If you have a dog, these clever things will be life-changing

From mess-free mealtimes to comfier car rides, these products are here to make life easier.

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Your furry BFF deserves only the best, which is why we’ve searched and scrolled through the world of Amazon to find the ultimate must-haves for dog owners. From a grooming tool that gives your pooch a fancy blowout to helpful accessories that make bath time less chaotic, these clever things will be life-changing for you and your four-legged pal. We’re talking mess-free mealtimes, minimized shedding, and comfortable car rides, as well as lots of useful training tools that will make your life much easier.


A poop bag dispenser you can attach to a leash

Never forget to bring a dog walk essential — poop bags — to the park again thanks to this clever poop bag dispenser that conveniently attaches to a leash. It has a strong velcro strap that secures it to the leash and comes with 60 leak-proof baggies that are easy to tear off. The dispenser has a screw cap for quick refills and is compatible with any poop bag. Plus, it’s shaped like a cute dog bone to make it extra adorable.


This silicone applicator that gently cleans your dog’s skin

Clean your dog’s wrinkles and tear stains with this flexible silicone applicator that’s gentle on your pup’s skin. Instead of using your fingernails or sharp tools that could hurt them, this wrinkle paste applicator is super soft and has rounded edges for comfortable application. Its ergonomic design also makes it easy for you to hold and use, so that you can use it on even the wiggliest of puppy dogs.


These grooming gloves that are life-changing for anyone with a shedding dog

As much as you love your furry household member, chances are you don’t love vacuuming the hair they leave all around the house. Get ahead of the problem with these multi-purpose grooming gloves you can use to brush, de-shed, and bathe your pet. Unlike a regular brush, since there are two of the gloves, they work twice as fast and pick up twice as much loose hair. They’re gentle enough to use on long- and short-haired dogs, and their nubby texture helps stimulate circulation and distribute oils for a beautifully shiny coat.


A dog collar that’s comfortable — but has a secure hold

Get this nylon dog collar for the perfect combination of comfort and strength. It has a sturdy buckle that can be quickly released and is designed with durable webbing for ultimate security. The adjustable strap allows you to customize its length to fit your pooch’s neck just right, and the brightly colored stitching adds a cute detail and visibility.


An adjustable 6-foot leash with a padded handle for comfort — for you & your pup

Make dog walks more fun for both of you thanks to this adjustable dog leash. Not only is it adjustable in length, it features a padded handle that’s comfy for you to hold and gives you more control. It also has a rotating clasp to prevent tangling because what’s more annoying than a twisted leash in the middle of a busy crosswalk? A heavy-duty nylon webbing construction ensures durability so you don’t have to worry about tears while it keeps your dog safe and happy.


A double-sided deshedding brush that’s a dog owner must-have

Maintain a clean home and your dog’s shiny, healthy coat at the same time using this double-sided deshedding brush you’ll wish you had bought sooner. With one side, it reaches the undercoat to pick up loose hair. On the other side, the brush’s rounded teeth remove mats and tangles without irritating the skin. The ergonomic handle allows you to get a good grip, which will come in especially handy if you’re dealing with an extra-energetic pet whether they have short, medium, or long hair.


These no-spill food bowls that are a total game-changer when it comes to mealtimes

Switch over to these mess-free food bowls, and you won’t believe what a difference they make in your dog’s mealtime routine. The bowl mats are made from silicone to prevent slipping and sliding, and have raised edges to catch any spills. The bowls themselves are made from rust-proof stainless steel and they’re available in multiple sizes depending on your dog’s age, size, and breed. Even better: Both the mats and bowls are dishwasher-safe to make cleanup simple.


A collapsible bowl so your dog can stay hydrated at all times

Take this collapsible silicone bowl with you when you’re traveling or going on a walk so your dog can rehydrate on-the-go. It folds down flat for space-saving storage or packing, and comes with an attached carabiner that you can hook to a backpack or leash for easy carrying. The sturdy bowl has a reinforced plastic rim to prevent spills and is available in multiple colors and sizes, including a slow-feed design if your furry pal is the definition of the phrase “chowhound”.


This slow feeder dog bowl that slows your dog’s eating by up to 10 times

If you’ve noticed your dog inhales their food the second you fill the bowl, it may be time to change feeding time strategies. This slow feeder bowl is designed to slow your dog’s eating by up to 10 times thanks to its maze-style pattern that requires your pet to work harder to get to their food. The pattern and raised ridges help increase their mental stimulation, and in addition to using the bowl on its own, you can also insert it inside most standard three-cup-sized or medium-sized feeding bowls you may already have on hand.


A pooper scooper that’s about to revolutionize your backyard cleanup

Keep your backyard nice and clean even with one (or multiple) dogs in the house thanks to this pooper scooper rake and tray set. It’s easy to use and means you won’t constantly have to strain your back while bending down, as it’s the perfect height for effortlessly picking up after your pets. It works on grass, gravel, and dirt, and the rust-proof metal construction means it’s durable and longer-lasting than flimsy plastic tools.


A hands-free double leash to make walks with multiple dogs much easier

Handle two dogs with ease using this hands-free double leash that’s comfortable to use and gives you control whether you’re jogging or hiking. The heavy-duty bungee leash is designed for two large dogs up to 150 pounds each and can be attached to your waist and controlled with its two padded handles. A 360-degree splitter prevents tangling, while the reflective bungee details give the leash added visibility.


These finger toothbrushes so you can take better care of your furry pal’s oral hygiene

Brushing your dog’s teeth is probably not exactly your (or their) favorite activity, but these finger toothbrushes are here to make the chore more manageable. Slip the little brush head on your finger to gently brush their teeth and massage their gums. The soft silicone bristles remove dirt and plaque without hurting your pet, allowing you to have more control as you restore their pearly whites and give them minty fresh breath.


A silicone food mat with raised edges to minimize mealtime messes

If your beloved pet’s dinnertime ends with food and water scattered around what seems like a half mile radius, get this silicone food mat that has raised edges to minimize messes. The mat is made from 100% FDA-grade silicone, and it’s nonslip to keep it in place even while your wild pup chows down on their favorite treats. It’s large enough to accommodate two bowls and dishwasher-safe for a quick and easy cleanup.


A scented squeaky toy that’s especially useful for heavy chewers

End the frustration of coming home to chewed-up shoes, rug corners, and furniture by giving your dog this scented squeaky toy that’s designed for heavy chewers. It comes in several scents, from peanut butter and holiday gravy (yum), to sweet potato and cheddar cheese to keep your furry friend occupied for a long time. Since dogs have an incredibly strong sense of smell, they’ll love this interactive toy that releases a scent as they chew on it. A win-win of a toy for everyone in your home!


These unstuffed crinkle toys for all the aggressive chewers out there

Chances are, if you have an aggressive chewer on your hands, a new stuffed toy doesn’t last for very long before you find traces of the stuffing all around the house. These genius unstuffed crinkle toys will be a life-changing purchase — and one that your dog will enjoy for hours on end. The five-pack of animal toys has squeakers and crinkle paper inside each to stimulate your pets as they chew, while the reinforced backing is designed to help the toys last for longer.


A textured snuffle mat that calms anxious dogs & helps with boredom

Get this snuffle mat that mimics the texture of grass to help calm an anxious puppy, engage a bored dog, or to slow down a fast eater. The multi-purpose cotton mat is suitable for any breed, size, and age, and can be thrown in the washer for a quick clean when needed. Besides being a fun interactive surface if you hide toys or treats among the handmade “grass blades”, it’s a great alternative to a food bowl — evenly disperse your dog’s dry food on the mat and allow them to work for it to promote mental stimulation and slower eating for better digestion.


This portable paw cleaner for a quick paw wipe on-the-go

Keep this portable paw cleaner by the door, in your car, or pack it with you for travel so you can give your pet’s paws a quick wipe down on-the-go. It consists of a silicone container that you add water to, then insert your pup’s dirty paw, twist around gently, and dab it dry. The genius cleaning tool comes with more than 38,000 perfect Amazon ratings and is available in multiple sizes to accommodate various breeds’ paws.


A travel water bottle with a cup that doubles as a bowl

Take this two-in-one travel bottle with you to the dog park or on a long road trip to make sure your dog always has water available. The compact, lightweight bottle has a leak-proof design and waterproof lock to keep it from spilling all over your bag or car seat, but it’s still easy to open when your parched travel companion needs a quick sip of water. Get this practical-yet-stylish dog owner must-have so your pup stays hydrated at all times.


This cult-fave interactive toy that’ll keep your dog occupied a long time

If your dog is easily bored, surprise them with this interactive squirrel toy that’s a longtime shopper favorite. The plush puzzle toy has a tree trunk with holes in it to hide small squeaky squirrels for your dog to find, or instead, you can throw the squirrels for a fun game of fetch. The game will stimulate your dog’s natural hunting instinct and be a way for them to get their energy out while focusing on a task.


A puzzle & treat dispenser that’s a helpful training tool

Treats are the best training rewards, and this colorful puzzle is an excellent training tool that dispenses treats while engaging your dog’s brain. The game involves multiple steps with sliding and spinning pieces that encourage your pet to use their paws and sense of smell. It’s made from durable plastic and can be hand-washed in warm water or placed in the dishwasher. For your pup’s safety, it doesn’t include any removable parts that could be easily swallowed.


This elevated bed to keep your four-legged friend cool & comfy all year long

As the weather gets warmer, you may notice your dog doesn’t want to sleep on their fuzzy fleece-lined bed anymore. If that’s the case, get this elevated bed that’ll keep them cool and comfortable no matter how high the temperatures rise. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and features a breathable high-density fabric that can hold up to 75 pounds. It’s also easy to clean. The bed has garnered an overall 4.6-star rating from 65,000+ Amazon customers who highly recommend it, so you may want to add this clever product to your home, too.


A sling carrier with adjustable straps so you can comfortably carry your pooch around

If you have a puppy or smaller-sized dog, carry them around comfortably in this adjustable strap sling that has a large opening so you can easily place your pet inside. The bag-style sling is built for safety and has a buckle to keep your dog from falling or jumping out. It also features multiple zippered pockets to store everything from treats to poop bags, and it’s a great way to soothe anxious puppies or carry small dogs post-surgery.


These stainless steel bowls that have a nonslip silicone bottom to stop spills & sliding

Make feeding time less of a mess thanks to these stainless steel bowls featuring a nonskid silicone base that prevents them from sliding all around the place and minimizes spills. The bowls come in a two-pack, are stackable for space-saving storage, and each can hold up to eight cups of food. Besides the stainless steel being rust-proof and dishwasher-safe, it’s also not chewable so it’s a safe choice if you have a heavy chewer on your hands.


A backseat cover to protect your seats & keep your pet safe

This backseat cover is basically like a hammock for your dog. Just attach the waterproof cover to the headrests to protect them from being covered in dog hair or being dirtied by muddy paws. It’s also a great safety tool, as it keeps your dogs from climbing to the front. There’s also a buckle you can use to strap them in and keep them extra-secure. The cover is available in multiple colors and sizes and fits most standard car seats. Multiple straps and buckles ensure it doesn’t shift around — even on winding roads.


A microfiber towel that’ll be a bath time game-changer

Bath time can be a serious struggle, so to make it easier on all parties involved, get this super-absorbent microfiber towel that dries eight times as fast as a regular towel. It has two handles to help you get a better grip, as well as a super-soft and plush, textured surface that’s designed to absorb 20 times as much water and mud as a standard towel. The towel has an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 3,500 shoppers, so if you’re looking for a better way to dry your dog and stop them from running around the house and spraying water everywhere, this soft shammy is it.


This collapsible dog pool to give your pet a refreshing break

Give your pet a place to splash around and enjoy a refreshing break with this collapsible pool. It folds down and is easy to pack for a trip to the park or a picnic outside, and it can easily be set up without being inflated. The thick vinyl is designed to resist punctures, and the pool has two drain caps so you can quickly drain it. In addition to the simple set-up and easy storage, you’ll love that the pool has an extra-tough embossed plastic bottom to make sure it doesn’t slip around and cause a potential accident hazard for your pets or kids.


A pet stain & odor eliminator that comes with a UV light to detect invisible stains

Eliminate funky smells and questionable stains once and for all with this powerful pet odor remover kit. It includes an orange-scented spray that doesn’t just mask the unpleasant odor but eliminates it. An accompanying UV flashlight directly targets every invisible spot. The cleaner spray works on multiple surfaces, from carpet and fabric upholstery, to tile and concrete, erasing the bad smell and leaving behind a refreshing citrus fragrance.


A washable pee pad for a reusable alternative to the single-use version

Trade in the disposable pee pads and save money in the long run with this washable pee pad that comes in a cute paw-print design and consists of four highly absorbent layers. The bottom has an anti-slip texture to keep it from sliding around, and the whole thing can be thrown in the washer so it can be reused. This is a life-changing training tool if you are a dog owner house-training a puppy or have a senior dog that struggles with accidents. Keep this waterproof pad in your home, in your pet’s crate, or in the car; it’s a dog owner must-have you’ll be so happy to own.


This portable pet playpen you can pull out anytime, anywhere

Let your dog enjoy fun and safe playtime whether you’re at home, in the backyard, or staying in a hotel thanks to this portable pet playpen. Made from a water-resistant material, it comes with a removable shade cover and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. It’s quick to set up and has eight mesh window panels so you can keep an eye on your pooch from every angle. The sturdy playpen is foldable and comes with a carrying case so you can easily throw it in your trunk for a road trip or stash it away in the closet for space-saving storage.


A video camera so you can keep an eye on your pooch while you’re out

Check on your furry buddy and make sure they’re not getting into any mischief while you’re out by pulling up a phone app connected to this Petcube camera. It has two-way audio and night vision so you can always get a view of what’s happening, and the camera can be set up to send you real-time alerts. If you have a pet that struggles with separation anxiety, this tool allows you to speak to them to soothe and calm them — and for a fun bonus, the Petcube lets you download videos of any adorable moments caught on camera.


An adjustable seat belt to keep your dog safe on the road

Put safety first and get this adjustable seat belt to buckle your dog securely in whether you’re taking a quick ride to the vet or going on a road trip. The seat belt’s swivel clip and adjustable length allow for a certain amount of movement and freedom so your dog is comfortable, but it keeps them from jumping over the front seats or climbing into the trunk while you’re driving. The seat belt is made from high-density nylon to make it as indestructible and durable as possible, especially if you’re traveling with an excessive chewer.


A mountable sign so you never forget to feed your four-legged friend

Keep track of your dog’s mealtimes with this cute mountable sign that has manual sliders for every day of the week for both morning and evening meals. The reminder sign can be mounted with either the provided adhesive or magnets, and it’s made to work well on a fridge, dog food container, or pantry door. It’s a clever product that helps avoid confusion over whether the dog’s been fed or not, and it’s a good way to stay on top of the feeding routine.


This smart bell that’s a life-changing potty training tool

Potty training your dog can be one of the most challenging aspects of dog ownership, but this smart bell is here to make the task much easier. Plug the smart bell into an outlet, and instead of your dog scratching at the door and wearing a giant scratch spot into the paint, they can activate this bell with their paw or nose. The bell’s water-resistant design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it’s a helpful interactive training device that teaches a dog how to let you know they need to go outside.


A dryer brush to give your pup a salon-level grooming treatment

Use this two-in-one dryer brush to give your dog a salon-level grooming treatment complete with hair drying and brushing. The slick brush helps remove tangles and loose fur while drying your pet’s coat at the same time. If you suspect your dog will run at the sound of a hair dryer, you’ll be happy to know that this pet-friendly brush has a silent motor and is very quiet so as not to scare your dog away. It works quickly and has three heat settings — pure cold air, slightly warm air, and hot air — to make sure your pup is comfortable while you groom their coat.


A stylish lidded storage box for all your dog’s toys

Keep your home clutter-free and organize your dog’s toys in this adorable lidded storage box. It has handles on each side for easy carrying and two deep interior compartments that can be turned into one if you need to store larger, bulkier toys. This discreet box is made from a linen-cotton blend to fit in with your decor and looks nice enough to leave out in the playroom, family room, or basement. It also features a collapsible design so you can fold it down and store it away when it’s not being used.