on top of each other — makes it easier to keep your sneakers and boots in good condition.

You can also zero in on kitchen clutter, thanks to products that organize spices, cooking utensils, and pots and pans. And of course — I've rounded up solutions for your bathroom and home office, too. Long story short — if you're dealing with clutter in your home, there’s probably a product on this list that'll help you clear it right up. Take a look below.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. The food storage containers for your pantry

Get the pantry in order with this set of BPA-free food storage containers. The seven-piece set includes containers in varying sizes, along with lids that provide an airtight seal to keep pasta, snacks, and cookies fresh. And they're not just great for storing dried goods — they work well for soups, sauces, and leftovers, too.

2. A rack for organizing your pans

This pan rack is a great clutter solution, holding up to five pans and making it easier to grab the big one on bottom, since you don't have to lift up each one. The shelves are height-adjustable, but the rack can also be used horizontally. It's available in two finishes: bronze and chrome.

3. These shoe slots that double your storage space

These shoe slots will transform your closet and give you twice the amount of shoe storage space. The double-decker slots let you store each pair on top of itself without the risk of damage, and they're height-adjustable, so you can use them for shoes of different heights. And since the slots feature textured surfaces, they'll securely grip the soles of your shoes.

4. A pantry organizer that hangs over the door

If you’re running low on pantry space and need more room for storing spices and condiments, these pantry organizers will do the trick. They hang right over the pantry door and feature 15 clear pockets each that are easy to wipe clean. They're a hit with Amazon reviewers, too, “We are just renting right now, and our kitchen and master bathroom are both tiny with very minimal storage space. These helped declutter a lot.” Each set comes with two organizers.

5. The toiletry organizer that mounts to your wall

If your bathroom counter has become overrun, it’s a sign that you need this toiletry organizer. The wall-mounted rack has ample space for grooming products, and the hooks on the bottom are perfect for hair dryers, brushes, and electric razors. Installation is a breeze, too — the rack comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting.

6.These cable sleeves that neatly conceal cords

This four-pack of cable sleeves will give your office and entertainment room a tidiness boost. Made from fitted neoprene, the 19-inch sleeve can securely wrap up to ten cables, and the zipper closure makes them easy to insert and access. The result is a cleaner appearance that eliminates that mess of cords.

7. The organizer for the front seat of your car

Keep all your on-the-go essentials within arm’s reach with this front seat organizer. It features a total of seven compartments, including five exterior mesh pockets, as well as two inside compartments that feature adjustable dividers. The best part? It also has a seatbelt strap to keep it from sliding around while you’re on the road.

8. A dock that stores & charges your smart devices

Neatly store and charge multiple devices simultaneously with this charging station dock. It's designed with seven USB ports, (four apple, two micro-USB, one type-C), and each one optimizes current output to best suit the device being charged. The dock also features a smart LCD display on the side that shows the current rating and charging status for each port.

9. The ergonomic monitor stand riser with a storage shelf

This monitor stand raises the viewing height of your screen by 5.5 inches, which can help prevent poor posture, neck crunching, and back pain. But it also helps cut down on clutter, thanks to the built-in holder for your smartphone and bottom shelf for storing office supplies.

10. An organizer for all your dental hygiene essentials

Clean up your bathroom counter with this dental tool organizer that has space for four manual toothbrushes, one electric toothbrush, and a stack of rinsing cups. The genius of the organizer lies in its compact design, and it comes in a variety of colors, like black, white, smoke gray, and clear.

11. These racks that will keep your canned goods organized

Instead of piling your canned goods on top of one another, organize them with this can rack. The three-shelf organizer features six adjustable plastic dividers and can store up to 36 cans. "So easy to assemble, make my pantry look so much more organized and so much easier to see what I have in stock and easier to access all the cans," wrote one reviewer. It's available in four finishes: bronze, chrome, silver, and white.

12. The adjustable drawer dividers for customizable storage

Tired of rummaging through your drawers to find your favorite pair of socks and T-shirt? These adjustable drawer dividers will help. The pack includes six dividers that can be extended from 11 to 17 inches, so you get customizable drawer storage space. Use these to organize your desk drawers, too.

13. A rotating rack for your coffee pods

Keep all your coffee pods in order with this K-cup carousel. The rack holds up to 35 single-serve pods and is designed with a spinning base that rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can get a good view of each roast and flavor. This is a great way to get eliminate messy boxes and overflowing kitchen cupboards.

14. A grocery bag dispenser that mounts to the wall

Have a growing collection of grocery bags and nowhere to put them? This bag dispenser offers the perfect solution. It boasts a sleek stainless steel finish and can be easily mounted to the wall or underneath the kitchen sink. The dispenser stores up to 30 bags and the cutout in the middle makes it easy to grab one at a time.

15. The hangers that can store multiple pieces of clothing

Make the most of limited closet space with these cleverly designed hangers. The pack includes 10 cascading hangers that can each fit up to five garments each, which means you can hang up to 50 shirts with this pack. You also have the option of hanging them horizontally, so you can easily space out your closet and prevent cramming.

16. This food dispenser that keeps food fresh for 45 days

This dry food dispenser doesn't just look cool sitting on your kitchen counter, but it also provides an airtight seal that keeps food fresh for up to 45 days. With a 17.5-ounce capacity, it's great for cereal, granola, and snacks. Choose from four finishes: white, black, red, and silver.

17. The soap dispenser that helps eliminate shower clutter

Clear up the mess of shampoo and body wash bottles on your shower floor with this soap dispenser. It has three chambers for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but is also available in single- and dual-chamber versions. Plus, you can mount it to the flat surface of the shower wall or the corner, and it comes with waterproof adhesive and two-way tape for installation.

18. These vacuum-sealed bags for space-saving storage

Theses space saver bags are one of the quickest and easiest ways to maximize storage options, especially if you're dealing with out-of-season clothes, extra blankets, and guest linens. Here's how they work: Fill the insides with your belongings, vacuum out the excess air, then zip and seal. You can then slide them underneath your bed, or place on a shelf for safekeeping.

19. The magnetic bar that stores your knives on the wall

If you're looking to upgrade from your knife block, check out this magnetic knife bar. Made from satin-finished stainless steel, it features ultra-strong neodymium magnets that instantly attract blades and tools and hold them securely. Mount it to the wall or backsplash, and you'll get some precious inches of counter space back.

20. A key rack that doubles as a memo chalkboard

Organize the small loose items that linger around your front door with this customizable storage shelf. The wall-mounted shelf has a compartment for mail, three hooks for your keys, and a mini chalkboard, so you can write reminders and notes to yourself or others.

21. This slim storage cart that fits into tight spaces

Got some empty space between your cabinets and fridge? Or between your washer and the laundry room wall? Put it to use with this space-maximizing storage cart. The three-tier cart has slim profile that's just under 6 inches wide, and it's a great place to store cooking spices, cleaning products, canned goods, pet supplies, and more.

22. The magnetic spice rack set

Next up: Put your fridge to work with this magnetic spice rack that attaches to the outside door. The rack comes with nine magnetic tins that automatically secure to the rack for easy access, and the clear lids make it easy to see what's inside. And you also get options — if you don't like the refrigerator idea, mount this to the wall, or use the included stand to set it on the counter at a 70-degree angle.

23. This under-the-sink organizer that expands

You probably didn't know that an under-the-sink organizer is a thing, but surprise: It is. This shelf is expandable to fit multiple cabinet sizes, and the cutout makes room for the pipe. It's also height-adjustable, so you can be sure to fit items underneath. "I was able to adjust the width, height and depth to fit the odd shaped area under my kitchen sink," reported one reviewer.

24. The dishwasher magnet that lets you know if the load is dirty or clean

This dual-sided dishwasher magnet puts an end to the question, "Dirty or clean?" for good. After you start a load, simply flip the magnet to the side that reads 'clean', then flip it to 'dirty' after emptying. It's durable for lots of use and the magnetic plate adhesive means you can stick it to non-metal surfaces, too.

25. A wine rack for your favorite bottles

Step your vino game up with this wine rack. The three-tier, free-standing organizer has space for up to 12 bottles of your favorite varietals. And you'll be getting drinking benefits from this too: Storing a bottle on the side ensures the cork stays in contact with the wine, which will prevent oxygenation and preserve taste and aroma.

26. This toilet paper rack that has a slot for your smartphone

If you can't put your phone down (even in the loo), here's a solution for you: a toilet paper holder with a built-in compartment for your smartphone. The holder features a dispenser, storage in the base for additional rolls, and that handy bonus shelf. It's available in three finishes: bronze, rose gold, and silver, and it has four raised feet that keep it securely planted to the ground when you unroll.

27. A spring-loaded wallet for easier credit card access

This credit card wallet is spring-loaded to keep your cards from slipping out, and when it's time to get to one, you simply press a button to pop them up. Made from aviation-grade aluminum, the wallet can fit up to six cards and has a money clip for holding cash. Choose from over a dozen colors.

28. This headphone holder that can be secured under your desk

Headphones and gaming headsets need a place of their own, too. Store yours on this headphone holder that fastens to the underside of your desk with a durable, spring-loaded clip. It fits desks and tables that are between 0.625 inches and 1.5 inches thick, and the rubber pads prevent any scratches.

29. A wall-mounted organizer for styling tools

Give styling tools a permanent home with this wall-mounted hair dryer holder. The holder has a circular compartment for a blow dryer, as well as extra space for straighteners, curlers, and more. Made from rust-resistant steel, it's available in 15 colors, and all the mounting hardware is included.

30. This bedside organizer that's great for storing remotes & more

Tired of misplacing your remote and phone while you’re in bed? Instead of flipping through the sheets to find them, use this bedside organizer for storage. Made from durable Oxford cloth and leather, the hanging organizer slips right under the mattress and has multiple compartments for your tablet, phone, book, and more. You can also use it under your couch cushions in the living room.

31. These bins that will keep your fridge organized

A messy fridge can happen fast, but these refrigerator bins are up to the task of keeping it organized. The six-piece set includes two wide drawers, two narrow drawers, one can dispenser, and a stackable organizer that holds 14 eggs. And each clear container gives you a full view inside, so you can find just the ingredients you're looking for when cooking.

32. The shoe rack that will free up closet space

If the floor of your closet is home to a pile of shoes, this shoe rack can help you get everything organized. The sturdy rack boasts four shelves and it's a breeze to assemble. One reviewer wrote, “Very pleased with how easy it was to assemble, how well it fits into the small space in my closet and how great it looks."

33. A two-tier dish rack that maximizes space

This double-decker dish rack is a genius space maximizer; the top tier holds up to 18 plates while the bottom accommodates bowls and coffee mugs. It also has hooks on one end for draining glasses, and a basket on the other end for utensils. Plus, it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel for long-lasting use.

34. These meal prep containers for lunch on the go

With this seven-pack of food containers, you can meal prep for each day of the week. Each container features three compartments, so you can keep your main separate from your sides, and the tight-fitting lids keep food fresh. The stackable containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe and come with a carrying case and seven sporks.

35. The bag clips that keeps food fresh

These set of 10 bag clips will extend the shelf life of your favorite snacks. The clips are ribbed for an extra tight grip, and the magnets on the back mean you can keep them on the fridge, so they're always in reach. Use these for cookies, chips, bread, and more.

36. This organizer that neatly stacks folded shirts

If your shirts always end up jumbled in your closet or drawer, you’ll appreciate this shirt organizer. The organizer features 15 dividers that let you neatly stack your shirts, and when it's time to retrieve one, you just lift up the divider to get it without disrupting the rest of the stack.

37. These organizers for your socks and underwear

If your underwear drawer has gotten out of control, these drawer organizers bins are a great way to get everything back in order. The set of four includes two large bins and two medium bins, each with their own cell dividers that allow you to sort your socks, underwear, and ties. They’re made from non-woven, lightweight material that can be folded down when not in use.

38. These organizers that tidy up cluttered drawers

Made from non-woven, moldproof fabric, these drawer organizers are perfect for everything from socks to art supplies. Each set comes with two small, two medium, and two large. The best part? You can arrange them however you like, making them perfect for oddly-shaped drawers.

39. A clothes hamper that lets you separate laundry

Make laundry day a less annoying by pre-sorting clothes with this foldable hamper that has separate compartments for light, dark, and colored laundry. The lightweight hamper is made from durable aluminum, and the detachable bin with sturdy handle makes it easy to haul your laundry to the washer. Plus, it comes with clothespins, so you can can hang delicates to air dry.

40. These lazy Susan turntables will organize your cabinets

If you don’t have a built-in lazy Susan, this turntable is a great alternative. The 9-inch disc features a textured surface that keeps items from falling off while rotating, and you can use it to store spices and condiments, without cluttering your cabinets or fridge. One reviewer wrote, “I can spin them around and see what I need without digging. [...] Plus there is still room on the side for more spices while still allowing the turntable to spin.”